Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Irina Camelia Begu v Virginie Razzano

Irina Camelia Begu

Razzano has just won the 1st set 1-6 and Begu is to serve 1st in the 2nd. I have taken odds of 1.16

Virginie Razzano1.16£240.44
Ref: 48953376613 Matched: 12:20 24-Jun-14
Virginie Razzano1.16£9.67
Ref: 48953376615 Matched: 12:20 24-Jun-14
Virginie Razzano1.16£100.00
Ref: 48953378926 Matched: 12:20 24-Jun-14
Virginie Razzano1.16£25.07
Ref: 48953393247 Matched: 12:20 24-Jun-14
Virginie Razzano1.16£11.77
Ref: 48953392541 Matched: 12:20 24-Jun-14
Virginie Razzano1.16£2,400.00
Ref: 48953404951 Matched: 12:20 24-Jun-14
Virginie Razzano1.16£72.66
Ref: 48953401279 Matched: 12:20 24-Jun-14
Virginie Razzano1.16£2,092.48
Ref: 48953409406 Matched: 12:20 24-Jun-14

Razzano had a BP but Begu holds for 1-0*

A hold followed by a break to 30 by Razzano makes it 1-2*

And consolidates the break with a hold to love! 1*-3

Good response from Begu, holds to 15 for 2-3*

Uh oh! 0-30... 15-30... 15-40... 30-40... BREAK!! FFS Virginie! Now break back please.

We have deuce... half a chance? GP#2... Deuce... GP#3... Holds :-( 4-3* Now hold FFS!

A hold to love! 4*-4 Now BREAK!!!

Begu holds to 30. Razzano serving to stay in the set then 5-4* Please don't f@*k this up!

OMG 0-15... 15-15... 15-30... FFS 15-40!!! 30-40 Fight!... BREAK and 2nd Set Begu! Grrrr why didn't I cash out at 1.03. Also had bet at 1.05 but cancelled it! Could have been well clear of this!

Razzano cocked that up royally!

Final set then with Begu to serve 1stagain. Need a strong start please Virginie a break to get things going would be nice.

Begu holds to 15 for 1-0* let's see what Razzano is made of here. So little liquidity that I have no chance of a switch here!

Solid response with a love service hold. But they only matter if she can get a break too!

Half a sniff at 15-30... Oi Oi 15-40 TAKE IT!!!... BREAK!!! 1-2*

Need the hold now as I still can't get out. Odds around 1.30.

30-0 still can't get out!... 30-15... 40-15... Holds 1*-3

ANd I still can't get out! Odds 1.20... 30-30 get the BP... pffft 40-30... Holds 2-3*

Don't do like you did in the 2nd set now. A comfy hold is the order of the day please.

FFS 0-30... 0-40!!! Jeez Virginie!! ... 15-40... 30-40... Deuce Hold PLEASE!!! ... BP#4... Break Oh Woe is me!! 3*-3

We have deuce...  C'mon Virginie!!! ... BP TAKE IT!!! ... Deuce... GP... Deuce.... BP#2 This tme? Pretty please? ... YES!!! Now odds drop some more please so I can bail!

3-4* going to need the hold by the looks of it. Still 1.32.

Oh Jesus! 0-15... 0-30... here we go again... 0-40.... 15-40.... 30-40... Deuce Hold this time Razzano! ... Not again BP#4... Back to Deuce... BP#5 Just hold a fucking Game! ... Deuce... Now 2 more points Virginie! ... BP#6 I think I know what's coming :-( ... How did I guess? Break 4*-4

Probably hold break fro GSM now! I would probably switch here if I could!

0-15... 15-15... 15-30 C'mon! ... 15-40 TAKE IT!!! .... 30-40 This one then!!! ... Deuce Dear God what are you doing to me? ... GP... Holds! 5-4*

I think that may be that! Bye bye dosh!

