Sunday, 22 November 2009

New Orleans Hornets @ Miami Heat

Heat are at home and are favourites. That is a clear indicator for the professional Betfair Trader that you should lump on them! I know as I bought the ebook "Lump on short priced favourites for guaranteed locked in profits!!" ;-)

I guess it may be born from the frustration of waiting for a week with no tennis then not really getting much when it is finally on! Nevermind this is a cert!! :o

Good luck if you're on :-) And Happy Punting

Sorry I forgot... If you want to watch it's here. 

All green and out at 1.14  with the score 57-48 to Heat with seconds remaining in the half. £16.24 on both.

Heat Win (Never in doubt LOL)
Profit: £16.24

Roger Federer v Fernando Verdasco

Well I just wasn't sure on this one before the off and I'm still not. Federer was 1.21 at the start so would have been a great lay to trade with hindsight as Verdasco has taken the 1st set 6-4. I still don't feel confident enough to get involved in this so will watch and see how the second set develops. Trading the serve may be an option this set though.

Well I wish I'd listened to my own advice 8 service holds and we have 4-4. Had I traded that I would have had a nice green now! Oh well.....

Make that 9 holds! :-( ..... 10 ... 11 and Federer breaks for the set 7-5.
Deciding set it is then Federer to serve first will be an advantage if it's still on serve towards the end of the set.

Well that was a disappointing final set, Federer wins it 6-1 and I didn't manage to get on all match.

Atlanta Falcons @ New York Giants

All in on the Giants at home today. Not got much time for a write up as having my dinner.

However 1.34 is fine for me. Hopefully add more when my belly is full :-)

Well not exactly the start I had been hoping for. Falcons lead 7-3 early in the 2nd Quarter. I was hoping for a strong 1st half from the Giants so I could trade out and move on.

And now they go and end a great drive with a missed field goal attempt from 31 yards!!

That's more like it Manning seems to be having a good game here the score doesn't reflect the game in my opinion. Giants lead 10-7 with 7 mins left to halftime.

Well it must be the night for missed Field Goals as Falcons miss from 35 yards so the score remains 10-7 to the Giants.

A Falcons  gives a turnover to Giants 1st down on the Falcons 34 yard line with 1.34 on the clock. A TD here and halftime will be much more relaxed!

TOUCHDOWN!!!! Extra point added.... Giants lead 17-7. Halftime.

Not a great start to the 2nd half! Falcons score a Touchdown with their first drive! 17-14 now.
Giants go straight back up the other end for a Touchdown 24-14 8.36 left in the 3rd quarter.

Despite The Giants trying their hardest to help Falcons with penalties that drive, they can only manage a field goal. The score is 24-17 now and if The Giants can get a Touchdown on this next drive the odds should certainly be nice and low for a trade out and even green before the tennis starts!

Bish Bosh Bash!!! Have some of that!!! Touchdown!! Perfect timing now I'll green out for the tennis I think :-)

£47.88 Giants
£0.00 Falcons

Giants doing their best to stuff it up so I'm even both sides for  £36.55

New York Giants Win 34-31 in Overtime
Profit: £36.55 Full Color Printing from PsPrint

Brondby v OB

Over 1.5 Goals has to be the bet again on this. 1.32 seems fair enough and I would like this one over quickly please Betfair Gods.

Hopefully the picture I have put up is hot enough to satisfy them an award the early goals!

0-1 after 22 mins :) Another before half time would be a most satisfactory outcome! :-)

I've decided to trade out of this as got enough green to make me happy and want to have my dinner before the NFL starts.

£19.76 on both outcomes

0-2 just before halftime

Over 1.5 Goals Wins
Profit: £19.76

Andy Murray v Juan Martin Del Potro

Betfair has this market with Murray as clear favourite, trading at 1.35 at the moment. That is most likely due to the issues with Del Potro's wrist in recent weeks. But I think people are forgetting Murray's problems.

The head to head between the two shows Murray with a 4-1 lead. Del Potro's only win coming on clay earlier this year. Their last encounter was a TB a piece in the first two sets before Murray took the final set 6-1. That result kind of sums Murray up to me. He is perfectly capable of beating anyone 6-1 when he has his head switched on. Unfortunately he is also capable of losing 6-1 to pretty much anybody too! I don't know why he suffers from this so much as he is affected more than any other top player it would seem.

Because of this laying Murray at the 1.35/1.36 mark is very tempting, with a view to trade, especially as he has had his own injury problems of late. Obviously winning in Valencia was a good result, but again he looked injured fatigued in nearly every match bar the final. However the following week in Paris he only played one set in two games at his top level. He struggled through against Blake before a spectacular collapse versus Stepanek.

Overall I think that Murray will win I just have to decide whether to start off with a lay or wait. I think waiting is obviously the safer option though.

As for the picture of Andy Murray's girlfriend, Kim Sears!!! Well I'm not quite sure if Andy is that big, but that is usually enough of a motivation for most blokes to do what they're told! So keep an eye out for this signal to Murray as he will no doubt win if on a promise!

Finally I get on at 1.06 with the Murray leading 5-2* in the 3rd set. I hope he can break now for GSM rather than put me through the turmoil of having to serve it out!

0-15 Oi!... 15-15... 15-30 DF Oi! Oi! .... 15-40 Oi! Oi! Oi!  oooooofff 30-40 Take It!!!! .... 2nd Serve ...

Murray Wins 6-3 3-6 6-2

Profit: £8.64

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