Thursday, 14 January 2010

John Isner v Albert Montanes

It's not very often that I like to get on pre match but on this occasion I'll make an exception!

I see there's lots of bleating on the Betfair forum that Montanes has a good chance here and that Isner is a lay!!

Well I'm sorry to disappoint them all, but Isner is going to blow Montanes away on a hardcourt! Montanes is only this deep into the tournament because he hasn't actually played anyone!! Isner has beaten Robredo (World No. 16), Monaco(30) and Garcia Lopez(43) whereas Montanes has beaten Lammer(209), Statham(332) and Lemke(456). I know rankings can hide the facts but not ranking differences like these! I would have had Isner in the high 1.20's or 1.30 as an absolute maximum.

Isner to serve first!!

Here we go it's 3-2* and Isner has 0-30!! ... pffft 15-30 ... 14-40 C'mon John!! LOL Break!

4*-2 Big Bad John!! And that will do me happy with my green.

£321.67 on Both

It's 6-5* in the 2nd set so free game for Isner so I've lumped back on at 1.12 hoping for a break or at least a tiebreak win.
15-0 ... 15-15 ... c'mon John apply a bit of pressure ... 30-15 ... 30-30 Now then can we have a MP? ... ACE!! Looked wide to me though! 40-30 ... Holds.

Tiebreak it is then! Isner to serve 1st!
No silly errors now John!!
1-0** Ace!! Now for 2 x MB's please.
1-1* Just the one then?
1**-2 OK gotta be holds then!!
2*-2 And another please
2-3** FFS Double Fault!!
3-3* MB back! Another please John.
4**-3 Yess!!! Now 2 holds please!!
5*-2 And I'm out of this for £501.27 on Both.

Isner Wins 6-2 7-6(5)
Profit: £501.27

Mark Williams v Shaun Murphy

Williams lead 5-2 in a race to 6!!

I have a terrible record in snooker owing mainly to a loss of more than £2,000 when backing a player at short odds when they had a decent lead! Let's hope lightening doesn't strike twice!!

I just hope I can get those snooker losses wiped out eventually. Williams just needs 1 of the next 4 frames! Surely that is not too much to ask!!

Williams got in 1st and made a break of 30 but Murphy at the table now. Oooh missed a red for a break of 20. Nothing on for Williams though.

Murphy fouls. And again!! 38-20 Period of safety play now. Murphy in!
Still got some work to do though! Break of 16.

38-36 Safety play again. Loose shot from Williams gives Murphy half a chance! And he gets it! Murphy in again. Murphy wins the frame at that visit 93-38 with a break of 57!!

Not looking good this!! Lightening may strike twice!!! 

5-3 C'mon then Mark let's have this one please! Jeez Murphy in on his 1st shot!! Unlucky there he left nothing on! Break of 6.

Murphy missed a long pot but the cue ball ends up safe Luck evening itself out I guess. Murphy with another long pot chance!! Gets it! Such a frustrating sport when all you can do is sit in your chair and watch!!

Murphy takes the frame for 5-4 I'm all red
- £584.03 on both!!

Bloomin snooker!!! LOL

FFS Williams straight in here!!

Williams 30-0 up and I'm having a cheeky lay here! Williams 63 up but may be break over here!
Murphy in with a chance!! Nope stuffed it up !!

Another cheeky lay at 1.05 this time! Murphy in!! Need 1.60 to get out alive!! 1.53 now!! Murphy looked like he had an awkward shot so I redded out for a 2nd time this match!! This time for -£65.35

Murphy fluffed it!!

Still fighting though but trailing 69-32 Game Over!!!

I think I should justy leave the snooker alone!! LOL

Loss £65.35

Marcos Baghdatis v Lleyton Hewitt

To save myself from.... well myself I guess!! LOL  I have withdrawn back down to £2,000 by taking out £2,484.41.

Baggy leads 4-6 6-2 5*-3 when I get on at 1.10

Hoping for a nice easy hold for GSM!!

Baghdatis Wins 4-6 6-2 6-3
Profit: £191.40

Anabel Medina Garrigues v Gisela Dulko

AMG won the first set 6-1 and I'm hoping for more of the same! Dulko has to serve first in the second so I'm lumping on at 1.20 Break please!!

30-30 Get the BP c'mon!! ... 30-40 Take it!! ... YES!!! Break!!

1*-0 Now a hold to consolidate please! Nice holds to 15.
2-0* Another break? 30-40 ... Break!!!
3*-0 Hold please let's get this over with asap!! Certainly not laying off at 1.04!!! LOL 15-40!!! And DF for a Break!!
3-1* OK I want that break back again please Anabel! Holds to 30.

AMG taken her foot off the gas here! Suddenly that 1.04 looks very appealing!! Oh the fickle world of tennis punting!!

