Monday, 9 November 2009

Sebastien Grosjean v Ivan Ljubicic

1.20 for Ljubicic to beat Grosjean??? I thought that would be the odds for 2-0! LOL Ljubicic has started to discover some of his old form of late whilst Grosjean on the other hand, has not!!

Back Ivan Ljubicic
Ref: 9408367519 Bet matched:20:39 09-Nov-09

I will predict 2-0 to Ljubo here and would even go as far as saying that the only danger for Ljubo backers is the fact that Grosjean may retire before the 1st set is over! (I do hope these are not famous last words) :-)

Ljubicic Wins 7-6( 2) 6-4
Profit: £18.34

Steaua Bucharest v Unirea Alba Iulia

Don't know much about either teams form or ability to score. It's 0-0 with about 5 mins to go in the first half.

Back Over 1.5 Goals
Ref: 9407528631 Bet matched:19:10 09-Nov-09

Ref: 9407528631 Bet matched:19:09 09-Nov-09

I've gone for Over 1.5 and I'm really just having a punt and a change in fortune after a loss. :-)

Half time and it's still 0-0.

GOAL 1-0 after 55 mins. And I din't even need to go for a fag. Now to take the green or let it ride??? Let it ride!! :-)

20 mins left and still 1-0 C'mon the goals. Another 10 mins and I may have to Get David Bowie off the bench!

Boom I was trying to get Bowie to Dance the goal and they score... 2-0

Over 1.5 Wins
Profit: £45.53

Alejandro Falla v John Isner

Well I followed the pre match market and lumped on Isner firmly in the belief that Falla just wouln't be able to break Big John. What happens? Break first game of course! 1*-0 Falla. Still confident Isner will have too much for Falla, as long as he's interested!

 4*-3 John really needs to break back soon as he's running out of time this set! It's new balls so let's hope these ones are luckier!

15-30 ... 30-30 What was that John? should have won that point! ... 40-30 ... 5-3* Really should have done better there, it was there for the taking. What has happened to the game Isner had earlier in the year? He seems to have reverted into a one trick pony!

5*-4 Right then John last chance to save the set. Let's have the Break!!

Not to be Falla takes the 1st set 6-4. All because of a crap service opener from Isner. Still confident here though.

Isner holds for 1-0* but worryingly I saw what looked like a wince as he lifted his arm. Looked like an injured shoulder or something. Enough for me to switch over to Falla.
No sign of it since though as he holds again for 2-1*

Ok it's 3-3* No signs of injury gonna switch back.
Typical 0-15!!! 30-30 Hold Isner you muppet! 40-30 that was close! Holds. Now Break him!!!

4-4* Now hold then break for the set! Isner making me nervous 30-30 again! Holds! Now for the break please John. 4*-5
0-15 C'mon John ... 15-15 ... 30-15 could have won that point Isner! ... 40-15 ... Holds for 5-5*

A hold here and he has a free game! If he holds!
0-15 FFS John! ... 15-15 ...  30-15 ... 40-15 ... 40-30 ... Deuce that is terrible from Isner at the net! GP ... Deuce what is he doing???  GP ... And finally holds. Free game now but his service games don't bode well for a TB! C'mon the break 5*-6

0-15 OI ... 0-30 OI OI ... 15-30 ... 30-30 useless ... 40-30 pfft ... Tiebreak It is!!!

C'mon an ace to start then John
0**-1 Now two MB's please :)
1*-1 Oh John what are you doing that was there for the taking!
2-1** Must do better than that. Two aces please John!
2-2* One ace then!
2**-3 Thankyou now a MB!!
3*-3 Again he's in the point and gives an UE! This one then John please!
3-4** Finally he gets one!!! Now for two aces!!
3-5* OK ace this one for 3 MP's!!
4**-5 IDIOT!!! Again he fluffs it at the net. Maybe not meant to be for me again today! MB??
5*-5 C'mon John don't let him have MP!!
6-5** WTF a cricket shot?? I may be about to get mugged again!
6-6* Now ace him!
6**-7 Nice ace now MB for the set!!!!
7*-7 C'mon John you can do better than that!!
8-7** He really is crap isn't he! Ace please John! MP#2

FFS my stream has been turned off!!

8**-9 Take it John!
9*-9 this one then.
10-9** Aces please John!! MP#3
10-10* Ace him!
10**-11 I can't bear this!

Get In!!!!!!
I'm getting out of this now.... I can't odds going up fast on John.
-£10.70 on both :(

Score is 5-4* Isner to serve. Gone in on Falla c'mon the break!
15-0 ... 30-0 ... 40-0 ... 5*-5 Well that was a great bet!!
0-15 ... 0-30 Just keeps getting better this!!  15-30 c'mon Falla don't throw it away now! 30-30 ... 30-40 BREAK!!
FFS I'm an idiot now!! All to try and save £10 red. I'm going to lose the lot.

