Thursday, 5 June 2014

Miami @ Tampa Bay

Miami Marlins

Baseball: Backing Miami at 1.21 we are at the bottom of the 6th. Tampa batting. Miami lead 6-3

Miami (J Turner)1.21£108.77
Ref: 48250325015 Matched: 23:08 05-Jun-14
Miami (J Turner)1.21£7.63
Ref: 48250325527 Matched: 23:08 05-Jun-14

2 runs score by Tampa makes it 6-5 at the top of the 7th.

Home run!! 2 runs with no outs at the top of the 7th score is 8-5

Bottom of the 7th: Miami leading 9-5

Top of the 8th: Miami lead 9-6

Bottom of the 8th: No score still 9-6

Top of the 9th: No score for Tampa so it stays 9-6. A couple here for Miami should see them home.

There's two scored off that Home Run!

Bottom of the 9th: Just those 2 scored then 11-6 Miami lead.

It's all over stays 11-6

Miami Win
Profit: £23.49
Bank: £139.89

Leiknir v Haukar

Icelandic Football: 0-0 after 56 minutes and I've gone for Over 0.5 Goals at 1.32.

Over 0.5 Goals1.32£89.02
Ref: 48249750494 Matched: 22:13 05-Jun-14

65 minutes: 1-0

Over 0.5 Goals Wins
Profit: £27.38
Bank: £116.40

Juventus U19 v Chievo U19

Natassja Burnett - Italy Number 7

Going for Over 1.5 Goals on this at 1.27

Over 1.5 Goals1.27£1.65
Ref: 48246739184 Matched: 20:12 05-Jun-14
Over 1.5 Goals1.27£56.26
Ref: 48247225269 Matched: 20:25 05-Jun-14
Over 1.5 Goals1.27£26.41
Ref: 48247222522 Matched: 20:25 05-Jun-14

24 minutes: 0-1 but wasn't paying attention so don't know what I could have greened at. It's nearly half time now.

Half Time: Still 0-1
60 minutes: 0-1 here we go again!
70 minutes: 0-1 :-(
77 minutes: Still 0-1 Can't believe Under 1.5 is still odds against so I'm switching! Probably get screwed over again!

Under 1.5 Goals2.08£98.88
Ref: 48249469128 Matched: 21:53 05-Jun-14
Under 1.5 Goals2.08£8.12
Ref: 48249468350 Matched: 21:53 05-Jun-14
80 minutes: 0-1 

87 minutes: And still 0-1 But I'm out!

Under 1.5 Goals1.31£57.98
Ref: 48249623664 Matched: 22:04 05-Jun-14
Under 1.5 Goals1.31£10.00
Ref: 48249623499 Matched: 22:04 05-Jun-14
Under 1.5 Goals1.31£16.25
Ref: 48249622680 Matched: 22:03 05-Jun-14
Full Time: 0-1

Under 1.5 Goals Wins
Profit: £4.70
Bank: £89.02

Romania U19 v Austria U19

Simona Halep - Romania Number 1

Well I can't remember having this much of a slump without a good run in a long time. So as the old saying goes if you fall off your horse get back on! Another lucky £66 loaded up and away we go!

Going for Over 1.5 Goals in this one at 1.32

Over 1.5 Goals1.32£66.91
Ref: 48243467906 Matched: 18:35 05-Jun-14

6 minutes: Goal!!! 0-1 Could green for £13.38

Instead I have reduced my liability: -£32.36 on Under +£17.41 on Over

Under 1.5 Goals11.5£1.41
Ref: 48244579867 Matched: 19:10 05-Jun-14
Under 1.5 Goals11.5£1.88
Ref: 48244579865 Matched: 19:10 05-Jun-14
42 Minutes: Goal 0-2

Over 1.5 Goals Wins
Profit: £17.41
Bank: £84.32

Maria Sharapova v Eugenie Bouchard

Eugenie Bouchard

All over Maria Sharapova again here. After her slow starts in the last two matches I expect her to start strongly today. She is going to win the French this year so 1.39 seems fair to win the semi final :-)

Eugenie Bouchard3.55£32.93
Ref: 48232462965 Matched: 13:42 05-Jun-14

I've layed Bouchard at 3.55 as it's a slightly better price than backing at 1.39.

Either way it will be a viewing delight with two lovely young ladies running around the court :-)

First two games went with serve. But Bouchard breaks to 15 for a 1-2* lead.

40-0 and I'm switching to trade out of this.

Eugenie Bouchard2.2£116.00
Ref: 48233787241 Matched: 14:25 05-Jun-14
Hmmm and now it's 40-30... And holds. 1*-3

2-3* Holds to 15.

I am so not in the right mindset after so many losses! 30-40... Deuce... BP#2... Deuce... GP... Deuce... GP#2... Holds! Phew! 2*-4 Have a feeling this post may be quite long!

30-40... 2nd serve, Deuce... GP... Holds for 3-4*

Uh oh! 15-40... 2nd, Break! 4*-4 should have waited for the switch! Need Bouchard to take this 1st set as otherwise I think it will be 2-0.

0-15... 0-30... Double Fault 0-40... 15-40... Break! 4-5* Now serve it out!

30-40... Deuce... Set Point... Set Bouchard! 4-6

Stick or Switch? Sharapova serving first... Stick for now, break please.

1-0* Holds to love. Should've switched I think. Bouchard has to hold here it this set could be very one sided.

