Saturday, 31 October 2009


Sorry everyone. Family time this morning and rugby this afternoon so not going to be about. Back tomorrow definitely though.

Good luck and happy punting.

Friday, 30 October 2009

Janko Tipsarevic v Gael Monfils

Score is 6-4 3*-2 to Tipsarevic. Hoping he can finish this off from here.

4-2* holds from 30-30 now can he nick another break. Is Monfils bothered?
4*-3 It seems Monfils is fighting so Tipsarevic ids going to have to work and serve this out. 2 more holds Janko!
0-30 C'mon Tipsy hold!! 0-40 :( 1 saved c'mon 2 more!! Oof tough call on Monfils 2 saved 1 more please!!
Get in all saved now don't hand him another straight away! Why does that always happen?? BP :( and Break! :(
4-4* C'mon another break then Janko!
4*-5 Monfils acting the clown now. Show him who's boss Janko!! C'mon!!!
Hmm Janko's first serve seems to have disappeared whilst Monfils seems to have found his :(
Monfils is such a goon... trying to get the crowd to sarcastically cheer an over rule!! Idiot!
5-5* C'mon Tipsarevic break him!!
15-40 c'mon Take One!!!!!
30-40 TAKE IT!!!!!!! Saved :(
5*-6 Free game for Monfils now :( C'mon Janko let's get to the TB!!
Tie break it is!!

0**-1 c'mon 2 holds Janko
0*-2 Not a great start get your act together!!
1-2** Now 2 MB against him please Monfils is trying to take the piss here!!
2-2* Not so great now are you Gael?
2**-3 C'mon Tipsy two aces would be nice!
3*-3 And another hold before turning the screw please!!
4-3** Pressure!! C'mon the MB!!!
4-4* gotta get it back in play Janko!
4**-5 OHHH Tipsy should have had that one. Let's have two holds then!!
4*-6 FFS  should have been a mb up to a mb down in 2 pts!!
5-6** break him!!!!
6-6* Great shot and another
6**-7 c'mon don't fluff it now Tipsy!!
7*-7 ACE!!!! Let's have another!!
8-7** Match Point TAKE IT!!!!!!
8**-9 :(
Set Monfils!! Janko celebrating too early!! So unlucky! :(

No idea what has been happening as My system died yet again :( I think I may have to make an investment in a new laptop!  guess working them for 12-14 hours per day with numerous streams sb's and a bot is going to take it's toll sooner or later!
2-2 it is then sb says Janko has had 3 bp's this set :o Why oh why can he not convert!!
3-2* Holds to love! Now the break!! 30-40 TAKE IT!!!!!! YEEEESSSSS!!!
4*-2 Now serve this out!! Monfils only had 2 return pts this set!!
5-2* A break for GSm would be a satisfactory outcome! :-)
5*-3 Gonna have to serve it out then 3/ 19 return points this set doesn't indicate a break is coming but it's sport so you never know!!
2 MP's!!!!

Tipsarevic Wins 6-4 6(8)-7 6-3
Profit: £161.60

Denis Istomin v Marat Safin

0-6 4-4 Istomin to serve. We WILL have a break now!!!
15-40!! c'mon Marat this is YOUR tournament!! YOUR last hurrah!!
30-40 And denis Istomin is not going to stand in your way of a glorious swansong!!


4-5* Marat to serve it out!! I wish I'd got the 1.40 but this and the Melzer win adds up to more :)
BP!! Istomin you fool!! And break :o They will not allow this!!
5*-5 Break again then Marat!!
BP!!! Take ITTTT!!!! Saved. I hope Istomin knows what he's doing here!
BP#2 This time!!! Saved :( Istomin may have to arrange to take a holiday to a far away isolated place if he stuffs this one up!!
BP#3 I see he's just adding drama :-) Saved with an ace! Surely meant to miss! GP :(
6-5* WTF is this? Istomin is treading on very this ice here I feel. Does he not know this is Marat's tournament? Crazy fool! LOL

That's it Marat get your DF out of your system at 40-0 so it doesn't appear in the TB... good thinking! (those are two words you don't often hear muttered about Safin LOL)

Tie break it is then!
1-0** c'mon 2 holds
1-1* One more
1**-2 Now the MB's and win 7-2
2*-2 At least one then!
3-2** hmmm c'mon Marat
3-3* Ace!! Let's have another!!
3**-4 This is where he makes his move!!
3*-5 Whoop ... there it is!! Shout it louder!!
4-5** Serve it out then Safin!!
4-6* Two MP's

Safin Wins 6-0 7-6(4)
Profit: £145.94

Jurgen Melzer v Radek Stepanek

Melzer won the 1st set 6-2 and I'm hoping he can keep up that level. 1.40 looks a gift if he can so in we go!!!

Stepanek to serve 1st this set let's start with a break!!
Had to go and answer the phone and come back to 1-1 BP TAKE IT!!!! Saved :(
1*-2 Now hold Melzer!!
2-2* Now for the break?

Wish I'd backed Safin like I was going to!! He's 4-0 up in the first!

15-40 Take one!!! And Break!!

3*-2 Now does he take it from here or to green?? Hmmm
4-2* C'mon another break then?
5*-2 Get in Jurgen I take back all those horrible things I've said about you in the past!! ;)

Melzer Wins 6-2 6-2 
Profit: £234.46

Horacio Zeballos v Ernests Gulbis

Thanks to Rev for pointing this out!! (I hope!!)

Zeballos leads 7-6 4*-3 30-15 when I get on.

5-3* now can he finish this off. I hope so Gulbis may not really be interested.
5*-4 it is then. Zeballos has faced (and saved) 6 break points this match. Don't want that kind of drama but would suggest he's serving well on the big points. C'mon Horacio!!
30-0 2 more!!
30-15 STill 2 more :(
30-30 Don't you dare!!!
40-30 TAKE ITTT!!!!!!

Zeballos Wins  7-6(8) 6-4
Profit: £77.02

THANKS REV!!!!! :)

Caroline Wozniacki v Jelena Jankovic

Well this is one I was waiting for but then got distracted so missed the start.
It was 15-15 in the first game of the match when I got on with Wozniacki serving.
I'm in so early because there is no way Woniackican beat Jankovic today after two gruelling matches and her injury problems. Only gone in £400 so leaves some to rescue or top up if it goes against me.

Back Jelena Jankovic 1.38 £164.95 £62.68
Ref: 9318004698 Bet matched:14:15 30-Oct-09
1.39 £2.16 £0.84
Ref: 9318004698 Bet matched:14:15 30-Oct-09
1.4 £100.00 £40.00
Ref: 9318004698 Bet matched:14:15 30-Oct-09
1.42 £132.89 £55.81
Ref: 9318004698 Bet matched:14:15 30-Oct-09

If Wozniacki does manage to win or indeed even get a set then I would be very surprised and maybe her "injury" antics yesterday were more in her head than physical. Jankovic just needs to bring her steady patient game to the court today and keep making her opponent move.

3*-2 First blood to Jankovic. She looks in total control at the moment. Just needs to stay focused.
4-2* And focused she doesn't stay going to 15-40 but saved them and another BP before finally holding.
5*-2 And another break. Let's hope Wozniacki sees out the set. Though I believe she needs to win a set to guarantee a place in the next round, depending on Azarenka's result later. Is Denmark nice in October? I'd rather stay in Doha for some sunshine on my holidays!!
6-2 Set to Jankovic!! Now you can retire and hit the beach if you like Caroline. :)

Ordinarily I would be looking to green out on this but I really feel it would just be throwing money away so will stick unless I see an opportunity open up in another match.

1*-0 Nice start from JJ with the break.
2-0* Bit of a wobble so I'm out at 1.04 Woz may get a set here if Jelena has a brain fart. Better safe than sorry and of course "GREEN IS GOOD"

Jankovic Wins 6-2 6-2
Profit: £132.03

Philipp Kohlschreiber v Nicolas Almagro

It was a finely balanced 1st set with Kohlschreiber taking it 7-5 with only one break in the match.

A 1.55ish Starting price makes me think there is good value in a 1.21 price at the start of the 2nd set. So having a nibble of that.

And a break straight away is very nice indeed to give Kohlschreiber a 1*-0 lead. He did face 3 break points in the first set and it's far from over but I'll confidently hold my position for now.

2-0* Odds still a couple of ticks too high for me. A bit of pressure on this service gane and I may get out at a decent price.
2*-1 A strong hold now should be enough for me to get out as a 3-1 lead always looks bigger than it really is!
3-1* Hold to love and market drops 1 tick!! :( OK I'll just ride it out then. Hope the market gets stung by another break now!
3*-2 Hmmm up 2 ticks! Does the market not realise that the higher the number of games played the closer we are to it finishing???
4-2 Kohlschreiber should see it out from here. Hopefully Almagro will be broken here though!
4*-3 Only two more holds and we're home :)
5-3* Holds after giving me a bit of a scare with deuce! Now break for GSM and get this over with!
5*-4 Gonna have to serve it out and send Almagro on the next flight back to Spain. He must be due to start his holidays.  I've layed a little off just in case!

Kohlschreiber Wins 7-5 6-4
Profit: £67.46

Post Reflection Punting

After my Reflections post yesterday I did carry on punting to a degree.
My stakes were vastly reduced so I was trying to get £200 matched on the first match.

Serena Williams v Elena Dementieva
Profit: £33.21
I wasn't able to get fully matched on this.

Svetlana Kuznetsova v Venus Williams
Profit: £53.50
A few trades with relatively small stakes made a nive return.

