Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Man Utd v Wolfsburg

Half time and 0-0 but to me it's only a matter of time till we have a goal imho. And if we get 1 we may get 2 or 3 quick goals. Both teams have had chances so 1.85 looks great value for this game despite what most may think. I just hope the curse of my overs bets doesn't strike again.

Back Over 1.5 Goals 1.85 £221.77 £188.50
Ref: 9061109251 Bet matched:20:38 30-Sep-09

Wohoo Bonus!!! 0-1 55mins!!! Not only is there a goal but it's against Man Utd :D
Odds 1.26 is good enough for me with my track record!!

Lay Over 1.5 Goals 1.26 £0.83 £1.05 £0.22
Ref: 9061344415 Bet matched: 20:59 30-Sep-09
1.26 £3.64 £4.59 £0.95
Ref: 9061344415 Bet matched: 20:58 30-Sep-09
1.26 £5.46 £6.88 £1.42
Ref: 9061344415 Bet matched: 20:58 30-Sep-09
1.26 £5.46 £6.88 £1.42
Ref: 9061344415 Bet matched: 20:58 30-Sep-09
1.26 £6.37 £8.03 £1.66
Ref: 9061344415 Bet matched: 20:58 30-Sep-09
1.26 £8.19 £10.32 £2.13
Ref: 9061344415 Bet matched: 20:58 30-Sep-09
1.26 £10.00 £12.60 £2.60
Ref: 9061344415 Bet matched: 20:58 30-Sep-09
1.26 £153.61 £193.55 £39.94
Ref: 9061344415 Bet matched: 20:58 30-Sep-09
1.26 £270.54 £340.88 £70.34
Ref: 9061344415 Bet matched: 20:58 30-Sep-09

£141.65 on both!

Oof 1-1 Giggs on 59 mins!!! SHould have held my nerve perhaps but I'd rather concentrate on the win is a win :)

Profit: £141.65
Bank: £457.72

No more bets today I think so withdrawing my daily 10% of £45.77 leaving £411.95 in bank

Radwanska v Petkovic

The score is 6-4 1-3* and I have decided to get on Rad. She's had her wobble imho and still has a very good chance of taking this 2-0. Thinking of this I feel that odds of 1.50+ represent great value at this point.

Back Agnieszka Radwanska 1.51 £77.98 £39.77
Ref: 9055651773 Bet matched:12:30 30-Sep-09
1.53 £142.90 £75.74
Ref: 9055651773 Bet matched:12:30 30-Sep-09

1*-4 Poo! Had her chance there for an immediate break but fluffed the bp! Needs to hold here now. Odds 1.57.

2-4* Great hold now pressure Pet's serve!!! Odds 1.42.

3*-4 Break to 15. Rad looks so on top despite ridiculous calls taking place! Odds 1.27 are very high imho.

3-5* Women!! ;-) straight to 0-30 then 14-40 saves the 1st luckily but not the 2nd :( Set still not over yet though Odds 1.58.

Set Petkovic :( Oh well! Odds 1.68. Sticking with A-Rad for now. Can't believe she handed that set right back when she was in the ascendency! Grrrrrrrr

0-1* Hmm Great Start going to 0-40!! But fights back well to deuce before giving another bp which she puts into the net!! Odds 1.70 on Pet :(

0*-2 Had 15-40 Pet saved the first with an ace and then the second! Unlike Rad she didn't then hand her opponent another bp and gets lucky with the last point to take it.

1-2* Rad keeps coming to the net and doing crap which gets her to 0-30 when she stays back she can control more which sees her hold to 30. Odds 1.73 on Pet. If A-Rad stays on her baseline she will win. If she goes to the net she will lose imho.

1*-3 Hold to 15 from Pet odds 1.36

2-3* Hold to 15 odds 1.59. Break now would be great timing please Rad :)

3*-3 That bloomin serve!! 15-30 and she pulls off an ace! Rad wins the next to give 30-40 but goes to deuce. Another good 1st serve brings up gp but then back to deuce off a 2nd serve. A great winner from Rad brings her 2nd chance to level the set and this time she takes it!! Odds 1.72 on A-RAD. Now the hold please :)

4-3* And followed by a hold. Pressure firmly on Pet now and Rad serving 1st this set. Odds 1.36 are tempting to just walk away from but still nice and calm so will watch and see how it unfolds.

5*-3 Rad got over excited at 0-15 and whallopped her return about 15 feet long! Then she comes into the net on the next point and actually wins it bfore getting to 15-40. Pet saves the 1st bp but not the 2nd!! Odds 1.09. C'mon the hold now A-Rad :)

Out at 1.05 15-0!!

Lay Agnieszka Radwanska 1.05 £320.37 £336.39 £16.02
Ref: 9056151933 Bet matched: 13:37 30-Sep-09

Radwanska Wins 6-4 3-6 6-3
Profit: £95.21
Bank: £316.09

Felt a lot more comfortable and relaxed in that match than I have in a while. A complete day off thinking about other things probably helped sharpen the mind again. Onwards and upwards. Odds 1.18

Off Topic Rant!!

I thought I would intersperse the betting blog with a bit of a rant!
Yesterday I was helping a client interview for a new position and the vast majority of the applicants were graduates from 2009 and some from 2008.

My big issue here is the education system! We had some sample questions which we set on arrival prior to the interview to be hand written while they waited. The answers to these were not important just the skill set of being able to write and spell. Remember these were all graduates. We also had a couple of basic maths questions which were of the old fashioned mental arithmetic variety which we asked in the actual interview that were relevant for the job.

Ok the first thing we noticed was that out of 15 candidates only 6 were able to spell recession despite it being written correctly in the question! 1 of the incorrect answers came from a chap with A* at GCSE English Lit and Lang and an A at A-Level English Literature! The terrible spelling continued with another A-Level English high achiever, Grade B this time. He started with what can only be assumed is cheap housing as his accommodation came in the discounted form of "acomodation". He then went on to describe an apparent insect infestation at the property when he wrote "indepandant". I know where to get some ant powder but we may have to call in the experts on the indeps!!! One of his fellow candidates decided to get in on the act and started to use the potential property dwellers to fix their own properties when he lauded the use of "maintenants" contractors, I'm not sure what he had in mind for any subtenants!

The thing that really took the biscuit was a question we asked every candidate in the actual interview and the reactions were mind boggling!

"What would the monthly rent need to be to achieve an 8% annual yield on a £150,000 property?"

Only 2 got it right first time, one of which got the job and more of him in a moment.

I thought the first answer we received was just a bad start when I was confidently told the rent would have to be "Just under £2,000". Apparently this chap has 10 months in his years! But even from here he then worked out that 8% of £15,000 was "£1,900 and something, probably 66.6 recurring" and was adamant despite us asking him if he was SURE that was the answer. At least this one only had an A rather than an A* at GCSE Mathematics!!!

The second one told me that he didn't even know what a yield was! Applying for a job in the property industry and according to his curriculum vitae, "...with an in depth understanding of how to maximise the return for potential investors!!!!!" Mind you it mattered not, as when it was explained he just couldn't work it out as we watched for a few minutes as the eyes rolled and the lips were bitten but the silence was deafening!

Perhaps my favourite answer was "£400", not that great on it's own you might think, but when he was told the correct answer he retorted with "Yes but that's after you've added the 12% management fee" With this answer he became the favourite for the job, we liked his margins!! :-)

There was one successful candidate though.....

