Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Terry Jenkins v Mark Dudbridge (Darts)

Haven't got a clue what I am doing here!!! Where's Murrayfield with his darts knowledge when I need him. LOL

However score says 2-0 Jenkins in the 1st set (Best of 5) and market puts Jenkins at 1.23 so that's good enough for me :)

Back Terry Jenkins 1.23 £405.10 £93.17
Ref: 9123527382 Bet matched:22:39 07-Oct-09

I've heard of Jenkins but not the other fella so that's an added bonus!! :D

1st set to Jenkins Odds 1.2.
D'oh Jenkins broken in opening leg of 2nd set :( odds into the 1.30's
1 Set all Odds 1.45. Not liking this!! Lets get the next one Terry :)

My God this sport is too quick for my feeble mind. I can only imagine what the markets must be up to in a tight finish!!! Would take a lot of mental training to get used to it. And it's not often enough to train on :(

Bloomin eck Terry throw the break away for 2-2 in this set pffft odds hit the 1.80's's.

Back comes Terry 2-1 sets and now has the throw 1.22 odds

Broken straight away!! Is this wta??? :D
LOL it is WTa break back!!!

And I'm out at 1.16 I can't take this I'd have a coronary if I punted on this all the time!! Great fun though for a tenner or such like in the future though :)
Lay Terry Jenkins 1.16 £329.54 £382.27 £52.73
Ref: 9123647021 Bet matched: 23:14 07-Oct-09
1.16 £100.00 £116.00 £16.00
Ref: 9123647021 Bet matched: 23:13 07-Oct-09

£23.39 on Both

Jenkins Wins 3-1
Profit: £23.39

Neil Robertson v Ken Doherty (Snooker)

Here's hoping for a bit more luck than last night!! 4-2 Robertson and I'm on at 1.12

Back Neil Robertson 1.12 £52.06 £6.25
Ref: 9123140995 Bet matched:21:41 07-Oct-09
1.12 £60.19 £7.22
Ref: 9123140995 Bet matched:21:41 07-Oct-09
1.12 £251.12 £30.13
Ref: 9123140995 Bet matched:21:41 07-Oct-09

Surely he can win one of the next 3!!!

Not a great start Doherty seems to be building a break here 1-42 odds 1.20 :(
Robertson back in :)
22-42 Odds 1.08
36-42 Odds 1.05
I can't keep up with his potting LOL
53-42 Odds 1.03
60-42 Odds 1.01!!!!!!! :)


Robertson Wins
Profit: £41.73

Woohoo only about £2,400 down on snooker now!!! ;)

Venezuela U20 v UAE U20

1-1 at half time. Odds of 1.34 are plenty enough for me for a second half goal here.

Back Over 2.5 Goals 1.34 £34.78 £11.83
Ref: 9120244703 Bet matched:16:24 07-Oct-09
1.34 £239.38 £81.39
Ref: 9120244703 Bet matched:16:24 07-Oct-09

Think I'll wait till they kick off then pop out for another fag! ;)

Right they're off! Time for a fag then. It couldn't happen twice .... could it?

God us punters are a superstitious bunch!! LOL We'll try anything that may work in our heads!!! :D

Grrrrr still 1-1 there goes another method! ;)

60 mins gone still 1-1 Odds 1.65.
70 mins gone still 1-1 Odds 2.05
80 mins gone still 1-1 Odds 1.55 Unders :( Dance dance dance!!!!

Get in!!!! 1-2 UAE score!!! 83rd minute :) Never in doubt ;)

Over 2.5 Wins
Profit £89.21

Brazil U20 v Uruguay U20

15 mins gone and 0-0. Odds of 1.33 are just about enough for me.

Back Over 1.5 Goals 1.33 £208.36 £68.76
Ref: 9119771211 Bet placed: 15:47 07-Oct-09

At least one by half time would be nice.

WTF happened there!! Went for a fag and come back to a closed market!!

2-0!!! :) Why can't all bets be like this???

I am the King of the unresearched lumpy football bets LOL!! Every time I try to analyse them the lose when I don't they win.... Go figure ;)

Over 1.5 Goals 1.33 208.36 Back 07-Oct-09 15:47 68.76
*Average odds: On Off Back subtotal: 68.76
Lay subtotal: 0.00
Market subtotal: 68.76
Commission @ 4.3%: 2.96
Net Market Total: 65.80

Wow 3-1 at half time!

