Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Raymond Van Barneveld v Kevin Painter

3rd Round from the Darts PDC World Championships again.

Barney was favourite from the off and thought about getting on from the start but I held my discipline as I have noticed that my bets from the off tend to go somewhat awry!!

Anyway I waited till Barney had a 3-1 lead before getting involved @ 1.15. A fair price to me considering he has the throw this set.

Here's hoping he finishes in style!

That's the 1st leg in the bag. A break now would be extremely satisfactory.

Out at 1.04. Gotta be taken in darts when  you can mind you Barney does get the break for 2-0.
Still I'm £15.32 on both.

Van Barneveld Wins 4-1
Profit: £15.32

Ronnie Baxter v Colin Lloyd

PDC World Championship Darts 3rd Round again.

This time I get on when Baxter is leading 3-1 in sets @ 1.11

Baxter makes it nice and straight forward as he takes the 5th.

Baxter Wins 4-1
Profit: £13.19

SC Madgeburg v TBV Lemgo

German Mens Handball is this evenings aperitif!

Lemgo have a 14-8 lead at half time so I'm on at odds of 1.12.
Hoping for a nice straight forward victory.

At 23-17 with 12 mins to go I decided to green out @1.01 just in case!!

£13.05 on all outcomes.

Lemgo Win 25-23
Profit: £13.05

Panellinios v Iraklis

Back to the Greek men's volleyball as the over 1.5 goals bet I wanted in the Brugge match has landed already and I missed it as my dear wife was actually wanting some attention from me!!!  Outrageous! ;-)

Got on Iraklis at 1.2 when 1-1 in sets and they are leading in the 3rd.
This match has been a bit up and down, especially this set. Panellinos opened up an 8-1 lead then a 16-11 lead but Iraklis take it 17-25!! :o

Odds are still 1.20 despite them sealing the set. Hope they can finish it this set then.

And out at 1.03 when the score was 9-13 in the 4th set. £17.10 on both

Iraklis win 3-1
Profit: £17.09

Co Stompe v Mark Dudbridge

PDC World Championship darts 3rd round.

Stompe has just taken a 3-1 lead. Hopefully he can finish it here. Odds of 1.12. The volleyball from earlier is still not settled so I can't use the winning from that yet.

Hmmm Stompe should have been 2-0 up this set now 1-2 down against the throw!!
Terrible set from Stompe. Needs to take this one against the throw then please!

Great start with a break!! Now lets ease home please!
Pheww got away with that!! 2-0 now c'mon another break!!

Stompe takes the set 3-1 for the match.

Stompe Wins 4-2
Profit: £10.45

AEK v AO Kifisias

Another day another Volleyball match. Greek Men's volleyball today!

Backed AEK when they had won the 1st set 25-18 @ 1.10. Hoping they continue their dominance.

AEK easily winning the 2nd! Score is 20-13 when I decide to get out at 1.02 for even green. You never know!! ;-) Only £50 matched so far though.

All taken at the end of the 2nd as AEK take it 25-16. £6.84 on both.

AEK Win 3-0
Profit: £6.84

Golden State Warriors @ LA Lakers

Here we go again with the basketball and another back of the home town short priced favourite. I missed the start where LA were 1.12ish but get on in the 1st Quarter @ 1.20/1.21 with Lakers trailing 23-15.

As the game got towards the end of the quarter I took a little more at 1.28 with the winnings from the last match now having been paid out.

Warriors lead 35-27 at the end of the 1st, odds now 1.26. Let's hope Lakers come storming back in the second then!!

Warriors opened up a 15 point lead in the 2nd quarter! Lakers pulled it back somewhat but Warriors still lead 60-53 at halftime. Odds 1.52. Very juicy I still fancy Lakers to turn this around and win in the end.

End of the 3rd and Lakers have the lead 88-86. Could and probably should have been a wider margin which means it may become squeaky bum time in the 4th!! Odds of 1.24 is perhaps a tad skinny at this point in the game. However I still strongly fancy Lakers to finish this. Hopefully they'll stretch their lead and pull away but Warriors will probably get their noses in front early this quarter.

Lakers Win 124-118
Profit: £15.34

Minnesota Timberwolves @ San Antonio Spurs

For this NBA match I've followed my usual stance for North American sports which is to find a nice short priced home town favourite and lump on!!

Spurs were 1.13 to back but I squeezed a few more pence out of the market by laying Timberwolves @ 8.6.

So far so good. Spurs are up 66-52 at halftime.

Spurs lead 89-73 at end of 3rd so I'm out and moving on or going to bed!!

 Profit: £7.83

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