He had the worst grades at both GCSE and A-Level, though still fairly good, he had only been to an "old Poly" rather than the red brick establishments a few had attended yet he was able to spell and do mental arithmetic unlike his more "academic" peers.

Upon questioning he was open and honest about his grades, he had enjoyed his youth rather than study 24/7.

That's when it hit me.... The education system at the moment is all geared up to rewarding the students who study the hardest rather than the cleverest! As results break records every year there is little to distinguish between candidates and the only way you don't get an A grade now is if you are genuinely stupid or someone who doesn't do all their homework. Qualifications lean towards coursework and continued study rather than an exam and showing knowledge at the end. Exam questions have got easier over the years so even the clever ones who do study are just lumped in with the not so clever. It's as though uniformity is the prerequisite of the education system in today's society.

As I saw the candidates troop in front of me yesterday and provide disappointment after disappointment I reflected on the CV's that had only made it as far as the bin. The chosen few before me were, on the whole, not fit for purpose as graduate recruits. Perhaps the way the education system is structured is pushing all the true leaders of tomorrow, the free thinkers and inventors into the recycle bin. It's certainly made me sit up and reassess my selection programmes.

Quick Update

Sorry not been around was very busy yesterday and didn't get the chance to get on here. Got some bits to do first this morning then I'll be raring to go!

Monday, 28 September 2009

Wozniak v Date Krumm

Well done last week Kimiko but today I think she will come down to earth with a bump. A combination of old legs and more cosecutive games than she's had for years will be telling here. All in Woz from the off.

Back Aleksandra Wozniak 1.44 £202.69 £89.18
Ref: 9039868235 Bet matched:11:48 28-Sep-09

3*-1 Woz gets to 0-40 Kimiko saves them all though before gifting another which Woz takes. Odds 1.18. Biggest concern at the moment is if Kimiko will see out this 1st set. She should though as she's playing at home.

3-2* Hmmmm can I change that to holding being my first concern LOL 2 bp's to Kimiko duly saved by Woz then another which I thought was saved with an ace but it was called out. Sved it anyway but had another which Woz puts long. Odds 1.29

5*-3 Break from being 40-15 up Odds 1.2. Can she serve it out?

5-4* Suffering the curse of the 0-40's today! saved 1 but broken to 15 Odds 1.38 break for set please :)

5*-5 Set point saved and pretty brainless returning from Woz in this game should have had the break! Odds 1.58

5-6* Started with a df! then 2nd serve and 0-30. Hits a silly shot long again and we have 0-40. Fianlly a decent 1st serve saves the 1st then Kimiko plays a good point for the break.

5-7 Here we go again bashing the ball 10 feet long on return!! Holds to love for the set!!

2*-0 Woz makes the 1st breakthrough again on 2nd time of asking to 30. Odds 1.75. Will she actually hold this time?

2-1* Broken to 30 after being 30-0 up!! Pfff awaful is the only word! Or maybe inept! :( 1.80 on Kimiko now!

2*-2 Hold to love :( C'mon Woz start playing again!!

2-3* Woz is playing right into Kimiko's hands giving her balls straight up the middle! Does she realise the court is not 2 metres wide!!! Woz should be winning this match. Yes some nice shots and craft from Kimiko but if half of Woz's shots hadn't been 10 feet long or down the sides she would have pissed this.

2*-4 Holds to 30 and yet again WOz gifts away points she should have won!! :(
Odds of 1.12 are crazy thoughI would lay if I wasn't already Fu@*ed! :D

And I would have lost again if I did LOL Break for 2-5* This is one of those matches that I wish I had no pics for as the stats favour Kimiko but watching you can see that Woz determined the outcome of nearly 70% of the points so should really have won imho. If I had only had sb I would have got out of this in the 1st set probably. Hey ho still chance of a low odds gubbing :)

3*-5 There's 1 break back is it too much to ask for a hold to put pressure on Kimiko?

4-5* Here we go now or never Woz. Gotta be another break please :)

5*-5 Finally Woz is starting to play it to the edges of the court rather than straight up the middle! Gave her 0-40. Kimiko saves the 1st but not the 2nd :) Probably broken again now though!!

6-5* From 30-0 and coasting to 30all in that game had me shaking my head but holds to 30. Now a free game to Woz can she make it 5 games on the spin for the set :)

6-6 Had 15-0 and 30-15 but Kimiko holds to 30 TB time c'mon Woz!!!

Starts with a df is not good. Prob needs 2 mb now please. There's one! Now another please!!!Nice now 2 holds please :) 3*-1 c'mon WOz another!! 4-1** now another mb please :) 5-1* at the turnaround 1 df a piece now :o. Another mb will make me happy!
5**-2 2 serves for the set please Woz :) here's one 6*-2!!!

1-1 Get in Woz!!! I believe !!!! :) Now Kimikpo to serve 1st lets see if she has any reserves left in the tank. Praying for the Woz break straight away!! Odds 1.55 on Woz! My 1.12 lay would have been in clover now!!! Had I not actually gone all in at the start!! LOL

1*-0 From 40-15 to deuce then gp to break can she hold it!!!!

30-0 is enough for me and I'm out. Probably 1.01 express now but happy with my return after being on the brink!!

Aleksandra Wozniak 1.18 £23.14 £27.31 £4.17
Ref: 9040492144 Bet matched: 13:45 28-Sep-09
1.18 £24.21 £28.57 £4.36
Ref: 9040492144 Bet matched: 13:45 28-Sep-09

£42.74 on both

Wozniacki wins 5-7 7-6(2) 6-4
Profit: £42.74
Bank: £245.43

Schiavone v Sharapova

Got some on at 1.94 when deuce then rest at 1.73ish when bp 2-2 2nd set.

Sharapova has lost more service points than she's won and that is a recipe for disaster as far as she is concerned. Still plenty of time to get out if it goes wrong but I just felt odds were staggeringly high! Hope I'm right!

Francesca Schiavone 1.72 £190.95 £137.48
Ref: 9039536141 Bet matched:10:29 28-Sep-09
1.72 £500.00 £360.00
Ref: 9039536141 Bet matched:10:29 28-Sep-09
1.73 £18.00 £13.14
Ref: 9039536141 Bet matched:10:29 28-Sep-09
1.75 £3.68 £2.76
Ref: 9039536141 Bet matched:10:29 28-Sep-09
1.94 £276.22 £259.65
Ref: 9039533575 Bet matched:10:29 28-Sep-09

4-2 Sciavone broke then held from 0-40 with 5 straight points mighty impressive. Another break now would be nice odds 1.38

4*-3 Shara holds to 30 A hold from Schiavone here will really pile the pressure on an already wobbling Sharapova service game. Just need the hold by hook or by crook. Odds 1.51

4-4* So frustrating 0-40 again but this time can't save it and is broken to 15. Odds 2.10 Let's have a break back or Sharapova may just get her act together here.

4*-5 Not looking good now Shara getting stronger Hold to 15! Odds 1.57 on Shara. Can Schiavone actually hold here, she'd better or I'm ballsed :D

5-5* Set point saved that game! Now the obligatory break please ;).

5*-6 Free game now for Sharapova :( Is asking Francesca to hold twice in a row pushing it???? LOL Odds 1.63 on Shara.

If she just won her 1st service point it might help but out to 0-40 yet again and broken to 15!

