Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Bet 11 - Liverpool v Lyon (Football)

Back Over 1.5 Goals 1.39 £103.26 £40.27

Something to keep my bank working for me while I'm out. As got to pop out. Will be back around 9.00pm :)

See you all later :)

Apparently it was 1-2!! :)

Over 1.5 Goals wins
Profit: £38.62

Challenge Overview

Bet 10 - Igor Andreev v Robby Ginepri

Robby Ginepri 2 £52.71 £52.71

6-5* deuce 2nd set here we go :)

Was a bit rushed this one I'm afraid :( Don't let me down!

1**-2 Now the MB please
3-2** Two strong holds then!!
3-3* Do it for Rocky!!
4**-3 Aargh!! Need two mb now Take down Ivan Drago and the world will be at peace!! :)
4*-4 And another!!! Hit him in the ribs like your chopping down a tree!!
5-4** Now make him think you are like iron with your serving!!
Double Fault!!!! That wasn't in the movie!!!
6**-5 Now Rocky catch them chickens!!
6*-6 The crowd are starting to turn!!
7-6** No mess ups now!! Gorbachev is about to give you astanding ovation!!
7-7* Rocky! Rocky!
8**-7 It's a war out there!!
8*-8 C'mon Rocky he's just a man not a machine!!
9-8** Their corner want Drago to crush the "small American" :(
9-9* 2 points from Microphone time!!
10**-9 Booooo says the hostile crowd!! They've turned!!

SET Drago!!! 30 more years of Cold War :(

Rocky just doesn't know when he's beaten!!!

He will avenge the death of his good friend Apollo Creed!!!

4*-5 Drago has picked up his trainer saying he only plays for himself!!

5-5* Two worlds are colliding there's so much at stake!!
0-30 Freedom's up against the ropes!!

5*-6 To beat Rocky he's gonna have to kill him!!!

Here it is the final deciding Round!! Which one of these great fighters will be left standing at the end!!

Drago can be heard say "I must Break you" but Rocky doesn't look fazed!!

Paulie is jumping up and down!!
Rocky Jr is whispering "Ilove you daddy" at the tv
Even Adrian can finally bear to watch!!

Dah dah dadadah dadahdah dada dah!!!

In here there were two guys killing each other......
but I guess that's better than fifty million.
What I am trying to say if........
if I can change...................
and if you can change.............
everybody can change!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah you rock Rocky :)

Ginepri Wins 6-3 6(9)-7 7-6(1)
Profit: £50.55

Bet 9 - Michael Berrer v Henri Kontinen

Change of tactic here and all in from the off on Berrer here:

Back Michael Berrer 1.39 £38.36 £14.96

Should be a nice straight sets victory and great value imho!!

Well Berrer left it late but finally takes the 1st set 7-5 :)
And the Beef Casserole I'm cooking while it takes place is coming on nicely too :)

Berrer doing things the hard way had 2bp's for a 4-0 lead this set! Instead it's going to be decided by a tb!!

3-6** Kontinen :o to 7-6** LOL!!

Berrer Wins 7-5 7-6(7)
Profit: £14.35

Challenge Overview

Bet 8 - Patty Schnyder v Petra Kvitova

Back Patty Schnyder 1.49 £20.00 £9.80
Ref: 9230150197 Bet matched:13:48 20-Oct-09
1.49 £9.38 £4.60
Ref: 9230148270 Bet matched:13:48 20-Oct-09

Patty has just broken to win the first set 6-4 and really hoping for a confident start to the second. Maybe should have waited to see if she holds first but I liked the look of these odds so lumped on.

Deuce!! Don't punish me for not waiting Patty!!

Holds :) Now for a nice early break please :)
0-30!! Not noticed Patty's tattoo before!!30-40!!

Break!! :) Odds 1.20 are too high for me to green up on I feel.

3-0* Nice :) To green or not to green???

Green Is Good!!!!!

Lay Patty Schnyder 1.13 £38.74 £43.78 £5.04
Ref: 9230282997 Bet matched: 14:00 20-Oct-09

£8.98 on both

Challenge Overview

Schnyder Wins 6-4 6-1
Profit: £8.98

Bet 7 - Fabrice Santoro v Andrey Kuznetsov

Back Fabrice Santoro 1.12 £27.11 £3.25
Ref: 9229912911 Bet placed: 13:15 20-Oct-09

4-6 6-2 3-1* Deuce when I get on come on Le Magician!!


4*-1 Now hold please, no silliness!!

15-30 I said NO SILLINESS!!!! GP ... Deuce :( GP#2! Deuce :(

SB seems stuck at deuce so I'm out!!

Lay Fabrice Santoro 1.03 £29.48 £30.36 £0.88
Ref: 9229988032 Bet matched: 13:27 20-Oct-09

£2.27 on each

Santoro Wins 4-6 6-2 6-2
Profit: £2.27

Challenge Overview

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