Sunday, 30 January 2011

Ups & Downs!

Sorry not been posting much of late but the silly hours I was keeping for Aussie tennis finally caught up with me and I was dying of man flu last week!

I have still been having the odd punt. Indeed I got as high as £188 or there abouts only to go back down to £6. Them's the breaks I guess. Overall I lost my entire bank AGAIN!!

So here we are at the end of January and my loss for 2011 stands at £217.86.

So with more reasonable hours to be kept over the coming weeks I have loaded up £500 hoping I can get that profit figure into the green by 1st Feb. I know it's chasing but hey I tend to do the things that you shouldn't! LOL

If I lose it then I feel it will probably be time to walk away again and just leave the punting alone.

As for Andy Murray, gutted for him again. I still feel he will win a slam, and I think it will be this year, with Wimbledon and the US a possibility. Well done to Novak though, hopefully the Federer Nadal procession is over (but that's been said before!)

Anyway on with the punting and I've backed Arsenal from the off. :o

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