Deciding set now. Sharapova to serve first here. She's picked her service game up but a break and we'll be back to evens so staying put for now :( Odds 1.35 on Shara.

0*-1 Hold to love. Probably gonna regret not trading here but gonna stick with Fran for a little longer just give me a hold please :)

Bitten the bullet at 15-30 and redded out to leave me some bank to fight on with. She'll probably hold now. And to think not that long ago I had the opportunity to green for £250 on each and didn't take it. Ho hum onwards and upwards!

Maria Sharapova 1.13 £7.00 £0.91
Ref: 9039676307 Bet matched:11:08 28-Sep-09
1.13 £450.17 £58.52
Ref: 9039676307 Bet matched:11:08 28-Sep-09
1.13 £13.24 £1.72
Ref: 9039676307 Bet matched:11:08 28-Sep-09
1.13 £92.07 £11.97
Ref: 9039676307 Bet matched:11:08 28-Sep-09
1.13 £111.26 £14.46
Ref: 9039676307 Bet matched:11:08 28-Sep-09
1.13 £192.87 £25.07
Ref: 9039676307 Bet matched:11:08 28-Sep-09
1.13 £232.22 £30.19
Ref: 9039676307 Bet matched:11:08 28-Sep-09
1.13 £460.36 £59.85
Ref: 9039676307 Bet matched:11:08 28-Sep-09

0-2* DF seals the break! Anyway I'm all red

-786.16 on both!!! :(

Sharapova wins 4-6 7-5 6-1
Loss: £786.16
Bank: £202.69

Petkovic v Kuznetsova

On when 5*-3 final set @1.29

Andrea Petkovic 1.29 £771.71 £223.80
Ref: 9039289556 Bet placed: 08:54 28-Sep-09

SErving for the match is always risky but holds to Love

Petkovic Wins 7-5 4-6 6-3
Profit £217.15

Firstly I'd better just clarify somehing. I withdrew 10% of my bank last night as I am actually supposed to do so every day but haven't been doing so £85.74 taken out leaves a balance of £771.71.


Sunday, 27 September 2009

Dolphins @ Chargers

Got on Chargers score is 0-0 Chargers have 1st and goal 10mins left in 2nd qtr Annoyed though as I was gonna back them in the 1.70's only a couple of minutes ago.

Back San Diego Chargers 1.38 £30.00 £11.40
Ref: 9038025571 Bet matched:21:47 27-Sep-09
1.38 £166.89 £63.42
Ref: 9038025571 Bet matched:21:48 27-Sep-09
1.38 £444.00 £168.72
Ref: 9038025571 Bet matched:21:47 27-Sep-09

3-0 Chargers only a field goal there so odds out to 1.54 :(

Miami have 3rd and 2 on own 28 could really do with a shutout here!

Yes 4th and 1!!!!

Chargers have the ball 1st and 10 on own 27. 7.10 left in 2nd Qtr odds 1.43. They must score for me here please.

Disaster turnover ball Dolphins have 2nd and 4 on Chargers 5!! :(

1st and goal now! Now 3rd and goal on the 4. C'mon defence

3-3 Field goal Miami. 3.26 left on the clock to half time. Really could do with a chargers score here before half time. Preferably a touchdown.

1st and 10 Miami 26 fg range easy but we want a td 1.11 on the clock odds 1.48
3rd and 11 :( Odds 1.55
1st and 10 on Miami 15 odds 1.47 49secs on clock. C'mon the TD!!!
Ah nuts! Peronal foul now 2nd and 25 on Miami 30. 3rd and 17!

3-3 Field goal missed :( odds 1.75 double drat!! Half time.

Miami had possession 1st and had to punt. 1st and 10 Chargers on own 8 yd line Odds 1.6. C'mon let's get it going now.

This is awful from Chargers 1 yard made! and punt away! Miami have ball on SD 49 yard line! Odds 1.78
3rd & 1 C'mon defence! Pfft 1st down on SD 39!
Chargers are playing soo bad. 1st & ten Miami on sd 13 yd line :( odds 2.2

6-3 Miami! Well at least no TD but chargers need a charge now. They are turning over far too easily. Odds 1.84

1st &10 on own 25 yd line c'mon on then lets get to the redzone this drive please.
Woohoo 47 yd pass 1st down on Miami 28!
And another 1st down! Now 2nd & goal on Miami 5 c'mon give me a TD!!!
10-6 Extra point added . Now c'mon the defence. Still can't green! :( Odds 1.4

Miami had to punt 1st down SD on own 32 yd line. Let's have another scoring drive please 14:46 left in 4th qtr. Odds 1.26

55yd pass 1st down on Mia 13 :) 2nd and 3 on Mia 6 :) odds 1.11

13-6 just a field goal :( odds 1.2 should have greened but if they get a shut out here should be very low odds!

Miami start with the ball on their own 21 yd line c'mon defence!!! 12:30 left in the game. 2nd and 10 and odds went up!!! 3rd and 10 odds still 1.18! 4th and 13 odds 1.09!

SD have the ball on Miami 49 yd line c'mon! 11:51 left in the game odds 1.08

16-6 FG Should have had a td there to kill the game but odds still 1.05 Lets hope for another shutout here 6:53 on the clock

Miami start on the Mia 20.

Oh well was just laying off at 1.03 as SD intercepted for a TD and got matched at 1.02 mostly :(

San Diego Chargers 1.01 £8.42 £8.50 £0.08
Ref: 9038506848 Bet matched: 23:45 27-Sep-09
1.02 £174.21 £177.69 £3.48
Ref: 9038506191 Bet matched: 23:44 27-Sep-09
1.02 £684.46 £698.15 £13.69
Ref: 9038506191 Bet matched: 23:44 27-Sep-09


£216.47 Dolphins
£216.55 Chargers

Chargers Win 23-13
Profit: £216.55

Monfils v Kohlschreiber

All in Monfils 5-2 up in deciding set. Odds 1.05. Be kind to me Monfils please.

Gael Monfils 1.05 £244.10 £12.21
Ref: 9034892786 Bet matched:16:25 27-Sep-09
1.05 £289.40 £14.47
Ref: 9034892786 Bet matched:16:25 27-Sep-09

Monfils wins despite yet another firefox crash! Seriously if anyone can tell me why I keep getting firefox and windows explorer crashes please let me know!

Profit: £29.27
Bank: £240.89

Monaco v Montanes

Waited and waited finally got on at 7*-6 in 2nd set tb

Albert Montanes 1.14 £9.12 £1.28
Ref: 9031849032 Bet matched:13:21 27-Sep-09
1.14 £10.61 £1.49
Ref: 9031849032 Bet matched:13:21 27-Sep-09
1.14 £18.53 £2.59
Ref: 9031849032 Bet matched:13:21 27-Sep-09
1.14 £29.18 £4.09
Ref: 9031849032 Bet matched:13:21 27-Sep-09
1.14 £91.19 £12.77
Ref: 9031849032 Bet matched:13:21 27-Sep-09
1.14 £201.76 £28.25
Ref: 9031849032 Bet matched:13:21 27-Sep-09
1.18 £173.11 £31.16
Ref: 9031849032 Bet matched:13:21 27-Sep-09

Only 1 point needed!

Montanes wins 7-6(2) 7-6(6)

Vinci v Pennetta

I am starting to hate Firefox!!

Got on Vinci at 1-1 in the second set.