0-15... 15-15... 15-30 what a time for a double fault!... 30-30... 30-40 Match Point Begu! FFS!!! Deuce!!! Please Virginie I'll love you forever!!! GP TAKE IT! ... Holds! 5*-5 Now Break!

15-0... 30-0... 40-0... 40-15... Holds 6-5* Razzono to hold to take it to the tie break? Hmmm.....

0-15... 0-30 Damn missed the odds on a swith and now 0-40 and 1.08. Got to try and save something here!

Irina Camelia Begu1.11£16.19
Ref: 48957109995 Matched: 14:04 24-Jun-14
Irina Camelia Begu1.08£5,727.81
Ref: 48957109997 Matched: 14:04 24-Jun-14

-£4,492.09 on Begu and GSM

Begu Wins
Loss: £4,492.09
Bank: £460.00

I should stick to pissed up punting! Or if you prefer betting according to the market and greening out when I actually want to. Lost £4.5k there because I did,'t want to give away an extra £100.

Monday 23rd June 2014

After two days on the piss I had to work all day Monday at a conference. I was planning on a night without beer and just watching the football in my hotel room. However those that have attended conferences know that usually the beer statrs to flow very early on.

Yes by mid afternoon I was once again trying to pickle my internal organs with alcohol.

BET 1 - AUSTRALIA v SPAIN Over 1.5 Goals

I thought this was an absolute banker ant the odds of 1.17 suggested everyone else thought so too. I staked £2,500 before kick off.

The final score was 0-3

Soccer > Australia v Spain : Over/Under 1.5 GoalsShowing 1 - 1 of 1 Selections
SelectionOddsStake(£)Bid typePlacedProfit/loss(£)
Over 1.5 Goals1.172,500.00Back23-Jun-14 16:42424.98
*Average odds: On  OffBack subtotal:424.98
Lay subtotal:0.00
Market subtotal:424.98
Commission @ 4%:17.00
Net Market Total:407.98

Over 1.5 Goals Wins
Profit: £407.98
Bank: £3,911.66

BET 2 - CROATIA v MEXICO Over 1.5 Goals

I took this before kick off as the odds were huge I thought at 1.41. I was reserved though and only staked £2,000. By half time at 0-0 I wasn't so confident! By 60 minutes I was getting so nervous and the goals were flying in for Brazil v Cameroon. I guess that is why I took Bet 3 of the day below!

Anyway Mexico finally broke the deadlock on 72 minutes and doubled their lead on 75, Panic over and Mexico went on to win 1-3

Soccer > Croatia v Mexico : Over/Under 1.5 GoalsShowing 1 - 1 of 1 Selections
SelectionOddsStake(£)Bid typePlacedProfit/loss(£)
Over 1.5 Goals1.411,911.66Back23-Jun-14 20:20783.78
*Average odds: On  OffBack subtotal:783.78
Lay subtotal:0.00
Market subtotal:783.78
Commission @ 4%:31.35
Net Market Total:752.43
Over 1.5 Goals Wins
Profit: £752.43
Bank: £4,664.09

BET 3 CAMEROON v BRAZIL Over 4.5 Goals

I took this bet as I was kind of panicking that I'd lost the £2,000 on the Croatia match so thought I'd follow the goals on this one. Of course Brazil made me sweat after I backed at 1.15 after 60 minutes!

In fact my other bet came in first once the goals strted flowing and this one looked like it may not come off!. Fortunately Fernandinho got the goal to make it 1-4 after 84 minutes and I could relax and go to bed after a very tiring, very drunk yet strangely very profitable 3 days!

Soccer > Cameroon v Brazil : Over/Under 4.5 GoalsShowing 1 - 1 of 1 Selections
SelectionOddsStake(£)Bid typePlacedProfit/loss(£)
Over 4.5 Goals1.152,000.00Back23-Jun-14 22:15300.00
*Average odds: On  OffBack subtotal:300.00
Lay subtotal:0.00
Market subtotal:300.00
Commission @ 4%:12.00
Net Market Total:288.00
Over 4.5 Goals Wins
Profit: £288.00
Bank: £4,952.09

Sunday 22nd June 2014

Sunday was a little gentler on the drinking front than Saturday as we only started at 2pm!