Shaun Murphy v Stephen Hendry
Profit: £44.59
This was a bit nuts.
No pics, no scoreboard, no idea, backed and then layed.
Even green all round! I love Snooker ;)

Palmeiras v Goias
Profit: £92.19
Usual Over 1.5 bet here. Topped up with a little more when still 0-0 just before half time.

All in all a very good day and brought my percentage increase for the week so far to over 10,000% :-)
However I will reduce my stakes a bit today as still recovering from some of the comments from yesterday, unless of course I see a sure fire thing ;)

Good luck today everyone and happy punting.

Thursday, 29 October 2009


If you missed the Zvonereva v Wozniacki match blog I would suggest you read that first here: Zvonereva v Wozniacki as this post is in reference to that match and some of the messgaes and comments received since it ended.

To begin with I will try and answer what seems to be the biggest question and thenmove on to the others.

How can you walk away leaving over £900 on a bet?
I have tried to explain this before but I guess it is all about an individuals mind set so it is difficult to grasp. I perceive my stake purely at the figure of my investment. For example I started the week with £12.35 so that could be considered my "investment". However, though I often refer to this to try and make it easier for people to picture, this is not how I think. I am in profit overall. Therefore I have a fundamental belief that I have a negative investment. I actually believe that the market has invested in me with it's money and I can choose to take more money or hand it back. I also consider the money still in Betfair as belonging to the market. It only becomes mine when I withdraw it to my own personal bank account. Effectively my only investment is my time. However this has a slant on it too. I enjoy my "hobby" and as such would be willing to pay for the enjoyment I take from gambling as most punters do thus increasing the effective investment I perceive the market to have made.

Do you follow a set system and are you trying to sell it or make money from it?
I have no magic system or holy grail for betting I'm afraid. I certainly do not advocate my style of punting either (more on this in another question) as it is extremely high risk and would probably only be mimicked by those that can not afford to lose the money. As for making money from it then yes I do make money from it. I have things on my blog such as google adsense that if someone clicks an ad I earn a few pence. I also have one and may soon add more affiliate links that if someone buys something I would get a commission. However, to put this into perspective, I have earned a grand total of £27.32 since I started this blog. I would hate to add up the hours spent on it, but would hazard a guess that I am earning less than £0.05 per hour. I'm fairly sure I could earn more making clothes for Primark in an Asian sweatshop!! Of course it would be great if the blog earned me a living but let's face it my audience is pretty small with a lot of competition so it ain't Going to happen! (Feel free to click the ads though!! LOL)

Why do you encourage people to be so irresponsible with their betting banks?
Do I? This blog is for entertainment purposes first and foremost as I hope people enjoy reading through and chatting. Secondly this blog is actually following on from the forum where I got lots of questions asked of me by relative novices. Here too I get many questions every day from people I do not know asking for help and advice. I try and give my perspective on their situations and offer solutions to the problems they face. I do not profess to have all the answers and I am always learning myself. However as a punter who has been at the edge of the Abyss looking in I can relate to most of the anguish that can come from being a gambler. If you need to know my history it is all explained in the Betfair forum thread. I make no claims about being successful. I am a gambling addict and make no bones about it. I do not (or try not to) preach as I have accepted that this is a crutch I need in my life but that you have to handle with care or it can wrestle control from you once again.

Do you think the figures you bet with are obscene and rub people up the wrong way?
I had a few questions/comments on this. Some supportive some not! I have taken note of it though as I received one very poignant comment from a person who shall remain anonymous. This particular person is, let's face it, in a mess in their life. It's not a nice place to be, I know I've been there! I understand that £1,000 punts are so out of the reach of the average punter that they can influence others into putting money they can't afford and have even stolen/borrowed in to try and desperately salvage their situations. I have taken one suggestion on this and will just keep working on £100 - £1000 challenges as these can be achieved by the majority and help everyone. I have refused to follow another suggestion though, that I replace actual money for points etc. For me that doesn't cut the mustard and would be like all the other fairy tales you can read on blogs and forums. The idea of this blog and the thread before it is that it is slightly different in the fact that I post up my bets and have started using screen shots (since Rev kindly showed me how). Anyone can post up mythical bets saying I won $1billion dollars etc and many do! Not for me.

And finally:

Do you have the biggest balls in the world?
Yes I suffer from elaphantitis of the nuts ;-) LOL

I may not be making any bets tonight as I am slightly taken aback by some of the response I have received.

Good luck everyone and happy punting!! :-)

Vera Zvonereva v Caroline Wozniacki

Score is 0-6 5*-6 Vera serving to stay in the match.

Back Caroline Wozniacki 1.17 £921.76 £156.70
Ref: 9311516281 Bet matched:15:37 29-Oct-09

0-15 Double fault!! 3 more please!
0-30 Double Fault!! 2 more please!
15-30 C'mon Woz!!
15-40 Take One please!!
30-40 This one then Wozniacki!!!

No!! Challenge still 30-40 :(
Deuce :( C'mon Woz!! 2 double faults would be nice!!
Adv Zvonereva

There is a prime example of why betting software is useful. I would have hit all green on Fairbot at 1.04 and been home and dry now. However for some reason I didn't have it open :( D'oh!!

Pfft 6-6 Tiebreak Time!! Hope that GSM doesn't throw Wozniacki!! A hold 1st up please.

0**-1 Now 2 MB's please :)
0*-2 And another?
1-2** OK two holds possible in WTA?
2-2* No it isn't :( Just one then at least please!!
2**-3 Thankyou now for two MB's a DF would be nice Vera ;)
3*-3 C'mon Woz you can't let her hold twice!!
4-3** Uh Oh :( two holds now needed from Caroline.... c'mon!!
5-3* This is not good!! C'mon Woz sort it out this should be over!!
6**-3 Double effing fault from Wozniacki!! :(
7-3 Set Zvonereva.

Thank you very much Dr Hawkins and your bloomin Hawkeye invention!! :(

OK Vera to serve 1st let's have a break then!!
Had control of the point at 15-30 and should have won it but 30-30 the BP but saved BP#2 TAKE IT!!!! YEEEESSSSS!!!! Break!!
0-1* Can she consolidate it? Hope we don't have a final set like yesterday's Woz match!!
0*-2 Nice one Wozniacki now can she break again?
1-2* No idea what happened that game as my internet connection decided to have a "rest" :( Need a hold now then Caroline please!!
From 40-15 to deuce :( C'mon Woz hold!! OMG BP!!!! NOOOOO I want a hold!!!
Deuce. C'mon Woz hold please!! GP TAKE IT!!!! HOLDS! Probably more important than breaks at the moment!!
1*-3 Let's have the old missed BP = Break next game scenario then!!

WTF - Trainer!! DO NOT RETIRE WOZ Get back out there and break her!!

Right c'mon then get the break then I'll get out and you can do what you want!! Woz seems to be moving ok! Probably just tactical before Vera had to serve! Here's hoping!
Ooh should have had 15-30 there but 30-15 instead :( And now would have been 15-40 but only 30 all. C'mon Woz 2 more. BP!!! TAKE IT!!!!!!! PFFFttt saved. :( GP. Deuce c'mon Wozniacki.... 2 points!! We've not had a DF for a while! Again had the chance in the point but GP :(

2-3* Hmmm getting very nervous now! Don't know what Wozniacki's reaction will be if she gets broken here. Market will go into meltdown too, maybe I should red for -243? But hopefully she'll hold to love :)

0-30 awful from Woz and a flip flop to boot :(
0-40 I'm gonna get done here I feel! :( c'mon Woz fight!!
3*-3 Now we will see Wozniacki's mettle! Break back girl c'mon!!
1.09 on Vera. I can't bear to watch off to walk the dog and whatever will be will be :(

Woniacki Won 6-0 6(3)-7 6-4
Profit: £150.12

Mikhail Youzhny v Denis Istomin

Well Istomin has just won the first set 6-2 and is due to serve 1st in the 2nd but Youzhny is having a medical timeout. Now a word of warning "Never bet on the chance of a retirement"

However I'm betting on the chance of a retirement!! LOL

Back Denis Istomin 1.5 £3.58 £1.79
Ref: 9310825260 Bet matched:14:43 29-Oct-09
1.5 £3.58 £1.79
Ref: 9310825260 Bet matched:14:43 29-Oct-09
1.5 £4.98 £2.49
Ref: 9310825260 Bet matched:14:43 29-Oct-09
1.5 £12.46 £6.23
Ref: 9310825260 Bet matched:14:43 29-Oct-09
1.5 £24.34 £12.17
Ref: 9310825260 Bet matched:14:43 29-Oct-09
1.5 £574.29 £287.15
Ref: 9310825260 Bet matched:14:43 29-Oct-09

0*-1 Istomin holds now can he break?
1-1* Had 15-30 but Youzhny held from there. C'mon now Istomin another strong hold is required.
1*-2 Istomin holds from Deuce now a break or retire would be good! :)

Istomin Wins 6-2 2-1 ret'd
Profit: £298.53

Paul-Henri Mathieu v Marc Gicquel

Score is 1*-3 1st Set when I get on hoping Gicquel can trouble this service game to nick a few quid!

Back Marc Gicquel 1.8 £288.59 £230.87
Ref: 9309968182 Bet matched:13:38 29-Oct-09
1.81 £6.00 £4.86
Ref: 9309968182 Bet matched:13:38 29-Oct-09
1.81 £228.76 £185.30
Ref: 9309968182 Bet matched:13:38 29-Oct-09

2-3* OK a strong hold then please. Let's take this 1st set Marc.
2*-4 Hold to love now put some pressure on the Mathieu serve!
0-30 and out....

