Friday, 25 September 2009


There is much mention of this word on the tennis forum, both about players and fellow punters! None of which helps me to unearth the knowledge I require.

What I would like to know is.....

Where can I get a really big mug?
No sooner have I made myself a cup of tea than it's gone again! My size of mug just doesn't do it for me! Missing vital parts of matches as I have to go to the kettle more often. Perhaps a pot is needed!

Gonzalez v Greul

No Opinions here really just junping on at 1.03 when Greul is 6-2 5-2* up. I do hope it doesn't cause me any headaches!

Back Simon Greul 1.03 £13.96 £0.42
Ref: 9012782032 Bet matched:14:54 25-Sep-09
1.03 £120.00 £3.60
Ref: 9012788123 Bet matched:14:54 25-Sep-09

Greul Wins 6-2 6-2
Profit: £3.85

Beck v Mathieu

I've been busy working on my real job this morning so not been about to see any tennis.

Got back in time for the start of the second set of this match and decided to get on as Mathieu held for 3-1 at odds of 1.44. Plenty of time for PHM to break back and still a final set to trade so gives me options should Beck take the set. PHM has had the opportunities though.

Paul Henri Mathieu 1.44 £100.65 £44.29
Ref: 9011905459 Bet matched:13:40 25-Sep-09

4-1* Beck holds despite PHM having 3 break point opportunities. I feel that PHM is on top in this match though and it is only a matter of time, whether this set or the 3rd that he prevails.

5*-3 Now we need the break from PHM! Odds 1.56 on PHM

SET Beck! Holds to love. Odds now 1.69. Sticking with PHM here. He has had more chances and serves first in the final set which means he will force the price lower (presuming he holds) Beck only had 1 bp all match and took it!

0*-1 PHM holds to love is a good start now apply some pressure and I may look to get out depending how it goes.

1-1* Beck holds PHM had the opportunities 0-15 then 15-30 2nd serve followed by deuce 2nd serve again! Not enough pressure applied on those points imo.

1*-2 PHM another comfortable hold to 15 this time And as Frankie says.... RELAX! ;)
It's being played on the pa system at the changeover!

2-2* Strong hold from Beck this time the serve is working well Odds 1.73

2*-3 Starts with 0-15 then Beck levels to 30-30 as PHM not doing enough with the ball but he makes up for it with a lovely shot for 40-30 and a great 2nd serve sels it. Now we need the break though as those odds are edging quickly towards evens when it's level. Now 1.58

3-3* Held to 15. Had 0-15 and 2nd serve but tried to put to much on the return PHM just not trying as much as Beck imho to get to the passing shots. Odds 1.8

3*-4 Let it slip from 40-15 with some poor play but pulls two aces out to hold. 1.62. A break now would be extremely welcome :)

3-5*Beck had 30-0 but phm produced a lovely lob for his first point and maybe that was the psychological edge he needed as he then went straight to a break!

Out at 1.07 He is French after all ;)

Paul Henri Mathieu 1.07 £135.46 £144.94 £9.48
Ref: 9012616917 Bet matched: 14:38 25-Sep-09

33.30 on Both

PHM goes to 0-30 and I'm thanking my lucky stars I got out, but a bit of luck and some good play see PHM pull it back to mp which he wins at first time of asking.

Mathieu Wins 6-2 3-6 6-3
Profit: £ 33.30

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