Thursday, 19 November 2009

Tony O'Shea v Mark Webster

Well seeing as the footy trade has come in early I thought I'd have a dabble at trading the darts. I got on at 1.31 hoping for another break when the score was 6-4.

Uh oh!! Now 7-7 I really wish the footy hadn't had early goals now. I'll try and rescue this now!
8-8 A break now would be good!
8-9 Need to hold here but I've got the feeling I'm stuffed!

If I get out of this I promise no more darts trading!! Honest :-)
9-9 Crunch time!!!! Come on the break!!!!!
LOL Darts is mad swings around like nothing else!!!

O'Shea Wins 10-9
Profit: £7.83

No more darts for me the old ticker can't take it!

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