Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Portsmouth v Aston Villa

1-2 at half time so happy to take odds of 1.3 for a 2nd half goal here. On Over 3.5 Goals.

Now to find a link to Christmas!

Well we have ANGELos Basinas who plays for Portsmouth.

3-1 Villa

Finished 2-4 to Villa
Profit: £173.67

Ceske Budejovice v Dinamo Moscow

Not sure of any links to Christmas but lumped on anyway Moscow 10-4 up in third set so on at 1.07

Dinamo take the 3rd set comfortably. Let's hope they can do the same in the 4th. Still struggling to associate it with anything from the list though!

Hmmm One of the Moscow players has the first name Semen but Virgin isn't on the list!!

I'm out at 1.02 for £27.11 on both.

Moscow Won 3-1
Profit: £27.11

Found a link to frost even though it's not on the list!
Frosty Walrus: Diving for the ball while sliding on your stomach.

Finally got one. Beer is alcohol which is definitely on the list. This is Volleyball Jargon!
Beer: When an attacked ball goes through a defenders legs. After being "Beered" the defender then owes the attacker a beer.

Fatima v Feirense

This fulfils MARY on two counts. Firstly Mary appeared to children in Fatima, link here . Secondly their opponents today, Feirense, play in the town of Santa Maria.

Portuguese football is normally a low scoring affair so I'm avoiding the over 1.5 goals despite the juicy odds of 1.47. Instead I've gone for under 3.5 Goals and hope I can get out while 0-0 after 30 mins or so. That's if I ever get matched mind you! Not exactly the most liquid market, I can't understand why when this is obviously top draw stuff! ;-)

Good Luck if you're on and Happy Punting!

1-0 After 17 mins :-( Could really do with it staying like that till half time now.

Strange market moves during half time.  It started at 1.14 went up to 1.17 then down to 1.11 so I got out at that.

£58.29 On Both.

Finished 1-0
Profit: £58.29

2:50 Southwell

Thanks to Eddie we've gone for She's a CRACKER ridden by NOEL Fehily.

Got on in place market @ 2.58 for £50

Back out just after the off at 2.26 for £6.73 guaranteed win.

Finished 2nd so would have been a winner anyway.

Profit: £6.73

Otelul Galati v Astra Ploiesti

First bet and the word taken down is STAR!! Yes folks Astra also means star :-) That one was fairly easy then.

The bet is over 1.5 Goals here. It's 1-0 at half time and I've got on at 1.34. Let's hope there are some "star" strikers on show too ;-)

Bonus Word!!! Otelul Galati have FIVE yes that's 5 guys called Gabriel in their squad list is here . That must be a sign so to speak!!
That's the Angel Gabriel covered too then :-)

Get in 1-1 after 73 mins

Over 1.5 Goals Wins
Profit: £116.62

The Advent Challenge

Merry Christmas Sports Fans! It's that time of year again as we have now entered Advent and silly season is upon us.

In order to join in the festivities I thought I would try Christmas themed challenge. I don't actually know if I have a chance of this working but I'll give it a go.

Basically I have listed (with much appreciated help from the blog readers) as many things about Christmas as I could. I'm not even sure how many there are!

Anyway the idea of the challenge is to try and place a bet that has a link to something from the list and cross it off. I hope to manage it by Christmas Eve.

As it is the season of Goodwill I am going to donate 33% of all my profits up to Christmas to charity. (Not that I'm trying to sound like Smashie and Nicey!!) The charity I was thinking about was my local Air Ambulance but I'm open to suggestions if you wish to leave them in the comments.

The list is just below this blog and will stay there for the duration.

Any suggestions for Poinsettia are welcome LOL.

Merry Christmas One and All and Happy Punting!

New England Patriots @ New Orleans Saints

After the loss in the football earlier I'm having one last attempt to get to £5,555.55 profit for November. Yes it is still November in America! ;-)

The bet is New England + 9.5 @ 1.31 My stake is £7.25 which will get me the £2.14 I need after commission.

Good luck if you're on this it should be a great match!

Happy Punting!

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