Monday, 26 October 2009

Phoenix Coyotes @ New York Rangers

I really should know better but really fancy this punt despite a few things adding up to why I shouldn't do it.

Firstly I have no real knowledge of NHL!!!!
Secondly I have no idea what sort of form these two have!!
Thirdly the only other time I bet on Ice Hockey I lost badly backing Detroit Red Wings at a ridiculously low price in last year's opener!!

Still I just have a "feeling" that The Rangers are going to win handsomely in this one, and as such I'm going on a hunch!! Seat of your pants punting at it's finest!! :)

I'm that confident I've even taken the match odds rather than the money line!! :o

Wish me luck I may well need it! ;)

Back NY Rangers 2.1 £9.34 £10.27
Ref: 9290744923 Bet matched:22:50 26-Oct-09
2.1 £11.80 £12.98
Ref: 9290744923 Bet matched:22:50 26-Oct-09

Nice and easy money!! :) Decided to take the money and green up at 1-0 with 9 mins left in the 1st Period.

Lay NY Rangers 1.34 £33.13 £44.39 £11.26
Ref: 9290854113 Bet matched: 23:26 26-Oct-09

£11.49 on All outcomes

Typical 2-0 7 mins left in the 1st Oh well "Green is Good!" :)

Guess My huch was right!! 4-0 now with 12 mins left in the 2nd Period!

Rangers Win 5-2
Profit: £11.49

Denis Istomin v Rainer Schuettler

Lumping on at 6-4 5*-4 Istomin needing to serve it out for the win!!

Back Denis Istomin 1.04 £12.70 £0.51
Ref: 9289386079 Bet matched:19:10 26-Oct-09

Istomin Wins 6-4 6-4
Profit: £0.49

Stefan Koubek v Frederico Gil

Despite advising that this is not a match to get involved in early I have done exactly that!!! :o

All in on Koubek from the off. He is serving 1st and at home so hoping for a strong start. Will probably go even green at the first opportunity! Then again I may not!! ;)

Back Stefan Koubek 1.78 £12.70 £9.91
Ref: 9288791964 Bet matched:17:41 26-Oct-09

And as if to emphasise the old saying "Do as I say, don't do as I do" ..... Break Gil !! :(

1-2* :(

Breaks back for 3*-3 Now kick on please Stefan. Use the home crowd to your advantage!!
4*-4 A hold here will really apply the pressure on Gil as Koubek has the advantage of serving first.

And there it is Breaks for the set 6-4 and will serve 1st in the second. I can see this going to 3 sets though so I am happy to take the even green I think.

Stefan Koubek 1.22 £18.53 £22.61 £4.08
Ref: 9289043183 Bet matched: 18:19 26-Oct-09

£5.59 on both 

So  Gil won the 2nd set and is 5-3* up in the 3rd! Hoping that Koubek gets the jitters serving to stay in the match here. A break for GSM would be most pleasing.

OK so Koubek holds!! 5*-4 to Gil. C'mon then let's serve this one out to love please.

Gil Wins 4-6 6-4 6-4
Profit: £7.95

Josselin Ouanna v Juan Monaco

Monaco leads 6-3 3-0* when I get on at 1.03. Low odds I know but should be safe imho.

Back Juan Monaco 1.03 £12.35 £0.37
Ref: 9287780289 Bet matched:15:58 26-Oct-09

And a break straight away is good news!! Now 4*-0 to Monaco.

And another break... this time for Ouanna!! 4-1* Another break? Yes please :)

Mugfest and a break 5*-1 Can Monaco serve it out now?

In a word NO!!! 5-2* Let's finish it now then Monaco!


Monaco Wins 6-3 6-2
Profit: £0.35

New Week = New Challenge

Will be starting a new challenge later on today :)

Starting with my profit from last week.......

The princely sum of £12.35. November doesn't start till Sunday so I'm going to see if I can get my monthly profit up to £10,000 by then.

Feel free to join me for the ride :)

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