Friday, 8 January 2010

Stanislas Wawrinka v Michael Berrer

Wawrinka won the 1st set in a Tiebreak and it's 1-1* Berrer to serve in the second. Berrer struggled last service game an Stan has just held to love so I'm lumping on at 1.16. Haven't got it all on and now it's 15-30 so I'm shoving the rest on at 1.13.

LOL Typical! Berrer then wins the next 3 pts for a hold to 30!!

1*-2 It's a shame really because I've just realised the Handball I wanted to get involved with, Norway @ 1.37, is about to start and it's very difficult trying to get decent bets matched in play in those markets!

2-2* Hold to 15 from Stan. Can we have a break now please?

0-15 ... 0-30 ... 15-30 ... 30-30 ... 40-30 FFS Stan stop letting him off the hook! Holds!

2*-3 Nice and easy please Stan.Hold to 30

3-3* This has to be a break this game the dreaded 7th ;-) 0-15 ... 0-30 ... 15-30 ... Don't you dare blow another 0-13 you nugget!! 15-40 ... Take one of these please!! Yes!!! Break!!

4*-3 Now nice and steady Stanislas we don't need heroics just steady tennis. Holds to love.

5-3* A break for GSM would be nice. By the way I just checked the handball and Norway have traded at 1.06 already!!! Holds to 30

5*-4 Moment of truth now for Wawrinka!! Has to serve out the match... DO NOT CHOKE!!

Wawrinka Wins 7-6 6-4
Profit: £183.17

Roger Federer v Nikolay Davydenko

Davydenko won the first set 6-4 and was 0*-1 with advantage when I got on. Hoping for a quick hold and a few ticks of green.

Deuce ... BP FFS Davy!!! .... Deuce C'mon Hold! GP Take It!!! .... Thank God for that I don't need that kind of stress when I wake up and have a punt.

1-1* Ooh 0-15 ... 0-30 Oi Oi!! ... 0-40 Saveloy!!!! ... 15-40 Take It!!!! YESSSSSS!!!!

2*-1 The thing is though that it is far too early in the set to expect Davy to hold on to that lead so I'll take the even gren at 1.32 thank you very much!

£311.25 on Both (a pleasant 7 minutes work!)

Davydenko Wins 6-4 6-4
Profit: £311.25

Kim Clijsters v Andrea Petkovic

I can't see past Kim here despite her opponent having a big serve. The odds are too high they should not be in double figures in my opinion and as such I have lumped on from the start at 1.12.

The only way these odds are going to be troubled is if Kim wants to test something out in her game prior to the Australian Open. But at her age and experience you would think she won't need to.

Break first game for Clijsters. It was 30-0 the Kim won 4 straight points.

All green when Deuce on Kim's serve! £53.97 on both.

Well Well Petkovic breaks back!! Chucked my green across  hoping for a hold.
0-15 ... 0-30 ... 15-30 ... 15-40 ... Perhaps I should have left alone but still early days! ... Break!!

Profit: £0.00

Tomas Berdych v Thomaz Bellucci

The score is 3-2* in the first set and I just get the feeling that a breakthrough for Berdych is imminent so I have lumped on at 1.24. Hoping to get a nice quick green that I can then maybe use to lay Berdy at low odds when he throws in obligatory choke! ;-)

15-30 C'mon Berdy do it for me!!  30-30 ... 40-30 ... Deuce ... BP!!! Take It!!! ... 2nd ... DF Break!!! That was nice :-)

And out at 1.12 for £145.75 on Both!

Tried to lay Berdych at 1.12 at the end of the first but just not taken!! Now the trainer is on and odds are rocketing!

Well I just couldn't help myself at 5*-6 in the 3rd I've got to take evens with a free game before a tiebreak so on I get.

15-0 ... 30-0 ... Darn c'mon Bellucci put some pressure on you dimwit!!! ... Ace 40-0 ... 2nd .... Holds!!

Tie break!!

Bellucci to serve 1st!!! Please hold!!!
0-1** FFS what a stupid punter I am!!!
0-2* Berdych making it look easy now. Bellucci looking knackered all of a sudden!
1**-2 MB back! Berdy should have won that point!! But I don't care!
2*-2 Nice point! Give us another hold and I'm back out!
2-3** WTF Doble effinFault!! Moron!!
2-4* I think Bellucci may have thrown it away with that DF but still a chance as it is Berdy!!
2**-5 Sends an easy one long!! Pffft
2*-6 Even Berdy can't throw this one!!
3-6** Two Double faults please Berdy!! It's only fair!

Iam officially a daft nugget!!

Greed is BAD!!!!!
Loss: £427.05

Yanina Wickmayer v Shahar Peer

I thought this was going to be a tightly contested match so I was quite surprised to see Wickmayer really dominate at the start. Peer fought back but lost the 1st Set 6-4. In the 2nd set Peer opened up a lead to 0*-3 but Wickmayer broke back to get on serve at 2*-3.

It was at this point I entered the market with a bit at 1.31 but mostly at 1.28. Hoping that Wickmayer's serve holds up here. 0-15!!! But holds to love.

3-3* If Wickmayer can put pressure on here we could see some lovely low odds for greening out of this.
0-15 ... 0-30!! ... 15-30 ... 30-30 Pfft ... C'mon give us a BP!! ... GP :-( ... Deuce ... GP ... Deuce c'mon give us a BP please ... GP not gonna win the point putting dollies like that over the net! ... DF for Deuce ... BP unlucky Peer there ... 2nd ... Ooof into the net when she had an open court!! ... Deuce ... GP ... Deuce ... GP ... Holds! Really should or at least could have had the break there! I hope it doesn't come back to haunt her!

3*-4 Strong hold needed please Yanina. 15-0 good start Peer resorting to moonballs more and more often now ... 30-0 ... 30-15(1.31) No more please ... ACE 40-15(1.26) ... 40-30 (1.29) ... Holds (1.24)

4-4* The odds I have put above are just for me to reflect on as I don't think they represent the stage of the match correctly but we will see. 15-0(1.27) ... 30-0(1.31) ... 40-0(1.34) ... Holds(1.36)

4*-5 Hmmm pressure on Wickmayer her. Please don't hand the set over! 0-15(1.44) out call from the chair!!! 15-15(1.38) ... 30-15(1.30) ... 30-30(1.37) ... 40-30(1.29) wtf is with the moonball Peer? She was in the rally!! Holds(1.23)

5-5* Break now please Yanina! 0-15(1.18) ... 0-30(1.12) ... C'mon Yanina!!! ... 0-40(1.09) Quit your moaning Peer! 15-40(1.11) ... BREAK!!!! (1.06)

6*-5 Now do I trust her to serve it out? The market doesn't!! lots of cash keeping the price up! 15-0(1.04) ... 15-15(1.07) ... 15-30(1.14) ... 30-30(1.08) ... 40-30(1.03) TAKE IT!!! ... Pffft Deuce(1.09) ... MP #2(1.04) This time? ... GSM!!

Wickmayer Wins 6-4 7-5
Profit: £305.19

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