Lay Marc Gicquel 1.63 £8.96 £14.60 £5.64
Ref: 9310045051 Bet matched: 13:44 29-Oct-09
1.63 £265.21 £432.29 £167.08
Ref: 9310045051 Bet matched: 13:44 29-Oct-09
1.63 £305.20 £497.48 £192.28
Ref: 9310045051 Bet matched: 13:44 29-Oct-09

£53.67 on Both.

Darn should have held my nerve as he's now broken. 2-5*

Back in at 0-0 30-40

Back Marc Gicquel 1.33 £579.00 £191.07
Ref: 9310227444 Bet matched:14:01 29-Oct-09

And Break 0-1* let's get out now !!

Lay Marc Gicquel 1.24 £512.74 £635.80 £123.06
Ref: 9310245103 Bet matched: 14:02 29-Oct-09
1.24 £20.11 £24.94 £4.83
Ref: 9310245103 Bet matched: 14:02 29-Oct-09
1.24 £44.80 £55.55 £10.75
Ref: 9310245103 Bet matched: 14:02 29-Oct-09
1.24 £43.38 £53.79 £10.41
Ref: 9310245103 Bet matched: 14:02 29-Oct-09

£93.93 on Both :)

Going back in to nick a few quid at 1.01 cos this s OVER!!!

Back Marc Gicquel 1.01 £621.00 £6.21
Ref: 9310458354 Bet matched:14:17 29-Oct-09

Break 0-5*!!!

Gicquel Wins 6-4 6-0
Profit: £99.88

Andrey Kuznetsov v Sergiy Stakhovsky

Score is 1-6 2*-4 Kuznetsov to serve when I get on. Hoping Stakhovsky can at least serve this match out. Only two holds needed.

Back Sergiy Stakhovsky 1.03 £508.73 £15.26
Ref: 9308814612 Bet placed: 10:56 29-Oct-09

3-4* First hold coming up hopefully!!
3*-5 Hold to love. A break now would be sweet!
4-5* Had 30-30 but Kuznetsov holds. Now serve it out please

Stakhovsky Wins 6-1 6-4
Profit: £14.62

Wednesday Summary

What can I say? All in all a great day!! Following on from the successes of Monday and Tuesday,

From £100.82 to £513.97 in 8 bets giving a daily increase of bank of 409%!! It also managed to bring down the daily required increase from 166% to 114%. The thing now is to keep focused and not make half baked punts because there is nothing else to bet on.

Wednesday's Bets:
Bet 1: Profit: £14.79
Bet 2: Profit: £26.87
Bet 3: Profit: £44.22
Bet 4: Profit: £71.54
Bet 5: Profit: £94.01
Bet 6: Profit: £37.12
Bet 7: Profit: £124.60

Lots of tennis again today so can be selective in my picks. Must keep reminding myself of that!!

Good Luck all and Happy Punting!

Barueri v Flamengo

Watched the first 5 minns before making my decision. Initially thought to back Under 4.5 @ 1.19 pre match. However both teams look sprightly and as such I'm going for my usual bet. Over 1.5 it is :) Also fancy a draw or Flamengo win here so a lay of Barueri may have been an option

Back Over 1.5 Goals 1.32 £0.35 £0.11
Ref: 9307768713 Bet matched:00:03 29-Oct-09
1.32 £0.66 £0.21
Ref: 9307768713 Bet matched:00:02 29-Oct-09
1.32 £2.79 £0.89
Ref: 9307768713 Bet matched:00:02 29-Oct-09
1.32 £3.62 £1.16
Ref: 9307768713 Bet matched:00:02 29-Oct-09
1.32 £5.63 £1.80
Ref: 9307768713 Bet matched:00:03 29-Oct-09
1.32 £17.62 £5.64
Ref: 9307768713 Bet matched:00:00 29-Oct-09
1.32 £358.70 £114.78
Ref: 9307768713 Bet matched:00:03 29-Oct-09

Goal for Flamengo ruled out for Offside after 15mins :( Please don't let it be one of those nights!! :(

GOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLL!!! As the commentators in Brazil like to say :)

1-0 scored with the last kick of the 1st half in the 3rd minute of injury time!!

20 Mins gone in 2nd half still 1-0. I think I need to do my old going for a fag trick. It'd better be 2goals by the time I get back or there'll be trouble!!

Get in 2-0!!! The fag always works :)

Over 1.5 Goals Wins
Profit: £124.60

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Simone Bolelli v Gilles Simon

2nd set Tiebreak about to start get on Simon here.

Back Gilles Simon 1.11 £352.25 £38.75
Ref: 9306304120 Bet placed: 20:16 28-Oct-09

0**-1 Now MB please Gilles!
1*-1 This time then?
2-1** Give us two holds Simon
2-2* Ace!!
3**-2 Pffft MB Bolelli :(
3*-3 MB back! Let's have another Simon!
4-3** No room for error now Simon.
4-4* And another!
4**-5 Pressure on Bolelli now. Make the most of it Gilles please!
5*-5 Nick this and it's MP c'mon!
5-6** Nice one now TAKE IT!!!!!!

Simon Wins 7-6(5) 7-6(5)
Profit: £37.12

Marat Safin v Richard Gasquet

The score is 7-6 4-3* Gasquet about to serve when I get on. C'mon the break!!

Back Marat Safin 1.38 £258.24 £98.13
Ref: 9305419013 Bet matched:19:09 28-Oct-09

30-40 Take IT!!!!! Saved.
4*-4 :( Hold now then Safin and make Gasquet have to serve to stay in the match!!
5-4* Nice hold from 0-15! Now for a break for GSM then!!
3 Match Points!!! 1 Saved. GSM!!

Safin Wins 7-6(5) 6-4
Profit: £94.01

Daniel Koellerer v Jarkko Nieminen

Score is 6-1 1*-2 40-30 when I get on. C'mon the hold!!

Back Daniel Koellerer 1.4 £186.70 £74.68
Ref: 9305037795 Bet matched:18:35 28-Oct-09

2-2* Now for the break please Koellerer!!
3*-2 Get in now consolidate it and then hopefully Nieminen will be Finnish ;) LOL
4-2* Holds from 15-30 Clutch serving :) Another break?
5*-2 Break it is!!

Peppu I hope you're not on your man!!! He's getting spanked!! :o

Break Point Nieminen!! Saved. And another!!! Saved.
Match Point!!! Saved. And Another!!! GSM!

Koellerer Wins 6-1 6-2
Profit: £71.54

Caroline Wozniacki v Victoria Azarenka

Score is 1-6 3*-4 Wozniacki to serve! Hoping for a quick break then hold from Azarenka for GSM :)

Back Victoria Azarenka 1.17 £142.48 £24.22
Ref: 9303264014 Bet matched:15:43 28-Oct-09

15-40 C'mon Vicky!! 30-40 TAKE IT!!! Pffft Deuce :(
4-4* Hold now Vicky!!
15-40 Fffffiddlesticks!! 1 saved c'mon Vicky!! Break :(
5*-4 Rubbish!! :( Now need the rebreak here. Odd are crazy imho!! 1.73 LOL I hope they get their fingers burnt at those prices she was 1.46ish SP ffs!
30-15 but looked like Wozniacki just had to stretch her thigh off then!!
30-40 TAKE IT!!!
Deuce - Wozniacki is finished think people missed that pull up before!! Even if she serves this out she can not keep it up in a 3rd!
Set Wozniacki and nearly evens the pair??? Absolute madness!!! Wozniacki is finished!! Azarenka just has to stay on court.

WTF is is this 10 mins break??? Heat??

Reading the forums it seems I have in the minority thinking Azarenka is stronger here!! That's messed my head up somewhat!

OK time to think now. Vicky serving 1st in final set so I'm going to lay the server to get out of this so:

Lay Victoria Azarenka 1.88 £188.64 £354.64 £166.00
Ref: 9303627648 Bet matched: 16:10 28-Oct-09

£44.22 Wozniacki
-£141.78 Azarenka

0*-1 Hmmm 35 tick drop for a hold :( Have to stay on Woz! Don't punish me!! I can't follow that market as a hold again and I'll be in even more of a mess :(

0-2* If only they hadn't had that break!! I wouldn't have read the forums and held my position!! :( C'mon Wozniacki fight back please :)

1*-2 And Wozniacki breaks back!! Should have just kept laying the server would have been out now! Hold please Wozniacki!
1-3* Break to love!! :( Wozniacki you muppet!! Now break back please!
2*-3 YEEESSSS!!! Can she back it up with a hold this time? A point would be a start!
Tempted to switch for the break but surely not 5 in a row :o
0-40 What is this crap?? Deuce!! Now hold!!! Another BP saved! GP Take it!!! How many times in WTA do players fight back from 0-40 only to get broken still!! :(
2-4* FFS this is shocking!! Break again? Yes please :)

On a lighter note.... Wozniacki really should sack her stylist!! Those outfits she's been wearing of late are awful!! Did she get them from a charity shop?

3*-4 Double fault gives the Break!! Woeful from both players here. I wish I had stayed out probably missing loads of opportunities in other matches :(
A hold here and Wozniacki should be odds on!! Not giving away 0-40 would be a bonus!
0-40 AGAIN!!! FFS Azarenka though seems to have injured her knee or ankle!
3-5* Broken to love!!!

