Thursday, 31 December 2009

Happy New Year

Well here it is folks! The dawning of a new year, a new decade.

New year always brings about a time for reflection on the past. Unfortunately I find that people tend to focus on the negatives and hope to change themselves for the better. Perhaps if we all spent more time looking at our successes and achievements and trying to replicate them rather than trying to eradicate our weaknesses we would all benefit.

Unfortunately I too look at the negatives! LOL This year I have many ideas about what I want to achieve both personally and professionally. Some are improvements on my current characteristics, which are probably the ones I will be more likely to achieve, and some are trying to stop certain traits.

My main objective for New Year is to finally kick the habit and give up smoking. It won't be easy I know but I've at least got to try. I've been smoking for 18 of my 34 years now so it's a long time since my body wasn't reliant on the drug!

As for gambling well last year was quite a good year for me. Mostly since the Betfair thread but I was nicely in profit for the year before that and have ended up with a total of just under £35,000 profit from Betfair over the last 12 months.

Many people ask if I am full time and the answer is no. I am lucky enough to have my own business and can take as much or as little work on as I want within reason. Therefore I will balance my time between here and work depending on my withdrawals I make form here. If I can keep ahead of my hourly rate on here then the work, which I enjoy, will kind of become the hobby. Of course I am aware that betting full time has massive pit falls and can end in disaster. However approaching it on the hourly/daily pay rate in conjunction with my business means the impact can, in reality only be positive for as long as I continue to enjoy gambling. If it becomes a chore, I can just change the work hours around so it becomes a hobby again.

I also feel that I may have to look at my betting style somewhat! The all in punting is fine for the lower amounts but all in punting with £1,000's is somewhat exuberant! So regular withdrawals to pay the wage and a tad more conservative with the staking plan! Who knows I may even do some LAYS!!!! lol.

All in all it's been a good year. I wish all the happiness I wish for myself for the coming year.

Good Luck in 2010 and have a Happy Punting New Year!!

Robin Soderling v Stanislas Wawrinka

Second match of the season and already I'm chasing LOL. I was tempted to load up enough to lump on Soderling so that if he won I would be green for December. However I have thought better of it. Doing that is not only stupid for the risk of losing it but it is, in my opinion, falsifying the figures to try and get a green for the month when that would not be a fair reflection of my punting.

As such I've only reloaded £50. I have still lumped on Soderling from the off though!! LOL

1.33 odds by the way. Stan has had Christmas and a wedding in the last 2 weeks plus has a heavily pregnant wife. I'm not sure but I don't really think he is going to be that interested in this tournament for more than the appearance fee. Good luck if you're on and Happy Punting!

Soderling takes first blood! Breaking for a 3*-1 lead in the first set.
Soderling Breaks again for 5*-1
Hello is Chokerling back this season? Stan gets a break back for 5-2*
5*-3 0-30 and I'm ot at 1.20!! Even green of £5.17

Wawrinka breaks to love 5-4*!!

LOL Wawa breaks for 5-6* Serving for the set!

It's official the mugfest season has started! Soderling breaks and we have a tiebreak!!

Soderling finally takes the set winning the tiebreak 7-4!
It seems he has switched to his "plan B"...... HIT IT HARDER!!! Lol

Finally we have a break in the 2nd set as Soderling takes a 5*-4 lead. I'm back on for a great bet at 1.03!! LOL

Hmm 0-15 ... 0-30 here we go again!! 0-40!!! Will I never learn? LOL
If Rev is laying the short prices today he will have made a fortune! 15-40 ... And Break 5-5!!

0-15! Soderling has definitely reverted to form as Chokerling today ;-) 5*-6.
And we have another Tiebreak!!
1**-0 MB Soderling
3-0** another mb and that should hopefully be that!
3**-2 Oh well gonna have to work for it!
5-2** Now then Robin!!
6-2* MB brings up 4 MP's!!!

Soderling Wins 7-6 7-6
Profit: £6.75

David Ferrer v Nikolay Davydenko

I feel Davydenko should win this comfortably. However, odds around 1.31 in a pre season exhibition tournament don't exactly appeal. I'll watch the first few games to see how motivated Davy is before getting involved. Hopefully if Ferrer keeps it level I may be able to get on around 1.50.

Davydenko takes the first set 6-2 and, even though I know I probably shouldn't I have decided to get on at 1.08!!! I do hope he puts this match to bed rather than have a brain fart!!

Uh oh!!! 2-1* 3 BP's Ferrer!! Davy you muppet! (LOL 1st muppet call of the season!)
And break!! Need a quick break back please Nikolay!

Another factor that I totally forgot about as I'm out of the groove I guess is that both players could probably do with the court time so a 3rd set would suit them both! Doesn't matter as long as Davy wins in the end though I guess.

4*-2 Deuce! Now then Davy can he nick a break back? Deuce #2!! Holds for 5-2* Oh Well!

Hmmm Davy broken for the set 6-2 Ferrer. Need a break 1st game in the 3rd then please Nikolay!
There's the 1.50's I wanted before it started!

