Thursday, 26 November 2009

Roger Federer v Juan Martin Del Potro

I'm very confident on this match, so much so that I'm all in from the off.

My bet is for Federer to win at 1.35. He is looking in decent form at the moment against a distinctly average (for this level) Del Potro. Federer will certainly be wanting to avenge his defeat at Flushing Meadows in September and also to guarantee his qualification in this tournament.

Sure Del Potro has the game to trouble Federer but Federer's class will prevail here. I still have niggling doubts as to Del Potro's fitness. He may well trade higher but it's the end rsult I'm interested in and don't want to miss a fair price of 1.35.

Good Luck if you're on and Happy Punting!

Well that's a great start. The Finnish Number 1 is broken in the first game!
Del Potro consolidates  the break for a 0*-2 lead.

Hmmm Federer broken again!  1-4* Del Potro. Is Federer stitching Murray up here?

So Del Potro wins the first set 6-2! If my maths is correct then if Fed wins this set by 1 break and Del Potro wins the final set by 1 break then Murray is out. Interesting that both these players hate Murray with a passion. There should be a documentary on this... It's a conspiracy I tells ya'!!!!

Just to add a little more spice and intrigue to this. If Murray goes out and Del Potro goes through to the final I think there is a good chance of Del Potro being world Number 4 by the Aus Open! If he wins this tournament he takes the year end Number 4 slot!

2nd Set Tiebreak!!!
1-0** C'mon the MB!!
1-1* This one then please Fed!
1**-2 Gulp!!
1*-3 OMG Fed!!!
2-3** Need the MB back NOW!!!
2-4* FFS change of end to bring some luck?? DP odds very low for one MB!!!
3**-4 MB!!! Now two holds please
4*-4 Now an Ace please!!
4-5** FFS!!!
5-5* YES!!!! MB back and another??? 2nd serve....
6**-5 C'mon TAKE IT!!!
Yeeessss Set Federererererererererer!!!

Switched at the start of the 3rd book now stands at:
-2069.34 Fed
+3064.39 DP

2*-3 Federer to serve ... Now would be a good time for a break!
3-3* Hold Break Hold or Del Potro is out of the tournament!
15-40!!! ... 30-40 c'mon Potty .... Deuce!!... Hold damn it!! BP#3 ... Deuce!!! I think that's a few lives lost this match already!! GP Take itt!!! ...  Deuce ... challenge! GAME!!! Yes

Get the F@*& in !!!! Del Potro goes to 3-5* and I'm Out! So it would seem is Murray!

Profit: £2,367.82

Andy Murray v Fernando Verdasco

I would have thought that Murray should win this but it may not be as straight forward as the odds of 1.27 might suggest. If you must get in from the start I would have though a lay with a view to trade would be the way forward.

Personally I will wait and see what Murray and what Verdasco we have before getting involved.

I would hope for 2-0 Murray but just feel the first set will probably see him trade above 1.50 at some point.

I think Ana may have been telling Betfair to get their backsides off the beach and go fix their servers!! Well done Ana they're back now :-)

Murray gets the first break for a 5*-4 lead in the 1st.
Murray takes the first set. Maybe Ana was directing Verdasco to his hotel room!

Off topic but just for your information this is the Brazilian Rev! ;-)
Otherwise known as Reverendo Verde

Anyway back to the tennis via The Muppets singing Bohemian Rhapsody!
2nd set Tiebreak it is. I just noticed both pics are pointing in the same direction! How odd!

Verdasco takes the breaker thanks to a double fault from Murray. We couldn't be due an upset ..... could we?

Final set TB!!! Well this is a lot closer than most were expecting!!
4-2* to Murray
5*-3 C'mon Andy!!
6-3** 3 Match Points for a place in the semi's
GSM Well done Andy. No bet for me though.

Nestor/Zimonjic v Bhupathi/Knowles

Right then I missed the start of this as I had to do some proper work this morning.

It's 6-4 3-3 when I get on at 1.34. Nestor has just saved 3 BP's to hold so I'm hoping for a quick break then maybe green out.

Oh well!!  Knowles holds for a 3*-4 lead.

Deciding Point saved again 4-4 Now the break please!

4*-5 Need to hold now then. I do not want the lottery of a Champions Tiebreak!!

0-15 Not a great start ... but they hold to 30.
5*-6 Need a hold then two TB chances to win it!

2nd set Tiebreak
1-2** MB! Now let's have 2 back please!!
1-3* Get 1 at least!
1**-4 Need 2 holds then!
2*-4 And another please!
2-5** WTF was that??? Zim you twonk!!
2-6* Looks like we're going to the Champions TB
3**-6 There's one back. But if they're going to lose this TB anyway Iwould rather they had saved it!
5-6** They couldn't .... could they????
6-6* THEY CAN!!! Now another?
6**-7 Don't stuff it up after that comeback
7*-7 Give us the MP!!
8-7** MP Take IT!!
8-8* Ok MB Now please!
8**-9 Two aces would be good!
9*-9 Give us an ACE!!
10-9* This time then!! 2nd serve!!


Nes/Zim Win
Profit: £511.70

LDU v Fluminense

Well I was going to say that I was maybe being a bit brash with my Over 2.5 bet on this match at evens but I didn't get the chance!! Fluminese scored after 30 seconds!!!

What a start. Got to be more goals in this and it's not very often you get the chance to double your bank in 90 mins so I'll let it run for now!


1-1 after 20 mins!! This is looking good! :-)

2-1 Just before halftime!

Over 2.5 Goals Wins
Profit: £769.82

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