4*-5 Now then will the injury concern for Azarenka eat in to her? Will Wozniacki win a point on serve? Does WOzniacki have more than one shot? LOL C'mon Caroline let's have one incy wincy little hold please :)

0-15 Double fault :( 15-15 some hope!! 30-15!! 30-30 :( Just 2 points Wozniacki please :) MATCH POINT #1 :( Saved!! Now Wozniacki to win :) GP!! Deuce :( GP!!! Take it this time!! YEEEESSSS

5-5* Finally after a run of 8 consecutive breaks we have a hold after saving Match Point. How will Azarenka react now? Bring on the break please!
6*-5 LOL Violation gives the break!!! Vicky trying to be Serena Williams!! :D

Now then Wozniacki to serve it out? I can now green up for £3.00ish if I wanted but I have faith in Wozniacki if not to serve it out then in a Tiebreak. But c'mon the hold!!
15-0 C'mon!!
30-0 Two more please :)
40-0 Yes Yes Yes Take one of these!!
40-15 This one then!!!

Wozniacki Wins 1-6 6-4 7-5
Profit: £44.22

John Isner v Janko Tipsarevic

Again getting in from the start where I probably shouldn't. Backing Tipsy here as he's been on a good run of late. Add to that the fact that Isner doesn't seem able to play outside of North America and it should all stack up to a Tipsy win.

Back Janko Tipsarevic 1.69 £2.62 £1.81
Ref: 9301896603 Bet matched:13:57 28-Oct-09
1.69 £6.49 £4.48
Ref: 9301896603 Bet matched:13:58 28-Oct-09
1.69 £8.02 £5.53
Ref: 9301896603 Bet matched:13:58 28-Oct-09
1.69 £98.48 £67.95
Ref: 9301896603 Bet matched:13:58 28-Oct-09

Isner to serve first and it will probably be a TB in about 20 mins LOL ;)

OK a bit later than expected but after 39 mins here we are in a TB!! Evens the pair suggests my bet was terrible :( C'mon Janko!!!
0-1** MB LOL Only his 3rd return point won!! Will it be enough to win him the set??
0-2* Another hold pt please :)
0**-3 Another MB would be very nice :)
1*-3 C'mon nick this one then!!
2-3** Two aces then Janko!!
3-3* FFS!! C'mon Tipsy!! You can't give away MB's like that against Isner they come along so infrequently :(
3**-4 C'mon give us a MB please Janko :)
4*-4 Ace :(
4-5** Yes!! DF from Isner!! " holds now for the set!!
4-6* Set Point TAKE IT!!!
4-7 Yess!!!

Got very lucky there Isner really should have done better in that TB.

I'm out even green £26.87 on Both

Lay Janko Tipsarevic 1.36 £2.32 £3.16 £0.84
Ref: 9302569939 Bet matched: 14:49 28-Oct-09
1.36 £24.00 £32.64 £8.64
Ref: 9302569939 Bet matched: 14:49 28-Oct-09
1.36 £3.62 £4.92 £1.30
Ref: 9302569939 Bet matched: 14:49 28-Oct-09
1.36 £54.48 £74.09 £19.61
Ref: 9302569939 Bet matched: 14:49 28-Oct-09
1.36 £59.24 £80.57 £21.33
Ref: 9302569939 Bet matched: 14:49 28-Oct-09

Tipsarevic Wins 7-6(4) 6-4
Profit: £26.87

Olivier Rochus v Vincent Millot

Really shouldn't be going in from the off I know with so many matches on today. But this is huge value imho! Unless Rochus has no interest in playing here :o But that's usually his brother's trick ;)

Back Olivier Rochus 1.28 £8.00 £2.24
Ref: 9300451948 Bet matched:11:12 28-Oct-09
1.28 £14.76 £4.13
Ref: 9300453406 Bet matched:11:13 28-Oct-09
1.28 £78.06 £21.86
Ref: 9300453406 Bet matched:11:13 28-Oct-09

And I'm out already. So early in the match I'd be mad not to get out at these odds as there's plenty of other stuff on at the moment.

Lay Olivier Rochus 1.11 £116.26 £129.05 £12.79
Ref: 9300510809 Bet matched: 11:21 28-Oct-09

£14.79 on Both

Tuesday Summary

Following on from Monday's success I started Tuesday needing to get to £100.81.

Bet 1 - Profit: £4.72
Bet 2 - Profit: £3.46
Bet 3 - Profit: £13.24
Bet 4 - Profit: £5.11
Bet 5 - Profit: £9.88
Bet 6 - Profit: £25.93

After these tennis bets I had to go out for the evening, leaving me an agonising £0.57 short of my daily target!!

So when I got in I had a quick bet on the football

Bet 7 - Profit: £0.58

That took me past my target, just.  So for Wednesday I need another 166% increase of bank in order to stay on target. That would take me to £268.18.

There's plenty of tennis today so patience is the name of the game I feel.

Good luck everybody and Happy Punting!!

Juventude v Bahia

Backed under 4.5 goals purely and simply to get the 0.58 I needed to hit my daily target :)

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Elena Dementieva v Venus Williams

Score is 3-6 4-3* 0-30* when I get on. Hoping for a hold break hold for GSM here. I need £26.50 to hit my daily target in the next 1.5 hours as I'm out this evening.

Back Venus Williams 1.2 £74.31 £14.86
Ref: 9296056250 Bet matched:17:12 27-Oct-09

Oh my!! Deuce from 40-0 from Venus :( But Holds!! :)

4*-4 Now the break please Venus :)
5-4* Hmmmm hate being in these positions! Shouldn't have jumped in so quick I guess but looking to hit targets!! Probably should have looked elsewhere :(
5*-5 Nice Hold now the break then!!
BP!!! No challenged! But Venus would have won the point anyway so unfair!! :( And Now GP. Matches are won and lost on decisions like that if it hadn't been called long(incorrectly) Venus put away the cross court anyway! :(

Deuce! Ah Venus that point was yours!!! Pffft :( GP
BP!!!! TAKE IT!!!!!

Break!!! Guess what a Double Fault!! :o
5-6* Now then Venus can you serve this out or are we going to have some TB drama!
15-40 :( FFS Serve it out Venus!!
Break :( 6-6 Tiebreak!!

0-1** MB Now 2 holds please!
0-2* And another please!
1**-2 Pfft I suppose two hold points was too much ;)Now 2 MB then!!
2*-2 At least 1 MB surely!!
3-2** :(
4-2* WTF Venus this should have been over. 4 straight pts :(
5**-2 Unbelievable :( Now 5 straight for Venus for GSM? ;)
5*-3 There's one!!! C'mon 4 more!!
6-3** 3 Set Points Demented then :(
6-4* Another hold and pressure her at least on her!
6**-5 C'mon the 2 MB please!!
6*-6 LOL another MB for MP then Venus c'mon!!
7-6** SP#4 :( Gotta serve now Venus 2 holds please :)
DOUBLE FAULT#13!!!!! FFS these are supposed to be the crème de la crème of the sport!! :( 1 Set all!

Switching to lay the server here:
£35.39 Deme
-£73.03 Venus

0-40 Take one please Demented One!! 2 saved 3rd time lucky? YESSS!!

Hmm decisions ... Stick or twist? Stick for now! c'mon the hold!!
And a hold for 2-0!! Now another break or bail out now??? Hmmmm
15-40 C'mon Take One!!!! 1st saved :( TAAAKKKEE ITTTTT!!!!!
Yesss!!!!!!!! Break!!!
3*-0 That is enough for me. Bailing out now!!

£22.22 on Both :)

Gone in again at 5-1* odds still there at 1.04!! Hope I don't regret this!!
MP..... Take IT!!!!  Pfft!
5*-2 Now serve it out please Elena! No more Dementia!! ;)

Dementieva Wins 3-6 7-6(6) 6-2
Profit: £25.93

Fabrice Santoro v Albert Montanes

Quite surprise here at the scoreline, but I think The Magician's body has probably given up now :( Enjoy you retirement and thanks for the memories :)

Anyway on at 4-6 2*-4. Hoping for another break.

Back Albert Montanes 1.16 £64.43 £10.31
Ref: 9295575786 Bet matched:16:19 27-Oct-09

3-4* Had BP but Santoro holds.
3*-5 Had 0-30 But Montanes holds. A break here would be nice but not as important as a hold if it goes to 4-5*!!

15-30 :( 30-30 :) MP!!

Montanes Wins 6-4 6-4
Profit: £9.88

Michael Elgin v Mikhail Kukushkin

Score is 6-3 5-3* when I get on hoping for a break for GSM here.

Back Michail Elgin 1.09 £59.31 £5.34
Ref: 9294817205 Bet matched:15:23 27-Oct-09

Elgin Wins 6-3 6-3
Profit: £5.11

Marcel Granollers v Andrey Kuznetsov

Score is 7-6 6-7 1*-3 30-15 when I get on hoping Kuznetsov can put some pressure on this serve!!

Back Andrey Kuznetsov 1.3 £9.06 £2.72
Ref: 9293960733 Bet matched:14:21 27-Oct-09
1.3 £37.01 £11.10
Ref: 9293960733 Bet matched:14:21 27-Oct-09

2-3* Ok Kuz is going to have to hold serve it seems to win the match. 3 holds though and Granollers can do nothing about the result!!

