Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Marin Cilic v Lukasz Kubot

The score is 5-4* in the first set with Kubot about to serve to stay in the set. I feel that's worth a punt at 1.25 so I've lumped on!

C'mon the break.

0-30 C'mon!! ... 15-30 ... 30-30 ...  40-30 ... 5*-5 :-(

Need the hold then Cilic then you've got a free game or a tiebreak!
Uh oh ... 15-30 Don't stuff up Marin!! ... 30-30 ... 40-30 ... 6-5* Now for the break please!

Hold to love! Tiebreak it is!!
0-1** Great start Marin!! :-(
0-2* C'mon get that MB back please!
0**-3 C'mon switch it on Cilic! Only 1 MB and evens :o
1*-3 That's better now another.
1-4** Pfft that the TB all but gone! Can you at least get one MB?
1-5* Ace :-(  Maybe the change of ends will bring about a change in fortunes?
1**-6 Woeful TB Rank 13 v Rank 111??? Well it's rank that's for sure!
2*-6 And another?
3-6** Too little too late?
Set Kubot. What an awful TB from Cilic!

Right what to do now? Back of the server through tis set may be the way forward....
0-0* Switched to Kubot backing the server: -43.61 MC 2.35 LK
0*-1 Switch to Cilic 21.12 MC -42.97 LK   

1-1* Switch to Kubot -43.60 MC 11.09 LK
0-30 Don't get broken now Lukasz!! 15-30 ... 15-40 .. FFS!! ... 30-40 ... Deuce ...

Well what a mess!! I've suffered from Firefox crashes before but at least I still have Fairbot when that happens. This time though I got a blue screen and a complete system crash!!It could have happened a game earlier couldn't it!! :-(

It's 4*-3 when I get back on! :( Kubot was obviously broken :(
30-30 c'mon 2 more points Lukasz!!! BP TAKE IT!!! ... Deuce :-( ... GP ... One of those matches I guess I see Kubot has had 5BP's now this set and converted none of them! :(

5-3* Need to hold now!
5*-4 Now or never Lukasz! Will Cilic choke? If his TB in the first set is anything to go by he might!
15-30 ... can he do it? ... 30-30 ... 40-30 :-( ... SET Cilic! Two sets and I've been on the wrong side of both!!

Still fancy Kubot to nick this so I guess my little green is on the right side! The problem is I don't like the liability so I'm going to have to look for opportunities to trade in this set!

From 40-0 to Deuce is not the start I was hoping for! BP!!! Double Fault! FFS Kubot what are you doing? AND BREAK :-( Bank is a goner it would seem!!
Or maybe not! 0-30 can he actually do it this time? 30-30 No he can't :-( GP ... And Holds!! How many opportunities does Kubot want? So frustrating this especially as Cilic was so bad in that 1st set TB!!
Here we go again 40-0 to 40-30 .... Hold this time though! Now get the break back Lukasz you deserve this match! (Not my pocket talking .... honest!)
3-1* Need to keep holding now!! Hmm 0-30 :-( ... 0-40 :-( ... 15-40 ... 30-40 ... Deuce! Now hold and lets see 1.02 smashed please!! GP ...  Lucky git Cilic Deuce#2 ... BP pffft ... Break!

4*-1 A hold here and it's over pretty much
5-1* There's the hold! Let's put me out of my misery now then!
5*-2 Oh sure now he holds to love!! Grrrrrr
15-30 But it'll end in a hold no doubt!! 30-30 ...  BP!!! But probably come to nothing! Hmmm 0/9 BP's taken! MP ... GSM

Cilic Wins 6(3)-7 6-4 6-2
Loss: £43.60

What a shocker from me! I know it's only £43 in real money but like I have explained many time I work in % of bank so it still feels the same as a £5,000 loss. Back in the red for November now

May have the rest of the night off too.

Nicolas Almagro v Rafael Nadal

Nomad said it was free money and he seem like a trustworthy sort of chap. It's 5-4* in the final set Nadal to serve but Almagro has bad cramp and can't move. All in at 1.27 it is then. Please be right Nomad!! :-)

5*-5 Now then can Nadal break now? I hope so!!

There's the break... Good call Nomad!!


Hope Rafa Can serve this out now!!

0-15 I'm out!!!

Nadal Wins 3-6 7-6(2) 7-5
Profit: £7.91

Fernando Gonzalez v John Isner

Despite Isner winning this match up in Basel a week ago, I feel Gonzalez should win this time. He has the better all round game and still has a chance of reaching London. Gonzalez has a woeful record here mind you, having never won a match here! Getting in from the start as I feel 1.5 is fair value. Let's hope He can get his 1st ever victory here.

I have put up a pic of Gonzo's girlfriend to try and inspire him! :-)

Fianlly Gonzalez gets the breakthrough! Breaks to love to take a 6*-5 lead. Thank god we've been spared a tiebreak! As long as he holds that is!

That's enough for me though so I'm out!