Over 1.5 Wins
Profit: £65.80

Profit per sport up to now

Just for curiosities sake I thought I'd post up a log of my profits per sport from the start of the blog. Obviously these are skewed by size of bank etc but start to give a pattern none the less.

Ranked in Profit per Bet.

1. Am Foot: Bets: 3 Profit: £356.98 Avg Profit/Bet = £118.99
2. Tennis: Bets: 37 Profit: £1830.16 Avg Profit/Bet = £49.46
3. Football: Bets: 10 Profit: £459.81 Avg Profit/Bet = £45.98
4. Cricket: Bets: 1 Profit: £42.13 Avg Profit/Bet = £42.13
5. Horses: Bets: 4 Profit: £21.26 Avg Profit/Bet = £5.31
6. Snooker: Bets: 2 Profit: -£2416.32 Avg Profit/Bet = -£1,208.16

Marco Chiudinelli v Gael Monfils

I keep following a different tack here today and we have yet another in from the off here. Monfils, as long as he turns up, should have far to much for Chiudinelli. The only concern is if Monfils goes missing in action. My fears are somewhat alleviated by the fact that it is a 500 tournament. He still has a good chance of making the year end finals in London if he can string some results together this autumn so I think he will win. Chiudinelli ahs had some good wins and runs recently but the only real player that Monfils would be wary of is Safin and that is in name only as he is a spent force as he reaches the end of his farewell season.

Back Gael Monfils 1.23 £32.39 £7.45
Ref: 9118133212 Bet matched:13:12 07-Oct-09
1.23 £114.76 £26.39
Ref: 9118133212 Bet matched:13:13 07-Oct-09

0*-1 Hold to 15 from Monfils to get us under way.
0-2* Break! Had 15-40 But Chud saved the 1st with an ace but not the 2nd!! Odds 1.11
0*-3 Hold to 15
1-3* Hold to Love!
1*-4 Hold to 15 (consistent from Monfils)
2-4* Had 0-30 but held to 30.
2*-5 Holds to 30 A break now would be nice for Monfils to serve 1st in 2nd.
3-5* Holds to 40. No drama now Monfils please.
4*-5 Saved a bp only to hand another back which Chiud takes. I thought I said no drama!!! Oh well break for the set now and serve 1st in the 2nd.
Means I can use my winnings that are now settled on this too.

Back Gael Monfils 1.17 £1.78 £0.30
Ref: 9118486672 Bet matched:14:06 07-Oct-09
1.17 £28.19 £4.79
Ref: 9118486672 Bet matched:14:06 07-Oct-09

5-5* Had 2nd serve at 30-30 but Holds to 30. C'mon Monfils sort it out now!
5*-6 Holds to 15. Free game now for Monfils let's have a break rather than a breaker!
6-6 Tie Break :( Had 30-30 But holds to 30.
0**-1 Ace to start!
0*-2 MB!!! C'mon another!
1-2** Two holds now please
2-2* pffft :(
2**-3 Ace!
3*-3 Change ends all square no a mb please Gael :)
4-3** Do not mess this up Gael 2 x ace would be good!
4-4* One more!
5**-4 IDIOT!!!!!!
5*-5 MB - Both Mugs LOL
5-6** LOL Marco giving it away I feel sorry for his backers here!
5-7 Set Monfils Odds 1.11.

Now then can we have a 6-2 2nd set please Gael :)

0-1* Nice start! DF gives the BP which he takes to 30. Odds 1.04.
Odds down to 1.03 at 15-0 so I think I'll get my stake out. It is Monfils after all!! ;)

Lay Gael Monfils 1.03 £177.12 £182.43 £5.31
Ref: 9118808379 Bet matched: 14:32 07-Oct-09

£0.00 Chiud
£32.18 Monfils

Decided on level green :)

£31.25 on both

Monfils wins 7-6(5) 6-3
Profit: £31.25

Fernando Verdasco v Juan Carlos Ferrero

Really expected Verdasco to have been more comfortable here but it's 6-5* 1st set. Free game here for Verdasco before a possible TB so jumping on at 1.49.

Back Fernando Verdasco 1.49 £119.20 £58.41
Ref: 9118070750 Bet matched:13:02 07-Oct-09

7-5 From 30-15 to 30-40 c'mon the break!!!! Get INNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!! Double Fault LOL

Now that is nice timing :) If I do say so myself LOL!!

Odds 1.19

Happy with my lot so getting out.