BP!!! :( Not good!! SAVED :) Now hold!! :)

2*-4 Now let's have the old missed BP = Break next game shuffle!!
3-4* Two more holds and you're home and dry Kuz .... c'mon!!
3*-5 That was a nice time for a love service game!! Now break for GSM please :)
30-30 c'mon 2 Points!!
4-5* Gran held so now it's time for Kuz to show us his mental strength!! Could be a defining moment in a career just beginning!! :)

Kuznetsov Wins 6(4)-7 7-6(6) 6-4
Profit: £13.24

Kevin Anderson v Simon Greul

Score is 6-4 4-6 3*-2 Greul about to serve. Hoping Anderson can serve out this match now. Perhaps get another break to make things more comfortable :)

Back Kevin Anderson 1.29 £0.53 £0.15
Ref: 9292799589 Bet matched:12:55 27-Oct-09
1.29 £42.09 £12.21
Ref: 9292799589 Bet matched:12:55 27-Oct-09

4-2* C'mon the break now please :)
4*-3 Not going to take the risk so greening out!

Back Kevin Anderson 1.19 £45.82 £54.53 £8.71
Ref: 9292856567 Bet matched: 12:59 27-Oct-09

5-3* Perhaps should have stuck with it but better safe than sorry especially in a deciding set!
5*-4 Anderson to serve it out? Or Choke? LOL we shall soon see!!

£3.46 on Both 

1 Match point saved!! Now BP!!
5-5 Guess it was the choke!! That is why..... GREEN IS GOOD!

Anderson Wins 6-4 4-6 7-6(3)
Profit £3.46

Jerome Haehnel v Marc Gicquel

Gicquel won the 1st set 6-1 and currently it's 4-4 in the 2nd. Haehnel to serve and hoping Gicquel can just get at him here as we enter the business end of the set.

Back Marc Gicquel 1.13 £37.90 £4.93
Ref: 9292425569 Bet placed: 12:02 27-Oct-09

Call it luck call it great timing I don't know but I just call it a BREAK!!!

4-5* Gicquel to serve for the match now :)

Gicquel Wins 6-1 6-4
Profit: £4.72

Monday Summary

Nice start to the week yesterday :)

Went from £12.35 to £37.90 an increase of over 200%!!
Now need 166% increase per day to get up to £5,000 by the end of October (Saturday)

Yesterday started with tennis betting:

Bet 1 - Profit: £0.35
Bet 2 - Profit £7.95
Bet 3 - Profit: £0.49

Then I moved on to North American sports, Ice Hockey and American Football.

Bet 4 - Profit: £11.49
Bet 5 - Profit £5.27

Here's to a continuation of that today. Loads and loads of tennis to go at today so going to have to remember to try and be selective. I have a meeting at 10am but should be back by 11.30am to start punting.

Good luck everyone :) Happy Punting!!

Philadelphia Eagles @ Washington Redskins

Backing the Eagles here. After such a terrible result losing to the Oakland Raiders last week they are going to want to get back on track tonight!

The Redskins have been awful so I really expect a comfortable victory here for the Eagles. The odds of 1.28 are perhaps a bit skinny but I guess you've gotta take what's available :(

Back Philadelphia Eagles 1.28 £21.14 £5.92
Ref: 9290983341 Bet matched:00:28 27-Oct-09

I've still got my profit from the ice hockey tied up so hopefully it will remain tight untill that pays out so that I can get a bit more of the action!

7-0 Nice start Eagles TD on first drive :)

Well I went to bed and just left a lay up at 1.02

Eagles won 27-17
Profit: £5.27

Monday, 26 October 2009

Phoenix Coyotes @ New York Rangers

I really should know better but really fancy this punt despite a few things adding up to why I shouldn't do it.

Firstly I have no real knowledge of NHL!!!!
Secondly I have no idea what sort of form these two have!!
Thirdly the only other time I bet on Ice Hockey I lost badly backing Detroit Red Wings at a ridiculously low price in last year's opener!!

Still I just have a "feeling" that The Rangers are going to win handsomely in this one, and as such I'm going on a hunch!! Seat of your pants punting at it's finest!! :)

I'm that confident I've even taken the match odds rather than the money line!! :o

Wish me luck I may well need it! ;)

Back NY Rangers 2.1 £9.34 £10.27
Ref: 9290744923 Bet matched:22:50 26-Oct-09
2.1 £11.80 £12.98
Ref: 9290744923 Bet matched:22:50 26-Oct-09

Nice and easy money!! :) Decided to take the money and green up at 1-0 with 9 mins left in the 1st Period.

Lay NY Rangers 1.34 £33.13 £44.39 £11.26
Ref: 9290854113 Bet matched: 23:26 26-Oct-09

£11.49 on All outcomes

Typical 2-0 7 mins left in the 1st Oh well "Green is Good!" :)

Guess My huch was right!! 4-0 now with 12 mins left in the 2nd Period!

Rangers Win 5-2
Profit: £11.49

Denis Istomin v Rainer Schuettler

Lumping on at 6-4 5*-4 Istomin needing to serve it out for the win!!

Back Denis Istomin 1.04 £12.70 £0.51
Ref: 9289386079 Bet matched:19:10 26-Oct-09

Istomin Wins 6-4 6-4
Profit: £0.49

Stefan Koubek v Frederico Gil

Despite advising that this is not a match to get involved in early I have done exactly that!!! :o

All in on Koubek from the off. He is serving 1st and at home so hoping for a strong start. Will probably go even green at the first opportunity! Then again I may not!! ;)

Back Stefan Koubek 1.78 £12.70 £9.91
Ref: 9288791964 Bet matched:17:41 26-Oct-09

And as if to emphasise the old saying "Do as I say, don't do as I do" ..... Break Gil !! :(

1-2* :(

Breaks back for 3*-3 Now kick on please Stefan. Use the home crowd to your advantage!!
4*-4 A hold here will really apply the pressure on Gil as Koubek has the advantage of serving first.

And there it is Breaks for the set 6-4 and will serve 1st in the second. I can see this going to 3 sets though so I am happy to take the even green I think.

Stefan Koubek 1.22 £18.53 £22.61 £4.08
Ref: 9289043183 Bet matched: 18:19 26-Oct-09

£5.59 on both 

So  Gil won the 2nd set and is 5-3* up in the 3rd! Hoping that Koubek gets the jitters serving to stay in the match here. A break for GSM would be most pleasing.

OK so Koubek holds!! 5*-4 to Gil. C'mon then let's serve this one out to love please.

Gil Wins 4-6 6-4 6-4
Profit: £7.95

Josselin Ouanna v Juan Monaco

Monaco leads 6-3 3-0* when I get on at 1.03. Low odds I know but should be safe imho.

Back Juan Monaco 1.03 £12.35 £0.37
Ref: 9287780289 Bet matched:15:58 26-Oct-09

And a break straight away is good news!! Now 4*-0 to Monaco.

And another break... this time for Ouanna!! 4-1* Another break? Yes please :)

Mugfest and a break 5*-1 Can Monaco serve it out now?

In a word NO!!! 5-2* Let's finish it now then Monaco!


Monaco Wins 6-3 6-2
Profit: £0.35

New Week = New Challenge

Will be starting a new challenge later on today :)

Starting with my profit from last week.......

The princely sum of £12.35. November doesn't start till Sunday so I'm going to see if I can get my monthly profit up to £10,000 by then.

Feel free to join me for the ride :)

Saturday, 24 October 2009

Olga Govortsova v Alisa Kleybanova

Back Olga Govortsova 1.07 £84.79 £5.94
Ref: 9266205906 Bet placed: 13:24 24-Oct-09

Score was 4*-1 Deuce when I got on Govortsova serving and a set up.

Hopefully she can put this one away easily.

5-1* Now break for GSM please :)

Govortsova Wins 6-2 6-1
Profit: £5.70

Unfortunately I am going out to play rugby this afternoon so this will be my only bet of the day. Will try and get some punting done tomorrow.

Ceara v Duque de Caxias (Football)

Change of tack here normally go for goals but hoping for few goals:

Back Under 3.5 Goals 1.26 £25.01 £6.50
Ref: 9263240046 Bet matched:01:07 24-Oct-09
1.26 £42.23 £10.98
Ref: 9263240046 Bet matched:01:07 24-Oct-09
1.28 £3.70 £1.04
Ref: 9263194942 Bet matched:00:59 24-Oct-09
1.28 £2.07 £0.58
Ref: 9263194942 Bet matched:00:56 24-Oct-09

Halftime it's 1-0 so bring on the goalless 2nd half please :)

Red Card!!

I hope that is a good thing as this is pissed up punting at it's finest!!

Mind you I had some great debates in the pub :)

Both sides look keen to score more goal so going to lay off. Probably end up with 2 goals in it but happy to be safe :) 65 mins gone still 1-0

And Out :)

A win but I'm off to bed as too tired :( Up for tennis in the morning hopefully :)

Friday, 23 October 2009

Shahar Peer v Daniela Hantuchova

Back Shahar Peer 1.41 £36.33 £14.90
Ref: 9260533690 Bet matched:19:07 23-Oct-09
1.41 £11.07 £4.54
Ref: 9260533690 Bet matched:19:07 23-Oct-09
1.41 £5.00 £2.05
Ref: 9260533690 Bet matched:19:07 23-Oct-09

Peer leads 6-2 but 2nd set has seen 2 consecutive breaks to see us at 1-1 Hant serving. Hoping the break fest continues here.

