Sunday, 1 June 2014

Figueirense v Atletico PR

Laura Pigossi - Brazil Number 2

Over to some Brazilian football from the Campeonato.

20 minutes played and it's 0-0. I'm going for Over 0.5 goals at 1.17.

Over 0.5 Goals1.17£97.02
Ref: 48153009690 Matched: 22:53 01-Jun-14
Over 0.5 Goals1.17£391.94
Ref: 48153008582 Matched: 22:53 01-Jun-14
Over 0.5 Goals1.17£3.76
Ref: 48153011368 Matched: 22:54 01-Jun-14

45+2 minutes: Goal for Atletico. Coutinho makes it 0-1

Over 0.5 Goals wins
Profit: £80.49
Bank: £573.21

Chicago Fire v Los Angeles Galaxy

Monica Raymund - Star of Chicago Fire

On to some MLS now. Going for Over 1.5 Goals here at 1.32

Over 1.5 Goals1.32£84.34
Ref: 48150822618 Matched: 21:10 01-Jun-14
Over 1.5 Goals1.32£24.40
Ref: 48150819589 Matched: 21:10 01-Jun-14
Over 1.5 Goals1.32£28.46
Ref: 48150812904 Matched: 21:10 01-Jun-14
Over 1.5 Goals1.32£84.36
Ref: 48150829821 Matched: 21:11 01-Jun-14
Over 1.5 Goals1.32£70.86
Ref: 48150840137 Matched: 21:11 01-Jun-14
Over 1.5 Goals1.32£84.40
Ref: 48150837400 Matched: 21:11 01-Jun-14

Half Time: Here we go again 0-0.

55 minutes: Still 0-0 and a very dull game.

67 minutes: Penalty given for a foul outside the box but I think that's a great decision! And it's converted by Larentowicz 1-0. Now push for an equaliser Galaxy.

72 minutes: Landon Donovan gets the equaliser 1-1

Over 1.5 Goals Wins
Profit: £115.90
Bank: £492.72

Sweden v Belgium

An-Sophie Mestach - Belgium Number 4

Germany match still on but thought I'd use USA winnings on this one.

Going for Over 1.5 at 1.49 after about 8 minutes.

Over 1.5 Goals1.49£18.23
Ref: 48147855852 Matched: 19:38 01-Jun-14
Over 1.5 Goals1.49£96.18
Ref: 48147859795 Matched: 19:38 01-Jun-14

33 minutes on the clock and it's Lukaku banging it in for Belgium 0-1.

55 minutes gone still 0-1. More depressing is, it's still 0-0 in the Germany match.

65 minutes: Still 0-1 c'mon chuck Zlatan Ibrahimovic on!

78 minutes: Eden Hazard makes it 0-2.

Over 1.5 Goals wins
Profit: £53.87
Bank: £376.82

Germany v Cameroon

Annika Beck - German Number 4

Another footy match whilst the USA Turkey match is still going on.

Going for Over 2.5 Goals at 1.69 in this match from the off.

Over 2.5 Goals1.69£31.69
Ref: 48147580295 Matched: 19:28 01-Jun-14
Over 2.5 Goals1.69£93.70
Ref: 48147580297 Matched: 19:28 01-Jun-14

Well this is the one I thought would be full of goals yet it's 0-0 at half time. At least the Sweden Belgium game is 0-1.

60 minutes gone and still 0-0 :-(

62 minutes and Eto'o gets the scoreboard ticking. 0-1. Surely a response from Germany now? I could red out for -£62, but I won't!

66 minutes: Muller with the equaliser. Get in!! Could green for £6.79.

71 minutes: GOALLLLL Schurrle put Germany in front, and more importantly wins my bet!

Over 2.5 Goals Wins
Profit: £83.15
Bank: £322.95

USA v Turkey

Cagla Buyukakcay - Turkish Number 1

Back to the footy and a quick dabble on Over 1.5 Goals at 1.15 with my £100 bank as winning are still stuck in the tennis.

