Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Gasquet v Berrer

Started with a cheeky back of Gasquet 4-1 down in the second as I felt the price would be the same at the end of the set so a free bet in essence.

It turned out so as I was able to lay off for even green of around £6 each side at 5-2.

Left it there then went all in laying Gasquet at start of 3rd at around 1.70. Market was loving Gasquet and we didn't see that price again until 5-5 with deuce.

Got may lay taken on Berrer's 2nd Break point of that game after regretting not taking the first at 1.64 after having a nibble at deuce in the 1.90's.

Even green for £55.70 each side and as Gasquet held maybe GVL will appreciate this green up ;)

Looks like it's heading to a tb now! Hope Berrer wins purely cos I like the underdog :)

Gasquet wins.... GVL will be so proud of me :)
Profit: £55.70

Bank: £155.70
Profit: -£44.30

Disaster so soon!!!!

I should have known it skittled out by an overs bet on football! Took the safe option of over 1.5 at lower odds rather than my original pick of Liverpool to win which landed.


Well I can load up £100 and still have my £9,000 intact so one last go then it will be leave it alone for a week or so.

Bank: £100.00 Profit: -£100.00

Bet 2

Didn't get involved in the Santoro match and glad I didn't went from serving for the match to losing the deciding tb!

So back to the football. Decided that I wouldn't back Liverpool and instead pump for over 1.5 goals about 25 mins gone in 1st half.

Back Leeds v Liverpool - Over/Under 1.5 Goals
Over 1.5 Goals 1.49 £3.00 £1.47

Ref: 8991554391 Bet matched:20:11 22-Sep-09
1.49 £12.08 £5.92
Ref: 8991554391 Bet matched:20:11 22-Sep-09
1.49 £115.54 £56.61
Ref: 8991554391 Bet matched:20:12 22-Sep-09

3-0 after 67 mins

Thankyou Bayern.

Over 2.5 Goals Wins
Profit: 30.62

Bank: £130.62

ooks like a tight 3rd set between Santoro and Rochus so may have a look there although may back Liverpool to beat Leeds.

Bet 1

Forgot to mention I wasn't just sticking to tennis in this one.

B Munich v Oberhausen - Over/Under 2.5 goals
Back Over 2.5 Goals 1.32 £100.00 £32.00
Ref: 8990213250 Bet placed: 18:04 22-Sep-09

-100.00 Under 2.5
30.62 Over 2.5

The Challenge is dead. Long live the Challenge

Well the forum challenge has just ended! Knocked down by two Italians in one day, Volandri capitulating from 1-0 4*-3 40-15, and Fognini fighting back from a set and a break down.

Still it does leave me in over £9,000 profit from the 10k challenge.

The idea of this blog is because while I found writing on the forum helpful, it became a hindrance at times with having to post my bets as I made them. So on here I will just give my bets at the end of the day or match etc.

I will be starting with a £100 bank and trying to add roughly 40% per day until I reach £1,000. Once I am at £1,000 I will have a decision to make!

In the past I have tried to keep lumping on but invariably come unstuck in the £1,500 - £3,000 range in my quest for £5,000 and the withdrawal section of my challenges. I may continue this or I may well limit my stakes to £1,000. But I will decide this nearer the time.

I don't have a target as such but on days that I bet I would like to earn roughly £500 (Once my bank is above £2,500) and see how I get on in the run up to Christmas.

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