Sunday, 2 January 2011

NFL: Chicago Bears @ Green Bay Packers

With the Falcons winning Bears have nothing to play for now where as Green Bay do. I think that Chicago will not compete very hard and may pull their players out of the game early.

Was tempted by the handicap GB -4.5 @ 1.34 but I'll just go with the outright I think

Taken 1.16 on Green Bay Packers.

Well we're into the 2nd Quarter and still no score. Pretty uneventful so far though I do have an eye on the darts at the same time!

First blood to Chicago! AT least some good defence on the goal line kept to a field goal 3-0.

Come on Packers let's get this going then!

Well 3-0 at halftime is certainly not what I expected!!

Great stop there! Now come on Bears play fair and protect yourselves for the post season!

FFS Interception! Bears have it at GB 15!! (10:33 in 3rd) SWITCH!!!! @2.42

Jeez Interception by Green Bay! Have the ball on own 20!

Packers can't get a 1st down so have to punt. Bears have it on own 24 (7:07 left in 3rd)

Bears can't do anything either and punt. 41 yard return from Green Baty gives them 1st down at Chicago 44 yd line (6:05 left in 3rd). C'mon Defence!!

GREAT DEFENCE BEARS!!! held to a Field Goal from 1st down on 1 yard line!! 3-3. (2.39 left in 3rd)

Pfff Cutler sacked twice!! He should have been withdrawn from the game before I switched to protect him! GB have it on own 25 (0:32 left in 3rd)

Touchdown Green Bay Packers! Looks like the switch is really biting this match. Nevermind still time for a Bears comeback lol!

Bears have to punt so Packers start again from own 46 (11:46 left in 4th)

Looks like we're back to the 1st half pattern! Packers forced to punt. Bears start on own 3 (9:53 left in 4th)
Come on Cutler let's have a TD pass on this drive!

Cutler sacked twice AGAIN!!! Bears punt to their 46 (7:02 left in 4th)

I feel a bit like it's....

Whoa there fat lady!! The Packers punt again. Bears start on own 2 yd line (4:49 left in 4th) 98 yard drive please Bears!

Woohoo 2 consecutive 1st downs! Still on own 31 though! lol

2 Minute Warning! Bears have 2nd and 4 on own 37 ... Come on Bears Tochdown drive please!

Now 2nd and 10 on GB 48 (1:07 left)
3rd and10 (0:51 left) Oh dear!
1st and 10 on 32!!!
2nd and 10 (0:26 left)

Interception :-( And that's the ball game!

Green Bay Packers Win 10-3
Loss: £386.18

(And it even covered the -4.5 I tipped earlier LOL)

NFL: Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ New Orleans Saints

Final weekend of the regular season and I have chosen this one as Saints still have an outside chance of clinching home advantage for the play offs. I know it will take a miracle for Panthers to get anything at Falcons but you never know. Saints have picked up some nice momentum over recent weeks and rather than rest players I feel they would be better served trying to keep that going! Let's hope Sean Payton thinks the same!

Anyway I have taken a position from the off at 1.36. Go Saints!!!

Decent opening drive from the Buccaneers but only ends in a field goal. 3-0. (9:58 left in 1st Qtr)

Saints opening drive results in a Touchdown!! Some excellent offence combined with a couple of silly Buccs penalties made it fairly straight forward. 3-7 (4:41 left in 1st) Looks promising for overs backers.

TB can't even get a 1st down this time and have to punt Saints ball (2:22 left in 1st Qtr on own 43)
My target green out of 1.14 is getting nearer. 1.19 now. Should be below that though if Saints get a Touchdown.

FFS Saints had 3rd and 1 on Buccs 3 yard line. Looked a certain touchdown until a fumble and a turnover! Foolishly I didn't take my target green out at 1.14 when it was available either... let's hope that doesn't come back to bite me on the bum! Tampa have the ball. (12:21 left in 2nd Qtr on own 4).

Tampa getting the lucky breaks for now. Freeman just avoided a sacking and got it away on 3rd down for a 1st then followed a bizarre attempted block that flew for miles and resulted in a  38 yard completion! Then it seemed the damage had at least been limited to a FG but no!! Saints defensive offside nullifies the field goal and award them the 1st down, which they duly convert for a Touchdown! 10-7 (6:40 left in the 2nd Qtr)

Saints forced to punt, Tampa have it on own 26 (4:22 left in 2nd Qtr)

Freeman fumbles in the sack after getting as far forward as Saints 24 yd line! Saints have it on their 48 (1:49  left in 2nd with 1 TO left I think)

Brees trew an interception to put an end to that! Halftime and it remains 10-7. My biggest concern is that will Saints try in the second half? Falcons are winning easy so now there is nothing to play for and we may see some players rested. Saints do have the ball 1st though so if no score I think it will be time for the old switcherooney!