1*-2 Holds to 15!! Typical I get on and she manages to hold for only the 2nd time in the match!! :(

2-2* Now then lets have a break now Shahar!!
Pffft from 0-40 to deuce!! BP!! Deuce :( GP! Deuce#2 BP.. This time surely!! Pfft Deuce#3, BP#6 Is six her lucky number? No :(

2*-3 Grrrr can't believe she didn't break their :(
3-3* Hold to love very impressive now break!!
4*-3 Now hold!!
5-3* Break for GSM please :)
5*-4 Got to serve it out now!! C'mon Shahar :)
2MP's!! Deuce :( MP#3 Deuce :( WTF??? Break Point :(
Break :(
5-5* I don't believe I didn't get out there!! Hope I don't get punished now!!
5*-6 Free game for Hant now :( C'mon Peer let's have a TB then!!
6-6 Holds to 15 good girl now a MB please

0**1 2 holds then!
1*-1 And another
2-1** Now at least one but preferably two Mb's please
2-2* This one then
3**-2 Yes!!! Now two holds to back it up :)
4*-2 at the change over c'mon Peer bring it home now!!
4-3** MB back  :( 2 MB's then please!!
5-3* C'mon one more!!
5**-4 Can she serve it out??
6*-4 MP#4 Take it!!!!!!

Peer Wins 6-2 6-4

Sabine Lisicki v Patty Schnyder

Back Sabine Lisicki 1.05 £50.00 £2.50
Ref: 9259745857 Bet placed: 17:59 23-Oct-09

Score is 6-4 4-2 15-15 when I get on now got to get my dinner so hope it's straight forward from here. :)

Lisicki Wins  6-4 6-2
Profit: £2.40

Thursday, 22 October 2009

No more bets today for me!

No more bets today as working again tomorrow so i'start a new challenge on Monday probably. But I'll give some tips for you:

Right now Safin v Korolev.... Safin should win easy imho 1.59!!! Lump on!!

Great in depth analysis I know!! ;)

Bet 19 - Michael Berrer v Arnaud Clemant

Back Michael Berrer 1.20 £262.83 £52.57

Leads 6-3 4-3* Got a few minutes before I have to go and do some more work so hoping Berrer closes this out in 2!!

4*-4 Now hold please Berrer followed by a break preferably :)
5-4* Now the break for GSM then please :)
5*-5 Hold for a free game then
6-5* Free game Berrer let's turn the screw a little then!!
6-6 Tiebreak

0-1** Not the start I would have hoped for :(
0-2* C'mon at least one MB!!
1**-2 Thankyou :) Now 2 holds please!
2*-2 And another!!
3-2** Nicely done :) Now two MB?? 2nd serve c'mon
3-3* Change of ends and a MB now please!!
3**-4 Hmm 2 holds it is then :)
3*-5 MB Clement :( Not good :( I've got to get back to doing some work soon!
3-6** What was that from Berrer? Now 2 MB + 2 holds and take the set from here??
4-6* There's one!! Now another?
5**-6 Get in!! Now don't throw it away after getting the MB's back!!
6*-6 Another hold please!!
7-6** Take it!!!
7-7* Ok get a MB then!!
7**-8 Do your thang Berrer two aces would be nice :)

Pfffft!! 1 set all. Gotta go and work so hope Berrer does it in the final set!!

Well finished work for the day and see Berrer collapsed in the final set :(
Oh well back to zero! :(

Bet 18 - Carla Suarez Navarro v Shahar Peer

Shahar Peer 1.44 £184.83 £81.33

1*-1 1st set when I get on wanted from the off but working. Can't really manage my bet either due to work commitments but Peer should take this comfortably.

Peer Wins 3-6 6-3 6-1
Profit: £78.00

Disaster!!!! Got to work today!!

Hi everyone, this challenge is now faltering from work commitments!! Have to work for most of the day, but if I get the opportunity I will have a punt this afternoon.

Good Luck and happy punting!!

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Bet 17 - Chelsea v Atletico Madrid

Nearly 15 mins played and still goal less but apparently Chelsea have had one disallowed.
Anyway over 1.5 looks like the bet :)

Back Over 1.5 Goals
Ref: 9242805420 Bet matched:19:58 21-Oct-09

2-0 Chelsea so far

Finished 4-0

Over 1.5 Goals Wins
Profit: £44.15

Bet 16 - Alona Bondarenko v Nadia Petrova

I just can't resist this one. Odds are astronomically out in my very humble opinion. I would go as far to say that in my book I would have had Alona as a very slight favourite.

Crunch time I guess for this challenge and really putting myself on the line here. No way on this earth is Petrova a 1.5 shot here.

All in LAY before the off

Lay Nadia Petrova 1.51 £146.45 £221.14 £74.69
Ref: 9241020510 Bet matched: 17:22 21-Oct-09

1*-0 Break straight off the bat now green for 34.00 or let it ride???
2-0* Odds almost the same as at 1-0 :(
2*-1 Alona had a chance to break again but Petrova held Maybe should get out now??
2-2* Break :( Now we need another please Alona!!
Crazy low odds on Petrova here we nearly had 3-0 yet when 2-2 people backing her down to 1.4??? 2-2 30-30 and still below sp!!
BP!!! Take it!!! Saved :( BP#2 This Time!!! Saved with an ace :o
BP#3 3rd time lucky? Noooo :(

Bondarenko should have been 4*-1 up now instead it's 2*-3. Sometimes it just doesn't go your way. Still a hold here and she'll get Petrova next time :)
3-3* Nice service game now apply the pressure!!

Jeez 3-3* deuce and still SP!!
3*-4 Held from Deuce :( Another strong hold needed to wake up this market then!!
4-4* Now for the break and then hold for set :)
4*-5 Petrova holds to love is ominous :( C'mon Alona keep it going girl!!
5-5* A great time for a hold to love :)
FFS 5-5 30-30 and 2 ticks above SP??????
BP!!!!! pffft saved with another bloomin ace :(
5*-6 Free game for Nadia here. Bond only 1/6 bp's :(
6-6 Well held from 15-30 :) Now MB Please :)
1**-0 MB now 2 holds please :)
2*-0 And another!!
2-!** :( OK 2 mb please Alona :)
3-1* And one more MB please :)
4**-1 Lovely Now 2 holds!!! Please :)
5*-1 Nice :)
5-2** OK 2 MB to take the set please :)
5-3* c'mon at least one MB then!!!
6**-3 An Ace would be sweet :)

Have some of that you idiot market makers!! LOL

Lay Alona Bondarenko 1.54 £68.06 £104.81 £36.75
Ref: 9241778056 Bet matched: 18:33 21-Oct-09
1.54 £1.34 £2.06 £0.72
Ref: 9241778056 Bet matched: 18:33 21-Oct-09
1.53 £74.69 £114.28 £39.59
Ref: 9241775762 Bet matched: 18:32 21-Oct-09

£69.39 on both

Possibly should have let that one ride! But if you look at the fact I thought Alona should have been slight fav then my green on both is about the same as I should have got for an outright win for Alona according to my book. So Happy days :)

Bondarenko Wins 7-6(3) 6-3
Profit: £65.99

Bet 15 - Nikolay Davydenko v Marat Safin

Ok final set 0*-1 Davy to serve. Potentially Safin's last match or a nice rest up for Davy! I'm backing the nice rest up for Davy :)

Lay Nikolay Davydenko 1.8 £9.25 £16.65 £7.40
Ref: 9240473483 Bet matched: 16:38 21-Oct-09
1.8 £45.00 £81.00 £36.00
Ref: 9240473483 Bet matched: 16:38 21-Oct-09

C'mon the break!!!
1-1* Had 15-30 but Davy holds from there :( Now hold Safin please!!!
1*-2 Now would be an excellent time for a break please Marat :)
0-15 C'mon!!
0-30!! Oi Oi!!!
0-40 Oi Oi Oi!!!!
15-40 1 saved :( c'mon take it!!


And out £32.89 on each :)

Lay Marat Safin 1.28 £29.67 £37.98 £8.31
Ref: 9240638071 Bet matched: 16:52 21-Oct-09
1.28 £2.41 £3.08 £0.67
Ref: 9240638071 Bet matched: 16:52 21-Oct-09
1.28 £44.21 £56.59 £12.38
Ref: 9240638071 Bet matched: 16:52 21-Oct-09

Safin Wins 4-6 6-4 6-2
Profit £31.28

Challenge Overview

Bet 14 - Leonardo Mayer v Thomaz Bellucci

0-2* in the final set when I get on Bellucci just having broken hold it now Thomaz!!

Back Thomaz Bellucci 1.32 £31.48 £10.07
Ref: 9239828292 Bet matched:15:48 21-Oct-09
1.32 £1.80 £0.58
Ref: 9239828292 Bet matched:15:48 21-Oct-09

0*-3 Another break would be especially pleasing! :)

Hmm how can 0*-3 30-15 be the same odds as 0-2*??
1-3* C'mon Thomaz nice easy service game needed!
1*-4 Hold to love :)
30-40 Take It!!!! Get In!!!!
BP :( And a break back!!
2*-5 DO NOT make me regret not laying out at 1.01!!!
3-5* Mayer holds :( Now c'mon Thomaz nice and easy serve it out please!!

Bellucci Wins 7-5 3-6 6-3
Profit: £10.13

Bet 13 - Maria Jose Martinez Sanchez v Olga Govortsova

Back Olga Govortsova 1.47 £22.14 £10.41
Ref: 9239150644 Bet placed: 15:00 21-Oct-09

Score is 1-6 1-1* BP to Govortsova when I get on c'mon the hold!! LOL Break I mean!!

And Break and out £4.32 on both

Lay Olga Govortsova 1.23 £6.46 £7.95 £1.49
Ref: 9239219267 Bet matched: 15:05 21-Oct-09
1.23 £20.00 £24.60 £4.60
Ref: 9239219267 Bet matched: 15:05 21-Oct-09

Back in again at 1*-3 15-30 Lets have another break!!

Back Olga Govortsova 1.09 £26.47 £2.38
Ref: 9239322243 Bet matched:15:12 21-Oct-09

And Break 1-4* And out again! £5.59 on both!