2*-0 There it is! Breaks to 30.

From 30-0 2 x DF's have helped make it 30-40... Break!!! 2-1*

40-0 to Deuce... BP!!! Deuce... BP#2... Deuce... BP#3... DOUBLE FAULT! Break! :-( 3*-1

From 30-0 to 30-30 with another DF... GP... Deuce... Double Fault! BP... Ooof just wide Deuce... GP#2... Holds. 4-1*

4*-2 Very important hold to 15 there from Eugenie. Now put the pressure back on.

5-2* A hold to love for Sharapova. It's still only one break!

5*-3 Bouchard holds to 15. Crunch time then. C'mon Eugenie let's get at her here!

0-15... 15-15... 15-30... not far out 30-30... Ace 40-30... followed by a Double Fault! Deuce... SP#2... Double Fault!!! Deuce. Odds 2 points above starting price? Confused!... BP... TAKE IT!!! Deuce... SP#3... Deuce... BP#2 This time?.. 2nd serve, ACE!!! Fair play Maria Deuce... BP#3 third time lucky? I hope so! 2nd serve, YESSSS! Break!

3 set points have come and gone. Bouchard needs to serve to stay in the set still though!

5*-5 Holds to 30. Can she trouble Maria's serve or will Maria cruise now the pressure's off?

Amazing that at 4-6 5*-5 15-0 Sharapova can still be odds on after losing 3 straight games?

Maria holds to 15 for 6-5* a 44 point shift in the market for that hold! That would have been nice to ride. Now can Eugenie take this to a tiebreak?

15-40... 30-40... Set Sharapova! 7-5. Maria to serve 1st in the decider!

And we're back at starting prices? 1.39 starting price indicates that she is expected to win in straight sets. She lost the 1st and only won the 2nd 7-5 so how can she be 1.39 again. I would put her in the mid 1.50's at the very least! Well we'll see who's right and who's wrong soon enough!

1-0* A hold to love indicates the market was probably right. But we'll see!

1*-1 Holds to 30. She's going toe to toe yet still 1.39?

2-1* Holds to 30 with an Ace to take it.

Trouble here? 40-0 to Deuce... GP... Deuce... BP... Deuce... BP#2... Oh dear! terrible shot choice. volleyed in to the net with an open court for the break! 3*-1

4-1* Rash shot at the end there from Bouchard. Should have made it Deuce but panicked. A bit like my early switch I suppose, so I can't criticise!

from 15-40 to Deuce! Maria thought she'd made that last shot but just out! GP... Holds. Could that be a momentum shift? Or am I clutching at straws? haha. 4*-2

Now could be the time to get at Sharapova while she's mentally still thinking about that last game. 0-15... 15-15... 15-30... 30-30... error there again at a crucial moment when the point was there for her to win 40-30... OMG and again! That should have been a break! But instead it's a hold. 5-2*

I need a fag!

Double Fault brings up 15-40 and two Match Points for Maria... 30-40... Deuce... MP#3... 2nd serve, Wow Deuce!.. MP#4... Deuce... MP#5... 2nd serve, bad bounce off the line and it's GSM.

Done again! Well done Maria in to the final as I predicted!

Albirex Niigata v Hougang Utd

Average football fan in Singapore ;-)
0-0 at half time. Going for Over 0.5 goals at 1.20.

Over 0.5 Goals1.2£25.68
Ref: 48232176824 Matched: 13:27 05-Jun-14
Over 0.5 Goals1.2£44.76
Ref: 48232176826 Matched: 13:27 05-Jun-14

50 minutes: 1-0

Over 0.5 Goals Wins
Profit: £13.54
Bank: £83.98

Daniel Cox v Daniel Evans

So I'm trying a different amount to deposit! Started the original 10k thread with £66 so as I'm a superstitious punter here we go £66 in.

The score here is 5-7 5*-5 15-40 when I get on at 1.07.

Daniel Evans1.07£66.00
Ref: 48231874962 Matched: 13:12 05-Jun-14

And break for 5-6*

Holds to 15 for GSM

Evans Wins
Profit: £4.44
Bank: £70.44

Julian Reister v Norbert Gombos

Kitti Gombos
The score was 6-1 3-4* 40-30 when I tried getting on and chased it all the way down as it went to deuce then BP. Finally got it all matched then the break came.

Julian Reister1.42£17.86
Ref: 48230832314 Matched: 12:18 05-Jun-14
Julian Reister1.33£16.06
Ref: 48230846449 Matched: 12:19 05-Jun-14
Julian Reister1.25£66.08
Ref: 48230853103 Matched: 12:19 05-Jun-14

Reister holds for 5-4* Break for GSM?

Nope it's 5*-5.

6-5* c'mon the break!

0-15... 15-15... 30-15... 30-30... 40-30... Holds

Tie break time!
4**-3 There's the minibreak!
4*-4 Handed right back :-(
4-5** And another!!
4-6* Set point then.
4-7 Set to Gombos! Grrrrrr!

FFS Reister 0*-1 15-40... 30-40... Break! 0-2*

0*-3 Hold to 15 for Gombos.

1-3* Hold to love for Reister now get the break back!

1*-4 Hold to love for Gombos.

1-5* Another break! Getting thumped by the world number 440 on home soil! Thanks Reister! Screwed me over yesterday by storming the final set and today by not turning up!

Had a BP but Gombos serves it out! Another £100 quickly out of the coffers!

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