Now then 1*-1 Deuce can Davy put the pressure on here? erm ... NO!! 2-1*

Switched at 1.64 to Ferrer. Book now: £129.65 Fer -£206.45 Davy.

C'mon the break!!

2*-2 Don't let me down now please Ferrer. 0-15!! 0-30!! I don't believe this!! 15-30 c'mon Ferrer Hold you muppet! 30-30... 2 more!! 40-30.... Deuce ... BP!!! Ferrer what are you doing?? And Break!! What an awful time for the switch! Hold to love followed by a break! LOL

Now then David can we show a bit of fight and get back in this. These relatively high odds on Davy still would suggest you can as someone certainly thinks (or knows) he's going to lose!!!
BP!!! Take It!!!! Pffft Deuce! GP!! If Davy holds here I feel it may be over! Had a bit of a computer crash there but came back to another BP for Ferrer followed by Deuce! BP again! This time surely!!! Nope :-( Deuce! GP ... Holds for 4-2! What a missed opportunity from Ferrer but at least he gave it a go!

3-4* Ferrer running out of time to get level so now would be good please David!
0-15 ... Nice start! 0-30 .... Even better! 0-40!!! Hello!! Take one of them please!!! 15-40 ... this one then! 30-40 FFS TAKE IT!!!!!! Pfffffft!!! Deuce from 0-40!!! What a spanner! BP#4 This time David! Deuce :-( I guess it just isn't meant to be! BP#5!! Maybe 5 is his lucky number! YESSSSS! Now hold ffs!!

4*-4 I could still come out of this alive yet! A hold here will certainly make things interesting!
But no Ferrer starts with 0-15! ... 15-15 ... c'mon give us a hold and a flippety floppety please! 15-30 and a big chunk of money holding the price up on Davy! Should be 20 ticks lower now! 30-30 hmmm BP chunk still there and I've taken some back to almost my original position now! Deuce! C'mon Davy!!! GP ... LOL I have traded this completely wrong!! Oh well it's early doors and I guess I'm rusty! 5-4* Need a Davy hold please.

0-15 Oh dear god Davydenko!! 0-30 You couldn't make this up!! I should be green as green things right now!! A lesson to follow the chunks of money not oppose them and silly prices! 3 MP's GSM!

Well surprise surise Davydenko in an Exhibition with the biggest lump of cash coming right at the death and making a nice wedge! About £150,000 on that bet alone I reckon! That's not to mention the money that would have been made laying the low odds.

Loss: £206.82

Well December didn't stay in profit very long! I'm going to cheat and reload with £500 I think to lump on Soderling as I love a good chase!! LOL

Tennis is back!!

2009 is not quite finished in the real world! But in the world of tennis it seems like a distant memory!

It feels like welcoming back an old friend after a period of enforced absence. It must be true that absence makes the heart grow fonder.... gone are the frustrations, the thoughts of dodgy matches and the realisations that the player you backed just can't be bothered this week.

Maybe the fact that the tennis season follows the sun and therefore tricks the brain into thinking you are actually getting some feel good Vitamin D is why it appeals so much. On the other hand it may be the fact that you get to see sexy young ladies running around getting sweaty that draws a crowd ;-)

Anyway regardless of the attraction I am sure glad it's back! Just an exhibition tournament for the next couple of days but it is the "World Championship" or some other ridiculously self opinionated over inflated title! LOL

As for today's match ups it is difficult to look beyond the two favourites. Davy is too short though in my opinion and I'll be looking to get involved in running as it develops. As for Soderling I actually think he is going to have a disappointing season this year after his exploits last year. However Wawrinka should not pose any problems here as he has been pretty poor of late and added to that he got married two weeks ago and his wife is 7 or 8 months pregnant so not sure if he may have come for the appearance money.

Milwaukee Bucks @ Orlando Magic

Obviously I really fancy Orlando here. As, it would seem, does every other punter in the world!
1.16 is far too low even for me from the off. I feel that I could get 1.26 on Magic in play with a reasonable start from Buck so I'll put up a back and hope I get matched. If not then I'll just move on.

All matched mid way through the 1st quarter as Bucks have now opened up a 10 point lead!! Magic briefly went up to 1.33ish.

First Quarter has ended with Magic coming back but still trail 25-21. Need a strong quarter now so they can have the lead at half time. That shoul bring the odds nicely down as people will expect them to turn it on in the 2nd half.

Hmmm Magic trail by 8 at half time. 49-41. Really had the opportunity to make it level or even nick the lead but just not converting their chances as well as the Bucks. Still fancy them to win but it may be closer than the 8+ points I was expecting. They simply have to score when they have the opportunities and this game should turn around quickly. Odds of 1.65 are disturbing when you thought you were being clever getting 1.26!!

Finally they have started to show some Magic!! They lead 79-74 at the end of the 3rd. Gotta hold my position now they should ease this one home... I hope!!

With the score 91-76 and 8 mins to go I've greened out at 1.01. £39.46 on both.

Well that was some finish from Orlando!!

Orlando Win 117-92
Profit: £39.46

December is finally in the green and I only need to keep it that way for one more day!!

Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Raymond Van Barneveld v Kevin Painter

3rd Round from the Darts PDC World Championships again.

Barney was favourite from the off and thought about getting on from the start but I held my discipline as I have noticed that my bets from the off tend to go somewhat awry!!

Anyway I waited till Barney had a 3-1 lead before getting involved @ 1.15. A fair price to me considering he has the throw this set.

Here's hoping he finishes in style!

That's the 1st leg in the bag. A break now would be extremely satisfactory.

Out at 1.04. Gotta be taken in darts when  you can mind you Barney does get the break for 2-0.
Still I'm £15.32 on both.

Van Barneveld Wins 4-1
Profit: £15.32

Ronnie Baxter v Colin Lloyd

PDC World Championship Darts 3rd Round again.

This time I get on when Baxter is leading 3-1 in sets @ 1.11

Baxter makes it nice and straight forward as he takes the 5th.

Baxter Wins 4-1
Profit: £13.19

SC Madgeburg v TBV Lemgo

German Mens Handball is this evenings aperitif!

Lemgo have a 14-8 lead at half time so I'm on at odds of 1.12.
Hoping for a nice straight forward victory.

At 23-17 with 12 mins to go I decided to green out @1.01 just in case!!

£13.05 on all outcomes.

Lemgo Win 25-23
Profit: £13.05

Panellinios v Iraklis

Back to the Greek men's volleyball as the over 1.5 goals bet I wanted in the Brugge match has landed already and I missed it as my dear wife was actually wanting some attention from me!!!  Outrageous! ;-)

Got on Iraklis at 1.2 when 1-1 in sets and they are leading in the 3rd.
This match has been a bit up and down, especially this set. Panellinos opened up an 8-1 lead then a 16-11 lead but Iraklis take it 17-25!! :o

Odds are still 1.20 despite them sealing the set. Hope they can finish it this set then.

And out at 1.03 when the score was 9-13 in the 4th set. £17.10 on both

Iraklis win 3-1
Profit: £17.09

Co Stompe v Mark Dudbridge

PDC World Championship darts 3rd round.

Stompe has just taken a 3-1 lead. Hopefully he can finish it here. Odds of 1.12. The volleyball from earlier is still not settled so I can't use the winning from that yet.

Hmmm Stompe should have been 2-0 up this set now 1-2 down against the throw!!
Terrible set from Stompe. Needs to take this one against the throw then please!

Great start with a break!! Now lets ease home please!
Pheww got away with that!! 2-0 now c'mon another break!!

Stompe takes the set 3-1 for the match.

Stompe Wins 4-2
Profit: £10.45

AEK v AO Kifisias

Another day another Volleyball match. Greek Men's volleyball today!

Backed AEK when they had won the 1st set 25-18 @ 1.10. Hoping they continue their dominance.

AEK easily winning the 2nd! Score is 20-13 when I decide to get out at 1.02 for even green. You never know!! ;-) Only £50 matched so far though.

All taken at the end of the 2nd as AEK take it 25-16. £6.84 on both.

AEK Win 3-0
Profit: £6.84

Golden State Warriors @ LA Lakers

Here we go again with the basketball and another back of the home town short priced favourite. I missed the start where LA were 1.12ish but get on in the 1st Quarter @ 1.20/1.21 with Lakers trailing 23-15.

As the game got towards the end of the quarter I took a little more at 1.28 with the winnings from the last match now having been paid out.

Warriors lead 35-27 at the end of the 1st, odds now 1.26. Let's hope Lakers come storming back in the second then!!

Warriors opened up a 15 point lead in the 2nd quarter! Lakers pulled it back somewhat but Warriors still lead 60-53 at halftime. Odds 1.52. Very juicy I still fancy Lakers to turn this around and win in the end.

End of the 3rd and Lakers have the lead 88-86. Could and probably should have been a wider margin which means it may become squeaky bum time in the 4th!! Odds of 1.24 is perhaps a tad skinny at this point in the game. However I still strongly fancy Lakers to finish this. Hopefully they'll stretch their lead and pull away but Warriors will probably get their noses in front early this quarter.

Lakers Win 124-118
Profit: £15.34

Minnesota Timberwolves @ San Antonio Spurs

For this NBA match I've followed my usual stance for North American sports which is to find a nice short priced home town favourite and lump on!!

Spurs were 1.13 to back but I squeezed a few more pence out of the market by laying Timberwolves @ 8.6.

So far so good. Spurs are up 66-52 at halftime.

Spurs lead 89-73 at end of 3rd so I'm out and moving on or going to bed!!

 Profit: £7.83

Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Cercle Brugge v Standard

Just for Rev a little bit of Belgian Football.

The score is 2-0 with 68 mins played when I decide to get in with a back of Cercle Brugge. Odds of 1.09 seem fair enough with the home side having a 2 goal lead to defend.

I notice the Villa v Liverpool game is still 0-0 with 70 odd mins played. I knew the under 4.5 was the bet there!

And even green after 80 mins. £3.58/£3.57 on all outcomes.

