Thursday, 20 January 2011

Tennis: Alisa Kleybanova v Simona Halep

Hello everyone. Sorry not going to be blogging as normal tonight. The lack of sleep is catching up with me and I feel like crap. Thought I'd have 1 punt tonight so that is what I did and now I'm off to bed to get some much needed sleep!

The bet was GVL's favourite type! No not just WTA but backing the pre match dog after she wins the 1sts set! Halep won the 1st set so I backed at 2.24. I think she got the break for a 2*-1 lead in the 2nd at which point I layed off for £0.00 exposure on Kleybanova.

I then decided to get back on Halep when serving for the match at 5*-4 @ odds of 1.29. Of course she was broken! So into the TB we went which Halep dominated from start to finish.

Simona Halep Wins 6-3 7-6
Profit: £12.88

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