Sunday, 15 February 2015

As it happens...

Well early on I thought the Scotland victory was on. But early in the 2nd half I was beginning to wonder if all three bets were going to lose!

A finishing rally from Scotland made it very close but it ended 23-26,

Back Scotland for £50 @ 2.91 - LOSS £50.00

Back Scotland +15.5 Points for £300 @ 1.20 - PROFIT: £57.00

Back over 3.5 Tries for £50 @ 2.14 - PROFIT: £54.15

It's looking good so far in the Arsenal match with them 2-0 up at half time. And Barcelona have got half the goals needed with a 2-0 lead at half time too.

Barcelona make it 3-0 after 59 minutes and it's Messi's 2nd of the game. A hattrick would be nice!

65 minutes and it's a penalty... Messi to take... Booooom! 4-0
Antonella Rocuzzo - Lionel Messi's girlfriend

Barcelona v Levante Over 3.5 Goals £100 @ 1.51 - PROFIT: £48.45

Arsenal win 2-0.

Back Arsenal for £100 @ 1.46 - PROFIT: £43.93

Daily Total: PROFIT £153.53

Yearly Total: PROFIT £305.22

Sunday 15th February 2015

Johanna Hyoty - Finnish tennis player 23 today

After yesterday's failings I hope to get back to winning ways today.

I'll start with a bit of rugby. It's Scotland v Wales and I was torn on this. I really fancy Scotland to get the win here but do I risk cold hard cash on it? They are a very juicy 2.92. Amazingly Scotland +15.5 points is at 1.20. The other bet I'm interested in is Over 3.5 match tries at 2.14.

So I'll have a nibble of all three bets  think.

Scotland v Wales: Back Scotland for £50 @ 2.92 (Potential Profit: £91.20)

Scotland v Wales: Back Scotland + 15.5 Points for £300 @ 1.20 (Potential Profit: £57.00)

Scotland v Wales: Back Over 3.5 Tries for £50 @ 2.14 (Potential Profit: £54.15)

On to some football and we have the FA Cup match between Arsenal and Middleborough. Arsenal will want ensure passage to the next round at the 1st attempt here so I'm backing them for the win.

Arsenal v Middleborough: Back Arsenal for £100 @ 1.46 (Potential Profit: £43.93)

In Spain Barcelona need to keep up the pressure on Real Madrid at the top of the league and have what should be a straight forward match against Levante today. However 1.06 is a bit skinny! There should be plenty of goals and the odds reflect this, but that is where my money is going.

Barcelona v Levante: Over 3.5 Goals for £100 @ 1.51 (Potential Profit: £48.45)

Good luck all and hopefully a profitable day today.

Happy Punting!

Valentine's Day Massacre!

Well that wasn't a great day yesterday!

A bit of misfortune with Mike Brown going off injured early in the first half in the rugby. Then I don't know what hapenned to PSG. 2-0 up and cruising at half time. Caen got what probably seemed like a consolation goal on 89 minutes only to get the equaliser in the 2nd minute of stoppage time. It did trade at 1.01 so hopefully if anyone got on they traded out? I didn't unfortunately :-(

Then on to the main event and Liverpool came from behind to win 1-2 with goals from daniel Sturridge and Adam Lallana, and in the process land my Over 1.5 Goals bet.
Emily Jubb - Mrs Adam Lallana

The other two bets I mentioned, Bayern & Real Madrid, both won. I didn't get on myself.

Mike Brown to score anytime: LOSS £100

PSG v Caen: LOSS £100

Crystal Palace v Liverpool Over 1.5 Goals: PROFIT £99.75

Daily Total: LOSS £100.25

Yearly Profit: + £151.69

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