Finished 2-0
Profit: £3.57

James Wade v Michael Van Gerwen

PDC World Championship Darts.

Though I'd have a little nibble on the darts. The score is 1-1 in sets and Wade is 1-0 up in the 3rd with the throw. Got on at 1.14.

Wade gets the 3rd set to take a 2-1 lead so I'm out at 1.09 for £2.71 on both.

Wade Wins
Profit: £2.71

Volero Zurich v TVC Amstelveen

Women's Volleyball from the The Top Volley 2009 again.

Got on with Zurich 14-11 up in the decider. A bit nervy as the score went to 14-13 but they won in the end.

Only got odds of 1.03 but a win is a win.

Profit: £1.72

Metal Galati v Bank BPS Fakro Muszyna

Ladies Volleyball from the Top Volley International 2009.

By the way I am effectively starting my 2010 campaign here today after a nice few days off over Christmas.

I got on Fakro when the score was 1-1 in sets and they had a slight lead early in the third @ 1.40.

Held my nerve through that set as they kept their noses in front all the way through despite trading higher to eventually take it 25-19.

At that stage 1.15 was enough for me to take a locked in profit and walk away.

£10.35 on both.

Metal Galati have taken the 4th set to level it at 2-2. Always happy when that happens after I green out!

Profit: £10.35

Advent Challenge

Well I didn't manage to complete this and I'm going do delete the list so this post is just for future reference, perhaps if I want another crack at it next year.

Advent Challenge List

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Christmas Tidings

Just a quick note due to my absence over the last couple of days. I've either been in the pub or Christmas shopping or spending family time. It's going to be a struggle now till Christmas is done and dusted. I'll be on on Christmas Eve to give the 70k Speech ;-) but apart from that I'm going to wait for the tennis now.

If I don't catch you before may I take this opportunity to wish you all a Very Merry Christmas and Happy Punting!

Sunday, 20 December 2009

France v Russia

This is women's handball world championship in case you were wondering!

Score was 19-22 to Russia with just under 10 mins left when I got on @ 1.12.

For the Christmas list:

Well YULE LOG as a cake is a traditional French dessert that is eaten at Christmas. And MANGER is the French for eat!! LOL

Russia Won 25-22
Profit: £11.44

Friday, 18 December 2009

Indianapolis Colts @ Jacksonville Jaguars

Under 42.5 which looked appealing to me on this one at just over evens.

As it's drifted out to 2.08 I'm taking the Unders here for £100

Well that wasn't very good! 0-3 in the first quarter was promising but 35 points in the 2nd quarter has stuffed me.

Colts win again!! 35-31

As for the Christmas list:

Indianapolis is the capital city of Indiana. Composer and songwriter Cole Porter was born in Peru, Indiana. Porter wrote the music and lyrics to the musical Silk STOCKINGs.

Loss: £100

Thursday, 17 December 2009

Everton v BATE Borisov

Yet another 0-0 at half time that I am getting on 1 goal or more in.
Hopefully there will be openings soon as I think Everton have quite a few kids on tonight who may tire.

0-1 :-) Bet landed!

Christmas Link: (getting more and more tenuous as we run out of items I'm afraid!)

Everton are from Liverpool which is the birthplace of actor Craig Charles. He famously played Lister in Red Dwarf which had a ship's computer called HOLLY.

Profit: £53.95

Dinamo Zagreb v FC Timisoara

This game was 0-0 at half time so again I bet on 1 goal or more for the second half.

Timisoara made it 0-1 67 minutes to land the bet.

For the Christmas link:

Well Dinamo Zagreb's previous manager on three seperate occasions was a guy called RUDOLF Berlin.

Final score was 1-2

Profit: £38.90

MTK Budapest v Debrecen

I decided to get on this at half time with the score at 0-0. Only want to bet on a goal being scored so have plumped for 1 goal or more in the total goals market.

1-0 after 77 mins. I was beginning to get rather nervous there!

2-0 !! Still looking for a Christmas link!!

Really struggling on this one so here it is!

Hungary was once part of the Ottoman Empire which was based in TURKEY

Awful I know!! LOL

Profit: £27.60

Utah Jazz @ New Jersey Nets

Took Jazz from the off here @ 1.27

Jazz leading 52-41 at Half time.

As for the Christmas link well we have 2 here!

1. New Jersey is the home town of Funkadelic, an African American music band. They had an album called TOYS.

2. New Jersey was also the birthplace of author Francis Paul Wilson. He wrote a novel called MIDNIGHT MASS.

Utah Jazz Win
Profit £25.73

Burnley v Arsenal

Well in this match I backed Arsenal at 1.79 when it was 1-1 at halftime.

Unfortunately that was the way it ended!

Christmas Link:
Arsenal used to play in Highbury. One of Highbury's former famous residents is Charles Cruft. He is the founder of the Crufts Dog Show where so many PUPPIES aspire to be best of breed not just at Christmas but in their life!

Loss: £44.40

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Atlante v Barcelona

It's the semi-final of the World Club Cup so not sure how seriously Barcelona will take this but going to back them anyway at 1.25!! LOL

Halftime and it's 1-1. Barcelona coming back from 1-0 down. Let's hope they turn it on in the second half!

