Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Jie Zheng v Maria Kirilenko

Zheng won the first set with some ease 6-1 and at the end of the set Kirilenko called for the trainer. I missed the 1.18 I wanted but once I got it into my mind that I wanted to get on I lumped on at 1.13 instead.

Unfortunately Kirilenko went off court for her rub down which was obviously a disappointment!!

Zheng breaks first game of the second set for a 1*-0 lead.

Kirilenko had 15-30 but Zheng wins the next 3 points to hold for 2-0*

Wow hold to love from Maria and the trainer is back out!

Hmmm 15-30 again! .. Deuce .. but holds for 3-1*

Maria holds and seems to be having her buttocks massaged!! I think that when the Australian tourist board advertised the best job in the world last year the guy who won should have complained about being paid £100,000 to live in a tropical paradise under the trade descriptions act!

Hello 0-40!!! ... 15-40 why is Maria suddenly cured? Ridiculous sport at times! ... 30-40 moving from side to side with consumate ease for a girl who could barely wal a few minutes ago! .. Deuce .. and now we will probably see the hobble re-appear! LOL .. BP #4 .. Deuce ... Hilarious this when she wins a point she bounces to the other side to receive if she loses she moves worse than Heather Mills(McCartney) .. Zheng Holds.

4-2* Let's end this now please. LOL Maria hold and decides to jog back to her chair!

I'm starting to fade now so I do hope this ends soon so I can miss the Roddick Cilic match and get some kip before Murray v Nadal.

Wow great point Zheng tireless running. Hold to 15 for 5-3*

Break for GSM coming then? What? terrible call challenge it!! LOL yes 0-15 .. 0-30 .. 0-40 ... 15-40 .. DF for GSM.

Zheng Wins 6-1 6-3
Profit: £44.03

Justine Henin v Nadia Petrova

Henin has just won the 1st set in a tiebreaker and will serve first in the second. I have gone for a sneaky lay at 1.18 hoping that Petrova can get an early break here.

15-40 Tried to get out at 1.28 there but missed it! Now deuce damn it!! BP #3 TAKE IT!!! BREAK!!!!

WTF??? 1.29???? AH crap still not out and 0-15!! Those odds were shocking c'mon Nadia Hold please! 15-15 c'mon... 30-15 .. 40-15 .. Had a tiny bit matched trying to green at 1.33 now 40-30 .. FFS Deuce! BP!!! Deuce ... GP #3 ... Holds!

£147.42 on both!

Perhaps could have stayed in longer but more than happy with the return.

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