Lay Olga Govortsova 1.04 £27.74 £28.85 £1.11
Ref: 9239358991 Bet matched: 15:15 21-Oct-09

Score is 3-4* And I'm going back in for more!! Wish me luck!!

Back Olga Govortsova 1.22 £27.74 £6.10
Ref: 9239526245 Bet matched:15:28 21-Oct-09

And 0-40 Typical!!! 4-4!!! Why did I do that crazy bet!! Now need a break again!!

BP!! Take It!!! Saved :( Another BP!! This Time Olga!! Yes!!!

4-5* Now serve it out my Belarussian Beauty :)
2 MP's!!!

Govortsova Wins 6-1 6-4
Profit: £11.13

Challenge Overview

Bet 12 - Illya Marchenko v Denis Istomin

Back Denis Istomin 1.22 £141.88 £31.21

6-1 4-3* 30-40* when got on. He held fortunately for 4-4

5-4* Hold to love!! That's a shock the way his service games have been going! Don't mess up now Denis!

0-30!!! Muppetry of the highest order!!
0-40 :(
SET Marchenko. Bizarrely I kind of had a feeling that would happen and still placed the bet!! :(

1-0* Need a hold now Denis please!
1*-1 Hold to love! I have a feeling this is a wee bit (cough) arranged! Fortunately I think the final set will be played for!
2-1* C'mon Denis don't shaft me over!!
40-15 to Deuce :( GP to BP :(

Break!!! Istomin you eedjeet!!!
4-1* Consolidates the break with a love service game!! Why did I bet on a Russian? LOL

Istomin Retired!!!! Tucked up like a kipper!!!

Well I guess it's true........... Google adsense just doesn't pay!!! ;)

Marchenko Wins 1-6 6-4 4-1 Ret'd
Loss: £141.88

Day 2 of Challenge Summary

Well a better day today after yesterday's mixed fortunes.

All winners.....

Bet 7 - Profit: £2.27 Bank: £29.38
Bet 8 - Profit: £8.98 Bank: £38.36
Bet 9 - Profit: £14.35 Bank: £52.71
Bet 10 - Profit: £50.55 Bank: £103.26 (a must read imho)
Bet 11 - Profit: £38.62 Bank: £141.88

Originally my target for today was £218.07 but I caught up quite a bit. Tomorrow's target of £684.40 has now become achievable rather than moved further away from me. May not make it but if I can keep in touch then the challenge is still on!! :)

For an over view of the whole challenge click here:  The 5 Day Challenge

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Bet 11 - Liverpool v Lyon (Football)

Back Over 1.5 Goals 1.39 £103.26 £40.27

Something to keep my bank working for me while I'm out. As got to pop out. Will be back around 9.00pm :)

See you all later :)

Apparently it was 1-2!! :)

Over 1.5 Goals wins
Profit: £38.62

Challenge Overview

Bet 10 - Igor Andreev v Robby Ginepri

Robby Ginepri 2 £52.71 £52.71

6-5* deuce 2nd set here we go :)

Was a bit rushed this one I'm afraid :( Don't let me down!

1**-2 Now the MB please
3-2** Two strong holds then!!
3-3* Do it for Rocky!!
4**-3 Aargh!! Need two mb now Take down Ivan Drago and the world will be at peace!! :)
4*-4 And another!!! Hit him in the ribs like your chopping down a tree!!
5-4** Now make him think you are like iron with your serving!!
Double Fault!!!! That wasn't in the movie!!!
6**-5 Now Rocky catch them chickens!!
6*-6 The crowd are starting to turn!!
7-6** No mess ups now!! Gorbachev is about to give you astanding ovation!!
7-7* Rocky! Rocky!
8**-7 It's a war out there!!
8*-8 C'mon Rocky he's just a man not a machine!!
9-8** Their corner want Drago to crush the "small American" :(
9-9* 2 points from Microphone time!!
10**-9 Booooo says the hostile crowd!! They've turned!!

SET Drago!!! 30 more years of Cold War :(

Rocky just doesn't know when he's beaten!!!

He will avenge the death of his good friend Apollo Creed!!!

4*-5 Drago has picked up his trainer saying he only plays for himself!!

5-5* Two worlds are colliding there's so much at stake!!
0-30 Freedom's up against the ropes!!

5*-6 To beat Rocky he's gonna have to kill him!!!

Here it is the final deciding Round!! Which one of these great fighters will be left standing at the end!!

Drago can be heard say "I must Break you" but Rocky doesn't look fazed!!

Paulie is jumping up and down!!
Rocky Jr is whispering "Ilove you daddy" at the tv
Even Adrian can finally bear to watch!!

Dah dah dadadah dadahdah dada dah!!!

In here there were two guys killing each other......
but I guess that's better than fifty million.
What I am trying to say if........
if I can change...................
and if you can change.............
everybody can change!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah you rock Rocky :)

Ginepri Wins 6-3 6(9)-7 7-6(1)
Profit: £50.55

Bet 9 - Michael Berrer v Henri Kontinen

Change of tactic here and all in from the off on Berrer here:

Back Michael Berrer 1.39 £38.36 £14.96

Should be a nice straight sets victory and great value imho!!

Well Berrer left it late but finally takes the 1st set 7-5 :)
And the Beef Casserole I'm cooking while it takes place is coming on nicely too :)

Berrer doing things the hard way had 2bp's for a 4-0 lead this set! Instead it's going to be decided by a tb!!

3-6** Kontinen :o to 7-6** LOL!!

Berrer Wins 7-5 7-6(7)
Profit: £14.35

Challenge Overview

Bet 8 - Patty Schnyder v Petra Kvitova

Back Patty Schnyder 1.49 £20.00 £9.80
Ref: 9230150197 Bet matched:13:48 20-Oct-09
1.49 £9.38 £4.60
Ref: 9230148270 Bet matched:13:48 20-Oct-09

Patty has just broken to win the first set 6-4 and really hoping for a confident start to the second. Maybe should have waited to see if she holds first but I liked the look of these odds so lumped on.

Deuce!! Don't punish me for not waiting Patty!!

Holds :) Now for a nice early break please :)
0-30!! Not noticed Patty's tattoo before!!30-40!!

Break!! :) Odds 1.20 are too high for me to green up on I feel.

3-0* Nice :) To green or not to green???

Green Is Good!!!!!

Lay Patty Schnyder 1.13 £38.74 £43.78 £5.04
Ref: 9230282997 Bet matched: 14:00 20-Oct-09

£8.98 on both

Challenge Overview

Schnyder Wins 6-4 6-1
Profit: £8.98

Bet 7 - Fabrice Santoro v Andrey Kuznetsov

Back Fabrice Santoro 1.12 £27.11 £3.25
Ref: 9229912911 Bet placed: 13:15 20-Oct-09

4-6 6-2 3-1* Deuce when I get on come on Le Magician!!


4*-1 Now hold please, no silliness!!

15-30 I said NO SILLINESS!!!! GP ... Deuce :( GP#2! Deuce :(

SB seems stuck at deuce so I'm out!!

Lay Fabrice Santoro 1.03 £29.48 £30.36 £0.88
Ref: 9229988032 Bet matched: 13:27 20-Oct-09

£2.27 on each

Santoro Wins 4-6 6-2 6-2
Profit: £2.27

Challenge Overview

Monday, 19 October 2009

Day 1 of Challenge Summary

Well it started off quite well:

Bet 1: Profit: £3.09 Bank: £25.23 
Bet 2: Profit: £3.42 Bank: £28.65 
Bet 3: Profit: £7.33 Bank: £35.99
Bet 4: Profit: £16.31 Bank:£52.29

Well on course to hit my daily target at this stage when disaster struck!!

Bet 5: Loss: £35.99 Bank: £16.31

Last bet of the day got me back on track and back into profit at least!!

Bet 6: Profit: £10.79 Bank: £27.10

So all to do tomorrow as originally I should have been getting to £218.07!!!! That may be pushing it somewhat but there is plenty to go at tomorrow so you never know! ;)

For an outline of what the challenge is all about read this: Challenge Overview

In Answer to Arodd's Question!

Even though he didn't actually post it up in a comment ;) I found it again in the chat and will try to answer it as best I can.

The Question was: How do you deal with greed?

That is a tough question as one could argue that my entire philosophy of punting is based on greed, as I suppose is a Bookmakers!

If you realise the concept that bookmakers know that winning punters do indeed always put their winnings back in, then this is probably the first thing you need to address in your own style, so that you too do not fall foul of this. However as a compounding gambler myself I can hardly preach!

Personally I try not to think of money as money but instead look at profit or loss purely as a percentage of bank. I also do not consider the money in my Betfair account as mine until I withdraw it.

Both these things go some way to help me distance the financial transaction of placing a bet with real money and as such emotion. I have had matches where I have lost £1,000's, however losing 100% of bank is the same whether your bank is £10 or £1,000 in terms of percentage. Both have the same outcome... a zero balance. If you also consider your wins in the same regard then the euphoria associated with a win is also dissipated.

This is probably the fundamental part. Two things keep people gambling! Firstly the euphoria of a win and the urge to get that again, secondly the need to regain your losses or "chasing" which is nigh on impossible to eradicate.

This probably hasn't actually answered the question, but if you remember not to personalise your gambling it is a start I guess.

One last thing always remember that Gordon Gecko was wrong when he said "Greed is Good". Instead adopt as your mantra:

"Green is Good, Greed is Bad!!"

Bet 6 - Potito Starace v Evgeny Donskoy

Well well. An Italian against a Russian in Russia and the market thinks there is a fix taking place!