Back Roberta Vinci 1.61 £3.03 £1.85
Ref: 9030453229 Bet matched:10:05 27-Sep-09
1.61 £5.53 £3.37
Ref: 9030453229 Bet matched:10:05 27-Sep-09
1.61 £6.06 £3.70
Ref: 9030453229 Bet matched:10:05 27-Sep-09
1.61 £8.14 £4.97
Ref: 9030453229 Bet matched:10:05 27-Sep-09
1.61 £80.80 £49.29
Ref: 9030453229 Bet matched:10:05 27-Sep-09
1.61 £123.50 £75.34
Ref: 9030453229 Bet matched:10:05 27-Sep-09
1.61 £126.15 £76.95
Ref: 9030453229 Bet matched:10:05 27-Sep-09

But no sooner was my bet placed than it crashed on me and couldn't get it to reload!

Vinci breaks to 2*-1 odds are 1.26ish hold my bet for now!

3-1* From 40-15 to bp 2nd serve but saved it! And then holds :) Odds 1.23 are high now staying with my bet.

4*-1 Didn't take the 1st bp and went back to deuce but converted the 2nd. THat should be that .... I hope :) Odds 1.05

Layed at 15-15 Better safe than sorry imho :)

Roberta Vinci 1.05 £541.59 £568.67 £27.08
Ref: 9030534470 Bet matched: 10:24 27-Sep-09

£180.28 on both

5-1* Odds 1.02 maybe should have hung on but I wouldn't be saying that if Penn had broken back!

5*-2 Can Vinci finish it here odds still 1.02.

Veni Vidi Vinci 6-1 6-2
Profit: £180.28

Finally this blog is back in profit which it hasn't been since the 2nd bet!!

Amanmuradova v Peer

Well I had an idea of the odds in mind for this final and then I opened up the market in Betfair...... 1.27!!!!! I nearly spat my coffee all over my laptop! I would have put Peer at around 1.4 after their respective performances this week. and at that price I would have been looking for an upset as Amanmuradova is playing "at home".

So it was time to do more research I guess. 4-0 H2H in favour of Peer not dropped a set in her last 9 matches may have some sway also.

OK so the 1.27 is starting to look good when you begin to take these things into consideration.

The problem I have is I think Amanmuradova is going to win and may have looked to lay Peer at 1.4ish. However at 1.27 those odds are too low to lay. As crazy as that sounds!

The problem is that as the market is obviously so favourable for her then if it goes her way the odds will tumble fast leaving me little opportunity to rescue.

No bet from the off but Amanmuradova to win is my gut feeling.

!st set 6-3 to Peer!! What do I know!!! LOL

Now or never for Akgul! 6-3 5*-3 down!

4*-5 Had bp then Peer had mp back to bp/d/bp/d then Peer has mp again but back to d/bp and BREAK!!!

Will we see a 1.01 in danger thread soon ;)

I guess not!! LOL Broken straight back to 15 for the match.

Peer wins 6-3 6-4

Saturday, 26 September 2009

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Testing another graph

India v Pakistan - Cricket

India are 220/6 with 11 overs remaining chasing Pakistan's 1st Innings of 302! Took 1.21 which looks appealing here.

Pakistan 1.21 £26.08 £5.48
Ref: 9028207195 Bet matched:20:37 26-Sep-09
1.21 £50.00 £10.50
Ref: 9028207195 Bet matched:20:37 26-Sep-09
1.21 £66.00 £13.86
Ref: 9028207195 Bet matched:20:37 26-Sep-09
1.21 £70.00 £14.70
Ref: 9028207195 Bet matched:20:37 26-Sep-09
1.21 £99.00 £20.79
Ref: 9028207195 Bet matched:20:37 26-Sep-09

232/6 off 41 Overs Odds 1.34! India taking the batting powerplay.

Could do with DRavid wicket soon.

And there it is!!! 236-7 Dravid Runout!!!

Lay off now
Lay Pakistan 1.06 £355.10 £376.41 £21.31
Ref: 9028361729 Bet matched: 20:56 26-Sep-09

£42.13 on both

243-8 Over now!

GSM Pakistan Win
Profit: £42.13

Ipswich v Newcastle

Yes folks it's another of my infamous Over 1.5 punts again!!!

If you'd layed them all so far you'sd be in clover right now.

Odds are 1.38 which I think represents fantastic value and here is my reasoning for such: Ipswich ahve played 4 home games averageing 2 goals per game scoring 3 and conceding 5. Newcastle have played 4 away games averaging 2 goals per game scoring 5 and conceding 3. Newcastle are 2nd from top and Ipswich are 2nd from bottom. My prediction is a 2-1 Newcastle win or better. Hopefully 2 goals in the first half (would be nice)

Feel free to lay for guaranteed win ;)

Over 1.5 Goals 1.38 £228.12 £86.69
Ref: 9026054434 Bet placed: 17:24 26-Sep-09

Well that was pretty easy! Went for my dinner and come back in after 32 mins to see 2-0 to Newcastle :) 2 from Nolan apparently

:0 3-0!!!

Newcastle Win 4-0

Over 1.5 Goals Wins
Profit: £82.96
Bank: £311.08

Mathieu v Kohlschreiber

Don't ask me why but I just got the "feeling" to lump on Kohly at 3*-4 2nd set. Very tight game but Just felt the urge.

Back Philipp Kohlschreiber 1.25 £184.08 £46.02
Ref: 9022912587 Bet matched:14:38 26-Sep-09

4-4* Hold to 30 from PHM c'mon Kohly strong hold and then the pressure will be on!

4*-5 Great stuff from Kohly and now PHM has to sit down and think before coming out to serve to stay in the match. Lets hope the pressure of that and the nerves in front of a home crowd and their expectations will bring about the break Odds 1.21.

Starts with a DF! Backhand into the net for 0-30! Forehand into the net 0-40!!!! Second serve!! GSM!! :)

Kohlschreiber Wins 7-6(5) 6-4
Profit: £44.04
Bank: £228.12

Shvedova v Amanmuradova

Decided to get in at 6-4 4-3* pressure on Shvedova here odds 1.33!

Akgul Amanmuradova 1.34 £139.13 £47.30
Ref: 9020364823 Bet placed: 11:29 26-Sep-09

4-4* Hold to 30 Aman had a sniff there at 15-30 but good serving from Shvedova got her out of trouble odds 1.44

4*-5 Akgul in control of the majority of the points as she holds to 30. Pressure firmly on Shvedova serving to stay in the match now! Odds 1.30

5-5* From 30-0 to MP! But a great serve from Shvedova saves it and she holds. Odds 1.45

5*-6 Powerful play from Akgul who, for some reason does look like a South American Man to me!! Holds to 15. Free game coming up and I fancy the break for gsm :) Odds 1.3.

6-6 At 0-30 2nd serve really should have done better but puts it long and it soon goes to 30-30 again a 2nd serve but this time takes advantage to give her 2nd MP but tries to play it too passively imo and puts it into the net. A second serve again not taken advantage of and give Shvedova gp which she takes for the tb! odds 1.48 look generous!

First 2 points go with serve then Agkul gets the 1st breakthrough for 1-2* Cosolidates with a great 2nd point for a 1*-4 lead.

Really could do with another MB here but Shvedova holds the 1st for 2*-4 at the turnaround. There it is 2-5*! Two serves for the match! Will she or won't she probably only one imho ;)

What a time for a double fault!! 3-5* but takes the second for 3 more match points!! Surely she'll take one of these!