8 minutes in to the match by the way.

Over 0.5 Goals1.15£8.13
Ref: 48147176336 Matched: 19:14 01-Jun-14
Over 0.5 Goals1.15£1.63
Ref: 48147176338 Matched: 19:14 01-Jun-14
Over 0.5 Goals1.15£5.40
Ref: 48147176340 Matched: 19:14 01-Jun-14
Over 0.5 Goals1.15£84.84
Ref: 48147176398 Matched: 19:14 01-Jun-14

While sorting out my bet on the Germany match I come back to see it's 1-0 in this!

Over 0.5 Goals wins
Profit: £14.41
Bank: £239.80

Sam Stosur V Maria Sharapova

Maria Sharapova - French Open 2014

Hahaha broke my own deposit rule within a minute and chucked £100 in.

Stosur won the first set 6-4 and it's 4*-4 when I get on Sharapova at 2.42

Maria Sharapova2.42£100.00
Ref: 48146521207 Matched: 18:50 01-Jun-14

And a break to love for 4-5* now why didn't I get that kind of luck when I had £500 on?

And holds to 15 to take the second set 4-6.

Hello 15-40 in the 1st game of the 3rd set.2nd serve, BREAK! 0-1* I could green for £97 now almost doubling my money... Hmmmm.

0*-2 No real issues here. Sharapova starting to cruise.

Sharapova breaks to love for 0-3* Can green for £128.35

Greened for £125.13 on both :-)

SHarapova rampant in this set then match point with a 0-5* lead and double faults for Deuce! Faces a couple of break points in that game but closes it out for GSM.

Sharapova Wins
Profit: £125.13
Bank: £225.13

Dnepr Mogilev v BATE

Nicolle Bate

Not for the faint hearted folks I've decided to go full on for the chase.

£550 deposited which takes me to my monthly limit I set myself. Going all in on Over 2.5 Goals in this match at evens. Wish me luck I probably need it, but fortune favours the brave. Mind you they also say a fool and his money are easily parted! :-)

Over 2.5 Goals2£427.63
Ref: 48141818523 Matched: 16:59 01-Jun-14
Over 2.5 Goals2£4.24
Ref: 48141825768 Matched: 16:59 01-Jun-14
Over 2.5 Goals2£48.56
Ref: 48141845163 Matched: 16:59 01-Jun-14
Over 2.5 Goals2£7.31
Ref: 48141836925 Matched: 16:59 01-Jun-14
Over 2.5 Goals2£12.02
Ref: 48141899646 Matched: 17:00 01-Jun-14
Over 2.5 Goals2£0.24
Ref: 48141925190 Matched: 17:01 01-Jun-14

Well this isn't going to plan! 0-0 at half time. It maybe my punting funds over for June on the first day! :-(

65 minutes gone and still 0-0. Don't you just hate when you look at the other game you were thinking of punting on at higher odds has already landed. Them's the breaks :-(

79 minutes and we have a goal by BATE 0-1. A gllimour of hope I doubt it. They could have scored 70 minutes earlier to give me a nice fat green!

Oh well it didn't pay off. No punting for me for a whole month! (perhaps)

Toulon Tournament: Portugal v England

I would! :-) Portuguese Fan

Third place play off in this tournament which doesn't have semi finals just the winners of each group into the final.

I'm taking Over 1.5 goals at 1.44. Great odds I think as I actually think there will be at least three in this one, but not brave enough to take the 2.40 available on Over 2.5 Goals.

Over 1.5 Goals1.44£32.07
Ref: 48134450373 Matched: 14:55 01-Jun-14
Over 1.5 Goals1.44£587.76
Ref: 48134426909 Matched: 14:55 01-Jun-14

Well looks like I've got this all wrong so far! 0-0 at half time. Portugal have hit the cross bar and qne or two chances for England and that's it :-(

Need a big improvement in the 2nd half to salvage this one.

