Thursday, 22 October 2009

No more bets today for me!

No more bets today as working again tomorrow so i'start a new challenge on Monday probably. But I'll give some tips for you:

Right now Safin v Korolev.... Safin should win easy imho 1.59!!! Lump on!!

Great in depth analysis I know!! ;)

Bet 19 - Michael Berrer v Arnaud Clemant

Back Michael Berrer 1.20 £262.83 £52.57

Leads 6-3 4-3* Got a few minutes before I have to go and do some more work so hoping Berrer closes this out in 2!!

4*-4 Now hold please Berrer followed by a break preferably :)
5-4* Now the break for GSM then please :)
5*-5 Hold for a free game then
6-5* Free game Berrer let's turn the screw a little then!!
6-6 Tiebreak

0-1** Not the start I would have hoped for :(
0-2* C'mon at least one MB!!
1**-2 Thankyou :) Now 2 holds please!
2*-2 And another!!
3-2** Nicely done :) Now two MB?? 2nd serve c'mon
3-3* Change of ends and a MB now please!!
3**-4 Hmm 2 holds it is then :)
3*-5 MB Clement :( Not good :( I've got to get back to doing some work soon!
3-6** What was that from Berrer? Now 2 MB + 2 holds and take the set from here??
4-6* There's one!! Now another?
5**-6 Get in!! Now don't throw it away after getting the MB's back!!
6*-6 Another hold please!!
7-6** Take it!!!
7-7* Ok get a MB then!!
7**-8 Do your thang Berrer two aces would be nice :)

Pfffft!! 1 set all. Gotta go and work so hope Berrer does it in the final set!!

Well finished work for the day and see Berrer collapsed in the final set :(
Oh well back to zero! :(

Bet 18 - Carla Suarez Navarro v Shahar Peer

Shahar Peer 1.44 £184.83 £81.33

1*-1 1st set when I get on wanted from the off but working. Can't really manage my bet either due to work commitments but Peer should take this comfortably.

Peer Wins 3-6 6-3 6-1
Profit: £78.00

Disaster!!!! Got to work today!!

Hi everyone, this challenge is now faltering from work commitments!! Have to work for most of the day, but if I get the opportunity I will have a punt this afternoon.

Good Luck and happy punting!!

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