Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Manchester United v CSKA Moscow

64 minutes gone in the UEFA Champions League clash at Old Trafford. Surprisingly, Man Utd are losing 3-1!!

I must confess to being a Liverpool fan I'm afraid so any chance I get to bet against Man Utd when it looks like a winner is a must for me LOL. We Liverpool fans haven't got much to cheer at the moment so beating United the other week and seeing them beaten on other occasions brings some pleasure ;-)

Back CSKA Moscow
Ref: 9355001265 Bet matched:21:05 03-Nov-09

Uh oh 2-3 after 84 mins Paul Scholes with the goal. C'mon CSKA

And out for nothing well that was disappointing :(

3-3 Bloody Man Utd and their injury time goals!!

Jarkko Nieminen v Julien Benneteau

Well sometimes you need a slice of luck to get you back on track and this certainly falls into this category. I backed Benneteau @ 5-5 in the first set as he was about to serve. He was broken and then Nieminen served it out to win 7-5.

As Benneteau was to serve first in the second I switched hoping for the break. It came and then I did a full switch again. Nieminen held but during the game at 30-30 I think it was the market was so all over the place that I was able to green out!!

£2.20 on Both

Nieminen Wins 7-5 6-2
Profit £2.20

Andy Murray v Daniel Gimeno Traver

This is a match that will only have two possible outcomes!!!

Maybe that's not a new concept for a tennis matches but these are the two outcomes I feel there may be.

i) Murray is chomping at the bit to be playing tennis again and destroys DGT in two easy sets
ii) Murray feels that, despite numerous training sessions, his wrist isn't up to competitive action and retires.

However ii) isn't going to happen so I guess there's only one outcome then ;-)

Therefore as my selection has stood up to the rigours of my exact science, I have to lump on Murray despite the skinny price. 7% interest for an hours deposit is far better than you can get at the Post Office!

Lay Daniel Gimeno Traver
£39.34 £36.53
Ref: 9353752248 Bet matched: 19:09 03-Nov-09

Hmmm now -36.62 AM +22.06 DGT We'd better get a retirement from Murray now! It's amazing how quickly you can go off a player if he's just faking it. To top it all my stream has died now too :(

Hmm 3*-1 to Murray the Mugger! I used to be such a fan but he is just an actor like the rest! What was the point in faking the old injury thing? I don't get it. And my bank certainly doesn't get it!!!!!!

4-1* :(
5*-1 Properly Properly Mugged. Murray you are not even close to being on my Christmas card list right now!!!!

Murray Wins 6-3 6-1
Loss (Again!!!): £36.62

Well I got spooked by the market as I'm sure many others did.. So glad I kept my deposits so minimal at the start of the month as I could have been on a right sticky wicket now if I had been using a decent sized bank.

I'll deposit another £10 as fun money tonight to try and work through these Jips I seem to have acquired! Hopefully we'll be in the right frame of mind tomorrow!!

Juan Carlos Ferrero v Pablo Cuevas

Score is 6-2 5*-5 30-30 when I get on at 1.23

Back Juan Carlos Ferrero
Ref: 9353249313 Bet matched:17:58 03-Nov-09

6-5* JCF holds now can he break for GSM?

Guess not!! Tiebreak it is!! C'mon JCF!!!

1-0** Good start now a mb?
1-1* This one then!!
1**-2 No messing about now Ferrero!
2*-2 And another please :-)
2-3** Ah FFS I'm not having much luck in TB's today! Let's get the MB back then!!
3-3* Nice one now another?
3**-4 Two holds please!!
3*-5 Ferrero you..... Nugget!!
4-5** Now then 2 MB's and you'll have MP!! C'mon at least one!
4-6* Set point .... c'mon the MB!!!
WTF was that?

Set Cuevas! I just can't pick a winner today!! LOL

Lay Juan Carlos Ferrero
£69.86 £27.00
Ref: 9353349662 Bet matched: 18:14 03-Nov-09

Looking for a few service holds to get out of this!

