Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Shahar Peer v Maria Kirilenko

Peer is well over priced in my eyes I would have her in the low 1.60's so I have lumped on from the start.

Kirilenko to serve first which could be a good thing too!!

1.5 is low enough for me to green out when 15-40 in the first.

The break comes and now trading at 1.44 but green is good!

£81.66 on Both

Peer Wins 6-0 3-6 6-1
Profit: £81.66

John Henderson v Scott Waites

Waites is at 1.18 for this match and I thought long and hard (at least 5 secs) about laying it but instead I opted for the back as Waites has the throw in the first set.

Henderson is an old fashioned style darts player and certainly has the physique. I bet he wishes they all still swilled beer and smoked while they played!!

Waites on the other hand wouldn't look out of place working in your local fish and chip shop! I don't know what it is he just has that look about him.

Waites Wins 4-1
Profit: £65.57

Daryl Gurney v Martin Adams

I don't profess to knowing much about Darts but surely this 1.33 on Adams is a gift?

Not being one to look a gift horse in the mouth I'll lump on that!!

Adams Wins 4-1
Profit: £96.86

Sorry that the posting hasn't got much of a write up but I am dying  from man flu it would seem!!

Marcel Granollers v Marin Cilic

Topsy turvy match this. 2 breaks each in this set! Score is 7-6 3*-4 to Granollers and I'm backing Granollers to actually hold this time so laying Cilic at 1.66.

0-15 ... 0-30 ... 15-30 ... 30-30 ... Ah nuts 30-40!! ... And Break!! :-(

3-5* Can he break back again? I hope so!! Nope Holds to love for the set!!

1-1 in sets then. Can Granollers stay in this or is it oing to be a case of Cilic running away with it now? Probably the latter!! :-(

Uh oh 15-30!! Just hold Granollers you mug. Lulling me in like this!! 15-40 ... 30-40 ... Deuce ... Now don't give it away after fighting back!! ... BP Typical!! ... 40-40 ... FFS DF for another BP! ... Deuce ... BP Again!!! Layed a little off at 1.14 this time... Break!! :(

0-1* Can we have a breakfest like the last set? Damn tried to lay at 1.07 but didn't get matched.
Current book is £207.58 Gran -£302.35 Cilic.
0*-2 Had 15-30 But Cilic held to 30! Laying at 1.06 for a miracle get out! Need Cilic to go back to 1.37 for a green out! 0-15!! ... 15-15 c'mon Granollers hold at least!! 15-30!!! I am a muppet!! 15-40. All red at -£320.26. FFS now he gets back to Deuce! GP! Sometimes the betting Gods just aren't on your side! Holds!
1-2* 0-15!! I don't believe this!! 15-15... 15-30 ... 30-30 ... BP!!! ... Break!! FFS!! Why couldn't he have started the set like this??
2*-2 15-0 and there's the 1.37 I needed to get out with a green! So Gutted!! Holds
3-2* Really hate it when this happens! FFS now it's 0-30!!!

Deposited £200 to move on with but strangely drawn back to this match!! Must be that fat red sat there!

It's now 3-4* and I've layed Cilic again at 1.09 so I have £0.00 on Granollers! Come on Marcel!!
3*-5 Laying at 1.05 for £350. Come on the miracle!! Need Granollers to come down to 1.95 for the green out now! Needs a hold first though! There's the Hold!

4-5* Now then need a Cilic choke serving for the match please. With a side order of a Granollers hold and another break for afters!! 15-0 ... 30-0 Not this time I guess :-( ... 30-15 ... 40-15 ... 40-30 ... GSM

Cilic Wins 6(3)-7 6-3 6-4
Loss £366.58

I think I need to focus by starting a new challenge!! And what better place to start than £175.78!!!

Some terrible bets in the last 24 hours!!!

Thiemo De Bakker v Robin Haase

The battle of the Dutch players. I have backed De Bakker when he leads 6-3 3*-2 @ odds of 1.13. Didn't quite get it all matched though.

And I'm straight back out again at 40-30 in the next game as I just don't trust him to serve it out. And as they say... If in doubt, get out!!

£17.87 on Both

LOL there you go break back for 4-4. I really should have layed it I guess, never mind!

De Bakker Wins 6-3 6-4
Profit: £17.87

Andy Roddick v Carsten Ball

I've Withdrawn £250 of my bank after todays disasters so that it's not my money in here.

Call me mad but I've started with a lay of Roddick here at 1.12. Ball is a huge server and if he can get it going early I could make a nice green.... Hopefully

DF to start!! 0-15 0-30 Oh Dear!! 15-30 ... 30-30 ... Gp ... Holds! Phew!! More of the latter serving and I'll be in clover!

