Thursday, 31 December 2009

Tennis is back!!

2009 is not quite finished in the real world! But in the world of tennis it seems like a distant memory!

It feels like welcoming back an old friend after a period of enforced absence. It must be true that absence makes the heart grow fonder.... gone are the frustrations, the thoughts of dodgy matches and the realisations that the player you backed just can't be bothered this week.

Maybe the fact that the tennis season follows the sun and therefore tricks the brain into thinking you are actually getting some feel good Vitamin D is why it appeals so much. On the other hand it may be the fact that you get to see sexy young ladies running around getting sweaty that draws a crowd ;-)

Anyway regardless of the attraction I am sure glad it's back! Just an exhibition tournament for the next couple of days but it is the "World Championship" or some other ridiculously self opinionated over inflated title! LOL

As for today's match ups it is difficult to look beyond the two favourites. Davy is too short though in my opinion and I'll be looking to get involved in running as it develops. As for Soderling I actually think he is going to have a disappointing season this year after his exploits last year. However Wawrinka should not pose any problems here as he has been pretty poor of late and added to that he got married two weeks ago and his wife is 7 or 8 months pregnant so not sure if he may have come for the appearance money.


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