Lay Fernando Verdasco 1.18 £150.52 £177.61 £27.09
Ref: 9118101149 Bet matched: 13:07 07-Oct-09

£29.27 on Both

Verdasco Wins 7-5 6-4
Profit: £29.27

Stanislas Wawrinka v Simon Greul

Really fancy Wawa do take this easily and as such I have lumped on from the off again at 1.28. I know quite a few short priced favs have gone down here but Wawa badly needs these points so I have faith.

Back Stanislas Wawrinka 1.27 £119.20 £32.18
Ref: 9117624568 Bet matched:11:43 07-Oct-09

1-0* Confident start from Stan with a hold to love.
1*-1 Another hold to love.
2-1* Hold to love!!
2*-2 We have a return point! Only 1 mind you ;)
3-2* Blimey Stan's 1st serve has vanished this game and gives 30-40 But wins with 3 1st serves in a row including 2 aces!

3*-3 Hold to 30
4-3* Hold to love. Back firing again Stan.
5*-3 Break at his 3rd chance Odds 1.10
6-3* Hold to 15 for the set.

1*-0 From 40-15 to BP but saved. Couldn't save the next one though. Odds 1.03

30-15 and 1.02 will do me

Lay Stanislas Wawrinka 1.02 £148.42 £151.39 £2.97
Ref: 9117965698 Bet matched: 12:44 07-Oct-09

£27.96 On Both

Shuai Peng v Maria Sharapova

6-2 5-2* to Peng got on at 1.11

Back Shuai Peng 1.11 £99.84 £10.98
Ref: 9117524684 Bet matched:11:20 07-Oct-09

Hoping for a quick win and back into Tsonga match.

5*-3 Hold to love. Typical!! She'd better serve it out now!!!

5-4* Sharapova has 15-40. Peng savesthe 1st but not the 2nd!! :( Should have stayed on Tsonga! Break for the match now please Peng :) Odds 1.53 would have been nicer!

Peng has 15-40 saves them both though. Meanwhile Tsonga breaks and is serving for the match.Peng gets a 3rd Match Point and a 2nd serve which she takes!!

Peng wins 6-2 6-4

Mischa Zverev v Jo-Wilfried Tsonga

I'm not a great fan of Tsonga and originally looked to lay him here with a view to trade but even I think this should be relatively straight forward for him. As such I have decided to lump on from the off at 1.18.

Back Jo Wilfried Tsonga 1.18 £99.84 £17.97
Ref: 9117247734 Bet placed: 10:20 07-Oct-09

1*-0 Of course I should have remembered that nothing is ever straight forward with the brainless one as he offers up an opening service game of 15-40! He fights back to Deuce only to hand Zverev a 3rd bp this game which he takes!

1-1* Break to 15! That was a nice opportunity for the lay to backers early on. Now hopefully the Tsonga express is departing on it's non stop journey to 1.01 :)

1*-2 Hold to 40. When it was 0-30 I was beginning to wonder if in fact this was one of those crazy Japanese game shows and they were making them play on a court covered in mushy peas and playing with frying pans as racquets.

2-2* Hold to 15. Most convincing service game so far from a 0-15 start.

2*-3 15-40 to deuce but holds this time. Really not an impressive start from Tsonga but he is still scraping by. Probably a break coming now.

3-3* Hold to 30. Could do with at least one comfortable hold from Tsonga this set.

3*-4 Finally! A hold to 15 including his first ace. This really should be this easy.

4-4* Great response from Zverev holds to 15 from 0-15 down.

4*-5 Hold to love with 3 Aces!!! Hello, I think Tsonga has swapped his frying pan for a racquet! Now break for the set please :)

4-6* Break!!!! From 0-40 Zverev saves all 3 BP's!!!!! But showing he is a true modern professional he hands Tsonga another BP straight away which he takes!!

1st set to Tsonga. Made hard work of it but turned it on when it mattered at the business end of the set. Odds now 1.08. Gonna stick for now unless I decide to get involved in the Sharapova v Peng match which is also on now.

1-1* Tsonga had 15-40, Zverev saved them both! He even has GP but back to BP twice more but saved again before finally holding. Zverev 1/5 BP Tsonga 2/9 BP!!!!

Jo Wilfried Tsonga 1.08 £16.66 £17.99 £1.33
Ref: 9117520906 Bet matched: 11:19 07-Oct-09

1.08 £92.42 £99.81 £7.39
Ref: 9117520906 Bet matched: 11:19 07-Oct-09

Quickly out at 2*-3 to jump into Peng Sharapova hopefully I can get back in here in a minute!

Tsonga wins 6-4 6-3
Profit: £8.85

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