Sunday, 3 January 2010

John Henderson v Mareno Michels

BDO orld Darts Championship 1st Round again.

I watched the first leg and decided that the young Dutch lad can't hit trebles . He managed to win the leg but only because Henderson had 2 treble 20's fall out of the board.

I got on between 1.41 and 1.44. I have put up a lay at 1.14 just in case. In fact as I've been typing I see it has been taken so even green £76.18 on both. He hasn't even taken the first set yet!!

Right that gives me the opportunity to take down the Christmas decorations! Such a sad time really. Normal people off back to work tomorrow and Christmas now nothing but a memory! Still, there's only 331 days to go before Advent starts!! :-)

Henderson Won 3-1
Profit: £76.18

Mark Barilli v Tony West

BDO WOrld Darts Championship 1st Round.

Got on when the score was 2-0 (2-2) to West hoping he could seal the match. Unfortunately Barilli took the set to make it 2-1. I got on at 1.16.

My God the standard here is appalling compared to the "other" tournament. 24 dart checkout wins the match LOL

West Wins 3-1
Profit:  £41.44

Michigan State v Texas Tech

Thanks (I hope) to GVL for the heads up on this. Backing Texas Tech from the off. It would seem both teams are in a bit of trouble with Texas sacking their head coach but Michigan have suspended a load of players including their two wide receivers!

Managed to get 1.35 after it had been turned in play though the game hadn't actually started.

Texas open the scoring after an interception they go on a drive and get the Touchdown and extra point for a 7-0 lead after only 5 mins.

46 yard run from Michigan straight through the middle brings the game level at 7-7 with 3.47 left in the 1st.

I have now topped up at 1.39 with the winnings from the basketball now that has been settled.

Texas held to a field goal on that drive so they lead 10-7  with 14mins left in the 2nd quarter.

Texas have the ball back after a great shutout. A touchdown drive would be very nice here 13 mins left in 2nd.

Touchdown!! Set up by an excellent 51 yard pass to the Michigan 2 yd line in the first play of the drive! 17-7.

TD Michigan and so frustrating as I was trying to green out since the last Texas TD but no liquidity! 17-14

1st down he drops it in the endzone. 2nd down and I have no idea how Michigan got away with the pass interference in the end zone! That is followed by a 5 yd penalty on the FG attempt which they subsequently miss. Still 17-14 Michigan have the ball on own 31 with 5m37 left in the 2nd.

Texas have the ball back after a charged down fg attempt with 2m48 left in the 2nd quarter. They only manage a FG for a 20-14 lead with 17 secs left in the half. As they get the ball first in the 2nd half let's just hope they don't give away any silly points here. Halftime score is 20-14.

AH crap!! Kick off return was fumbled! Michigan Touchdown! They lead 21-20.

Texas back in the redzone! This time they need a touchdown! 1st down on the 13 yard line.
Touchdown!!! 27-21 Texas. Now then let's have a shutout now please.

Yess. Texas have the ball on own 33 yd line. Scoring drive required! Texas are killing themselves with all these penalties they keep giving! Forced to punt when they were in FG range before penalty!

Another silly penalty gives 1st and 5 rather than 2nd and 10! They then fake the 4th down kick and end up with a touchdown. Michigan lead 28-27.

I think if you add up all the wasted scoring opportunities and the points given away through penalties Texas could have over a 20 point lead by now! :-(

I am starting to get a bit nervous I really need a Touchdown from this drive!

Nerves have got the better of me an I'm out at the end of the 3rd quarter for £6.25 on both. If only I'd been matched both times I tried to green for £45 on both! Oh well better safe than sorry I guess. Texas are too short now imho!

Well it would seem Texas were too low as Michigan are now favourites!
Oh well looks like Texas are going to win now. Trading at 1.06. Mind you better safe than sorry!

Texas Win 41-31
Profit: £6.25

San Antonio Spurs @ Washington Wizards

SPursDecided that Spurs were a lay... Yes that's right You read correctly I made a lay!!! 6 pts up at the end of the 1st I thought I'd have a go laying between 1.23 and 1.25. when the got within 1 pt I greened up quick smart for £51.28 on both. Should have held position perhaps as they are now leading by 1 but green is good!

Spurs Win 97-86
Profit: £51.28

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