For the Christmas list:

Atlante are from Mexico. The first US Minister to Mexico, Joel Roberts Poinsett, had a plant named after him. That plant is the POINSETTIA and is indigenous to Mexico.

1-2 to Barcelona after 56 ish minutes. Hoping for 1-3 as I've got to go out shortly.

Barcelona won 3-1 
Profit: £6.80

Philadelphia Flyers @ Pittsburgh Penguins

With the whopping amount of £2.11 left in my bank I decided to have a punt on this when the odds were 1.24. I say when the odds were as I actually had no idea of the score or the stage of th game.

After placing the bet i thought I'd better check up and found Pittsburgh leading 3-1 at the end of the 1st Period.

The final score was 6-1 to Penguins. Perhaps this a better approach to NHL betting for me!!

As for the Christmas List:

Philadelphia was the home town of Sister Sledge. Sledge is another name for SLEIGH

Profit £0.49

Arizona Cardinals @ San Francisco 49ers

This match was the Monday night game. Unfortunately through an internet malfunction during the game I couldn't post it earlier but here it is for reference.

I really thought that the Cardinals would be far too strong for the 49ers here despite being the away team. Hence I took the price of around 1.49 for £10.00.

It was 10-0 to the 49ers when I lost my connection at the end of the 1st Quarter.

The final score was 24-9 to the 49ers. An emphatic and somewhat surprising victory.

The good news is that it ticks a couple of boxes off the Christmas list. I need to get my skates on a bit here so will look for multiple links from now on if they are available.

The first one is obvious with the Arizona CARDinalS in action.

The second is that the match was played at CANDLEStick Park.

Loss: £10.00

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Golden State Warriors @ Philadelphia 76ers

Fancied 76ers from the off in this one and got on at 1.6.

Despite a good start from Golden State it wasn't long before 76ers started to take control.

Went even green towards the end of the 1st period for £2.11 on Both

The film, The SNOWs of Kilimanjaro starred Gregory Peck.
Gregory Peck attended The University of California, Berkeley.
The campus is partially within the city of Oakland
Oakland is home to The Golden State Warriors.

Profit: £2.11

Monday, 14 December 2009

West Brom v QPR

The score was 0-2 after about 68 mins when I got on QPR at 1.19.

Unfortunately West Brom pulled one back then equalised in injury time for a final score of 2-2!

Would you Adam and Eve it?

As for the Christmas list well that has turned out nicely at least!!

West Brom's anthem is (apparently) The Lord is my SHEPHERD! :-)

Loss £10.00

Cottbus v Hansa Rostock

Posting after the event here but the bet was posted in the chat.
Put £10 on Over 1.5 in this at 1.4 after it had started.

Unfortunately it finished 0-0

As for the Christmas list well I looked Cottbus up in Wikipedia and it's obviously a thrilling place as there were only 4 sub headings! One of these was "Power Generation" where it states:

There are several COAL-fired power stations in the area around Cottbus (Lausitz).
Loss: £10.00

Weekend at The Outlaws

As I've mentioned in the chat on the blog I do soooo look forward to my visits to see the wife's family! Now I'm not saying they aren't wonderful people, far from it! In fact I'm sure they are are highly regarded in certain circles.

I guess it just boils down to the fact that the only thing we have in common is that I married their daughter! I like a drink... they don't! I like sport ... they don't! I like to eat lots of food.... they don't!

The normal weekend ensued this visit with an alcohol free house (although I do occasionally get offered a warm bottle of lager), a busy schedule of craft fairs and  antique shops. Not that they want to buy anything! Oh no, they just love looking at all that tat and fighting with the 100's of other saddo's with nothing better to do! "For God's sake people go and watch a football match or something!" I scream out!!! (Silently in my head ;-))

As if that wasn't enough they topped it all on the Sunday! Upon our arrival it was announced we were going out for Sunday lunch! A double dose of good fortune for me! It may mean a drink or two and it would certainly mean lots of food to gorge on. This gave me the strength I needed to get through Saturday's ordeal.

At least when I am at home and X Factor is on I can find escape in Spanish football or something else to bet on! Actually thinking about I'm normally still having a few beers after rugby that's why I don't see it! Anyway not at the outlaws! Oh no I had to endure 2 hours of utter crap! I have been through similar in the past as any gambler on late night South American football can testify. But I wasn't even able to have a bet on this!!

Anyway not to worry as I day dreamed of my lovely pub lunch the following day.

Sunday morning arrived and I had an unusual spring in my step as I beamed at everyone and offered conversational titbits that even Hugh Scully would have engaged with. In to the cars we piled and onto the open road we headed.

Upon arrival I noticed it wasn't a pub but not to worry it still did Sunday lunch so no problem. We were greeted in a warm and friendly manner by a delightful young girl and taken to our table. The menu's were handed out and we were asked what we wanted to drink. Being the polite soul I am, I waited my turn patiently. I've never heard so many weird and wonderful drinks ordered... elderflower, nettle blossom tea!!! WTF??? Any way when it came to me I piped up proudly.. "I'll have a Pint of your finest lager please" Big grin firmly on my face.

