Thursday, 29 October 2009

Wednesday Summary

What can I say? All in all a great day!! Following on from the successes of Monday and Tuesday,

From £100.82 to £513.97 in 8 bets giving a daily increase of bank of 409%!! It also managed to bring down the daily required increase from 166% to 114%. The thing now is to keep focused and not make half baked punts because there is nothing else to bet on.

Wednesday's Bets:
Bet 1: Profit: £14.79
Bet 2: Profit: £26.87
Bet 3: Profit: £44.22
Bet 4: Profit: £71.54
Bet 5: Profit: £94.01
Bet 6: Profit: £37.12
Bet 7: Profit: £124.60

Lots of tennis again today so can be selective in my picks. Must keep reminding myself of that!!

Good Luck all and Happy Punting!

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