Takes it at first time of asking :)

Amanmuradova WIns
6-4 7-6(3)
Profit £44.96

Groenfeld v Medina Garrigues

Well I thought about backing ALG at 3-3 in the 2nd! Bullet dodged. Just trying to nick a few quid here at 5-1* 15-30 @ 1.01

Prepare for 1.01 in danger!!! ;)

Anabel Medina Garrigues 1.01 £137.81 £1.38
Ref: 9020297887 Bet placed: 11:20 26-Sep-09

ALG wins 2-6 6-3 6-1
Profit £1.32
Bank: £139.13

Unexpected Old Friends

Well yesterday's punting was curtailed early I'm afraid. An old friend from my Uni days rang me out of the blue as he was in my neck of the woods. So off we went for a round of golf while leaving our better halves to talk about children and the like.

After only 9 holes of awful hacking we decided to head straight for the 19th as the girls weren't expecting us for at least another couple of hours.

An apologetic phone call later, the babysitter had been arranged and the girls picked us up as we headed out for a curry! Finally we got home at 2.30am only to fulfil our routine from yesteryear by starting on the tequila!

As we always used to say this part of the night separates the men from the boys!

I am obliged to announce this morning that I am definitely a boy!!! :(

Sat here with the hangover from hell with a large pot of coffee and the taste of kebab and tequila still lingering in my mouth!

Friday, 25 September 2009


There is much mention of this word on the tennis forum, both about players and fellow punters! None of which helps me to unearth the knowledge I require.

What I would like to know is.....

Where can I get a really big mug?
No sooner have I made myself a cup of tea than it's gone again! My size of mug just doesn't do it for me! Missing vital parts of matches as I have to go to the kettle more often. Perhaps a pot is needed!

Gonzalez v Greul

No Opinions here really just junping on at 1.03 when Greul is 6-2 5-2* up. I do hope it doesn't cause me any headaches!

Back Simon Greul 1.03 £13.96 £0.42
Ref: 9012782032 Bet matched:14:54 25-Sep-09
1.03 £120.00 £3.60
Ref: 9012788123 Bet matched:14:54 25-Sep-09

Greul Wins 6-2 6-2
Profit: £3.85

Beck v Mathieu

I've been busy working on my real job this morning so not been about to see any tennis.

Got back in time for the start of the second set of this match and decided to get on as Mathieu held for 3-1 at odds of 1.44. Plenty of time for PHM to break back and still a final set to trade so gives me options should Beck take the set. PHM has had the opportunities though.

Paul Henri Mathieu 1.44 £100.65 £44.29
Ref: 9011905459 Bet matched:13:40 25-Sep-09

4-1* Beck holds despite PHM having 3 break point opportunities. I feel that PHM is on top in this match though and it is only a matter of time, whether this set or the 3rd that he prevails.

5*-3 Now we need the break from PHM! Odds 1.56 on PHM

SET Beck! Holds to love. Odds now 1.69. Sticking with PHM here. He has had more chances and serves first in the final set which means he will force the price lower (presuming he holds) Beck only had 1 bp all match and took it!

0*-1 PHM holds to love is a good start now apply some pressure and I may look to get out depending how it goes.

1-1* Beck holds PHM had the opportunities 0-15 then 15-30 2nd serve followed by deuce 2nd serve again! Not enough pressure applied on those points imo.

1*-2 PHM another comfortable hold to 15 this time And as Frankie says.... RELAX! ;)
It's being played on the pa system at the changeover!

2-2* Strong hold from Beck this time the serve is working well Odds 1.73

2*-3 Starts with 0-15 then Beck levels to 30-30 as PHM not doing enough with the ball but he makes up for it with a lovely shot for 40-30 and a great 2nd serve sels it. Now we need the break though as those odds are edging quickly towards evens when it's level. Now 1.58

3-3* Held to 15. Had 0-15 and 2nd serve but tried to put to much on the return PHM just not trying as much as Beck imho to get to the passing shots. Odds 1.8

3*-4 Let it slip from 40-15 with some poor play but pulls two aces out to hold. 1.62. A break now would be extremely welcome :)

3-5*Beck had 30-0 but phm produced a lovely lob for his first point and maybe that was the psychological edge he needed as he then went straight to a break!

Out at 1.07 He is French after all ;)

Paul Henri Mathieu 1.07 £135.46 £144.94 £9.48
Ref: 9012616917 Bet matched: 14:38 25-Sep-09

33.30 on Both

PHM goes to 0-30 and I'm thanking my lucky stars I got out, but a bit of luck and some good play see PHM pull it back to mp which he wins at first time of asking.

Mathieu Wins 6-2 3-6 6-3
Profit: £ 33.30

Thursday, 24 September 2009

Another day Another dollar (Lost)

Well well I don't think I had a wrong pick today! And lost! :(

Not to worry I must have been in completely the wrong mindset in the Monfils game. This is why the blog helps. I took a few hours away and came back and re read it! Absolutely spot on with pre-match analysis yet switch completely at a hint of trouble so early. Not my game style so I can't find an explanation anywhere. A moment of madness if you will.

It all helps in the learning curve but it is starting to show a depressing trend on this blog! This is only the end of the 3rd day and I have had to re-deposit 3 times!

But as ever we must reflect and learn from the past but look to the future. £100 bank again but eating away at my winnings slowly but surely now £8,850.

And so on to another day! :) See you tomorrow folks... Sweet dreams ;)

Monfils v Grosjean

Call me crazy if you wish but I have taken Monfils from the off here at 1.18

Back Gael Monfils 1.18 £178.52 £32.13
Ref: 9007109954 Bet placed: 18:04 24-Sep-09

I think Grosjean had his hurrah in the victory over Mahut here and Monfils will just have too much firepower for him. It may be over quite quickly too with Grosjean probably very sore after his first match in a long time yesterday. I'm an old man too and know what it feels like ;)

1-0* Solid enough start from Monfils with a hold to 15. Early break would be the desired outcome here don't want Monfils thinking of jetting off to the far east just yet!

1*-1 Ok maybe should have waited as Grosjean winding back the years with a love service game. Monfils has apparently voiced concerns over his wrist earlier in the week too!! It's not what I want to hear!

The 3rd BP was enough to change my mind here and full switch to Grosjean at 1.31

Lay Gael Monfils 1.31 £182.38 £238.92 £56.54
Ref: 9007274465 Bet matched: 18:25 24-Sep-09
1.31 £495.04 £648.50 £153.46
Ref: 9007274465 Bet matched: 18:25 24-Sep-09

In a mess this book now but if Grosjean keeps this up I'll have ample opps to trade it out.

2-1* He saved 4 bp in that game. Don't punish me for the switch now Grosjean another strong hold and we should be around the 1.30 mark anyway.

For clarity as Grosjean saves a bp!
My book
-177.87 Monsfils
477.45 Grosjean

3*-1 Break Monfils :( Grosjean saved the 1st then had gp but eventually broken. Not over by a margin and hopefully the break will come straight back.

4-1* Easy quick hold for Monfils! I hate it when I get spooked by a bet. Always ends in disaster. Rule number 1 never panic!! LOL

5*-1 Break to 30 for Monfils. I'm seeing exactly the match I anticipated pan out before my eyes!!! Yet I'm staring defeat down the barrel of a gun! C'mon grandad lets be having some fight for us oldies hey! :)

SET Monfils! I told you it would be quick :(

Well that was one of my worst trades ever I don't mind when I get it wrong but when I'm right but spook myself it hurts. I'm off to read a book to my little girl and put her to bed :)

Back later.

