Thursday, 3 December 2009

Fulham v CSKA Sofia

I think I must have bet more on teams from Sofia than any other in the last few days!! They're everywhere!

Anyway Fulham lead 1-0 at half time so I've gone for Over 1.5 Goals here at 1.32. Let's hope we don't need Bowie from the bench!!

AS for the Christmas Challenge, well I have discovered that Fulham have a commercial link with Boston Red SOX so socks is covered. :-)

Live by the sword Die by the sword

Loss: £1973.01

14:05 Leicester

Had a horse called Games so thought I'd get a piece of that action.

Just put £10 on and realised it was 300/1!!! LOL

In running I could have greened for a double my money profit. But I didn't and it was soon at 1000!!!

Oh well.

Loss: £10

But at least we crossed Board GAMES off the list :-)

Fluminense v LDU Quito

It is 2-0 at half time so I have decided to get on Over 2.5 Goals. Aggregate score is 3-5 so the home team really have to throw everything at the 10 men of LDU.

Nice and easy please while I find a connection with my Christmas list!

I've gone for the obvious link here as it's late! Fluminense are from Rio de Janeiro so anything but JESUS would be silly seeing as they have an iconic bloomin great statue of him on a hill!



Over 2.5 Wins
Profit: £320.47

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