Friday, 30 May 2014

Palermo v Crotone

Olivia Palermo

Very odd this one. I have taken Over 1.5 Goals at 1.20 before kick off. I could probably have got higher as it's traded at over 1.30. But bizarrely Over 1.5 Goals is in the 1.40's?? It doesn't make sense that it will be 0-0 if that market is there.

Anyway if there is something fishy I will get burnt.

Palermo have the league all sewn up but hopefully they'll want to finish in style in front of a home crowd. Crotone need to secure their Play Off place still so have something to play for.

Over 0.5 Goals1.2£19.96
Ref: 48063693903 Matched: 19:17 30-May-14
Over 0.5 Goals1.2£25.40
Ref: 48063693472 Matched: 19:17 30-May-14
Over 0.5 Goals1.2£8.13
Ref: 48063693474 Matched: 19:17 30-May-14
Over 0.5 Goals1.2£41.66
Ref: 48063693476 Matched: 19:17 30-May-14
Over 0.5 Goals1.2£567.26
Ref: 48063693478 Matched: 19:17 30-May-14
Over 0.5 Goals1.2£10.45
Ref: 48063693629 Matched: 19:17 30-May-14

Looking now it must have been an error as the odds have come tumbling down and are around 1.11/1.12 now :-)

0-0 at half time. The referee obviously fancied a cup of tea as he blew for the break with 4 seconds still on the clock. No stoppages? Hmmm.

Well I went to the pub after half time to watch the England game which I was hoping to get in to after a fast result from this but no. It finished 0-0. I guess sometimes value doesn't matter when the result goes against you :-)

Johanna Larsson v Eugenie Bouchard

Johanna Larsson - The power of airbrush and make up!
She does NOT look like that in real life!

Bouchard has taken the first set 5-7 and will be serving first in the second.

I have got on at 1.12

Eugenie BouchardMatch Odds1.12£602.91
Ref: 37839440111M Matched: 18:28 30-May-14

Oh dear... 1-1* and we have a BP... BREAK!! Larsson leads 2*-1

BP opportunity for a break right back... Deuce :-( GP... Deuce... BP#2 Take it! YESSSS Break 2-2*

Hold to love for 2*-3

BP... Get in!! 2-4*

Holds to 15 for 2*-5 Break for the match? Yes please.

Bouchard going to have to serve this one out then.

0-15... 0-30... 0-40 FFS!... LOL Broken to love serving for the match! Never a dull moment in WTA. Now break for the match please. 4*-5

15-0... 15-15... poor shot selection 30-15... UE long but I'll take it 30-30... UE long again!!! MP TAKE IT!!! Well played but 1st serve looked long to me? Deuce... Double Fault! MP#2... GSM!

Bouchard Wins 7-5 6-4
Profit: £69.95
Bank: £672.86

Jo Wilfried Tsonga v Jerzy Janowicz

Marta Domachowska - Janowicz's Girlfriend

Back to some tennis at Roland Garros.

Tsonga leads 6-4 6-4 2-1* when I get on laying at 23 and backing at 1.04.

Back (Bet For)OddsStakeProfit
Jo Wilfried Tsonga1.04£5.70
Ref: 48059176437 Matched: 17:50 30-May-14

Lay (Bet Against)Backer's oddsBacker's stakeYour liability
Jerzy Janowicz23£2.44
Ref: 48059152560 Matched: 17:50 30-May-14
Jerzy Janowicz23£23.56
Ref: 48059152562 Matched: 17:50 30-May-14

Well that didn't have much excitement. Serve held until 5-4* when Janowicz was broken for the match

Tsonga Wins
Profit: £25.21
Bank: £602.91

Toulon Tournament England v Columbia

Daniela Tamayo - Columbian Totty

I believe a draw will see England qualify for the 3rd place play off with Portugal. I'm going to go for Over 1.5 goals here. I know it's only 40 minutes each way but Engalnd should be able to score a couple.

Over 1.5 GoalsOver/Under 1.5 Goals1.42£411.58
Ref: 37833876061 Submitted: 16:02 30-May-14

Goal after 15 minutes. Woodrow gives England a 1-0 lead. I could green out for £76 but it's way too early so I'll let it run.

67 minutes: Goal 1-1 Rodriguez levels for Columbia.

Over 1.5 Goals Wins
Profit: £166.11
Bank: £577.70

Agnieszka Radwanska v Ajla Tomljanovic

Ajla Tomljanovic

Tomljanovic has taken the 1st set 4-6 and has broken in the first game of the 2nd set for 0-1*.

I have backed her at odds of 1.96.

Ajla Tomljanovic1.96£211.48
Ref: 48045964888 Matched: 10:54 30-May-14

And she holds for a 0*-2 lead.

Radwanska also holds for 1-2* I could green out for £12 profit but a little longer.

I think that Radwanska needs to exit the tournament here to stop people being traumatised by that outfit! What is she wearing?

Tomljanovic holds comfortably for 1*-3 a break now would be very nice indeed.

0-15... hello? Not this time, 4 straight points for another hold. 2-3*. I could green for £30.00, tempting but I'll stick for now.

Solid hold for 2*-4 I could green for £85 now. Hmmm.

Love service game for Radwanska! And it's 3-4* Green available for £45.72. Greed may be getting the better of me here.

Uh oh... 0-15... and now 15-30... 30-30... FFS 30-40... Great save Deuce... BP#2... Deuce... BP#3... Deuce, great net work... GP... And HOLDS for 3*-5. I can green for £121 now. But let's let it ride!!!

Easy hold from Radwanska means Tomljanovic will have to serve this out. Could green out for £100 or take £195 if she holds. Decissions, decissions!

15-0... 30-0... 30-15... 30-30 c'mon!!! 40-30... GSM YESSSS!!!!

Tomljanovic Wins 6-4 6-4
Profit: £195.10
Bank: £406.58

Honduras v Turkey

Keylin Suzette Gomez

International friendly in the early hours of the morning? Oh go on then! :-)

Reloaded with £100 and chucked it on Over 1.5 goals at 2.16 after 25 minutes of the 1st half.

Over 1.5 GoalsOver/Under 1.5 Goals2.16£100.00
Ref: 37823691624M Matched: 01:35 30-May-14

Half Time and it's still 0-0

60 minutes gone and still 0-0

About time!!! 0-1 on 69 minutes. Scored by Mevlut Erding of St Etienne

I could get out now for no loss or gain but I think there'll be another.

Gooooallll 0-2 on 82 minutes scored by Caner Erkin of Fenerbahce.

Over 1.5 Goals Wins
Profit: £111.48
Bank: £211.48

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