Thursday, 19 November 2009

LDU v River Plate (Uru)

Looking at this match I was going to go for my standard Over 1.5 goals,. However 1.24 is far too skinny for a South American match in my humble opinion. Therefore I looked at the over 4.5 market. 1.24 for Under 4.5 goals seems much better value for me. A nice 0-0 after 30 mins would be a satisfactory outcome and not unusual for these games! If it works out like that I may look to trade off and then back over 1.5 depending on the odds.

It's on Betfair video but if you need a link click here. 

Hmmm iffy penalty gives the home side a 1-0 lead after 16 mins. Hope it stays tight now!
2-0 after 28 mins!! This is not going well I was trying to lay off for a tiny green when that one went in! :-(

Right I've switched this may turn into a goal fest so 1 more before half time and this will give me the opportunity to get out I hope. May be a daft move... but hey so was not backing Over 1.5! :-(
-49.82 Under 4.5
56.52 Over 4.5

Dance dance dance!!! :-)

3-0 on the stroke of halftime! I can now green out for £3ish but may let this ride! River are going to struggle more and more as they get tired at altitude I guess so could well end up being over 4.5. At least I've got half time to think about it. Thank god for the switch! :-)

Well  I went outside for a fag and decided to green up as it's more than a 10% gain of bank.

£5.85 on both

Wales U16 v Northern Ireland U16

The standard just keeps getting better and better today. Try trading on an Under 16 football match? Never!!! I hear you cry! Oh go on then!

A couple of minutes gone and my back of over 1.5 goals is taken @ 1.49!!! Thankyou ( I hope)

Again no idea but when I played football as a kid the games were often 14-0 or 6-5. So goals has to be nailed on..... doesn't it!! :-) I find no logical argument against it!!! LOL

1-0 thankyou. By the way if you need a stream click here. Not the greatest but it works!

Another point to note is that this should only be 40 mins each way at this age group. So if you see Bowie after 70 mins you'll know why! ;-)

30 mins left still 1-0 can no longer green out so hoping for a quick goal so I don't have to start thinking about switching!

20 mins to go still 1-0 Bowie is warming up on the touchline!

Get in 2-0 when 80+2 on the clock!

Over 1.5 Goals Wins
Profit: £16.01

Tony O'Shea v Mark Webster

Well seeing as the footy trade has come in early I thought I'd have a dabble at trading the darts. I got on at 1.31 hoping for another break when the score was 6-4.

Uh oh!! Now 7-7 I really wish the footy hadn't had early goals now. I'll try and rescue this now!
8-8 A break now would be good!
8-9 Need to hold here but I've got the feeling I'm stuffed!

If I get out of this I promise no more darts trading!! Honest :-)
9-9 Crunch time!!!! Come on the break!!!!!
LOL Darts is mad swings around like nothing else!!!

O'Shea Wins 10-9
Profit: £7.83

No more darts for me the old ticker can't take it!

Astra Ploiesti v Dinamo Bucharest

Yes folks here it is the blue riband event of the day! A bit of midweek Romanian Cup football makes life worth living! No idea what the outcome will be but Dinamo are the faves and apparently Astra can't play half their 1st team as they are on loan from Dinamo.

I did toy with the idea of an initial lay of Dinamo with a view to trade but I think I'll stick to Over 1.5 Goals. If there's an early one I may trade out and look to get back in later. Betfair have it at 1.39.

Well that was an early goal. I come back to this after 12 mins and it's 0-1 to dinamo. I'm going against my own advice and sticking with the bet though!! I am such a muppet! LOL

Not a muppet in this one!! 1-1 after 16 mins!! Now these are the bets are like! Did I mention how much I love Mid week Romanian Cup Football? It's Brilliant :-)

Over 1.5 Wins
Profit: £7.18

Chekov Medvedi v Constanta

I blame Betfair personally for making me punt on stuff like this. Yes it's Thursday afternoon and rather than being able to trade on the tennis, I only have handball to attempt trading on! I have no idea who the teams are or indeed who is better! The home team are starting at 1.07 so that may be a fair reflection. So like any good trader worth his salt, I'll lump on the short priced favourite! LOL.

This is The Champions League so should be good to watch I guess. Anyway I've put up a bet at 1.08 and see what is happening when I get back from walking the dog.

Hmmm I'm back now and Chekov are losing 16-18!!! Ooops oh well still the 2nd half to come! Halftime score is 17-19.

If you want to watch there is a stream here.

Chekov have a 25-23 lead with 20 mins to go! That's more like it!

It's men and boys this half! Chekov have opened up a 29-25 lead with 15 mins to go. Could have been a trading dream had I started with a lay bet!! LOL. However I guess the end result was "Never in Doubt" ;-)

Chekov Win 37-32
Profit: £1.21

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