30-30 Oh sure now Ferrero is winning return points!! :(
0*-1 Cuevas holds just going to see if he can nick a couple of points here! 0-30 and I could get out! C'mon Pablo!!
30-30 c'mon Pablo 2 more!! 2nd Serve!! PFFFT :(
1-1* Oh well think I'll stick with Pablo for a while.  Need JCF to hit 2.08 to get out. If Cuevas keeps holding we should soon get there!
1*-2 Hold to love c'mon Pablo give us a break!!
0-15 holding
0-30 holding c'mon Cuevas
15-30 holding get that BP!!!
15-40 TAKE IT!!!
GET IN!!!!

1*-4 Another Break?
And Out  £14.15 on both!

Cuevas Wins 2-6 7-6(4) 6-3
Profit: £14.15

Victor Troicki v Benjamin Becker

Right I've reloaded £20 and got on at 2-1** in the 2nd set Tiebreak.

Back Viktor Troicki
Ref: 9352900956 Bet matched:17:05 03-Nov-09

Troicki Wins 6-2 7-6(5)
Profit: £2.47

November Sucks!!

Simone Bolelli v Evgeny Korolev

Score was 6-3 1-1 Deuce when I got in hoping to nick a break but Korolev holds for 1*-2

Back Simone Bolelli
Ref: 9352002841 Bet matched:15:36 03-Nov-09

2-2* Let's break now then Simon :)
2*-3 Need to keep holding at least and wait for an opportunity then Bolelli.
3-3* Now put the squeeze on!
3*-4 Hmmmm
4-4* Phew Korolev had 2 BP's in that game. Can we have the old missed BP = Break next game please :)
4*-5 Bolelli really been struggling on serve let's hope he can do a little better here!
5-5* Nice hold now break!!!
0-40 Take one!!! 1 Saved!! 2 saved TAKE IT!!!!! Deuce :(
5*-6 Pffft :( Hold now FFS!!!
6-6 Holds to love. Tiebreak time!! C'mon the MB!

0**-1 Two holds then please.
1*-1 One more please :)
2-1** Now two MB or at least one!!
2-2* This one then c'mon Simone!
2**-3 Looks like they are both serving well! Don't let the side down Bolelli!
2*-4 FFS!! Hold this one then!
3-4** Need a MB like NOW!!!!
4-4* YESS!! And another then!!
4**-5 OK two Aces would be nice to bring up a MP!!
4*-6 FFS what a crap Tiebreak! Hold then Break then Break please!!
4-7 What a Divvy!! :(

Set Korolev :(

Ah FFS broken!! 2-3* C'mon Bolelli I need a break back now!!
15-30 C'mon two more points!! 40-30 :( Deuce c'mon then!! Let's have an Italian v Russian carve up !! ;-) GP! Holds :(

2*-4 Still time it's not like he's not had his chances!!
0-30 FFS!! get your finger out Simone!!
15-40 Tucked up like a kipper here!
2-5* Even Korolev isn't going to mess it up from here is he?

Korolev Wins 3-6 7-6(4) 6-2
Loss £64.66

Marco Chiudinelli v Philipp Kohlschreiber

Well I fancied Chiudinelli from the off here but held off. However he won the first set 7-6 and is still 1.69 so that is a punt I like the look of. Home town advantage too. So c'mon Marco

Back Marco Chiudinelli
Ref: 9350884234 Bet matched:14:07 03-Nov-09

Ref: 9350884234 Bet matched:14:07 03-Nov-09

Crazy high prices on Chiudinelli here!! 1.90 at 1*-2 a set up!! I wish I'd waited to pile in!!

Wow Flip flop for 2*-3 0-0 2nd serve!! Even more so now its 0-15!!

3-3* Holds to 15! Now let's teach this market a lesson and get the break Marco!!
3*-4 Ok then if we're not going to do anything on the return games we will win in a TB. Just wish you'd let me know beforehand so I could have had better odds ;)

FFS 0-40 :( 3 aces please :) 1 Saved.... 2 aces please!! Rubbish!! :( Break
3-5* Ho hum!

3-6 Set Kohlschreiber :( Now I've got some work to do!!

