Thursday, 12 October 2017

Gastao Elias v Facundo Arguello

Well it didn't take long!!!

All in bet on Elias with the score at 6-3 1-1* got odds of 1.18

Here's hoping he continues his good form.

Gastao Elias - Winner in Campinas
And a break straight away from 30-0. Elias leads 2*-1 in the 2nd set.

4 break points saved when serving at 3*-2 for a 4-2* lead

Another break and hold sees out the match for a 6-3 6-2 win.

Profit: £1.37
Bank: £9.37

A Year in the Wilderness!!!

Hello fellow punters.

It is a year, to the day, since my last post! Perhaps it is coincidence or perhaps it is fate? I have decided to have another crack at this punting lark but am only going to start with £10 and see where we get - probably not very far haha!

As you can probably tell I haven't given gambing much thought over the last year or so and I will probably be completely out of tune with what the latest developments are. On the other hand the break may clear the mind and help me focus.

I'm going to TRY and look for bets before the off and then trade out in play. Mind you I will probably revert to lumping on any available in play bet within a few hours.

With football still waiting for players to return from international duties matches are few and far between. Most of the quality tennis is in China this week but there are a couple of WTA matches in Austria this evening. There are also some challenger tournaments later on tonight so may have a look at them as with only £10 liquidity shouldn't be an issue.

I also like NFL so will probably have a look for a value bet on the Philadephia Eagles @ Carolina Panthers. Expecting a big match here from two in form teams.

So back to the tennis:

WTA Linz, Austria - Magdelena Rybarikova v Carina Witthoeft

Carina Witthoeft

Rybarikova is the favourite here currently around 1.65 on Betfair, however I do have a concern that she retired unwell last week whilst being beaten by Simona Halep in Beijing. She did beat Hogenkamp in the 1st round 7-5 6-3 but whilst in straight sets it was anything but an easy win.

I feel that Witthoeft should be able to take a set here and maybe the match. The choice was what bet to take? I have decided to go for a punt on Witthoeft at 2.54 on match odds with a target to green out at odds of 1.60

Nearly got greened out at 5*-6 0-30 in the first set but only went down to 1.64. Into the Tiebreak we go!

Lost the 1st set tie break 7-4

Finally a break in this match and it comes in the 1st game of the 2nd set. Witthoeft makes the break through for a 0-1* lead

Carina fends off the 1st and 2nd break points on her serve in the match to take a 0*- 2 lead.

Following on from a hold Rybarikova breaks back for 2*-2

Breaks following breaks 2-3* and again from 40-15 to break! 3*-3

Oh well loses 7-6 6-3 still think I had the right bet. Just set my green point a little too high. £ down and now a bank of £8

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