Saturday, 26 September 2009

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Testing another graph

India v Pakistan - Cricket

India are 220/6 with 11 overs remaining chasing Pakistan's 1st Innings of 302! Took 1.21 which looks appealing here.

Pakistan 1.21 £26.08 £5.48
Ref: 9028207195 Bet matched:20:37 26-Sep-09
1.21 £50.00 £10.50
Ref: 9028207195 Bet matched:20:37 26-Sep-09
1.21 £66.00 £13.86
Ref: 9028207195 Bet matched:20:37 26-Sep-09
1.21 £70.00 £14.70
Ref: 9028207195 Bet matched:20:37 26-Sep-09
1.21 £99.00 £20.79
Ref: 9028207195 Bet matched:20:37 26-Sep-09

232/6 off 41 Overs Odds 1.34! India taking the batting powerplay.

Could do with DRavid wicket soon.

And there it is!!! 236-7 Dravid Runout!!!

Lay off now
Lay Pakistan 1.06 £355.10 £376.41 £21.31
Ref: 9028361729 Bet matched: 20:56 26-Sep-09

£42.13 on both

243-8 Over now!

GSM Pakistan Win
Profit: £42.13

Ipswich v Newcastle

Yes folks it's another of my infamous Over 1.5 punts again!!!

If you'd layed them all so far you'sd be in clover right now.

Odds are 1.38 which I think represents fantastic value and here is my reasoning for such: Ipswich ahve played 4 home games averageing 2 goals per game scoring 3 and conceding 5. Newcastle have played 4 away games averaging 2 goals per game scoring 5 and conceding 3. Newcastle are 2nd from top and Ipswich are 2nd from bottom. My prediction is a 2-1 Newcastle win or better. Hopefully 2 goals in the first half (would be nice)

Feel free to lay for guaranteed win ;)

Over 1.5 Goals 1.38 £228.12 £86.69
Ref: 9026054434 Bet placed: 17:24 26-Sep-09

Well that was pretty easy! Went for my dinner and come back in after 32 mins to see 2-0 to Newcastle :) 2 from Nolan apparently

:0 3-0!!!

Newcastle Win 4-0

Over 1.5 Goals Wins
Profit: £82.96
Bank: £311.08

Mathieu v Kohlschreiber

Don't ask me why but I just got the "feeling" to lump on Kohly at 3*-4 2nd set. Very tight game but Just felt the urge.

Back Philipp Kohlschreiber 1.25 £184.08 £46.02
Ref: 9022912587 Bet matched:14:38 26-Sep-09

4-4* Hold to 30 from PHM c'mon Kohly strong hold and then the pressure will be on!

4*-5 Great stuff from Kohly and now PHM has to sit down and think before coming out to serve to stay in the match. Lets hope the pressure of that and the nerves in front of a home crowd and their expectations will bring about the break Odds 1.21.

Starts with a DF! Backhand into the net for 0-30! Forehand into the net 0-40!!!! Second serve!! GSM!! :)

Kohlschreiber Wins 7-6(5) 6-4
Profit: £44.04
Bank: £228.12

Shvedova v Amanmuradova

Decided to get in at 6-4 4-3* pressure on Shvedova here odds 1.33!

Akgul Amanmuradova 1.34 £139.13 £47.30
Ref: 9020364823 Bet placed: 11:29 26-Sep-09

4-4* Hold to 30 Aman had a sniff there at 15-30 but good serving from Shvedova got her out of trouble odds 1.44

4*-5 Akgul in control of the majority of the points as she holds to 30. Pressure firmly on Shvedova serving to stay in the match now! Odds 1.30

5-5* From 30-0 to MP! But a great serve from Shvedova saves it and she holds. Odds 1.45

5*-6 Powerful play from Akgul who, for some reason does look like a South American Man to me!! Holds to 15. Free game coming up and I fancy the break for gsm :) Odds 1.3.

6-6 At 0-30 2nd serve really should have done better but puts it long and it soon goes to 30-30 again a 2nd serve but this time takes advantage to give her 2nd MP but tries to play it too passively imo and puts it into the net. A second serve again not taken advantage of and give Shvedova gp which she takes for the tb! odds 1.48 look generous!

First 2 points go with serve then Agkul gets the 1st breakthrough for 1-2* Cosolidates with a great 2nd point for a 1*-4 lead.

Really could do with another MB here but Shvedova holds the 1st for 2*-4 at the turnaround. There it is 2-5*! Two serves for the match! Will she or won't she probably only one imho ;)

What a time for a double fault!! 3-5* but takes the second for 3 more match points!! Surely she'll take one of these!

Takes it at first time of asking :)

Amanmuradova WIns
6-4 7-6(3)
Profit £44.96

Groenfeld v Medina Garrigues

Well I thought about backing ALG at 3-3 in the 2nd! Bullet dodged. Just trying to nick a few quid here at 5-1* 15-30 @ 1.01

Prepare for 1.01 in danger!!! ;)

Anabel Medina Garrigues 1.01 £137.81 £1.38
Ref: 9020297887 Bet placed: 11:20 26-Sep-09

ALG wins 2-6 6-3 6-1
Profit £1.32
Bank: £139.13

Unexpected Old Friends

Well yesterday's punting was curtailed early I'm afraid. An old friend from my Uni days rang me out of the blue as he was in my neck of the woods. So off we went for a round of golf while leaving our better halves to talk about children and the like.

After only 9 holes of awful hacking we decided to head straight for the 19th as the girls weren't expecting us for at least another couple of hours.

An apologetic phone call later, the babysitter had been arranged and the girls picked us up as we headed out for a curry! Finally we got home at 2.30am only to fulfil our routine from yesteryear by starting on the tequila!

As we always used to say this part of the night separates the men from the boys!

I am obliged to announce this morning that I am definitely a boy!!! :(

Sat here with the hangover from hell with a large pot of coffee and the taste of kebab and tequila still lingering in my mouth!

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