Monday, 23 November 2009

Novak Djokovic v Nikolay Davydenko

I will stick to my opinion of Djokovic that I mentioned at the draw (read here)

He has had a heck of a lot of good fortune recently and the tournament wins show him in a better light than he's actually been playing. This will be tight but I fancy Davydenko to win. It's just about choosing the right time to get involved.

First blood to Davydenko 2-3*.
Not only does Davydenko hold on to his serve he breaks Djokovic again to win the set 6-3 and gets to serve first in the second.

Davydenko at trading at 1.67 on Betfair now and it's one of those prices that sums up most peoples minds at the moment...... They just don't know what will happen next. Biding my time still.

The Fallen Madonna with The Big Boobies  Thinking about it this may seem a tad random in the greater context of this post if you are reading at a later date so maybe I should explain...... but I won't LOL. I guess you'll just have to ask! :-)
Djokovic gets the 1st break of the second set right at the business end to take a 5*-4 lead. Will he serve it out? Oh here we go trainer for Davy! Fat Tony on the phone!

Djokovic saves a break point to hold and take the 2nd set 6-4. I still fancy Davy to prevail but my cash is staying in my pocket for now. Davy to serve first which becomes an advantage at the business end if they're still level.

Novak gets a break straight off the bat in the deciding set to take a 1*-0 lead. Davy was broken from 40-15 up!
Djokovic saves three BP opportunities to go 4-2* up. Davy running out of time to get back into this. But we may still have another flip flop.

Well I'm in Djokovic to serve it out :O on at 1.12! C'mon Nole!

0-15 !!! Typical
0-30!!! OMG
15-40 FFS!!!
30-40 ... 2nd serve...
BREAK!!! FFS Djokovic!!!
Great timing by me!! Now break him back!!!
0-15 c'mon... 0-30 Two More!!! ... 2nd serve ... 0-40!!! TAKE IT!!!! ... 2nd serve ... YES!!! Break Back!!

Thank the Lord for that! 6*-5 Serve it out this time please!
Here we go... 0-15! Not again??? ... 2nd serve ... 15-15 Novak looks almost too scared to serve it out! ... 30-15 Great serve that time! ... 2nd serve ... 40-15 ... 1st one please!!! Damn tried to get out at 1.02 and not matched! 40-30 TAKE IT!! .... 2nd serve ... GSM

Djokovic Wins 3-6 6-4 7-5
Profit: £56.66

Dlouhy/Paes v Kubot/Marach

I only got involved in this at 3-6** in the 2nd set Tie break. 1.04 with two chances to serve it out was fine for me. Every little help as they say at ASDA.

Yet another doubles match where the faves crash and burn.

Smokers can be Fat Too!!

Off topic I know but following on from the discussion on the chat box.

Apparently fat smoking girls can grow moustaches too!!

Sigma Olomouc v Teplice

Fantastic I've been waiting all week for this fixture!! ;-)
Over 1.5 Goals at 1.45. I don't care what you say that has got to b e taken in any match. I know nothing about either team or indeed about Czech football as a whole. But I do know what a goal is and that is all that matters!

Good luck if you're joining me, happy punting!

Oh great it looks like Betfair aren't putting this in play now!!! FFS why have it on the in play coupon then you morons? No chance to trade out it would seem!! C'mon the goals!

Panic over it's in play now!!

If you need a stream there's one here. 

1-0 24 mins played :-)
2-0 after 27 mins!!!

Over 1.5 Goals Wins
Profit: £143.35

Rafael Nadal v Robin Soderling

I couldn't make my mind up pre match so I stayed out the whole of the first set. Soderling taking it 6-4. Rafa just doesn't have the power he used too as is clearly shown in the size of his biceps. I wouldn't of course like to comment on any speculation as to the radical change in his physical stature over the last 18 months! However I think the picture here shows all the evidence you need! :-)

Soderling should probably be a lay at the start of the second but I think he may take this in two so will hang fire for now.

Soderling Wins 6-4 6-4 and I won nothing! But at least I lost nothing either! Onwards and upwards we go....

Week 10

After updating my money data this morning I noticed that we are now in the 10th week of this blog! I can't believe it's been going that long already to be fair and I certainly can't believe people are still reading it!! LOL

I've only had one losing week so far, which was week 7, so that is the motivation I need to keep in profit. It seems to be that I tick over for periods with very low profit (or loss) the have a quick flurry over a few days. Recognising
that flurry is the key to securing profit I think, as some many times I've let my good run go on too long without withdrawing the profit and ended up with a loss which wipes out all of my good work. Not really and issue between now and Christmas, but it is something I will be monitoring so that I can act upon it next year.

As for today well we have 2 singles and 2 doubles matches in the Barclays ATP World Tour Finals. Then we have a few football matches late afternoon/ evening and the NFL in the wee small hours. Apart from that there is a bit of NBA and NHL but not a lot else! I may have too look around some of the obscure markets to keep me going! Roll on January I say.

Anyway my challenge last week was to get 10K by the end of November and I'm currently on £334.98. Mind you I have cheated because I lost the original £10 then lost a subsequent £10. I reloaded with £100 on Friday but I'll still try and get to 10k from here. I need a 53% increase per day to get there so not that difficult!!! LOL

Good Luck this week and Happy Punting!!

Real Salt Lake v LA Galaxy

Well I decided to go for this rather than the late NFL game. Over 1.5 goals is always the bet when the odds are this high! Was up to 1.49 but coming in now so I've taken 1.46 (watch it go out again now).

Both previous meetings this year have been over 1.5 with a 2-2 and a 2-0 so I don't really see why the odds for goals are so high. But maybe I'm missing something.

You can see from the picture that Beckham like Cheerleaders as much as we do on this blog so a Galaxy win for me!

1-0 Galaxy!! 40 mins gone. Beckham instrumental in the build up. He not only has an eye for the ladies but an eye for the through ball too.

1-1 After 62 Mins!!!

Over 1.5 Goals Wins
Profit: £102.38

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