2-1* Going to try and back the server out of this!! -51.92 MC -11.81 PK
2*-2 +57.48 MC -52.29 PK BREAK!!! :(
2-3* -51.52 MC -44.66 PK :(
2*-4 +135.98 MC -52.16 PK
3-4* This is where Kohlschreiber chokes so hold this position! :) Need 1.39 to get out for no loss :) 0-40 would do it!
15-15 c'mon 3 more!!!
15-30 c'mon 2 more!!
30-30 still 2 more!!
40-30 pfft!
Deuce 2 more again!!
BP!!! TAKE IT!!!!!
YES!!!!! LOL

And out 13.01 on both :-)
Chiudinelli Wins 7-6(5) 3-6 7-5
Profit: £12.37

Juan Monaco v Martin Vassallo Arguello

Score is 6-3 5-2* MVA serving to stay in the match. Quick 1.01!!!

Back Juan Monaco
Ref: 9350796568 Bet placed: 14:00 03-Nov-09

Monaco Wins 6-3 6-2
Profit: £0.49

Gael Monfils v Marcel Granollers

Well here we go again with a back from the off. Just hope Monfils is interested this week. He should be as it's a 500 tournament and he stands a good chance of picking up some good points here. Will be checking to see he is interested and may have to bail if it looks like he isn't.

Back Gael Monfils
Ref: 9349828426 Bet placed: 11:19 03-Nov-09

Oh dear Monfils broken first for 2-3* Really not got his service games going yet. Though his last return game showed signs that he may break back soon.

3*-3 There's the immediate break back. Can't believe Monfils went as high as 1.75!!
Now he needs to hold mind you ;-)

3-4* Call it what you will!! Mugfest or breakfest!!!
4*-4 Now I need a hold then break for the set. Got to go and pick my daughter up from Nursery.

Back now and I see Monfils won the 1st set 6-4 now 1*-1 in the second.
2-1* And I'm out at 1.12. Monfils could easily lose a set the way it's been going!

Lay Gael Monfils
£58.14 £6.23
Ref: 9350085320 Bet matched: 12:13 03-Nov-09

£2.11 on both better safe than sorry!

Monfils Wins 6-4 6-2
Profit: £2.11

Gilles Simon v Igor Kunitsyn

Gilles Simon is usually very competent indoors and imho it is his best surface and one in which I would still put him in the top 5 in the world (when fit). He still has a chance of making London and a good week here followed by a good week in Paris may see him nick that 8th spot. Unlikely I know but he will want to get there or he will drop further down the rankings as he'll lose the points he got for the semi final appearance last year.

Therefore I'm lumping on from the off here and hope he doesn't let me down.

Lay Igor Kunitsyn
£19.20 £16.20
Ref: 9349584325 Bet matched: 10:02 03-Nov-09

£31.81 £26.84
Ref: 9349584325 Bet matched: 10:02 03-Nov-09

Simon draws first blood to go 3*-1 up.
Simon wobbles slightly when serving for the set offering up 3 break chances. However he serves it out to take the 1st set 6-3.

Again Simon breaks first in the 2nd set to go 2*-1 up!

Lay Gilles Simon
£51.01 £1.00
Ref: 9349719393 Bet matched: 10:52 03-Nov-09
Out at 1.02 for £6.63 green on both.

Simon Wins 6-3 6-2
Profit: £6.63

Trentino Volley v Zamalek

Got on at the end of the 3rd set as Trentino looked like they were going to win easily.

This Volleyball by the way just in case you were wondering! :-)

Back Trentino 1.03 £41.86 £1.26
Ref: 9349488667 Bet matched:09:18 03-Nov-09

Zamalek have won the 3rd. Need Trentino to close this out now.

Not looking good 1-6

Wow from 11-17 to 22-18!!
24-20 4 Match points

Trentino win 3-1
Profit: £1.26

Atlanta Falcons @ New Orleans Saints

Saints should win this a t a breeze (famous last words!!) I was tempted by the 9.5 handicap but going to bed so just trying to nick a few quid here. Decided to go for the -3.5 handicap instead as offers nicer odds than the win and should be safe enough.

Back New Orleans -3.5pts
Ref: 9349031559 Bet matched:00:50 03-Nov-09

Good Luck if your on it and see you all in the morning (hopefully smiling) ;)

Happy Punting

New Orleans Saints Win 35-27
Profit: £9.77

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