Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Xerez v Barcelona

The score is 0-1 and we are 10 minutes into the 2nd half. may not manage to get it all matched though!

All matched now at 1.06!! Now to find the Christmas link!

And out at 1.03 for £53.11 on both

Well I guess the obvious link is JOSEPH as Barcelona's coach is Josep Guardiola.

Although as his parents obviously couldn't spell I'll help out with the extra H

Under 4.5 Wins
Profit: £53.11

Hamburg v Rapid Vienna

No time for a write up I'll explain later just wanted to get the screen shot up!!!

Ok so this bet took literally 10 secs to land I couldn't really understand why my bet was matched as soon as I placed it with it being so large but I'm quite happy it was as no sooner was it done than SUSPENDED flashed across the screen!

The reason why I wanted this bet was because of the Christmas Challenge!! I had discovered earlier that the ADVENT CALENDAR was invented and first printed in Hamburg. So I was looking for any opportunity to take the bet. I would have taken OVER 1.5 from the off but for the horse racing bet. So I decided to go for 1 goal in the second half and the best way to do that was lay 0-0 as it was a goal less 1st half.

Hamburg Won 2-0
Profit: £428.86

8.50 Kempton

We have Daddy's GIFT and Beat the BELL running in this one so I've put a tenner on each to win at odds of 9 and 28 respectively.

Get in Daddy's Gift wins

Profit: £66.30

7.20 at Kempton

Was still on the Villareal game but layed out £10 just so I could have this bet.

£10 on NATIVITY to win at 30's :-)

Unsurprisingly it didn't win but had I not been looking for a picture I good have greened for a nice profit on this!!! D'oh!

Levski Sofia v Villareal

Yet another bet involving a team from Sofia. AS I know from the last one there are no links to my Christmas list there!

Anyway the bet is Over 1.5 goals at 1.32. Matched before the start.

The christmas link is ORANGEs apparently the towns economy was based on Orange farming before they started making ceramic tiles! :-) I could have gone for The three Kings too as according to Wikipedia it mean The Kings Town. But I'll save that one.

0-1 at half time. A 2nd by 60 mins is require please as I don't want to miss Nativity running in the 7:20 at Kempton! :-)

I was getting nervous there!!! But 0-2 in the 85th minute!

Over 1.5 Goals Wins
Profit: £329.76

Zenit Kazan v CSKA Sofia

Kazan were 1.06 before the start so I was expecting it to be a landslide win. However CSKA took the first set and Kazan took the second. Decided to get on early in the third with Kazan leading 8-7.

Now to find a Christmas link!!

14-9 up now in the 3rd and I'm really struggling to get out of this nobody wants to match my bet!!
Hmmm back to 15-14 now I do hope lack of liquidity comes back to bite me on the bum!!

Well that's the set and I still have half my stake not layed off! Need the first couple of points in the 4th for it to be taken I guess!

Finally green at 5-3 in the 4th but not even green yet!
Moved the last bit up to 1.09 to even it out.
Now £63.73 on Both

Kazan Win 3-1
Profit: £63.73

Not sure what happened here? I did write up what the link was but my edit seems to have vanished! The only thing I could find is that Sofia is twinned with BRUSSELS. Sorry Rev didn't use the Anderlecht tip!

Catania v Empoli

Gone for Over 1.5 Goals before kick off here at odds of 1.46. Thank you very much. Now just need the goals to come nice and early please while I look for a link to Christmas! :-)

Well while looking for a Christmas link I missed the goal! Catania take a 1-0 lead after 12 mins so I green up for £190 on each at 1.18.

I have also found a Christmas link. Catania is not only a city but also a metropolitan area. Within that area there is a coastal feature called The GROTTOs of Ulysses. Extract from Wikipedia below:

Along Ognina's coastline are visible the spectacular natural Grottos of Ulysses (le Grotte d'Ulisse).
Ulysses and his companions landed in these precincts during the Sicilian scenes of the Odyssey when they will encounter and encave inside Polyphemus' cavern.
Immediately after the blinding of the cyclops, the King of Ithaca and the survived few will flee from his fury reaching the nearby roadstead of Ognina.
Owing to this reason the charming seaway of the Gulf of Ognina (Golfo di Ognina) or "Porticciolo di Ognina" is still identified with the dual names of "Porto Ulisse" ( Port Ulysses ) or "Baia d'Ulisse" ( Ulysses' Bay ).

2-0 after 74 mins

Over 1.5 Goals Wins
Profit £190.97

Washington Wizards @ Toronto Raptors

Following my love of backing home team favourites I lumped on Raptors at 1.4 before the start.

They were behind for most of the 1stperiod and gained the lead in the 2nd so I decided to green up when given the chance at 1.29.

£63.44 on both.

This is proving rather tricky to find a Christmas link on at the moment but bear with me I'm sure I'll find one by the end!!

Yes I have one!!

Andrea Bargnani plays for the Toronto Raptors. He was born in Rome. Rome is the region of Lazio. Lazio is twinned with Bethlehem!!
There easy really ;-)

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