So after getting nicely lubricated I decided to see if  could get back some more of my losses from that bloody Argentina v Iran match!

BET 1 - BELGIUM v RUSSIA Over 0.5 Goals

I missed the start of this nbut backed Over 0.5 Goals at 1.14 about 15 minutes into the match.

Soccer > Belgium v Russia : Over/Under 0.5 GoalsShowing 1 - 1 of 1 Selections
SelectionOddsStake(£)Bid typePlacedProfit/loss(£)
Over 0.5 Goals1.141,156.10Back22-Jun-14 17:15161.85
*Average odds: On  OffBack subtotal:161.85
Lay subtotal:0.00
Market subtotal:161.85
Commission @ 4%:6.47
Net Market Total:155.38

Again some frantic checking of my phone followed with Belgium finally getting the goal in the 88th minute!

Over 0.5 Goals Wins
Profit: £155.38
Bank: £1,311.48

BET 2 - SOUTH KOREA v ALGERIA Over 0.5 Goals

Following the same formula as before and actually in a pub with a TV this time I took this bet before the kick off at 1.14. Flying in the face of obvious high odds.

26 minutes in and boom the Algerian goal fest began! 0-1

Soccer > South Korea v Algeria : Over/Under 0.5 GoalsShowing 1 - 1 of 1 Selections
SelectionOddsStake(£)Bid typePlacedProfit/loss(£)
Over 0.5 Goals1.141,311.48Back22-Jun-14 19:50183.61
*Average odds: On  OffBack subtotal:183.61
Lay subtotal:0.00
Market subtotal:183.61
Commission @ 4%:7.34
Net Market Total:176.27
Over 0.5 Goals Wins
Profit: £176.27
Bank: £1,487.75

BET 3 - SOUTH KOREA v ALGERIA Over 2.5 Goals

As I always say never go back in to a match... Oh well do as I say not do as I do! I backed at odds of 1.27 with the score 0-2 after 35 minutes. Boom on 38 Algeria go 0-3 up!

Soccer > South Korea v Algeria : Over/Under 2.5 GoalsShowing 1 - 1 of 1 Selections
SelectionOddsStake(£)Bid typePlacedProfit/loss(£)
Over 2.5 Goals1.271,487.75Back22-Jun-14 20:35401.69
*Average odds: On  OffBack subtotal:401.69
Lay subtotal:0.00
Market subtotal:401.69
Commission @ 4%:16.07
Net Market Total:385.62
Over 2.5 Goals Wins
Profit: £385.62
Bank: £1,873.37


So you should never go back in to a match. But if you do you definitely don't go back in twice! Do you? The alcohol fuelled confidence was obviously pumping by this stage. Backed Over 3.5 Goals at half time with the score 0-3 at odds of 1.30

I didn't have to wait long! South Korea back in it 1-3 after 50 minutes!

Soccer > South Korea v Algeria : Over/Under 3.5 GoalsShowing 1 - 1 of 1 Selections
SelectionOddsStake(£)Bid typePlacedProfit/loss(£)
Over 3.5 Goals1.301,873.37Back22-Jun-14 21:02562.02
*Average odds: On  OffBack subtotal:562.02
Lay subtotal:0.00
Market subtotal:562.02
Commission @ 4%:22.48
Net Market Total:539.54
Over 3.5 Goals Wins
Profit: £539.54
Bank: £2,412.91

That brought back my losses from the Argentina match from Saturday and I was obviously feling very confident and smug as yes you guessed it... I went in AGAIN!!!!


No person in their right (sober) mind keps going at this stage. You should take stock and analyse ready to fight another day. I however was pissed so...

56 minutes played I back Over 4.5 Goals at 1.35.

After 62 minutes Algeria duly oblige to make it 1-4.