0*-1 He's returning the serve which is a start!! Not scoring but getting it back at least!A point 40-15! Hold
1-1* Promising return game there. Can he get an easy service game though? Nice hands at the net too!!
1*-2 Hold to love!!
2-2* hold to love from Roddick.
3-2* And I'm getting out at 1.15 for £56.08 on Both

James Blake v Marc Gicquel

£200 reloaded after Vinci wiped me out and now the chase!! LOL

Blake has just won the 1st set 6-3 with one break. I'm throwing in a lay of him at 1.14 hoping Gicquel can pull this back. This is monster Chasing LOL

Deuce ... Hold God Damn It!!! GP ... Holds

0*-1 Need him to trouble Blake here please 15-0 Ace ... 30-0 ... 40-0 ... Holds

1-1* Jeez two overheads there that were tame and we have 0-15 ... 15-15 ...30-15 ... 40-15 ... Holds
1*-2 C'mon Marc give me some hope here! Hello 30-30 a sniff here ... GP ... Holds
2-2* Holds to 30
2*-3 Lets have a break now then Marc. Blake can't keep this up all day!! Hmm Hold to Love. It looks like the only chance is a TB the way Blake is playing! If we get there!
3-3* 0-15 Uh Oh ... 30-30 ... GP ... Holds
3*-4 Advantage of serving first will soon come into play if he can apply some pressure! 0-15 Now then! 0-30 C'mon!!! 15-30 ...  15-40 TAKE IT!!!! 30-40 This Time Please!! BREAK!!!

3-5* Serving for the set!! 15-0 .. 15-15 don't get broken back ffs!! 30-15 ... 40-15 Take it!! DF!! 40-30 ... Deuce FFS!! 2nd serve ... SP #3 This time Marc!! Deuce :-( ... SP #4 C'mon!!! ... 2nd ... DF Again!!! Deuce! ... BP No Way Marc!!! C'mon ... Deuce Phew! ... SP #5 This time? 2nd ... ACE and SET!!!!

Terrible odds on Gicquel I may hold! Nope I'm taking the even green at 1.5.

£321.38 on both! That's quality chasing :-)

Blake Wins 6-3 3-6 7-6(8)
Profit: £321.38

Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova v Roberta Vinci

Vinci Won the 1st set 6-1 and has deuce 3-2* in the second. Odds are 1.27 so hoping she can nick the break here!

GP Pav ... Deuce ... GP ... Holds
3*-3 Need Vinci to have a strong hold here so she can keep the pressure up. Serving first is only a benefit if you hold!! LOL 0-15 ... 15-15 ... 30-15 ... 40-15 ... Holds!! Nicely done!
4-3* Pressure building on Pav now!!!
4*-4 Hold to 15 from Pav. C'mon Roberta comfy hold then break for GSM is the order of the day!! 30-0 to 30-30 c'mon Vinci!! Liquidity is awful again!! BP!! OMG Roberta c'mon Fight!! Break from 30-0!! Pfft
4-5* Ok so Pav still needs to serve out the set which makes the flip flop look like an extreme over reaction!! I would love some of those odds! Oh I can't I went all in @ 1.27 :-(
0-15 C'mon Vinci!!! 0-30!!! Two more! ... 15-30 ... 30-30 ... GP ... Really should have done better! Last 2 games she's had 30-0 and not won another point! Set Pavlyuchenkova.

Vinci to serve first in the decider! Really need a hold first up please Roberta. Got to stick with Vinci here she really deserved to have won already! However sport has no memory I guess! Rev will have finally got his lay to 3 sets!! I just hope he's even green so Vinci can win.

30-15 ... 30-30 Not again?? BP ... Break! This is a terrible patch from Vinci. Really need a break back now to get her head back in the game.

2-0* Really need a hold here Roberta. 0-15 15-15 15-30 15-40 Break!! I'm done for 6-1 in the last 7 games!!

3*-0 40-0 Pffft Vinci GONE!!! 40-15 c'mon fight!!! 40-30 ... More DF's please Pav! Deuce.. C'mon!!! ... GP Pffft ... Holds

4-0* All red at 1.03!! -£539.37!!! Oh God!! ow she decides to hold!!
4*-1 15-30!! This could get very depressing if she fights back here! 30-30 ... 40-30 ... Holds
5-1* Laying 1.02 for a miracle!! 0-15 LOL ... 15-15 ... 30-15 ... 30-30 ... MP Pav :-( ... Deuce Fight Vinci!!! GP Take it!!! Deuce ... MP #2 ...  GSM

Pav Wins 1-6 6-4 6-1

Loss : £560.08

Francesca Schiavone v Sania Mirza

Schiavine won the first set 6-0 and I am getting in as she is serving in the 1st game of the 2nd set with the score at Deuce. Odds are 1.10

I hope this isn't going to be classic WTA and Francesca keeps her level up!!

BP!!! .. Deuce ... BP again ... Break ... Ooops!

0-1* Holds to 15!!! 1st set Mirza won 12/40 pts this set its 12/19 already!!!
0*-2 30-40!!! Looks like it's definitely one of those matches!!! Deuce ... BP ... Deuce ... Someone thought that was in and layed pretty fast! ... GP ... Holds Ouch!! that punter!
1-2* 0-40!!! ... 15-40 ... 30-40 ... Break!!
2*-2 Hold to love!
3-2* 30-40 ... Break!!! Normal service resumed??
4*-2 30-40 ... Deuce ... BP ... Deuce ... BP ... Break!!
4-3* Break to 30!!

I spilled Lemsip all over my Laptop there! Trying to swill it round the bottom to get all the drugs! Do you think it will be a problem? You never no I could market it as a new style Anti-Virus
5*-3 Can she serve it out?
Yes! GSM

Schiavone Wins 6-0 6-3
Profit: £48.69

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