Sunday, 8 November 2009

San Diego Chargers @ New York Giants

OK taking the Giants here from the off @ 1.46. AT home they should be able to beat the Chargers despite a couple af bad weeks and really need the win to get their season back on track.

Back New York Giants 1.46 £64.76 £29.79

Hmmm 7-7 at half time. More to the point though I can't believe that the Giants don't have a Cheerleading team!! What's that all about? Had I known I would never have backed them. That must nullify all their home advantage imho ;-)

Well I could have greened out at 1.05..... but I didn't as I was chasing every penny in the pursuit of turning my week green, and lost!

Houston Texans @ Indianapolis Colts

After much deliberation I decided to go with the Colts in the early kick offs. For me Patriots were just too short so didn't offer value, and Falcons price came in a bit too quickly for my liking. Colts have been on fine form despite making hard work of it last week so should win by 7 at least I think.

Colts Lead 13-3 at half time. As it happens my other two selection are also winning with Falcons romping it 24-3, but Patriots struggling a tad with a 16-10 lead.

 Well the 3rd Quarter hasn't started well! The Texans started with a touchdown drive then the Colts had to punt on their drive. 13-10 with just over 6 mins left in the 3rd.

Well that was tighter than I was hoping for!!

Colts Win 20-17
Profit: £12.84

Roger Federer v Novak Djokovic

Well I had a lovely Sunday lunch at some friends. Roast pork with all the trimming and lashing and lashings of red wine :-)

Home in time to find Djokovic 2-0* up in the final set against Federer with deuce too. So on I lump at 1.38!!

Fortunately Nole takes the break at the third time of asking. Djokovic consolidates the double break with a hold for 4-0*

4*-1 Good service game from Federer but surely too little too late!
Maybe I spoke too soon!!! 0-40... 15-40... 30-40... Deuce... GP... Holds!!!
And that, ladies and gentlemen, should be that! :-) 5-1*
5*-2 time to serve it out! 0-15... 15-15... 30-15... 30-30... MP#1... GSM

Djokovic wins 6-4 4-6 6-2
Profit: £13.78

Flavia Pennetta v Melanie Oudin

The score was 5*-4 30-30 when I decided to try and nick a few quid by getting on. As they say timing is everything in tennis betting and Oudin broke by taking the next two points :-(

Still confident Pennetta will win but annoyed that I could have had 1.25 less than a minute after I took 1.12!

Could really do with a break here! Here it is BP....... good point from Oudin - Deuce! But that was a great shot from Pennetta cross court and peppering the line for BP#2... 2nd serve..... DOUBLE FAULT!!!

What a time for the first double fault of the match. You have to feel for the youngster there, well I would if I didn't have my money on Pennetta! :-) Now then Flavia let's serve this set out this time please. 6*-5

That's better from Pennetta dominating the point for 15-0. Hmmm Oudin on top there 15-15. I tell you what regardless of the result here today she has backed up her US Open performances for me and showed that she may be one to watch next season, especially on home turf. Anyway 30-30 in the match. Set Point#1.... taken. 7-5 Pennetta.

Well Pennetta hasn't started the 2nd set too well, she has just saved 2 BP's when 0*-1. She comes through though with a great backhand up the line for 1-1.

WOW I nipped to the loo and Pennetta is 2*-1 up!! Nice :-) Pennetta should be able to see this one out now. Very impressive love service game from Flavia confirms her break and I will be interested to see Oudin's reaction here for future reference. 0-15, 0-30, 0-40!!! 15-40 but only because of a wild shot from Flavia. Break!!

Understandable and maybe even forgiveable collapse from Oudin here. Fought so hard in the first set and was unlucky really. Then she had the break point opportunities at 0*-1 but Pennetta held. That was probably the straw that broke the camel's back. Just hope she can plug away to the end as she's been no disgrace here.

 Well, well 15-40 ... 30-40 .... Break 4-2* Well done Melanie but I still feel this is over already!
And Pennetta gets 0-40 straight away.... 15-40 ...Break 5*-2 Pennetta to serve it out and win the Fed Cup!

Italy have won the Fed Cup for only the 2nd time.

Pennetta Wins 7-5 6-2
Profit: £3.91


Well I've got some work today to avoid my first losing week since the start of the blog!

I'm currently sat with £34.23 in my bank and on a weekly loss of £69.39. That means I need to increse my bank by 202% today to avoid the loss.

Achievable if I wasn't going out for Sunday lunch from 12-3pm. It means I'm going to have to work very hard when I get back this afternoon, when all I'll be wanting to do is fall asleep on the sofa ;-)

There's plenty to go at though so I hope you all come along and enjoy the ride.

See you later and Happy Punting

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