Soccer > South Korea v Algeria : Over/Under 4.5 GoalsShowing 1 - 1 of 1 Selections
SelectionOddsStake(£)Bid typePlacedProfit/loss(£)
Over 4.5 Goals1.351,912.91Back22-Jun-14 21:11669.52
*Average odds: On  OffBack subtotal:669.52
Lay subtotal:0.00
Market subtotal:669.52
Commission @ 4%:26.78
Net Market Total:642.74
Over 4.5 Goals Wins
Profit: £642.74
Bank: £3,055.65

After this we went back to the hotel. I obviously thought it would be a good idea to have a dabble on the final match of the evening...

BET 6 USA v PORTUGAL - Over 1.5 Goals

The bet was placed before kick off at odd of 1.30. I must have been sobering up though as I only staked half my bank on this!

I saw none of the match as I fell asleep, but it finished 2-2.

Soccer > USA v Portugal : Over/Under 1.5 GoalsShowing 1 - 1 of 1 Selections
SelectionOddsStake(£)Bid typePlacedProfit/loss(£)
Over 1.5 Goals1.301,555.65Back22-Jun-14 21:54466.70
*Average odds: On  OffBack subtotal:466.70
Lay subtotal:0.00
Market subtotal:466.70
Commission @ 4%:18.67
Net Market Total:448.03
Over 1.5 Goals Wins
Profit: £448.03
Bank: £3,503.68

All in all a very successful day of pissed up punting and a nice comeback from being down to £500 after the Argentina match on Staurday evening.

Saturday 21st June 2014

After my Kerber v Keys trade from the last post I was away for the weekend so betting became a bit difficult. I had in my mind to take some bankers and increase my pot though.

BET 1 - ARGENTINA v IRAN Over 1.5 Goals

If ever I was supremely confident of a bet it was this one! I saw the odds of 1.23 and piled in thinking all my Christmases had come at once. I did hold back £500 though "just in case the unthinkable happened".

Guess what the unthinkable happened!! Argentina won through Messi at the death but only 1-0. I couldn't believe what I was seeing in the pub!

Soccer > Argentina v Iran : Over/Under 1.5 GoalsShowing 1 - 2 of 2 Selections
SelectionOddsStake(£)Bid typePlacedProfit/loss(£)
Over 1.5 Goals1.24213.46Back21-Jun-14 17:05-213.46
Over 1.5 Goals1.231,500.00Back21-Jun-14 17:04-1,500.00
*Average odds: On  OffBack subtotal:-1,713.46
Lay subtotal:0.00
Market subtotal:-1,713.46
Commission :0.00
Net Market Total:-1,713.46

Over 1.5 Goals Lost
Profit: -£1,713.46
Bank: £500

BET 2 - GERMANY v GHANA Over 4.5 Goals

No that's not a typo! Over 4.5 Goals... From the off, not after 4 goals have already been scored! Odds at 4.60. Now that is a proper chasing bet!!!

Can you tell I was pissed by this stage and playing chase the losses from my phone?

And too my utter horror I checked the score at half time to discover it was 0-0. I honestly thought I had done my money at this stage. However I checked again after 80 minutes to see it had been 2-2 since 71 minutes. I cashed out straight away but wonder might I may have got 10 minutes earlier?

Soccer > Germany v Ghana : Over/Under 4.5 GoalsShowing 1 - 2 of 2 Selections
SelectionOddsStake(£)Bid typePlacedProfit/loss(£)
Over 4.5 Goals4.60500.00Back21-Jun-14 19:19-500.00
Under 4.5 Goals2.041,138.61Back21-Jun-14 21:361,184.15
*Average odds: On  OffBack subtotal:684.15
Lay subtotal:0.00
Market subtotal:684.15
Commission @ 4.1%:28.05
Net Market Total:656.10
Under 4.5 Goals Wins
Profit: £656.10
Bank: £1,156.10

From then on I just concentrated on my drinking! :-)

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