Friday, 20 November 2009

Legia Warsaw v Polonia Warsaw

Anything 1.40 or over is good value in my opinion for over 1.5 so here we go!! I really hope this is nice and straight forward as I want a nice relaxing Friday evening please Betfair Gods! I do not want to have to think about trading or trade out for a red!

Not the best looking girl in the world as she looks more like an extra from The Krankees! May be an ominous sign of a 0-0!

This is live on Betfair Video by the way. Otherwise you can watch it here.

30 mins gone and still 0-0 maybe I'd better look for a better picture!

0-0 and 50 mins gone desperate times call for desperate measures! I'd have his job by the way!

Within 2 mins sexy babe comes on and scores!! Bowie takes his seat back on the bench..... for now!

1-1 Over 1.5 landed!!

Over 1.5 Goals Wins
Profit: £46.13

Foinikas Syrou v EA Patron

Struggling to find anything that takes my fancy I stumbled across this. It's Greek Volleyball by the way! :-)

The Pre-match favourites are 1.06 after winning the 1st set so it must be a guaranteed winner!! All in!! :-)

By the way I know the picture isn't of Greek Men's Volleyball but I like it!

Hmm maybe a bit rash with that bet!! Patron are losing 14-9 in the second. I really hope I do not have to start thinking about trading out of this!!
20-14 now! Getting stuffed this set !!! And I've got no stream!!
21-14 to 21-18 is a bit better but a bit late I think! :-( There's the 2nd set 25-19. Need a good strong start now in the 3rd!
I do love a nice quick and easy trade on these minority sports!

That's a better set! Lead from the start and Patron take it 25-22 Now an early lead in the 4th please!

I can't believe I've wasted an hour already and counting on this match! :o
6-3 is not the start I was looking for! Get a grip!!!

FFS they get it back to 9-8 then proceed to go to 13-8!! 1.06 Favourites after the 1st set??? You're Havin' a laugh! ;) Who would back that??? :-(

18-16 c'mon close that gap!!
18-17 and another?? No! 19-17 they just can't string enough points together!
19-18 This time? YES 19-19 now can they edge ahead? 20-19 :-( gotta stay with them at least!
20-20 c'mon take the lead for the 1st time?? Nope... 21-20. Looking ropey!
21-21 This time? Yes 21-22 take another!! 21-23 this one for 3 MP's!! Pfft 22-23 c'mon!!!
22-24 2 MP's Take It!!!!


Patron win 3-1
Profit: £5.71 (how embarrassing!)


Hello everyone. I'm having to do some real work today I'm afraid. I'm hoping to be back by 3.00pm but it may be 5.00pm. See you all later.

Happy Punting and Good Luck

I'm back!! Work all done that must mean it's the WEEKEND!!! Yippee!!!
Only 2 more sleeps till we have tennis again! :-)

Miami Dolphins @ Carolina Panthers

Can't see past Panthers here on own ground so I'm going all in on them. No great write up I know but it's late! However they do have hot cheerleaders!! :-)

It's on Sky Sports 1 but if you need a stream there's one here.

Good luck if you're on with me!

Well what can I say? Panthers were rubbish until their last 3 drives! Could have won but defence was woeful!

100% loss. God I miss the tennis!! LOL

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