Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Man Utd v Wolfsburg

Half time and 0-0 but to me it's only a matter of time till we have a goal imho. And if we get 1 we may get 2 or 3 quick goals. Both teams have had chances so 1.85 looks great value for this game despite what most may think. I just hope the curse of my overs bets doesn't strike again.

Back Over 1.5 Goals 1.85 £221.77 £188.50
Ref: 9061109251 Bet matched:20:38 30-Sep-09

Wohoo Bonus!!! 0-1 55mins!!! Not only is there a goal but it's against Man Utd :D
Odds 1.26 is good enough for me with my track record!!

Lay Over 1.5 Goals 1.26 £0.83 £1.05 £0.22
Ref: 9061344415 Bet matched: 20:59 30-Sep-09
1.26 £3.64 £4.59 £0.95
Ref: 9061344415 Bet matched: 20:58 30-Sep-09
1.26 £5.46 £6.88 £1.42
Ref: 9061344415 Bet matched: 20:58 30-Sep-09
1.26 £5.46 £6.88 £1.42
Ref: 9061344415 Bet matched: 20:58 30-Sep-09
1.26 £6.37 £8.03 £1.66
Ref: 9061344415 Bet matched: 20:58 30-Sep-09
1.26 £8.19 £10.32 £2.13
Ref: 9061344415 Bet matched: 20:58 30-Sep-09
1.26 £10.00 £12.60 £2.60
Ref: 9061344415 Bet matched: 20:58 30-Sep-09
1.26 £153.61 £193.55 £39.94
Ref: 9061344415 Bet matched: 20:58 30-Sep-09
1.26 £270.54 £340.88 £70.34
Ref: 9061344415 Bet matched: 20:58 30-Sep-09

£141.65 on both!

Oof 1-1 Giggs on 59 mins!!! SHould have held my nerve perhaps but I'd rather concentrate on the win is a win :)

Profit: £141.65
Bank: £457.72

No more bets today I think so withdrawing my daily 10% of £45.77 leaving £411.95 in bank

Radwanska v Petkovic

The score is 6-4 1-3* and I have decided to get on Rad. She's had her wobble imho and still has a very good chance of taking this 2-0. Thinking of this I feel that odds of 1.50+ represent great value at this point.

Back Agnieszka Radwanska 1.51 £77.98 £39.77
Ref: 9055651773 Bet matched:12:30 30-Sep-09
1.53 £142.90 £75.74
Ref: 9055651773 Bet matched:12:30 30-Sep-09

1*-4 Poo! Had her chance there for an immediate break but fluffed the bp! Needs to hold here now. Odds 1.57.

2-4* Great hold now pressure Pet's serve!!! Odds 1.42.

3*-4 Break to 15. Rad looks so on top despite ridiculous calls taking place! Odds 1.27 are very high imho.

3-5* Women!! ;-) straight to 0-30 then 14-40 saves the 1st luckily but not the 2nd :( Set still not over yet though Odds 1.58.

Set Petkovic :( Oh well! Odds 1.68. Sticking with A-Rad for now. Can't believe she handed that set right back when she was in the ascendency! Grrrrrrrr

0-1* Hmm Great Start going to 0-40!! But fights back well to deuce before giving another bp which she puts into the net!! Odds 1.70 on Pet :(

0*-2 Had 15-40 Pet saved the first with an ace and then the second! Unlike Rad she didn't then hand her opponent another bp and gets lucky with the last point to take it.

1-2* Rad keeps coming to the net and doing crap which gets her to 0-30 when she stays back she can control more which sees her hold to 30. Odds 1.73 on Pet. If A-Rad stays on her baseline she will win. If she goes to the net she will lose imho.

1*-3 Hold to 15 from Pet odds 1.36

2-3* Hold to 15 odds 1.59. Break now would be great timing please Rad :)

3*-3 That bloomin serve!! 15-30 and she pulls off an ace! Rad wins the next to give 30-40 but goes to deuce. Another good 1st serve brings up gp but then back to deuce off a 2nd serve. A great winner from Rad brings her 2nd chance to level the set and this time she takes it!! Odds 1.72 on A-RAD. Now the hold please :)

4-3* And followed by a hold. Pressure firmly on Pet now and Rad serving 1st this set. Odds 1.36 are tempting to just walk away from but still nice and calm so will watch and see how it unfolds.

