Monday, 28 September 2009

Wozniak v Date Krumm

Well done last week Kimiko but today I think she will come down to earth with a bump. A combination of old legs and more cosecutive games than she's had for years will be telling here. All in Woz from the off.

Back Aleksandra Wozniak 1.44 £202.69 £89.18
Ref: 9039868235 Bet matched:11:48 28-Sep-09

3*-1 Woz gets to 0-40 Kimiko saves them all though before gifting another which Woz takes. Odds 1.18. Biggest concern at the moment is if Kimiko will see out this 1st set. She should though as she's playing at home.

3-2* Hmmmm can I change that to holding being my first concern LOL 2 bp's to Kimiko duly saved by Woz then another which I thought was saved with an ace but it was called out. Sved it anyway but had another which Woz puts long. Odds 1.29

5*-3 Break from being 40-15 up Odds 1.2. Can she serve it out?

5-4* Suffering the curse of the 0-40's today! saved 1 but broken to 15 Odds 1.38 break for set please :)

5*-5 Set point saved and pretty brainless returning from Woz in this game should have had the break! Odds 1.58

5-6* Started with a df! then 2nd serve and 0-30. Hits a silly shot long again and we have 0-40. Fianlly a decent 1st serve saves the 1st then Kimiko plays a good point for the break.

5-7 Here we go again bashing the ball 10 feet long on return!! Holds to love for the set!!

2*-0 Woz makes the 1st breakthrough again on 2nd time of asking to 30. Odds 1.75. Will she actually hold this time?

2-1* Broken to 30 after being 30-0 up!! Pfff awaful is the only word! Or maybe inept! :( 1.80 on Kimiko now!

2*-2 Hold to love :( C'mon Woz start playing again!!

2-3* Woz is playing right into Kimiko's hands giving her balls straight up the middle! Does she realise the court is not 2 metres wide!!! Woz should be winning this match. Yes some nice shots and craft from Kimiko but if half of Woz's shots hadn't been 10 feet long or down the sides she would have pissed this.

2*-4 Holds to 30 and yet again WOz gifts away points she should have won!! :(
Odds of 1.12 are crazy thoughI would lay if I wasn't already Fu@*ed! :D

And I would have lost again if I did LOL Break for 2-5* This is one of those matches that I wish I had no pics for as the stats favour Kimiko but watching you can see that Woz determined the outcome of nearly 70% of the points so should really have won imho. If I had only had sb I would have got out of this in the 1st set probably. Hey ho still chance of a low odds gubbing :)

3*-5 There's 1 break back is it too much to ask for a hold to put pressure on Kimiko?

4-5* Here we go now or never Woz. Gotta be another break please :)

5*-5 Finally Woz is starting to play it to the edges of the court rather than straight up the middle! Gave her 0-40. Kimiko saves the 1st but not the 2nd :) Probably broken again now though!!

6-5* From 30-0 and coasting to 30all in that game had me shaking my head but holds to 30. Now a free game to Woz can she make it 5 games on the spin for the set :)

6-6 Had 15-0 and 30-15 but Kimiko holds to 30 TB time c'mon Woz!!!

Starts with a df is not good. Prob needs 2 mb now please. There's one! Now another please!!!Nice now 2 holds please :) 3*-1 c'mon WOz another!! 4-1** now another mb please :) 5-1* at the turnaround 1 df a piece now :o. Another mb will make me happy!
5**-2 2 serves for the set please Woz :) here's one 6*-2!!!

1-1 Get in Woz!!! I believe !!!! :) Now Kimikpo to serve 1st lets see if she has any reserves left in the tank. Praying for the Woz break straight away!! Odds 1.55 on Woz! My 1.12 lay would have been in clover now!!! Had I not actually gone all in at the start!! LOL

1*-0 From 40-15 to deuce then gp to break can she hold it!!!!

30-0 is enough for me and I'm out. Probably 1.01 express now but happy with my return after being on the brink!!

