Monday, 5 October 2009

Bet Of The Day: Thomaz Bellucci v Mikhail Youzhny

Ok trying something new here with a nap of the day so to speak. Just for fun so please don't blame me if it all goes Pete Tong!!!

Going to have level stakes of 100 points running alongside my blog to see how I get on :)

Today's bet was hard to find and I suppose the sensible thing to do when you're looking for a bet and struggling to find decent value on a potential winner then you should move on and leave it! However this isn't a sensible blog now is it :) ???

Thomaz Bellucci to win is my tip! Currently available on Betfair @ 3.30 so a 100 point stake will provide a potential return of 230 which would be a nice start :)

As they say on the shampoo ad..... Here's the science bit ;)
Bellucci has a bright future ahead of him imho and is still only 21. Yes he is predominantly a clay courter as a lot of South Americans are but he seems to be developing an all court game as he gets older.

These two players have not met before so there is no Head to head to look at.

Youzhny on the other hand is now 27 and entering the latter stages of his career becoming somewhat of a journeyman. Whilst nobody could ever accuse him of lacking passion that is often misguided as we all know. I feel Bellucci has the game to irritate him and take advantage of the subsequent brain fail.

For those less adventurous then perhaps a lay of Youzhny 2-0 is the bet for you. Odds of 2.10 seem favourable for a 90.91 point return for your 100 stake.

Almagro v Ferrero

Got on at 0*-1 in first set at 1.50. Just wanted to make sure Ferrero got through the 1st service game.

Back Juan Carlos Ferrero 1.5 £1,043.57 £521.79
Ref: 9105286836 Bet matched:15:28 05-Oct-09

1*-2 Phew!!!! From 15-40 to hold!!!

4-4* JCF had bp at 30-40 there and on 2nd serve but Almagro held on :( Odds only got down to 1.46 on bp which is a little odd :(

4*-5 Hold to 15. Now need the break for the set and serving 1st in 2nd would be double bonus please Juan :)

5*-6 Almagro had 0-15 then fought back to deuce from 40-15 finally getting the bp from a 2nd serve but JCF saves it only to hand one straight back but JCF saved it again and went on to hold. That's 4 bp's missed from Almagro. That may cost him later! Let the curse of the missed bp take effect now please :)

5-7 The curse strikes!!! :D 0-30 and odds were still 1.50. I just don't get it sometimes should have been 1.42 tops imho. But eventually breaks to 15 :) 1-0 JCF :) Odds 1.29!!! Boy oh boy!! This is gonna be a tough market! Holding my position at those odds!

1-1* Jcf had 0-15 But Mugro held form there. Odds are a bit strange as at 0-0* 0-40* odds were 1.18. AT 0*-1 0*-15 odds were 1.22!! ALways makes me nervous that sort of thing!

2*-1 Market obviously "knew" LOL JCF is broken from 40-30 :( Odds 1.54.

3-1* )Hold to love. Odds 1.67 would suggest this set is over!! Do people think this is the old compatriot 1-1 shuffle ;)

3*-2 Hold to 15. Odds 1.61. Market is nuts!!! If JCF breaks back this set some people are gonna get turned over big style :o !!!!!

4-2* Had 0-15 but Mugro holds to 15. Odds 1.65
4*-3 Hold to love
5-3* Hold to 15
5*-4 Hold to love again. Now for the break please Juan :)
5-5* 0-30 Odds still 1.55!!!! 0-40 and 1.38!!!! 15-40 2nd serve 1.49!!! Break!!! :) Odds 1.33 C'mon the hold and break for the match :)

5*-6 0-30 is this suddenly WTA after many love service games :( Back to 30-30. 30-40 :( Hold dammit!!! Deuce. BP Again :( 2nd Deuce. GP Take it!! 3rd Deuce :( GP#2 This time please :) pffft 4th deuce! Ace GP#3. ANother ace would be nice :) Deuce#5 :( I give up!!! :( 4bp's saved this game but fianlly holds!! :) Now the curse to strike again please :)

6-6 TB time! Hold to love there Odds 1.44!
0**-1 C'mon 2 mb's please :
0*-2 C'mon another!!!
1-2** Had a 2nd serve there :( now for two holds please :)
2-2* :( MB back
2**-3 C'mon the 2 x MB please :)
2*-4 There's one c'mon take another!!!
3-4** OK 2 strong holds now for 3 MP's!!
3-5* One more!!!
3**-6 Take it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please :)
GET IN MY SON!!!!!!!!!!

Ferrero wins 7-5 7-6(3)
Profit: £499.35
Bank: £1,542.92

Pavlyuchenkova v V Williams

When I got on the score was 3-6 6-1 3-1* 30-30. Took odds of 1.5 on the off chance that Pav gets the break and would have been virtual GSM. Unfortunately Venus held for 3*-2. and odds out to 1.8!!! :(

Back Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova 1.5 £705.83 £352.92
Ref: 9103264658 Bet matched:10:04 05-Oct-09

4-2* Pav had 30-0 but Venus fought back to 30-30 and we were close to a flip flop!!! Pav got adv but then a double fault gave Deuce :( But she finally served it out!

5*-2 Pav takes her break point at first time of asking. Will she serve it out now?

5-3*Typical WTA!! Broken to love serving for the match including 2 Double faults!!! Now can she break for the match or I will be getting mildly nervous!

5*-4 Question now is do I trust Pav to serve this out this time? Or get out while I can? Hmmm stick for me! C'mon Anastasia!!!!! :)

GSM Pav. I didn't want to top up so she could have served it out at first time of asking!!! ;)

Pavlyuchenkova Wins 3-6 6-1 6-4
Profit: £337.74
Bank: £ 1,043.57

Bondarenko v Errani

Tried to get on Alona at 1.05then 1.04 when 4-1* up in 2nd set. She broke for 5*-1 but I didn't get matched started researching my next bets and next thing I know is I've been matched and it's *5-3 0-40!!!!

Back Alona Bondarenko 1.04 £679.81 £27.19
Ref: 9103135715 Bet matched:09:25 05-Oct-09

Scoreboard then seems stuck at 15-40 but odds on Alona back down to 1.01 so I assume she fought back and won?? First time I've not come a cropper in a match involving an Italian for a while ;)

Assuming A Bond won
Bank: £705.83

Looking like an "iffy" scoreboard this week!!! Shock horror so will have to be more vigilant.

Bondarenko finally confirmed as winning 6-3 6-3

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