5*-3 Rad got over excited at 0-15 and whallopped her return about 15 feet long! Then she comes into the net on the next point and actually wins it bfore getting to 15-40. Pet saves the 1st bp but not the 2nd!! Odds 1.09. C'mon the hold now A-Rad :)

Out at 1.05 15-0!!

Lay Agnieszka Radwanska 1.05 £320.37 £336.39 £16.02
Ref: 9056151933 Bet matched: 13:37 30-Sep-09

Radwanska Wins 6-4 3-6 6-3
Profit: £95.21
Bank: £316.09

Felt a lot more comfortable and relaxed in that match than I have in a while. A complete day off thinking about other things probably helped sharpen the mind again. Onwards and upwards. Odds 1.18

Off Topic Rant!!

I thought I would intersperse the betting blog with a bit of a rant!
Yesterday I was helping a client interview for a new position and the vast majority of the applicants were graduates from 2009 and some from 2008.

My big issue here is the education system! We had some sample questions which we set on arrival prior to the interview to be hand written while they waited. The answers to these were not important just the skill set of being able to write and spell. Remember these were all graduates. We also had a couple of basic maths questions which were of the old fashioned mental arithmetic variety which we asked in the actual interview that were relevant for the job.

Ok the first thing we noticed was that out of 15 candidates only 6 were able to spell recession despite it being written correctly in the question! 1 of the incorrect answers came from a chap with A* at GCSE English Lit and Lang and an A at A-Level English Literature! The terrible spelling continued with another A-Level English high achiever, Grade B this time. He started with what can only be assumed is cheap housing as his accommodation came in the discounted form of "acomodation". He then went on to describe an apparent insect infestation at the property when he wrote "indepandant". I know where to get some ant powder but we may have to call in the experts on the indeps!!! One of his fellow candidates decided to get in on the act and started to use the potential property dwellers to fix their own properties when he lauded the use of "maintenants" contractors, I'm not sure what he had in mind for any subtenants!

The thing that really took the biscuit was a question we asked every candidate in the actual interview and the reactions were mind boggling!

"What would the monthly rent need to be to achieve an 8% annual yield on a £150,000 property?"

Only 2 got it right first time, one of which got the job and more of him in a moment.

I thought the first answer we received was just a bad start when I was confidently told the rent would have to be "Just under £2,000". Apparently this chap has 10 months in his years! But even from here he then worked out that 8% of £15,000 was "£1,900 and something, probably 66.6 recurring" and was adamant despite us asking him if he was SURE that was the answer. At least this one only had an A rather than an A* at GCSE Mathematics!!!

The second one told me that he didn't even know what a yield was! Applying for a job in the property industry and according to his curriculum vitae, "...with an in depth understanding of how to maximise the return for potential investors!!!!!" Mind you it mattered not, as when it was explained he just couldn't work it out as we watched for a few minutes as the eyes rolled and the lips were bitten but the silence was deafening!

Perhaps my favourite answer was "£400", not that great on it's own you might think, but when he was told the correct answer he retorted with "Yes but that's after you've added the 12% management fee" With this answer he became the favourite for the job, we liked his margins!! :-)

There was one successful candidate though.....

He had the worst grades at both GCSE and A-Level, though still fairly good, he had only been to an "old Poly" rather than the red brick establishments a few had attended yet he was able to spell and do mental arithmetic unlike his more "academic" peers.

Upon questioning he was open and honest about his grades, he had enjoyed his youth rather than study 24/7.

That's when it hit me.... The education system at the moment is all geared up to rewarding the students who study the hardest rather than the cleverest! As results break records every year there is little to distinguish between candidates and the only way you don't get an A grade now is if you are genuinely stupid or someone who doesn't do all their homework. Qualifications lean towards coursework and continued study rather than an exam and showing knowledge at the end. Exam questions have got easier over the years so even the clever ones who do study are just lumped in with the not so clever. It's as though uniformity is the prerequisite of the education system in today's society.

As I saw the candidates troop in front of me yesterday and provide disappointment after disappointment I reflected on the CV's that had only made it as far as the bin. The chosen few before me were, on the whole, not fit for purpose as graduate recruits. Perhaps the way the education system is structured is pushing all the true leaders of tomorrow, the free thinkers and inventors into the recycle bin. It's certainly made me sit up and reassess my selection programmes.

Quick Update

Sorry not been around was very busy yesterday and didn't get the chance to get on here. Got some bits to do first this morning then I'll be raring to go!

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