Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Elena Dementieva v Venus Williams

Score is 3-6 4-3* 0-30* when I get on. Hoping for a hold break hold for GSM here. I need £26.50 to hit my daily target in the next 1.5 hours as I'm out this evening.

Back Venus Williams 1.2 £74.31 £14.86
Ref: 9296056250 Bet matched:17:12 27-Oct-09

Oh my!! Deuce from 40-0 from Venus :( But Holds!! :)

4*-4 Now the break please Venus :)
5-4* Hmmmm hate being in these positions! Shouldn't have jumped in so quick I guess but looking to hit targets!! Probably should have looked elsewhere :(
5*-5 Nice Hold now the break then!!
BP!!! No challenged! But Venus would have won the point anyway so unfair!! :( And Now GP. Matches are won and lost on decisions like that if it hadn't been called long(incorrectly) Venus put away the cross court anyway! :(

Deuce! Ah Venus that point was yours!!! Pffft :( GP
BP!!!! TAKE IT!!!!!

Break!!! Guess what a Double Fault!! :o
5-6* Now then Venus can you serve this out or are we going to have some TB drama!
15-40 :( FFS Serve it out Venus!!
Break :( 6-6 Tiebreak!!

0-1** MB Now 2 holds please!
0-2* And another please!
1**-2 Pfft I suppose two hold points was too much ;)Now 2 MB then!!
2*-2 At least 1 MB surely!!
3-2** :(
4-2* WTF Venus this should have been over. 4 straight pts :(
5**-2 Unbelievable :( Now 5 straight for Venus for GSM? ;)
5*-3 There's one!!! C'mon 4 more!!
6-3** 3 Set Points Demented then :(
6-4* Another hold and pressure her at least on her!
6**-5 C'mon the 2 MB please!!
6*-6 LOL another MB for MP then Venus c'mon!!
7-6** SP#4 :( Gotta serve now Venus 2 holds please :)
DOUBLE FAULT#13!!!!! FFS these are supposed to be the crème de la crème of the sport!! :( 1 Set all!

Switching to lay the server here:
£35.39 Deme
-£73.03 Venus

0-40 Take one please Demented One!! 2 saved 3rd time lucky? YESSS!!

Hmm decisions ... Stick or twist? Stick for now! c'mon the hold!!
And a hold for 2-0!! Now another break or bail out now??? Hmmmm
15-40 C'mon Take One!!!! 1st saved :( TAAAKKKEE ITTTTT!!!!!
Yesss!!!!!!!! Break!!!
3*-0 That is enough for me. Bailing out now!!

£22.22 on Both :)

Gone in again at 5-1* odds still there at 1.04!! Hope I don't regret this!!
MP..... Take IT!!!!  Pfft!
5*-2 Now serve it out please Elena! No more Dementia!! ;)

Dementieva Wins 3-6 7-6(6) 6-2
Profit: £25.93

Fabrice Santoro v Albert Montanes

Quite surprise here at the scoreline, but I think The Magician's body has probably given up now :( Enjoy you retirement and thanks for the memories :)

Anyway on at 4-6 2*-4. Hoping for another break.

Back Albert Montanes 1.16 £64.43 £10.31
Ref: 9295575786 Bet matched:16:19 27-Oct-09

3-4* Had BP but Santoro holds.
3*-5 Had 0-30 But Montanes holds. A break here would be nice but not as important as a hold if it goes to 4-5*!!

15-30 :( 30-30 :) MP!!

Montanes Wins 6-4 6-4
Profit: £9.88

Michael Elgin v Mikhail Kukushkin

Score is 6-3 5-3* when I get on hoping for a break for GSM here.

Back Michail Elgin 1.09 £59.31 £5.34
Ref: 9294817205 Bet matched:15:23 27-Oct-09

Elgin Wins 6-3 6-3
Profit: £5.11

Marcel Granollers v Andrey Kuznetsov

Score is 7-6 6-7 1*-3 30-15 when I get on hoping Kuznetsov can put some pressure on this serve!!