Suddenly the previously friendly waitress turned, her face dropped as she asked me incredulously.. "A Pint??"

I could feel the eyes of everyone in the restaurant on me. Half chewed food on display in jaw dropped gaping mouths! Had I committed a faux pas? Perhaps... Did I care? Certainly NOT!!!!

"Yes a pint!!" I responded in a firm, yet calm manner!
"I think we have some bottles in the back, would that be ok?" was not the response I was looking for!

As she scurried of to mash her wild berries and extract her bloomin essence of jiggleberry. I sought comfort in the menu.

Within thirty seconds I realised the depths of the deceit which had been deployed upon me!!! V-E-G-E-T-A-R-I-A-N!!!!! What manifestation of subversive depravity is this? I look up I look down... not even so much as a meat substitute on the menu!!

The drinks arrived as I ordered my lentil and vegetable curry. At least I could drown my sorrow's on (yes you've guessed it) WARM lager!!!

Friday, 11 December 2009

Pittsburgh Steelers @ Cleveland Browns

As discussed on the chat I have decided to go for Browns +16.5 on this match. That is one heck of a handicap for a team on the road to overhaul! Inclement weather has been reported too which bodes for a lower scoring game.

Is 1.45 Free money?? LOL Probably not but I'm on anyway!
Just glad my stakes are small at the moment as the market has terrible liquidity so there would be no chance to trade in running. Probably leave it and head to bed.

Here's the Christmas link :-)

Pittsburgh is the home town of Hip Hop duo Grand Buffet. Their first album was called SCROOGE McRock! link HERE

By the way the pic is the ghosts of Christmas present and past!! ;-)

Well What a turn up for the books!

Cleveland Browns Won 13-6
Profit: £12.72
Bank: £43.02

Not going to be around much today but will hopefully be here this evening.

Thursday, 10 December 2009

Carolina Hurricanes @ New Jersey Devils

Well here we go again. NHL gonna start of my £20 to £20k challenge Part 3.

If I get there oh how I will chuckle!

Hurricanes won on the road last time I bet against them to record their first victory on the road. No way can they do it again!! Surely??

Anyway the Christmas link is going to be Jersey. That is another name for JUMPER. As they are an ice hockey team it's cold so you would probably want a WOOLLY JUMPER lol.

Anyway took them on the moneyline @ 1.54.

2-0 up in the 1st Period so I'm hitting the sack.

Morning all just checked the score from this last night and it ended 4-2 to the Devils.

New Jersey Devils Win
Profit: £10.30
Bank: £30.30

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Olympiakos v Arsenal

Champions League football tonight so I thought I'd pump for a rather juicy 1.44 on Over 1.5 goals in this one.

As for the Christmas list well Olympiakos are from Athens and that is the home of the Olympics a great spectacle for the ancient Greeks. Another spectacle for ancient Greeks in between Olympics was PANTOMIME! Yes Ancient Greece was the birth place of the pantomime and indeed the word means roughly "imitate all" in Greek.

0-0 at Half time is not looking good!

1-0 in the 47th minute!! That's better :-)

Oh well it ended 1-0!!! Sorry if anyone lost on that one!

Loss: £41.14

Al Ahli v Auckland City

This is the first match of this years World Club Championship, or whatever they want to call it this year.

Anyway I've gone for Over 1.5 goals from the start in this one at 1.37.

0-1 Just before half time Auckland take the lead. The price for under 1.5 had come all the way in to 1.58!!!

This year's tournament is being held in Abu Dhabi.
There is no RAIN here between May and October.
Dhabi means DEER.

That'll be REINDEER then!!


Over 1.5 Goals Wins
Profit: £10.73
Bank: £41.14

Sweden v Germany

And on to Women's Handball. It's the World Championships and Germany are 18-12 up at half time.

That seems a fair enough lead to warrant taking odds of 1.09.

Also it's a good excuse to watch Swedish girls running around :-)

Northern Sweden is within the area know as LAPLAND nice and easy that one!

Germany Won
Profit: £2.40
Bank: £30.41

India U23 v Maldives

OK so, as so often happens, the challenge fell at the first hurdle. But as I promised Confushush I have refunded his £20 and we have started again. No refud guarantees this time though.

First bet is on Over 1.5 Goals between India U23 and Maldives. Maldives are 1-0 up when we get on at half time. Odds 1.42.

For the Advent List I have one now.

Some scholars theorize that the name "Maldives" derives from the Sanskrit mālādvīpa, meaning "garland of islands". Another name for a garland is WREATH indeed some call it a Christmas garland.

Maldives leave it late but finally double their lead against the 10 man opposition.

Over 1.5 Goals Wins
Profit: £8.01
Bank: £28.01

Brestnik 1948 v Levski Sofia

It being the season of goodwill and all that I have changed tack somewhat to see if I can turn £20 into £20,000 by 23rd December. That's 15 days and no small task.