15-0 ... 15-15 ...  30-15 ... 40-15 ...GSM

There's a lesson for you children... don't do as Uncle 70k does because he's a muppet!
I think I may be suffering from burnout as last week was woeful too. I normally average 15-20 wins in a row! I can't string any together at the moment. It may be back to small stakes to try and get my feel for the market back.

Isner Wins 4-6 7-6(10) 7-5
Loss: £138

Tomas Berdych v Vincent Millot

There is no way Berdych is going to lose this unless he retires imho. Therefore a back of 1.10 seems ok as bet against him retiring.

Back Tomas Berdych
Ref: 9403681163 Bet matched:12:08 09-Nov-09

And there's the 1st break 4*-2 to Berdych. Now consolidate it please.
5-2* Thank you nice hold.

And Berdych serves out the set 6-3 I'm out of this now.

Back Vincent Millot
Ref: 9403868762 Bet matched:12:36 09-Nov-09

Well it would seem my green out was at the right time! Millot breaks for a 0-2* lead in the 2nd!

LOL Break straight back 1*-2
And Another 1-3* !!!!

Millot broken serving for the set. 4*-5.

Ok may be foolish but I've gone back in on Berdych at 5*-6. Odds higher than SP when he's a set up and 1 game from a TB will do for me.

Back Tomas Berdych
Ref: 9404385510 Bet matched:13:25 09-Nov-09

Now hold Berdych!!! There it is TB time!! MB first up would be a nice start!

0**-1 OK two holds then Tomas!!
1*-1 And another!
2-1** Now for the MB's please....
2-2* This one then? 2nd serve... pfft good shot Millot
2**-3 Need to keep holding then a 1st serve would be a start.
3*-3 All square at the change over. Another hold please... 2nd serve...
4-3** Give us a M give us a B....
4-4* C'mon Berdy get your finger out!!
5**-4 There it is now serve it out ...
6*-4 MP#1 .... GSM

Berdych wins 6-3 7-6(4)
Profit: £20.97

Pablo Cuevas v Ivo Karlovic

I don't advocate backing 1.01's but here goes!! Karlovic is leading 6-7 3*-5 Deuce. Even if Cuevas holds here you've got to think Ivo will serve it out anyway especially as Cuevas has only won 6 return points all Match!!

Back Ivo Karlovic
Ref: 9403487788 Bet matched:11:25 09-Nov-09

Ref: 9403487788 Bet matched:11:25 09-Nov-09

Ref: 9403487788 Bet matched:11:25 09-Nov-09

Ref: 9403487788 Bet matched:11:25 09-Nov-09

Ref: 9403487788 Bet matched:11:25 09-Nov-09

Ref: 9403487788 Bet matched:11:25 09-Nov-09

Karlovic Wins 7-6(3) 6-4
Profit: £1.11

Philipp Kohlschreiber v Andreas Seppi

Well I backed Kohlschreiber during the first game of the match as Seppi was struggling to hold, a rash decision it would seem as Seppi held and then broke to take a 2-0 lead.

Back Philipp Kohlschreiber
Ref: 9403241487 Bet matched:10:16 09-Nov-09

Like a muppet I did the full switch to Seppi only for him to be broken straight back.

Lay Philipp Kohlschreiber
£1.88 £0.71
Ref: 9403264571 Bet matched: 10:23 09-Nov-09

£25.93 £10.12
Ref: 9403262856 Bet matched: 10:22 09-Nov-09

£291.75 £122.13
Ref: 9403261561 Bet matched: 10:22 09-Nov-09

This match is all over the place to be honest and here's another break for 1-3*. Seppi seems to be troubling Kohlschreiber's serve more than the other way round so staying put for now and hope he can serve out the set.

First set to Seppi 3-6 and it's Kohlschrieber to serve first in the second. If Seppi can get at him it may offer some very nice odds to green out on.

And out at 2-1* just feel Seppi may lose this set.

Lay Andreas Seppi
£111.47 £44.32
Ref: 9403355793 Bet matched: 10:53 09-Nov-09

£74.09 £29.46
Ref: 9403355793 Bet matched: 10:53 09-Nov-09

£12.20 on Both

Gone in again at 3-6 3*-5. Hoping for a break for GSM.

Seppi does indeed break for GSM

Seppi Wins 6-3 6-3
Profit: £16.90

BNP Paribas Masters - Paris

Here we are! The last tournament of the proper season. The Paris Masters. I suppose the interesting thing about this tournament is the side issue of who will secure the last two places for the Year End Master Series Finals in London. Davydenko has all but secured the 7th slot as the only way he can not qualify is a combination of his own 1st round exit with either Soderling, Gonzalez or Tsonga beating Verdasco in the final. So that is that spot pretty much sealed. If Verdasco wins his first round match then Stepanek and Cilic are out of the equation. It would also mean that Soderling, Gonzalez or Tsonga would have to reach the final to qualify. It starts to get interesting if all four statrt progressing through the tournament.

Anyway on with the tournament and hope that all the top players play to win as this tournament has tended to throw up an outsider as a winner over recent years.

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