Pavl/Trifu v Cuevas/Granollers

Firstly what are Betfair doing putting such a mug market up?

Secondly what am I doing betting on it!!!!! :D

Back Cuevas/Granollers 1.04 £171.94 £6.88
Ref: 9005334332 Bet matched:15:23 24-Sep-09

Better explain this a bit I suppose :)

Cuevas/Gran were a set and a break up plus 15-40 to go 2 breaks up in the second when I got on. They broke then held and are now 7-5 4-0* 0*-30 :)

5*-0 Easy peasy this doubles lark ;)

Cuevas/ Granollers win 7-5 6-0
Profit £6.58
Bank: £178.52

Tipsarevic v Ljubicic

Difficult one to call as the odds suggest. I fancy Tipsy to shade this in a tight 3 setter. Have lumped on far too early though and at a bad price.

Janko Tipsarevic 1.95 £138.74 £131.80
Ref: 9003820108 Bet matched:12:24 24-Sep-09

Took 1.95 on Tipsy when it was 0-30! Terrible terrible bet! :(

Ljubo holds to 30! 0*-1 :(

1-1 Hold to love from Tipsy makes me feel less nervous but really could do with a break now so I don't get punished for a rash punt!

2*-1 Break Finally got there 2nd time of asking :) Sticking with my bet for the time being to see if Tipsy has another easy service game.

3-1* Another hold to love even with 2 2nd serves in that one. Staying put at the moment. This may just be one of those days for Ljubo. Sad to see as he used to be great to watch up to a couple of years ago.

3*-2 Hold to 15. That has got my attention may look to offload this at the first sign of a wobble from Tipsy. Ljubo may have come to fight!

0-15 was enough for me to dump it!!

Lay Janko Tipsarevic 1.56 £39.15 £61.07 £21.92
Ref: 9003956212 Bet matched: 12:49 24-Sep-09
1.56 £50.00 £78.00 £28.00
Ref: 9003956212 Bet matched: 12:49 24-Sep-09

May have held out longer if I hadn't got such a stupid opening position but where my book was there was no other option

£33.20 on both

4-2* Hold to deuce but only after saving 3bp's. I'm happy with my decision to bail and happy with my return so far so early in what is looking like it will be a close match.

Tipsy takes the set 6-4 odds are 1.47 so happy enough with my position at the moment. If anything Ljub is on top now, love service games and winning points of Tipsy's serve. Let's see if he can hold 1st game though ;) Still expecting 3 sets.

0*-1 So typical of Ljubo of late totally dominant with he serve when it doesn't matter and fragile when it does. Just about manages the hold after facing 4bps!!

0-2* One of the most frustrating things in tennis betting!! Your guy wastes 4bp's then moments later gets broken himself! I'm feeling your pain Tipsy backers :(

0*-3 HEEEEELLLLLOOOO!!!! Ljub suddenly gone up a gear or Tipsy fading? Definitely glad I got out!! :)

Looks like that's all from me folks! Work calls, got a client popping round in ten minutes so better get ready! I will update when I'm done. Good luck all.

So I obviously missed a heck of a comeback from Tipsy!

Tipsarevic Wins 6-4 7-6(3)
Profit £33.20
Bank: £171.94

Bychkova v Amanmuradova

Just started watching and Bychkova had 3bp's for a 6-4 5*-4 lead. Nearly jumped on for a quick buck at 1.12!!! However Amanmuradova then won 5 straight points to hold! :(

5-5 Hold to love from Bychkova is mighty impressive in the circumstances.

5*-6 Hold to 15 from Aman

SET Amanmuradova break to 15!! Blimey Bychkova will be kicking herself here. This should have been over!

1-1* Good hold by Bychkova from 15-40 then another BP! Aman really should have done better against quite a few 2nd serves. Be an interesting service game now! Especially as Aman matched in the low 1.40's in previous game.

0-40 2nd serve - Not taken
15-40 2nd serve - Not taken
30-40 - Break! Finally for 2*-1

Not much confidence in Bychkova 2*-1 up and 1.47 where as Aman was 1.4 even without the break!

3-1* Hold to love. Tempting odds at 1.33 but too early in a deciding set in WTA to make a move I think. May regret not taking that price but better safe than sorry.

3*-2 Hold to 30. No regrets ;) 1.48 available now but it takes a brave man to back the serve in WTA!

3-3 Break to love! 1.44 matched just now on Aman!!!

3*-4 Yet another Break point wasted by Bychkova and this time it may be telling. Needs to hold here or it's curtains I think. Shame as seems to have played the better of the two, just not converted her chances!

4-4* Hold to 30. Pressure back on Aman. I feel Bych needs to break here or next time as can't see her holding twice more consecutively.

5*-4 Break! SHe takes the Bp at first time of asking to break to 30. Big question now is though can she serve it out. Market not confident she can, I am more confident but will keep my money in my pocket unless we get 30-0 and maybe try and nick a few quid!

5-5* Break to 30. That's got to put the mental aspect of the match in Aman's favour now! A hold here and I think it may finally be over.

5*-6 Hold to 15. This game decides the match then. A hold and Bych should go on to take the tb imo. A break and obviously Aman wins. Don't know why I'm rooting for her but c'mon Bychkova! Maybe because she really should have had this match wrapped up a couple of times now.

6-6 Tie break hold to 15. I wished for it but didn't think it would actually happen. Now then Bychkova don't let yourself down here.

From 3-0* to 3*-3 in tb is not good!

Terrible TB for Bychkova after going 3-0 up she lost 4-7!! handing the last 2 points over from her own serve!

Just goes to show sometimes the best bet is NO BET! :)

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Testing a graph

Chelsea v QPR

While the tennis is still on I thought I'd better update you of my latest bet. I've avoided the goals market and instead gone for a Chelsea win.

Back Chelsea 1.24 £4.49 £1.08
Ref: 9000224644 Bet matched:19:54 23-Sep-09
1.24 £119.07 £28.58
Ref: 9000224644 Bet matched:19:54 23-Sep-09

0-0 at half time! :( But Lampard is on for Malouda. Never thought I'd say this but C'mon Chelsea :0

1-0 :) Kalou scores

Lay Chelsea 1.1 £138.03 £151.83 £13.80
Ref: 9001043261 Bet matched: 20:56 23-Sep-09

£15.17 Chelsea
£13.85 QPR
£13.85 Draw

Chelsea 1.11 £1.24 £1.38 £0.14
Ref: 9001101116 Bet matched: 21:02 23-Sep-09

£15.04 on all outcomes now

Chelsea Win 1-0
Profit £15.04
Bank: £138.60

Gicquel v Mathieu

Well when I looked earlier I couldn't make my mind up on this one as two very unpredictable players, both French and playing in France. I was erring towards thinking it'll be a case of 1 set pour vous and 1 set pour moi! That was when PHM was at around 1.8. Now he's come in to 1.50 and I really don't know what to make of that!

On paper PHM wins but last time they played it was a comfortable victory for Mahut on indoor hard!

Suck it and see I guess and see if the price movement was caused by any insider knowledge!

Probably just fav backers lumping on at any price as last match of the day though :)

And break for 0-2* PHM. Is this just that they decided he will win the first set? I am thinking I will not get involved in this unless we get a 3rd now.

