Sunday, 16 January 2011

American Football: New York Jets @ New England Patriots

Well basically I'm lumping on the home team favourite here. No other reason really! It has served me fairly well on American sports so I see no reason to change!

I just hope I can get out at 1.01 before the tennis starts!

Good luck if you're on and Happy Punting!!

Well this isn't going according to plan!

Jets lead 7-3 and have the football in Patriots territory with 1.33 on the clock in the 2nd quarter!

Switch at 2.24 come on Jets!!

Touchdown!! 14-3.

And that is Half time. I think Pats get the ball to start the 3rd. Because of this I'm switching back to Pats at 2.24.

A drive each from Pats and Jets both come to nothing. Pats have the ball now and would like a score please! I need 1.95 to green out and be ready for the tennis in half an hour! Have a heart!

That's rubbish from New England! Have to punt and lucky to get away with the recovery on 2nd down!

I knew the law of averages had to swing some time so stuck with Pats. They duly provided a Touchdown drive and got the 2 extra points to narrow the score to 14-11.

All out at 1.84. Just in time for the tennis!

£1.27 on Jets £1.68 Patriots

New York Jets Win 28-21
Profit: £1.27

American Football: Seattle Seahawks v Chicago Bears

Missed the start of this one but lumped on Bears when leading 0-7 in the 1st Quarter @ odds of 1.16. Should be straight forward though the weather looks a bit ropey!

Well Bears lead 0-21 at halftime so that should be that!

Chicago Bears Win 35-24
Profit: £3.05

Football: Tottenham v Man Utd

Fergie and Bambi's love child
Well after last nights over 1.5 Goals disaster I have decided to have another go here. I was quite astounded by the odds on goals available! I was thinking of Over 2.5 expecting odds of around 1.80 but it was odds against!. The over 1.5 market was more than juicy enough for a safer bet at 1.36 when I was expecting 1.23/1.24!!

I do think that there will be 4 goals in this today but I will probably be wrong despite over 3.5 @ 3.70 being worth a punt.

Good luck if you're on and a nice 4-0 home win would be good! Preferrably with United bringing the game into disrepute in the process and being docked 10 points for that and another 30 for actively promoting alcoholism over the last 20 years with whisky nose in charge! Disgraceful!!

Well it just goes to show.... I know a lot less than the market!! 0-0 at halftime.

Finishes 0-0

Over 1.5 Goals Loses
Loss: £10.00

Football: Pachuca v Toluca

I am reliably informed that Mexican Football is not like grid iron in sombrero's and poncho's but in fact Association football played in Mexico! :-)

I have blindly followed Bruce on the over 1.5 goals market so blame himif it doesn't come in!! LOL

Mind you feel free to praise me if it does! ;-)

Got odds of 1.36 after 15 10 mins or so!

Now that my hard earned is on the line I am beginning to doubt Bruce's knowledge as he informs me that although he has been watching the match he still doesn't know which team is which!!

It's OK panic over! Bruce now knows who is who and also that football was brought to Mexico by miners from that bastion of footballing power .... Cornwall.

So I expect lots of sombrero's, bandits, big moustaches, chillies, tacos, cornish pasties, waves, bullet belts and above all else GOALS!!!

0-0 at half time I think Bowie may get his 1st outing in a long time! He better not be rusty!

OK still 0-0 after 70 we need Bowie!

Dance!! Dance!! Dance!!

Nope even Bowie's magic not working on this festering turd of a match!

Finishes 0-0!! A Bruce induced loss LOL

Over 1.5 Goals Loses
Loss: £57.28

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