Back Andrey Kuznetsov 1.3 £9.06 £2.72
Ref: 9293960733 Bet matched:14:21 27-Oct-09
1.3 £37.01 £11.10
Ref: 9293960733 Bet matched:14:21 27-Oct-09

2-3* Ok Kuz is going to have to hold serve it seems to win the match. 3 holds though and Granollers can do nothing about the result!!

BP!!! :( Not good!! SAVED :) Now hold!! :)

2*-4 Now let's have the old missed BP = Break next game shuffle!!
3-4* Two more holds and you're home and dry Kuz .... c'mon!!
3*-5 That was a nice time for a love service game!! Now break for GSM please :)
30-30 c'mon 2 Points!!
4-5* Gran held so now it's time for Kuz to show us his mental strength!! Could be a defining moment in a career just beginning!! :)

Kuznetsov Wins 6(4)-7 7-6(6) 6-4
Profit: £13.24

Kevin Anderson v Simon Greul

Score is 6-4 4-6 3*-2 Greul about to serve. Hoping Anderson can serve out this match now. Perhaps get another break to make things more comfortable :)

Back Kevin Anderson 1.29 £0.53 £0.15
Ref: 9292799589 Bet matched:12:55 27-Oct-09
1.29 £42.09 £12.21
Ref: 9292799589 Bet matched:12:55 27-Oct-09

4-2* C'mon the break now please :)
4*-3 Not going to take the risk so greening out!

Back Kevin Anderson 1.19 £45.82 £54.53 £8.71
Ref: 9292856567 Bet matched: 12:59 27-Oct-09

5-3* Perhaps should have stuck with it but better safe than sorry especially in a deciding set!
5*-4 Anderson to serve it out? Or Choke? LOL we shall soon see!!

£3.46 on Both 

1 Match point saved!! Now BP!!
5-5 Guess it was the choke!! That is why..... GREEN IS GOOD!

Anderson Wins 6-4 4-6 7-6(3)
Profit £3.46

Jerome Haehnel v Marc Gicquel

Gicquel won the 1st set 6-1 and currently it's 4-4 in the 2nd. Haehnel to serve and hoping Gicquel can just get at him here as we enter the business end of the set.

Back Marc Gicquel 1.13 £37.90 £4.93
Ref: 9292425569 Bet placed: 12:02 27-Oct-09

Call it luck call it great timing I don't know but I just call it a BREAK!!!

4-5* Gicquel to serve for the match now :)

Gicquel Wins 6-1 6-4
Profit: £4.72

Monday Summary

Nice start to the week yesterday :)

Went from £12.35 to £37.90 an increase of over 200%!!
Now need 166% increase per day to get up to £5,000 by the end of October (Saturday)

Yesterday started with tennis betting:

Bet 1 - Profit: £0.35
Bet 2 - Profit £7.95
Bet 3 - Profit: £0.49

Then I moved on to North American sports, Ice Hockey and American Football.

Bet 4 - Profit: £11.49
Bet 5 - Profit £5.27

Here's to a continuation of that today. Loads and loads of tennis to go at today so going to have to remember to try and be selective. I have a meeting at 10am but should be back by 11.30am to start punting.

Good luck everyone :) Happy Punting!!

Philadelphia Eagles @ Washington Redskins

Backing the Eagles here. After such a terrible result losing to the Oakland Raiders last week they are going to want to get back on track tonight!

The Redskins have been awful so I really expect a comfortable victory here for the Eagles. The odds of 1.28 are perhaps a bit skinny but I guess you've gotta take what's available :(

Back Philadelphia Eagles 1.28 £21.14 £5.92
Ref: 9290983341 Bet matched:00:28 27-Oct-09

I've still got my profit from the ice hockey tied up so hopefully it will remain tight untill that pays out so that I can get a bit more of the action!

7-0 Nice start Eagles TD on first drive :)

Well I went to bed and just left a lay up at 1.02

Eagles won 27-17
Profit: £5.27

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