I'm going to need a hell of a lot of luck but the way I look at it he's got no other option so I'll give it a crack.

The first bet is £20 on Over 2.5 goals in this match @ 1.59

Shocking price really for goals but when needs must!

I will try and find some Christmas link now. That will be a toughy as I've exhausted Sofia as had so many bets on teams from there!

Ok  here goes... Brestnik is in the Bulgarian Province of Plovdiv. 
Plovdiv is host of the international BOXING tournament "Strandzha" which takes place since 1949. In 2007 ninety-six boxers from 20 countries participated in the tournament. Some fights take place during the DAY.

So there you have it BOXING DAY

0-1 at half time! Need an early goal in the 2nd half to ease the nerves of Confushush I think!!

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Bangladesh v Sri Lanka

After last nights disaster with the Ice hockey I realised that I probably ought to reduce my bank on sports other than tennis really. As such I am going to withdraw back to £100 each day until the tennis season starts.

You know there's not a lot on when all you have to punt on is football between these two countries. Cricket maybe, but football???

Oh well I watched the first half hour or so and Bangladesh had a 1-0 lead I decided that 1.18 was good enough value for a second goal.

As we approached halftime Sri Lanka equalised but the market was settled so quickly while I was making a coffee that I can only show my P & L screen shot.

As for my Christmas list well The national bird of Bangladesh is The Magpie ROBIN

Over 1.5 Goals Wins 
Profit £17.17

At halftime I decided to have another punt on a goal and got 1.41 on over 2.5.

Over 2.5 Goals Wins
Profit: £45.83

Just had another dabble in this match. This time backing the Bangladesh win at 1.22 and out at 1.14.

Profit: £10.91

Total for this match: £73.91

Carolina Hurricanes @ Pittsburgh Penguins

Pittsburgh have a very impressive home record this season and only lost last time out against a good Chicago team in Overtime without their Captain. He is back today and The Hurricanes haven't won on the road this season!!

I thought about taking the Moneyline price of 1.37 on Penguins but instead I've gone for the Regular time odds at 1.64 with a saver lay of the tie so my book looks like this:

Hurricanes: -£253.78
Penguins: +£224.94
Tie: -£473.01

I'm hoping for a nice easy win for Penguins. 2-0 up in first period would be good! :-)

As for my Christmas list well I'm still looking. Why are Penguins only found in the southern hemisphere??? there goes Lapland and the North Pole!! Oh well nobody said it would be easy.

Good luck if you're on and Happy Punting!

Got my Christmas link.

Pittsburgh is named after William Pitt the Elder.
He had a son, William Pitt the Younger.
When William Pitt the Younger became Prime Minister of Great Britain his Government was ridiculed and nicknamed "The MINCE PIE" Administration as many didn't think it would last beyond the Christmas season. However he remained in power for 17 years!

So Mince Pie is done now let's hope Pittsburgh turn this around as they trail 1-0 early in the 1st period!

Hmm 2-0 at end of 1st Period

3-0 early in the 2nd!! Well this is a turn up for the books!!

3-1 C'mon !!! I think it's time for some Hot Chocolate!! ;-)
3-2 I do believe in miracles!!

3-2 it remains at the end of the 3rd! Really need them to continue dominating in the 3rd.

Sunday, 6 December 2009

Dallas Cowboys @ New York Giants

There's 3:39 left in the 3rd Qtr when I get on at 1.65. Giants have just scored a Touchdown to retake the lead 21-17. Home field advantage and that 4 pt cushion is enough for me to think this is value. Hoping they can stop Dallas scoring on this drive and the odds should be low enough to warrant a green out.

Now to find a Christmas link!

Well the Giants got the shut out, but odds not low enough. I need 1.4 to green out for guaranteed weekly profit!

Better than I hoped and out at 1.20

£126.45 on Both.

OK I have a link!

Cowboys ride horses, Horses can suffer from a problem called CRIBbing here's an explanation of what that is!

San Diego Chargers @ Cleveland Browns

Well I wanted to get on Chargers from the start but, unfortunately, Saints game went into Overtime.

Anyway I have to get involved as I have a Christmas link for this that I may not get the chance to use again!

Got on at 1.04 but only £32.47 matched off at 1.03

£0.30 on both LOL

Any way here's the link.

San Diego is the birthplace of RuPaul.
He/She (whatever) released an album in 1997 called HO HO HO :-)

New Orleans Saints @ Washington Redskins

I can't look beyond the Saints here and to be honest I'm gob smacked by the odds!

1.25 is a gift if Drew Brees plays anywhere near the level he played in their last game against the Patriots.

I wish there was a +/- 3.5 market as I would definitely taken the Saints -3.5 here.

Good Luck if you're on and Happy Punting!!!

Now to find a link to my Christmas List!

Well a shaky start from Saints let Redskins open up a 10-0 lead in the 1st Qtr but they came back fighting in the 2nd to level the game 17-17 at halftime. If Saints continue their 2nd half performances from this season then there is only one winner here!

Really struggling to find a Christmas link here so it's a tad tenuous but I'm sure it's OK!