55 minutes and it's 1-0. Totally against the run of play, England have been well on top this half. But I'm not complaining. I'll complain even less if they get a quick equaliser!

5 minutes to go and still 1-0 c'mon give me a goal.

Full time 1-0 FFS well that's £250 down for the weekend for me :-(

Ajla Tomljanovic v Carla Suarez Navarro

Ajla Tomljanovic

Now Ajla Tomljanovic has had a good run here at Roland Garros but it ends today. I'm not usually one for punting on tennis from the start of a match but 1.28 on Suarez Navarro is too high in my humble opinion. Apart from the retirement in Stuttgart she has only been beaten by Serena Williams and Ana Ivanovic on clay this year.

In comparison Tomljanovic has lost to an illustrious group of players such as Zarina Diyas (ranked 86), Chanelle Scheepers (ranked 75), Katarzyna Piter (ranked 95), Alisa Kleybanova (ranked 87) and Jelena Jankovic (ranked 7) which is fair enough.

Carla Suarez Navarro1.28£183.00
Ref: 48128482302 Matched: 12:17 01-Jun-14
Carla Suarez Navarro1.28£305.41
Ref: 48128482304 Matched: 12:17 01-Jun-14

And there's the first break for Suarez Navarro. 1-2*

Another break to wrap the set up 3-6. Suarez Navarro to serve first in the second set. I could green out for £76.12 but will stick with it for now.

Bloody typical, broken first game of the second set 1*-0.

15-40 chance of a break straight back here... 2nd serve, there it is! 1-1*

Ship steadied, a hold to 15 for 1*-2.

Oi Oi 15-40... and BREAK! 1-3* Now hold please.

Which she does for a 1*-4 lead. I could green out at £113.93 but may as well let it run to the conclusion now.

Good hold for 2-4*

Hmmm puts the smash into the net for BP Tomljanovic... Deuce... GP... unlucky net chord Deuce... GP#3... And Holds. 2*-5

Tomljanovic serving to stay in the match then. Good hold. 3-5*

Let's get this wrapped up then Carla. 0-15... 15-15... 15-30... 30-30... Sweet drop shot 30-40... 2nd serve, Deuce... BP#2... Deuce... MP#1... Great rally she's not giving up Deuce... MP#2... GSM

Suarez Navarro Wins
Profit: £131.42
Bank: £619.83

Richard Gasquet v Fernando Verdasco

Jarah Mariano - Fernando Verdasco's Girlfriend

Well thanks to Mr Froch I had a bit of extra cash (and a hangover) from yesterday. So despite blowing out on Friday night I've loaded my winnings up with a £400 deposit. I love a bit of chasing!! Lumping £400 to chase £150 hahaha. Now boys and girls do not do this it will only end in tears! :-)

So Verdasco leads this match 3-6 2-6 2-2* before the match was stopped yesterday so play resumes this morning. Odds of 1.23 are very generous in my opinion at this stage of the match. I know Gasquet can be sublime at times but those are, unfortunately, not often enough through his career to have made the impact his undoubted talent deserved.

I was shocked to see that Gasquet is the highest earning tennis player in the world by some margin! A string of shrewd investments it would seem are paying dividend earning him $58 million last year! Here's the link to the story:

Hold to love for 2*-3 Good start from Cocknose.

Equally good start from Gasquet holds to 15 3-3*

30-30... Uh oh 30-40... Phew Deuce... GP... Holds. 3*-4

Oi! Oi! 30-40 Take it!!! Yes the Break! 3-5* Serve it out now Fernando!

15-0 good rally that... 2nd serve, great net play from Gasquet 15-15... shot 30-15... ooof into the net 30-30... 2nd serve, great wide 2nd serve sets up Match Point... Superb point! GSM

Verdasco Wins
Profit: £88.41
Bank: £488.41 

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