Hmm the money has started to lay PHM despite the chance of a further break. I am thinking we have the one all set scenario even more now! Please prove me wrong for the sake of the sport!!

3*-4 Break back!!! Not sure it helps the integrity of the match though when in the game prior to the break so much money was trying to lay PHM eventhough he was pressuring :(

4-4 and the money came for PHM again! Held to love! If this is break for the set then someone has made a killing out there!

Well it seems money is laying PHM again so maybe (and hopefully) it's just a canny trader :)

Hmm seems it's just money backing the server for now.

5*-6 money not backing the server this time!

6-6 Who knows???? Sometimes tennis is a beautifully simple game other times it is so complex sigi freud would struggle to comprehend the minds of the players and the market!

And set PHM. Now ill he push on or will we have a returned set? All eyes on the market I guess and watch out for those nasty manipulators ;)

1*-0 PHM breaks. Well the pre match move was proved correct but the rest wasn't. Unless we have Gicquel to win this set on a tb LOL Strange old market though and I suppose once it's got the jitters they stay!

Mathieu wins 7-6(5) 6-4 Straight forward and I didn't get on!

Fognini v Almagro

Ok next up we have the destroyer of my bank yesterday, Fognini! I think Almagro should be the victor here but again I feel the price is wrong. I would say that Almagro should be 1.4 at the lowest. The problem I have is that Fognini has been a slow starter of late and therefore laying the 1.28, while seeming like value to trade, is not the best move imo. If Fognini keeps it together from the off we may see 1.4/1.5 towards the end of the set at which time I will make my decision. Otherwise I'm afraid this may be a no bet scenario.

Well there you go. The slow starter breaks stright away! 1*-0 Fognini.

3*-0 Fognini!!!! :0 and a flip flop to boot!

Fognini takes the 1st set 6-4. I fully expect Almagro to take the second but I'm not brave enough to put my money where my mouth is just yet ;)

Fognini gets the 1st break in the second set to lead 2*-1. You have to start wondering if Almagro is actually that bothered, though he did stage a mini revival in the 1st. His response here will be telling for me.

2-2 Almagro breaks back. Now will we see him kick on?

4-4 Getting to the business end of the set now. I fancy a break for Fognini here!

4*-5 He had the break point but didn't convert now has to serve to stay in the set. Odds just below evens mean that regardles of the outcome of this set there will be people crowing on the Betfair forum saying "fanx for the x.xx mugs!!" You've got to love 'em :)

Tie break and I'm on

Back Fabio Fognini 1.66 £95.49 £63.02
Ref: 8998012210 Bet matched:17:15 23-Sep-09

And out again

Lay Fabio Fognini 1.27 £2.83 £3.59 £0.76
Ref: 8998029182 Bet matched: 17:17 23-Sep-09
1.27 £7.56 £9.60 £2.04
Ref: 8998029182 Bet matched: 17:17 23-Sep-09
1.27 £15.00 £19.05 £4.05
Ref: 8998029182 Bet matched: 17:17 23-Sep-09
1.27 £22.47 £28.54 £6.07
Ref: 8998029182 Bet matched: 17:17 23-Sep-09
1.27 £22.47 £28.54 £6.07
Ref: 8998029182 Bet matched: 17:17 23-Sep-09
1.27 £22.47 £28.54 £6.07
Ref: 8998029182 Bet matched: 17:17 23-Sep-09
1.27 £32.01 £40.65 £8.64
Ref: 8998029182 Bet matched: 17:17 23-Sep-09

£28.07 on both

Fognini Wins 6-4 7-6(3)
Win: £28.07 But GVL won't be happy with the £30 loss ;)
Bank: £123.57

Korolev v Istomin

2 nd set Istomin leads 6-3 4-3* got on at 1.39

Back Denis Istomin 1.39 £22.95 £8.95
Ref: 8995362232 Bet matched:13:59 23-Sep-09
1.39 £22.95 £8.95
Ref: 8995362232 Bet matched:13:59 23-Sep-09
1.39 £54.88 £21.40
Ref: 8995362232 Bet matched:13:59 23-Sep-09

4-4 Odds out to 1.6! If he can hold this the pressure will really be on Korolev to serve to stay in the match. The benefit of serving 1st. :) (If he holds):0

5-4* If you want to see a crazy price then there it was people laying Istomin at 1.44!!! Korelv has been broken 3 times in 9 service games and now has the added pressure of serving to stay in the match. Give me a break ;) (In both senses :) )

5-5 Pressure back on..... ME ;) Come on give us a strong hold for a change Istomin and then you have the free game prior to a tb :)

5-6* Broken to 30!! Plonker, don't know if that refers to me or him! ;) A break back is written in the stars though :)

SET Korolev Istomin not doing enough when he puts the pressure on Korolev's serve it seems. Still lets see what happens in the decider.

0*-1 Hold to 15 by Istomin is a good start. Lets put the pressure on now!

1-1* Hold to 15 from Korolev. Odds around 1.65 on Korolev

1*-2 Good hold under pressure of 30-30 from Istomin. Now Korolev has to sit down and think. Ball is in his court. Who will show the first weakness? Odds around 1.80 Korolev

2-2* Istomin had bp 2nd serve and didn't convert then deuce and 2nd serve twice and lost the point twice. As my old school reports would say "Must do better" :)

2*-3 Hold to love! and we have a flip flop! Istomin now, rightly imo, fav at around 1.95. Korolev got to sit and think again at the change over. Never easy in a deciding set when the score says you're trailing even tough it's really level.

3-3 Impressive love hold from Korolev.

I have redded out in that game for a loss of £41.98 on both :( Just felt Korolev was gonna nick it May look to rescue it yet though!

3*-4 Bit pof a wobble from Istomin but holds to 30.

This was me redding out:

Back Evgeny Korolev 1.69 £2.43 £1.68
Ref: 8996019625 Bet matched:14:46 23-Sep-09
1.69 £2.60 £1.79
Ref: 8996019625 Bet matched:14:46 23-Sep-09
1.69 £58.20 £40.16
Ref: 8996019625 Bet matched:14:46 23-Sep-09
1.79 £8.99 £7.10
Ref: 8995985949 Bet matched:14:43 23-Sep-09
1.89 £3.37 £3.00
Ref: 8996009095 Bet matched:14:45 23-Sep-09
1.89 £5.70 £5.07
Ref: 8996009095 Bet matched:14:45 23-Sep-09

Well they've both had the opportunities to win this but now we find ourselves in a 3rd set tb!

Korolev wins 3-6 7-5 7-6(2)

Bullet dodged
Loss: £41.98
Bank: £95.49
Profit: -£205.28

Beck v Ascione

Interesting one this as Ascione has had a couple of good wins coming into this match. However Beck is my pick as he is the better player and had a comfortable victory himself against Lu. I have taken Beck at 1.56 from the off purely because I price this match up at aroung 1.35/1.40 and feel the price is so high as people read too much into Ascione's previous matches.

Looks like it's Ascione to serve first so we will see how it pans out.

Back Andreas Beck 1.56 £100.78 £56.44
Ref: 8994906194 Bet matched:13:08 23-Sep-09

1*-0 Couldn't have asked for a better start finally converts his 3rd Break point. Let's hope he can consolidate it now.

2-0* Hold to love! This is indeed an impressive start from Beck. 1.25 is still far too high for me to green out on though. Another break would bring the odds down to where they should be.

