Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Andy Murray v Daniel Gimeno Traver

This is a match that will only have two possible outcomes!!!

Maybe that's not a new concept for a tennis matches but these are the two outcomes I feel there may be.

i) Murray is chomping at the bit to be playing tennis again and destroys DGT in two easy sets
ii) Murray feels that, despite numerous training sessions, his wrist isn't up to competitive action and retires.

However ii) isn't going to happen so I guess there's only one outcome then ;-)

Therefore as my selection has stood up to the rigours of my exact science, I have to lump on Murray despite the skinny price. 7% interest for an hours deposit is far better than you can get at the Post Office!

Lay Daniel Gimeno Traver
£39.34 £36.53
Ref: 9353752248 Bet matched: 19:09 03-Nov-09

Hmmm now -36.62 AM +22.06 DGT We'd better get a retirement from Murray now! It's amazing how quickly you can go off a player if he's just faking it. To top it all my stream has died now too :(

Hmm 3*-1 to Murray the Mugger! I used to be such a fan but he is just an actor like the rest! What was the point in faking the old injury thing? I don't get it. And my bank certainly doesn't get it!!!!!!

4-1* :(
5*-1 Properly Properly Mugged. Murray you are not even close to being on my Christmas card list right now!!!!

Murray Wins 6-3 6-1
Loss (Again!!!): £36.62

Well I got spooked by the market as I'm sure many others did.. So glad I kept my deposits so minimal at the start of the month as I could have been on a right sticky wicket now if I had been using a decent sized bank.

I'll deposit another £10 as fun money tonight to try and work through these Jips I seem to have acquired! Hopefully we'll be in the right frame of mind tomorrow!!

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