Update... I have switched at halftime! got 2.24 on Tampa. Just feel that Saints won't score on 1st drive and as such the odds on Tampa will plummet to 1.70's.

Hmm well Saints held to the Field Goal there. Need Tampa to get a scoring drive now. 10-10 (10:30 left in 3rd)

Great kick return by Spurlock to the Saints 33 yard line! Come On!!!! And another 1st down to NO 23. Grrrr only a Field Goal 13-10. Need the defence to perform now! (8:01 left in 3rd)

Go Defence!! Turnover on the Saints 38 !! Get the TD please Tampa!!!

And I'm out!! £51.76 TB £51.71 NO

That was a lucky escape!

Buccs score a Touchdown for a 20-10 lead but I'm more than happy to have got out with nearly my target winnings.

Saints pull a Field Goal back for 20-13 (11:17 left in the 4th)

Tampa get another Field Goal. 23-13

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Win 23-13
Profit: £51.76

Darts: Garry Thompson v Arno Merk

Got on Thompson after he took a 2-1 lead coming back from 0-1 down. Looking ok without playing particularly well.

Has now just held his throw for a 1-0 lead in the 4th set.

Merk has levelled it at 1-1 Thompson just need to keep holding the throw though!

2-1 Now let's finish it Garry?

Double tops to win it!!!

Easy done.

Thompson Wins 3-1
Profit: £23.70

Sorry market closed before I got the screenshot so have to make do with this one.

Tennis: Alisa Kleybanova v Sally Peers

As you can see the first match of the WTA season is not exactly a beauty pageant!

How sexist I here you cry! Oh well I think Peers shades it on the looks front but that picture is actually quite flattering for her!

As for the tennis well Kleybanova should have this at a canter, the only concerns would be that Peers will have home advantage and that it is so early in the season so no form guide.

Probably straight sets but I'll just sit and wait a while I think. Hopefully if Kleybanova serves 1st she will be broken and then we could get some realistic odds. 1.08 is too short for my blood. Maybe that means there's value in the lay???

We shall see in good time.

Happy Punting!

Well Peers has fought back from 0-2* to lead 3*-2 in the 1st set. Yet still only 1.20 available on Kleybanova. I would have accepted that if she had been broken 1st game not after losing 3 in a row! Should be 1.26ish in my book.

LOL 3-3* Show how little I know! Just wish there was more liquidity in this as their looks like ther could be some nice short profits available in this match.

Kleybanova turned up the heat obviously to take the 1st set 3-6.

Kleybanova gets the 1st break in the 2nd for a 2-3* lead.

Peers not rolling over here though it would seeem! Break back for 3*-3.

Now it could be interesting! Peers broke to take the 2nd 6-4. She's serving 1st in the 3rd which may not be an advantage if the nerves start to bite. 1.29 for Kleybanova doesn't interest me yet. Time to watch and wait I think.

Meanwhile just watching Rogue trader on TV. Christ I thought some of my positions have been bad!

Hmmm could be a big gubbing here! 2*-0 Peers!

3-0* Peers. Odds very high on Kley now imho 3.50 yet only 1 break.... hold a little longer...

lol from 40-15 to break! 4*-0 Peers!

5-0* Glad I avoided this one now! Though that's 2 hours of my life for £0.00 I'd be better off at MacDonalds!

OK I'm in!!! Got 1.07 at 5*-1 Serve it out Sally!!!
15-0 ... 30-0 ... Aussie Aussie Aussie!!! ... 30-15 ... 30-30 ... gulp! ... 40-30 MP#1 TAKE IT!!! ... ffs Deuce ... MP#2 This time Sally!!! ... Deuce ... BP#1 ffs!!! BREAK :-(

5-2* OK Kley to serve to stay in the match! C'mon Peers let's get over the finish line!

15-0 ... 15-15 ... 15-30 ... 30-30 ... 40-30 ... Holds

5*-3 Serve it out this time Sally please otherwise my book will make Nick Leeson's look good!

15-0 ... 15-15 ... 15-30 oh how I've missed WTA! ... 15-40 LOL mental collapse!!! ... 30-40 ... c'mon Sally fight!! Deuce ... MP#3 Retsore some sporting pride for the Aussies girl!!!

Yesss never in doubt!

Peers Wins 3-6 6-4 6-3
Profit: £19.44

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