3-1* Another hold to love. Odds getting more tempting but still a shade high for my liking.

4*-1 Break to Beck. Very confident start indeed. Odds still a couple of ticks too high for me at 1.15 so I'll stick with the bet.

Greened out at 1.13

Lay Andreas Beck 1.13 £28.00 £31.64 £3.64
Ref: 8995079589 Bet matched: 13:32 23-Sep-09
1.13 £52.12 £58.90 £6.78
Ref: 8995079589 Bet matched: 13:32 23-Sep-09
1.13 £59.01 £66.68 £7.67
Ref: 8995079589 Bet matched: 13:32 23-Sep-09

The reasoning behind this is that I had Beck as a 1.35 shot. I have greened for £36.70 on both. Therefore I have won the amount I feel I should have won for sticking the entire match yet it is only in the 1st set. :)

Beck Wins
Profit: £36.70

Chang v Groenfeld

Groenfeld lost the first set in a tb and I thought she would come back strongly as the stats were very even. However, Chang broke 1st game and then held comfortably for 2-0. Got on Chang at odds of 1.25 so we will see how it develops.

Groenfeld holds to 15. Odds out to 1.35ish. Need another strong hold from Chang to keep up the pressure here.

Chang broken to 15!!!! odds in the 1.60's Will Groenfeld hold now? possible flip flop if she does!

Groenfeld holds to love!!! odds around evens. NEEEEEED a hold now!

3-3 Chang holds from 15-30 pressure now back on Groenfeld. odds in the 1.80's is too high on Chang imho.

4*-3 Chang breaks at her 3rd time of asking. A hold now and we should be home! Odds are back to 1.25.

4-4 Pffff Chang broken straight back! Odds around 1.72 are about right now. Can we have another break? I hope so as I have to collect my daughter from playschool in 9 mins!!!!

4*-5 Groenfeld holds to 30! Just under evens for Groenfeld now which is fair I suppose. Pressure on the yougster Chang to serve to stay in the set now. This will be a fine test of her mettle. May have to go get my daughter any minute so will have to leave my bet to ride!

SET Groenfeld Chang saved 1 bp only to df and hand another straight back which Groenfeld converted. Interesting final set coming up as Chang has demonstrated that she can hang with Groenfeld. Odds are 1.64 on Groenfeld and she serves first. A break would be a nice start. The Mrs is back in time to pick up my daughter by the way so I'm staying put :)

0*-1 Groenfeld holds to 30. Writing may be on the wall here unless Chang can get her service games going. Groenfeld now 1.41.

0-2* Break! :( Chang has gone me thinks a break to love! Need a break back here or it's goodnight Vienna again!! LOL 1.16 Groenfeld

0*-3 Groenfeld holds to 15. That's 5 straight games now for ALG. However sub 1.10 odds do not reflect the match imho. It is only one service break and there is still plenty of time for Chang to get back into this. If I wasn't already all in I would be laying.

And another break to 15. OK Chang is gawn!!! Thing that annoys me personally is my initial thought was to get on ALG. If she had held 1st game in 2nd set that would have been my bet. Oh well you live and learn!

1*-4 Chang gets a break back. Odds still 1.03. C'mon Chang show me a miracle :)

2-4* A HOLD!!!! Now can we have some pressure put on ALG's serve this game. :) Odds are 1.09

3*-4 Break!! I believe in miracles you sexy Chang :) Odds are 1.3 now which is definitely too low imho! A hold here and we should be 1.80 plus! Maybe it's a case of you have 6 games, I'll have 6 games ;) Here's hoping!

3-5* Break :( fights back from 0-40 only to hand the break! I hate it when that happens. Mind you whoever was backing at 1.05 when it was 0-40 is brave as even with the break ALG has only held 9/15 service games.

GSM ALG :( Fair play to her coming back from a set and a break down. But if Chang had just stuck with her at the start of the 3rd rather than go walkabout it could have been so different.

Well this Blog is getting off to a great start!!! LOL 4 bets and 2 losers! Don't worry folks I had already reloaded another ton during that match as I was also watching Kohlschreiber match.

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Gasquet v Berrer

Started with a cheeky back of Gasquet 4-1 down in the second as I felt the price would be the same at the end of the set so a free bet in essence.

It turned out so as I was able to lay off for even green of around £6 each side at 5-2.

Left it there then went all in laying Gasquet at start of 3rd at around 1.70. Market was loving Gasquet and we didn't see that price again until 5-5 with deuce.

Got may lay taken on Berrer's 2nd Break point of that game after regretting not taking the first at 1.64 after having a nibble at deuce in the 1.90's.

Even green for £55.70 each side and as Gasquet held maybe GVL will appreciate this green up ;)

Looks like it's heading to a tb now! Hope Berrer wins purely cos I like the underdog :)

Gasquet wins.... GVL will be so proud of me :)
Profit: £55.70

Bank: £155.70
Profit: -£44.30

Disaster so soon!!!!

I should have known it skittled out by an overs bet on football! Took the safe option of over 1.5 at lower odds rather than my original pick of Liverpool to win which landed.


Well I can load up £100 and still have my £9,000 intact so one last go then it will be leave it alone for a week or so.

Bank: £100.00 Profit: -£100.00

Bet 2

Didn't get involved in the Santoro match and glad I didn't went from serving for the match to losing the deciding tb!

So back to the football. Decided that I wouldn't back Liverpool and instead pump for over 1.5 goals about 25 mins gone in 1st half.

Back Leeds v Liverpool - Over/Under 1.5 Goals
Over 1.5 Goals 1.49 £3.00 £1.47

Ref: 8991554391 Bet matched:20:11 22-Sep-09
1.49 £12.08 £5.92
Ref: 8991554391 Bet matched:20:11 22-Sep-09
1.49 £115.54 £56.61
Ref: 8991554391 Bet matched:20:12 22-Sep-09

3-0 after 67 mins

Thankyou Bayern.

Over 2.5 Goals Wins
Profit: 30.62

Bank: £130.62

ooks like a tight 3rd set between Santoro and Rochus so may have a look there although may back Liverpool to beat Leeds.

Bet 1

Forgot to mention I wasn't just sticking to tennis in this one.

B Munich v Oberhausen - Over/Under 2.5 goals
Back Over 2.5 Goals 1.32 £100.00 £32.00
Ref: 8990213250 Bet placed: 18:04 22-Sep-09

-100.00 Under 2.5
30.62 Over 2.5

The Challenge is dead. Long live the Challenge

Well the forum challenge has just ended! Knocked down by two Italians in one day, Volandri capitulating from 1-0 4*-3 40-15, and Fognini fighting back from a set and a break down.

Still it does leave me in over £9,000 profit from the 10k challenge.

The idea of this blog is because while I found writing on the forum helpful, it became a hindrance at times with having to post my bets as I made them. So on here I will just give my bets at the end of the day or match etc.

I will be starting with a £100 bank and trying to add roughly 40% per day until I reach £1,000. Once I am at £1,000 I will have a decision to make!

In the past I have tried to keep lumping on but invariably come unstuck in the £1,500 - £3,000 range in my quest for £5,000 and the withdrawal section of my challenges. I may continue this or I may well limit my stakes to £1,000. But I will decide this nearer the time.

I don't have a target as such but on days that I bet I would like to earn roughly £500 (Once my bank is above £2,500) and see how I get on in the run up to Christmas.

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