Here Goes...

One of the last players that Princeton University produced that made it pro was Ross Tucker.
Ross Tucker ended his Career at Washington Redskins.
Princeton is an IVY league University.
So IVY it is!

While I have been searching for that Redskins have opened up a 27-17 lead with 7.48 left in the 3rd!

Hmmm getting down to the wire now. Redskins lead 30-23 with 6:52 left in the game. A combination of great Redskins offence and poor Saints defence not to mention lacklustre red zone plays from Saints has my bet in trouble here. AT least there wasn't a -3.5 market to get on!!! LOL

OMG Redskins missed the Field Goal!!

C'mon Brees let's have a TD drive to tie the game then!!

Yeessss TD and Extra Point is good!!! 30-30 but still 1.19 on clock it's gonna be tight :o

Saints got an Interception with 28 seconds on the clock but to no avail so 30-30 it is and into Overtime!!

FFS My computer decided to crash at the start of Overtime!! But back now and Redskins still have the ball 3rd and 1 on own 39 yd line!

Redskins fumble and Saints have possession almost in FG range!! C'mon Saints!!!

New Orleans Saints Win 33-30
Profit: £68.08

Friday, 4 December 2009

Fortuna Dusseldorf v Arminia Bielefeld

No time to do a write up just yet But Over 1.5 was the bet and landed after 23 mins!!

Right back now sorry about that! The bet was at 1.44 which I always say is cracking value whoever is playing for Over 1.5 Goals.

And the goals soon started flying in and it was 2-0 after just 23minutes.

As for Christmas well the link here is obvious! Dusseldorf has a player called CLAUS Costa. So That would be SANTA CLAUS done then.

Over 1.5 Goals Wins
Profit: £84.43

Pat Cash v Pat Rafter

Not had a bet on these OAP masters yet so thought I'd have a dabble. Rafter took the 1st set 6-2 but was trailing 0-2* in the second but had deuce on the Cash serve so I got on at 1.15 and some at 1.12. Rafter duly got the break back for 1*-2. Hoping that is the end for Cash.

Out at 1.07 for £11.33 on both

As for the link to Christmas... Well funnily enough this competition is being played in The Royal Albert Hall which was scheduled to open on Christmas Day 1870. However as per usual it over ran and was opened by Queen Victoria on 29th March 1871. The QUEEN'S SPEECH was most notable for the fact she didn't do one as she was too overcome with emotion.

Cash Wins 2-6 6-2 10-6
Profit: £11.34

14:35 Sandown

Nomad gave me a tip so I thought I'd stick a tenner on it!!

The horse was Or Jaune. Apparently it performs well on the soft so he tells me!! LOL

Not today it bloomin didn't!

4th out of...... FOUR!

Oh well at least I have managed to find a link to the Advent Challenge List.
Or Jaune translates as Yellow Gold.
India has lots of links with gold and indeed Lucknow is called the Golden City of the East.
Arguably Lucknow's most famous son was born on 14th October 1940.
Christened Harry Rodger Webb
We all know and love him as.....

Loss: £10.00

Edmonton Oilers @ Detroit Red Wings

Looking to get straight back on the horse after the huge loss in the Fulham game I've gone all in on Detroit Red Wings here.

Now I just have to find a link to Christmas.

1-0 Edmonton :-(

2-0 Edmonton!!!! Uh oh!!

2-1 right at the end of the 1st period. C'mon!!

And I've found a Christmas link! Apparently there is a road in Edmonton called CANDY CANE Lane by the locals. It's on Wikipedia here:,_Edmonton

What a day! Edmonton Oilers now 4-1 up at the end of the 2nd Period!

And it finished 4-1 if Red Wings had been able to convert a tenth of their chances it could have been so different. Oh well onwards and upwards. Happy Punting!

Loss: £109.19

Thursday, 3 December 2009

Fulham v CSKA Sofia

I think I must have bet more on teams from Sofia than any other in the last few days!! They're everywhere!

Anyway Fulham lead 1-0 at half time so I've gone for Over 1.5 Goals here at 1.32. Let's hope we don't need Bowie from the bench!!

AS for the Christmas Challenge, well I have discovered that Fulham have a commercial link with Boston Red SOX so socks is covered. :-)

Live by the sword Die by the sword

Loss: £1973.01

14:05 Leicester

Had a horse called Games so thought I'd get a piece of that action.

Just put £10 on and realised it was 300/1!!! LOL

In running I could have greened for a double my money profit. But I didn't and it was soon at 1000!!!

Oh well.

Loss: £10

But at least we crossed Board GAMES off the list :-)

Fluminense v LDU Quito

It is 2-0 at half time so I have decided to get on Over 2.5 Goals. Aggregate score is 3-5 so the home team really have to throw everything at the 10 men of LDU.

Nice and easy please while I find a connection with my Christmas list!

I've gone for the obvious link here as it's late! Fluminense are from Rio de Janeiro so anything but JESUS would be silly seeing as they have an iconic bloomin great statue of him on a hill!



Over 2.5 Wins
Profit: £320.47

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