£8.02 on Both

Gonzalez Wins 6-4 7-6(6)
Profit: £8.02

Finally in the Green for November!!!

Tommy Haas v Arnaud Clement

Not sure why I jumped in so rashly here but at first glance it looked like good value!!! Clement serving for the match in the final set with the score 4-5* 15-15. Clement manages to save 3 BP's in the game but haas still takes it for 5*-5. Back to evens.

Yep it was definitely a rash bet I was watching Marat's ceremony and just flicked over to this to nick a couple of quid. Always the way! Only rarely do you get an easy ride with these sorts of bets. Really need Clemnet to break right back.

Haas leads 6-5* now! Free game for him and Clement has gone from serving for the match to serving to stay in the match in a matter of minutes! Don't you just love tennis!!!

Hmmm 30-30 not exactly filling me with confidence here! 40-30 c'mon let's get to the Tie breaker first please. Then we can focus on winning that! There it is Tie Break!!

MB straight up please Arnaud. Do it for your Mrs!!!
1-0** OK two holds then please.
1-1* And another hold please
1**-2 Now for the MB or two?
1*-3 GET IN!! Another?
2-3** Two holds then please.
2-4* Has the lead at the turn around. Another hold please.
3**-4 Damn that point could have meant I could have got out! Two MB please.
4*-4 Get this one then or there's too much pressure on your serve!
4-5** YES Now serve it out please.
5-5* Double Fault. Haas rushed forward during his serve and put him off there. Very unsporting!
5**-6 C'mon Clement take this point then!! 2nd Serve!
6*-6 Don't let him get MP Arnaud!!
7-6** Oh dear! He's had the chances and fluffed them will they now come back to haunt him?
7-7* Phew what a time for that sort of shot? But gets away with it!
7**-8 An Ace!!! Oh get lost with your challenge Haas! Now break him Clement!
8*-8 C'mon Arnaud this one then?
8-9** TAKE IT!!!!!!!!!!

Clement Wins
Profit: £3.85

Marat Safin v Juan Martin Del Potro

I have to lump on Del Potro from the start in this match. Safin struggled through against Ascione and I believe this is the end of the road for him toady. I would have preferred the 1.27 on offer last night but 1.24 seems fair enough. It really should be a straight sets victory for Del Potro as long as his wrist is OK. If not I may have to bail!

The photo to the right is in honour of the great man who has left us with so many memories, some good, some bad, but there was never a dull moment with Marat on the court. Enjoy you retirement and not a bad way to go losing to the reigning US Open Champion.

Safin had BP at  2*-3 but Del Potro held, and as so often happens missed break point means break in the next game and Del Potro duly obliges to take a 4*-3 lead.

Del Potro serves it out to take the 1st set 6-4.

It's 4-4 in the 2nd set and Marat has been competitive throughout. I just hope we get to see one last racquet smashing before the end! Maybe this service game! C'mon Marat do it it for your fans :-)

There it is the racquet is smashed at  5-5 Deuce! That will be worth a fortune on Ebay!!!

That racquet smashing must have done the job. Safin turn to go from saving a BP to breaking the next game. This time for the set 7-5. Del Potro needs to pull his finger out here or the crowd may whip Safin along!

The first break in the final set goes Del Potro's way to take a 1-2* lead. A long way to go in the set but you'd have to be pretty confident he will see this through now.

Marat saved a MP in the last game I just hope that doesn't mean a break here. Del Potro serving at 4-5*
0-15...15-15 ... 30-15 ... 40-15 ... GSM

Del Potro Wins 6-4 5-7 6-4
Profit: £4.43

Thanks for the memories Retire In Peace

Ivo Karlovic v Robin Soderling

I really fancied Soderling for this and liked the odds when I looked last night. Soderling still has an outside chance of qualifying for the London masters so I think he will want to do well.

Karlovic seems to have been indifferent recently, with his win against Cuevas in the 1st round ending a six match losing streak.

I didn't get in from the start. Instead I got on at 2-2 Karlovic to serve hoping for a break. I probably should have just waited as it's bound to be a Tie break, but you never know!

Wow there's a break! Soderling struggled to hold for 3-3 then breaks for a 3-4* lead.
Bit of a wobble again from Soderling on serve as he saves a break point to hold for a 3*-5 lead. A break and serve 1st in the 2nd would be nice Robin.

Karlovic holds from 0-30 meaning Soderling has to serve out the set. I hope he does it nice and easy unlike most of his other games. I wonder if his elbow is still troubling him?

15-40 Hold Soderling! ... 30-40 Ace please ... Deuce. Soderling just doesn't seem to look natural when playing his shots, it's almost as if he's having to force them all. GP... It says something when Karlovic looks more comfortable in the rallies. Set Soderling.

I am very tempted to get out now. In fact I am! I don't like what I've seen from Soderling in this 1st set so think Ivo may take the second.

£4.12 on Both

Soderling Wins  6-4 7-6(6)
Profit: £4.13

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