Aleksandra Wozniak 1.18 £23.14 £27.31 £4.17
Ref: 9040492144 Bet matched: 13:45 28-Sep-09
1.18 £24.21 £28.57 £4.36
Ref: 9040492144 Bet matched: 13:45 28-Sep-09

£42.74 on both

Wozniacki wins 5-7 7-6(2) 6-4
Profit: £42.74
Bank: £245.43

Schiavone v Sharapova

Got some on at 1.94 when deuce then rest at 1.73ish when bp 2-2 2nd set.

Sharapova has lost more service points than she's won and that is a recipe for disaster as far as she is concerned. Still plenty of time to get out if it goes wrong but I just felt odds were staggeringly high! Hope I'm right!

Francesca Schiavone 1.72 £190.95 £137.48
Ref: 9039536141 Bet matched:10:29 28-Sep-09
1.72 £500.00 £360.00
Ref: 9039536141 Bet matched:10:29 28-Sep-09
1.73 £18.00 £13.14
Ref: 9039536141 Bet matched:10:29 28-Sep-09
1.75 £3.68 £2.76
Ref: 9039536141 Bet matched:10:29 28-Sep-09
1.94 £276.22 £259.65
Ref: 9039533575 Bet matched:10:29 28-Sep-09

4-2 Sciavone broke then held from 0-40 with 5 straight points mighty impressive. Another break now would be nice odds 1.38

4*-3 Shara holds to 30 A hold from Schiavone here will really pile the pressure on an already wobbling Sharapova service game. Just need the hold by hook or by crook. Odds 1.51

4-4* So frustrating 0-40 again but this time can't save it and is broken to 15. Odds 2.10 Let's have a break back or Sharapova may just get her act together here.

4*-5 Not looking good now Shara getting stronger Hold to 15! Odds 1.57 on Shara. Can Schiavone actually hold here, she'd better or I'm ballsed :D

5-5* Set point saved that game! Now the obligatory break please ;).

5*-6 Free game now for Sharapova :( Is asking Francesca to hold twice in a row pushing it???? LOL Odds 1.63 on Shara.

If she just won her 1st service point it might help but out to 0-40 yet again and broken to 15!

Deciding set now. Sharapova to serve first here. She's picked her service game up but a break and we'll be back to evens so staying put for now :( Odds 1.35 on Shara.

0*-1 Hold to love. Probably gonna regret not trading here but gonna stick with Fran for a little longer just give me a hold please :)

Bitten the bullet at 15-30 and redded out to leave me some bank to fight on with. She'll probably hold now. And to think not that long ago I had the opportunity to green for £250 on each and didn't take it. Ho hum onwards and upwards!

Maria Sharapova 1.13 £7.00 £0.91
Ref: 9039676307 Bet matched:11:08 28-Sep-09
1.13 £450.17 £58.52
Ref: 9039676307 Bet matched:11:08 28-Sep-09
1.13 £13.24 £1.72
Ref: 9039676307 Bet matched:11:08 28-Sep-09
1.13 £92.07 £11.97
Ref: 9039676307 Bet matched:11:08 28-Sep-09
1.13 £111.26 £14.46
Ref: 9039676307 Bet matched:11:08 28-Sep-09
1.13 £192.87 £25.07
Ref: 9039676307 Bet matched:11:08 28-Sep-09
1.13 £232.22 £30.19
Ref: 9039676307 Bet matched:11:08 28-Sep-09
1.13 £460.36 £59.85
Ref: 9039676307 Bet matched:11:08 28-Sep-09

0-2* DF seals the break! Anyway I'm all red

-786.16 on both!!! :(

Sharapova wins 4-6 7-5 6-1
Loss: £786.16
Bank: £202.69

Petkovic v Kuznetsova

On when 5*-3 final set @1.29

Andrea Petkovic 1.29 £771.71 £223.80
Ref: 9039289556 Bet placed: 08:54 28-Sep-09

SErving for the match is always risky but holds to Love

Petkovic Wins 7-5 4-6 6-3
Profit £217.15

Firstly I'd better just clarify somehing. I withdrew 10% of my bank last night as I am actually supposed to do so every day but haven't been doing so £85.74 taken out leaves a balance of £771.71.


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