Friday, 11 December 2009

Pittsburgh Steelers @ Cleveland Browns

As discussed on the chat I have decided to go for Browns +16.5 on this match. That is one heck of a handicap for a team on the road to overhaul! Inclement weather has been reported too which bodes for a lower scoring game.

Is 1.45 Free money?? LOL Probably not but I'm on anyway!
Just glad my stakes are small at the moment as the market has terrible liquidity so there would be no chance to trade in running. Probably leave it and head to bed.

Here's the Christmas link :-)

Pittsburgh is the home town of Hip Hop duo Grand Buffet. Their first album was called SCROOGE McRock! link HERE

By the way the pic is the ghosts of Christmas present and past!! ;-)

Well What a turn up for the books!

Cleveland Browns Won 13-6
Profit: £12.72
Bank: £43.02

Not going to be around much today but will hopefully be here this evening.

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