3*-2 Hmmm 1.20 at the start of the set 1nd now 1.18 a break up?? Needs to hold please!! C'mon Anabel make her move you're just dollying it back to her at the moment!! DF for 15-30!! ... 30-30 ... 40-30 Take it!!! ... Deuce ... UE's creeping up for AMG c'mon bring it home!! FFS what a weak smash! returned easily for BP!! That's more like how she was playing great shot for Deuce ... GP ... Pfffft Deuce ... God Tennis can be so frustrating!! UE = BP! ... LOL ACE!!! Deuce ... UE = BP!!! ... LOL Another ACE for Deuce!! ... GP Take it FFS!!! ... and easy put away into the net for Deuce!!

I really wouldn't mind if Dulko had upped her game but all she is doing is moonballing it back and Anabel is beating herself!!! UE = BP!!!! ... Deuce ... AMG has had control of about 90% of these points yet we are now on Deuce # 7!!! ... GP TAKE IT!!! ... OK I'll give Dulko that point! Deuce! ... My eyes will start bleeding if this goes on much longer I think!! DF for BP!! And Break!!!

It's games like that that make you lose the will to live!! Dulko scored 12 points in that game yet only "won" 2 of them!! That is why people lambast WTA I guess because players can just capitulate from such domination when their opponent doesn't even offer any opposition!

3-3* Probably a break back now!! 15-30 ... 15-40 ... And Break!! At least Dulko keeps the games short when she gets broken!! LOL

4*-3 Now a hold and we should be about there!! Market expecting a break though as it's at 1.19!! 1 tick lower than at 0-0 this set! Not that I'm bitter!! LOL ...  FFS Broken to Love!!

4-4* Really need a break now or AMG will have to serve to stay in the match!! 15-0 ... 15-15 .. 30-15 ... 40-15 ... Holds!! Dulko actually starting to play some shots now!! I guess that Anabel has let her grow her confidence.

4*-5 AMG serving to stay in the set now!! This should have been over long ago!! Hold Please! 15-0 c'mon ... FFS another easy put away messed up!! 30-15 ... 40-15 Dulko back to moonballing!! 40-30 hit long from AMG ... Holds!!!

5-5* Give us a break then please!! Even on Dulko's own serve she doesn't actually win the points! Wide from AMG for 15-0 ... 15-15 ... Wide from AMG for 30-15! ... Wide from AMG 40-15 ... 40-30 ... Ooh Dulko won a point!! Holds!

5*-6 Are you starting to get a feeling of frustration from me here? Turned down 1.04 because it was way too high the way both players were playing!! Now Medina Garrigues has to serve to stay in the set for a second time!! AMG long for 0-15 I really wouldn't be so frustrated if Dulko won more than 1 point per game!! Into the net from AMG 0-30!! ... 15-30 ... 30-30 ... Please get to the Tiebreaker!!! DF for SET Point and BREAK!! Dulko didn't even win a point that game and still broke for the set!!!

Right Dulko to serve first in the final set! I think I may just lay the server after that last set! Though redding out is looking like an option at the moment! C'mon Anabel switch it back on against the moonball Queen!!

FFS here we go again 3 chances to win the point at 30-30 and knocks them all straight to Dulko who gets lucky with the 3rd as it bounces off her racquet and lands in!! ... Deuce .. AMG long for GP!!! A bit of a pattern developing here!!! And Dulko wins 1 point for a hold!! Ridiculous!! I am being robbed before my very eyes!!

0*-1 Holds to 15! Guess what! Dulko's point came from an AMG UE!! LOL
1-1* Now let's get the break I have had enough of this eye candy now!! Here we go again! 30-30 and AMG UE error long brings GP!! LOL but Dulko is crap so Deuce!! ... DF for BP Is the tide turning??? ACE ??? WTF???? Deuce ... BP can she take one? Nope it's an UE long!! Deuce! ... UE wide for GP ... Deuce ... To be fair I think AMG's number of winners is falling too now! It's a proper error fest now!! ... That's better though BP!!! .... BREAK!!!! About bloomin time!!

2*-1 I should probably take a red here of £600ish but I feel that AMG is so much better here that I'm going to stick with it!! Don't make me regret this Anabel!!! FFS stop with the UNFORCED ERRORS!!! 0-15 ... 15-15 ... 30-15 she manged not to put that one long (just!!) ... Lovely shot 40-15 ... HOLDS!!

3-1* Now then AMG let's get another break! Just keep it in play and you'll walk this all Dulko has is her moon ball!! 0-15 c'mon!!! ... 0-30 ... UE wide 15-30 stop it AMG you don't need to play that hard just into the court will do!! 30-30 Wow Dulko won a point! ... Don't let her off the hook here Anabel!! ... DF for BP Take it!! Break Get in!!!