Starace won the 1st set 6-3 and it's 2-2 in the 2nd I'm happy to take the market on here.

Back Potito Starace 1.69 £16.31 £11.25
Ref: 9225626762 Bet matched:17:35 19-Oct-09

2-3 comeon hold please
3-3 now the break :)
15-40!! :) Deuce :( BP#3 Take It!!!!! YESSS!!! Break

3-4* Now hold Spud! Odds still crazy 1.27!!! a set and a break up! somebody's having fun with the markets today! ;)

3*-5 Going to be some seething on the Forum I suspect if Starace closes this out in two sets :o

MATCH POINT!!!!! ..... Saved :(
MP#2 Take It!!!!! ....... YESSS!!!

Starace wins 6-3 6-3
Profit: £10.79

Challenge Overview

Bet 5 - Simon Greul v Benjamin Becker

Back Benjamin Becker 1.09 £35.99 £3.24
Ref: 9225225497 Bet matched:17:06 19-Oct-09

got on at 1*-4 final set Greul about to serve. A break here would be great but Becker giving me two more hold will suffice. :)

2-4* C'mon Becker simple hold please.
FFS break point this is not good had 40-15 before!!
Phew Deuce#2 c'mon Becker hold!! GP, Deuce #3, BP#2!!! What is he doing????
Break :(
3*-4 Dear oh dear my timing isn't on today. C'mon another break now Benjamin please :)
4-4 Crunch Time here :( Hold please Becker!!
4*-5 Hold to love!! That's more like it. Why couldn't he have done that last time!! Break for GSM would be nice right now :)
5-5* Another hold to love :( Getting a wee bit nervous now!
0-30 FFS!!!
30-30 c'mon hold!!! GP :) Deuce :( GP#2 :) DF!! Deuce#3 sort it out Becker!!
BP!!! :( May have to rely on both Germans choking here!

Break! :( Double Fault!! Terrible from Becker!
Hold to love :(

Greul wins 2-6 6-3 7-5
Loss: £35.99

Terrible bet ... terrible play .....terrible outcome! :(

Bet 4 - Olga Govortsova v Ksenia Pervak

Back Olga Govortsova 1.71 £2.37 £4.05 £1.68
Ref: 9224426821 Bet matched: 15:56 19-Oct-09
1.71 £48.32 £82.63 £34.31
Ref: 9224426821 Bet matched: 15:56 19-Oct-09

Got on Govortsova won the 1st set and its 1*-2 2nd set c'mon the break :)

2-2* Hold to 15. You'd better hold now Pervak! Let's see what that pre match odds movement was about please!!!
2*-3 Hold to 30! Now the break and a lovely flip flop please :)
BP!!! Take It!!!!

2-4* Now do I trust her to hold???

And Out :)

£16.31 on Both

Lay Ksenia Pervak 1.72 £3.26 £5.61 £2.35
Ref: 9224596900 Bet matched: 16:11 19-Oct-09
1.63 £43.61 £71.08 £27.47
Ref: 9224592180 Bet matched: 16:10 19-Oct-09
1.63 £6.13 £9.99 £3.86
Ref: 9224592180 Bet matched: 16:10 19-Oct-09

Bet 3 - Karol Beck v Teimuraz Gabashvili

Back Karol Beck 1.16 £28.66 £4.59
Ref: 9222754400 Bet matched:13:13 19-Oct-09

Got on at 6-3 3-3* 30-0* Tried to get on at 3-3 but was chasing the odds down :(

15-40 c'mon Take one!!! Pffft Deuce :( BP#3 Take it!!! Deuce #2 :(
3*-4 C'mon Karol hold now please :)
4-4* Now the break please!!
4*-5 Another hold to deuce :( Let's have a hold now please!!
Uh oh SP Gaba!!! :( Oh ffs!!!

Set Gabashvili :( Now the work begins :(

Back Teimuraz Gabashvili 2.1 £33.00 £36.30
Ref: 9222897280 Bet matched:13:40 19-Oct-09

-28.42 Beck
+7.64 Gaba

Need a hold now Gaba!! Probably keep backing the server to get out here.
0*-1 Hold to 30 c'mon the break now!!! Odds 1.75 Gaba
1-1* Hold to 15 Hmmm the switch may have been the wrong decision here we'll see staying put for now Odds 1.98 Beck
1*-2 Had 15-30 but holds from there. Odds 1.78 on Gaba. If I had stuck with backing the server I would be green on both now :( Let's have a break then!!
BP!!!! TAKE ITT!!!!! Pfft deuce#2 :(
2-2* Not sure if I trust him to hold again here :( odds 1.95 Beck
2*-3 LOL What do I know??? Hold to love!! Odds 1.75 Gaba Now break please :)
3-3* Why did I not just back the server!!! Probably get broken now :(
0-30 Woe is me!! :( 30-30 c'mon hold Gaba!!! BP :( Wow saved I thought he had broken as odds went sub 1.50!!!
3*-4 Someone must be sick thinking he had broken there from 1.50 to 2.44 in 30secs!!! Now let's do the old missed bp means break next game please :)
0-15 Here we go this game please
30-40 Take It!!!!!!
Break!!! Get in!!!!!!!
Now serve it out FFS!!!
0-30 Noooooo I didn't get out!!!!
0-40 What a muppet!!! Gaba not to bright either ;)
4*-5 Broken to love!! :( Why oh Why did I not take the green :( Nevermind break for the match now and I'll love you for ever!! :)
0-15 c'mon!! 0-30 DF!!TWO MORE!!! 15-30 :( 2MP's Got to take one surely!!!
30-40 Take it!!!!

YEEEESSSSS!!!! Never in doubt ;)

Gabashvili WIns 3-6 6-4 6-4
Profit: £7.33

Challenge Overview

Bet 2 - Anna Chakvetadze v Alona Bondarenko

Back Alona Bondarenko 1.21 £25.24 £5.30
Ref: 9222402706 Bet matched:12:01 19-Oct-09

Score is 4-6 1*-2 as I back Alona hoping for a break straight away.

BP... Saved :( My lay at 1.11 not taken either :(
2-2* Need a hold her please Alona :)
2*-3 Now the break then :)
3-3* Hold to 15!! :( c'mon Bonda :)
3*-4 Nice hold now the break and we will see some lovely low numbers :)
0-15 good signs Chak trying drop shots ;)
0-30 c'mon two more pfft 30-30 :( Deuce let's go ABond!! deuce#2! Deuce #3 c'mon the BP!!
BP!!!! TAKE IT!!!!! deuce #4 :(
BP#2 Take this one please Alona!!
3-5* BREAK!!!! :)

And out:
Lay Alona Bondarenko 1.06 £28.81 £30.54 £1.73
Ref: 9222532337 Bet matched: 12:27 19-Oct-09

£3.42 on Both

Bondarenko Wins 6-4 6-3
Profit £3.42

Challenge Overview

Bet 1 - Laura Robson Maria Elena Camerin

Back Maria Elena Camerin 1.19 £1.84 £0.35
Ref: 9222049178 Bet matched:10:29 19-Oct-09
1.19 £4.71 £0.89
Ref: 9222049178 Bet matched:10:29 19-Oct-09

Got on just as Camerin broke to level the 2nd set at 4-4. Camerin won 1st set.

4*-5 Robson serving to stay in the match now.

Lay Maria Elena Camerin 1.04 £25.12 £26.12 £1.00
Ref: 9222066342 Bet matched: 10:36 19-Oct-09

And out:
£2.86 Robson
£3.09 Camerin

Camerin Wins 6-3 6-4
Profit: £3.09

5k Challenge

Sunday, 18 October 2009

The 5 day Challenge!!

Well it all started on the Thursday before August bank holiday this year. I had just over £66 in my account and decided to set myself a ludicrous target of £10,000 by the Monday night!

Technically it failed as I had to reload another £100 when I got wiped out. However from around £100 on Sunday afternoon I reached the £10,000 target on the Thursday night.

For those that didn't catch it here is the link:

The 10k Challenge

I am withdrawing all my money from Betfair apart from a small, yet significant, amount. More on that later!! I have made more than my £5,000 monthly target so far in October so am happy to use my time on some fun stuff :)

Now to the rules of the challenge:
All in every bet... obviously ;)
Anything goes :)
I have the right to change the rules at any given time :)

So what is my starting bank and target I hear you cry?????

Well as you may have noticed I have some google adsense ads on this blog (please click generously!!!). Well Google does a nice thing by paying me a few pennies for every click and so far I have amassed the princely some of £22.14!!

However many people knock Google adsense and say you can't make money from them. Therefore my challenge previously on the forum was to prove the doubters wrong and here it is to prove bloggers wrong :)

I will aim to turn my £22.14 Google Adsense revenue into £5,000 by Friday night!!

Thus proving that you can indeed earn £5,000 a week from your blog courtesy of google adsense (with a little help from Betfair)

With an average of 10% per market I need 57 wins to achieve so 12 per day
Monday Target: £69.48
Tuesday Target: £218.07
Wednesday Target: £684.40
Thursday Target: £2147.96
Friday Target: £5,000.00 :) Easy as that!!! LOL

Please comment under each bet as well as in the chat section as then a record of it will be kept and I can answer questions about my sanity etc rather than miss them on the chat.

I am also going to try and change the settings so others can post blogs about my progress. :)

This may be a short challenge or it may succeed who knows?? But one thing is for sure it should be fun.

Please do not copy my style of punting as it can cause your bank balance to go down(fast) as well as up!

Happy Punting :)

Day 1 Summary 
Day 2 Summary

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