4*-1 Amazing that Dulko was ever in this match let alone the market drive her down to 1.70 at the beginning of this set! She was not in this match at any point!! It was all on Anabel's racquet and there was no way she could have continued that badly!! Hold please! Ooh a winner from Dulko for 15-15! C'mon Anabel bring it home baby!! FFS smashed it wide with an open court for 30-30! FFS being dive bombed by seagulls now!! They can see crap from miles away I suppose!! 30-40 ... Deuce ... GP ... There's that 1.04 again!! Only about an hour and a half after it was last there!! Holds

5-1* Break for GSM please!! So glad I didn't red out!! I would have been doing my nut right about now!!

Medina Garrigues Wins 6-1 5-7 6-1
Profit: £720.43

Jurgen Melzer v Arnaud Clement

Clement leads 6-2 6-5* Can he break for GSM???

0-15 ... 0-30 ... 0-40 .... Take IT!!!! ... 15-40 ... c'mon this one? YESSS

GSM a very nice couple of minutes!!

Clement Wins 6-2 7-5
Profit: £707.28

Kirsten Flipkens v Sara Errani

Errani is leading 6-3 5*-3 but 15-30 serving for the match when I get on hoping for a hold or at leasta break for GSM next game!!

15-40 ... 30-40 ... Break!!

5-4* OK Sara let's have the break for GSM please!!

0-15 c'mon!! ... 0-30 ... Two More!! .. 0-40! Take one please!! 15-40 This one? ... 30-40! FFS TAKE IT!!!! ... 2nd serve ... GSM!!

Errani Wins 6-3 6-4
Profit: £173.33

Serena Williams v Aravane Rezai

Ordinarily I would be looking to lump on Rezai at 6-3 4-1* up but at 1.12 that has to be a lay!! It's only 1 break!!

Only risking £100 though as apparently Serena has been shocking but here goes!

Holds to 15!

2-48 Let's have a break back now then! I just wish I'd layed more now!

Rezai Holds for 2*-5 And I've had another nibble!! @ 1.06!!

30-30 C'mon Serena you've got to make the Frenchie serve it out at least!! Holds!!

3-5* C'mon the Choke please :-)

0-15! C'mon!! 15-15 ... 30-15 ... 30-30 Get the BP!!!! ... BP!!! Take IT!!!! BREAK!!

LOL All green BABY!!

£494.57 on Both for only an initial risk of £150 I love this laying lark!!!

Serena holds for 5-5 perhaps I should have waited!!

Williams won the set 7-5 and is now trading in the 1.20's!! I really should have waited!! ANd used more of my bank I could have been a gazzillionaire!! LOL

Green is Good! Bigger green is better though! ;-)

Williams Wins 3-6 7-5 6-4

Profit: £494.57

Novak Djokovic v Fernando Verdasco

Verdasco won the first set 6-1 and went 1*-0 up in the 2nd when I tried to get on! Didn't get much matched and decided to get straight out again as liquidity so poor.

£23.00 on Both

Potito Starace v Richard Gasquet

Really don't know why I placed this bet!! I seem to almost be waiting for the inevitable loss after 24 wins in a row and am trying my hardest to screw things up.

Gasquet won the 1st set 6-3 and leads 3-2* in the 2nd when I get on at 1.06!! Gulp!!!

Starace holds to Love!!

3*-3 Gasquet holds to 15.

4-3* Any chance of a break Richard? Guess not! Holds to 15.

4*-4 30-0 to 30-30!! 40-30 ... Holds! Phew!

5-4* Break for GSM anyone? 15-15 ... 30-15 ... 30-30 c'mon!!! ... 40-30 ... Holds!

5*-5 OK nice comfy hold required and put the pressure back on!

6-5* Hold to 15! Now for the break please Gasman!! 15-0 ... 15-15 ... Put some pressure on him Gasquet ... 15-30 c'mon 2 more!!! ... 30-30 .. Don't let him off! ... 40-30 ... Deuce!!! Get the MP!!! ... MP!!! Odds still 1.05???? ... Deuce ... GP grrrrr! ... Holds!

It so easily could have been over but now we have a Tiebreak Gasquet to serve 1st!!
1**-0 FFS!!! MB back please!
2*-0 This time then?
2-1** Well Done! Now two aces would be nice!
3-1* FFS Gasquet!!
4**-1 Jeez what has happened to his serve in the TB? 0/3???
4*-2 There's one MB back still one down though! Mind you only 1 pt won on serve out of 6 so far!
4-3** LOL make that 1 out of 7!! Hold pleaseRichard!
4-4* Finally now another?
4**-5 Yes he has the lead!  2 MB's for GSM?
5*-5 OK this one for a MP on serve?
6-5** Do not stuff up Richard!!!
6-6* An ace would be nice :-)
6**-7 TAKE IT!!!!! MP #2 ....
7*-7 Pfffft This one?
7-8** MB TAKE IT!!!!!! Yeeesssss GSM

Gasquet Wins 6-3 7-6
Profit: £128.45

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