Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Valencia v Alcoyano

Spanish Cup tonight and this fixture is up first. Valencia at home have to be good for some goals so I'm going for my favourite bet of over 1.5 goals. Fairly skinny price at 1.22 but I hope this will be done and dusted by half time! I certainly hope we won't need to call Mr Bowie from the bench but I'll keep him warm just in case.

Good luck if your joining me! Happy Punting :-)

1-0 after 4 mins is a nice start.

2-0 after 16 mins done and dusted!

Over 1.5 Goals Wins
Profit: £44.23

Feliciano Lopez v Arnaud Clement

It's 3-5* to Clement in the first set and he's available at odd of 1.41. I feel that that is good value so on I jump. He holds to love like a good boy to take the first set.

Lopez to serve 1st in the second so hopefully we can get an early break.

There it is 0-1* but I actually got out at 0-40 when 1.14 :-) Nice quick profit

£39.00 on Both

Clement Wins  6-3 6-1
Profit £39.00

Stanislas Wawrinka v David Guez

These two have never played each other before which is hardly surprising when this is only Guez's 6th match at main tour level despite being 27. 2 of the previous 5 coming a couple of weeks ago in Lyon and all 5 in France.

Wawrinka should win easily and if anything 1.16 is too high!

Stan breaks straight away for a 1*-0 lead.

When Stan wins I can withdraw the £150 I deposited this week so that I am only playing with profit again as this seems to be more profitable for me.

Oh my!! Guez breaks back for 1-1 :-(

Not sure what is going on with Wawrinka here he's been broken and now Guez leads 2-4* I had better start watching I suppose!

Right so I switched to Guez laying Wawa at 1.55. He served out the set. Decided to see if he could break Stan straight up but Stan holds. Back on Stan at 1.58. This could get messy very quickly!!

Switched back to Guez hoping for a break soon. 40-0 to deuce! C'mon Guez!! .. GP... Deuce #2... GP ... Double Fault for Deuce#3 ... GP ... Holds!

Uh oh!! First time I haven't managed to switch as odds kept moving away from me and we have 0-15... 0-30... Bloomin typical!!! ... 0-40 FFS ... BREAK!! Had I got the 1.72 I was after I could have greened up now :(

Now I need Wawrinka to do his usual trick of handing a break straight back please!
30-40 TAKE IT!!!! ....  BREAK!!!!! LOL Stan you're so predictable!!

Trainer for Wawrinka so staying with Guez
Typical trainer = 0-30!! Pfft...  15-30 ... c'mon the hold and we may even see a flip flop! ... 15-40... Guez looks done, Stan looks done! Wish I'd just stayed out of this one! Hindsight is such a wonderful thing ;-) 30-40 .. Deuce! ... BP damn over rule!!! ... Deuce#2 ... GP .... Ace Please!!! ... Deuce#3 ... GP Nice hands ... Holds!!! Now for the break!! 3*-3.

15-15 Stan looked really slow and laboured on that point ... 30-15 ... 30-30 Shot!! ...  Flip Flop very briefly ... 40-30 ... Deuce (flip flop again) ... 2nd serve ... BP Take It!!! ...

In fact no I'm out!! 16.34 on both!

Oh well should have waited he got the break! Anyway profit is profit :-) Especially when the 1.16 fav I backed is getting humped!!

Guez has seen 2 or 3 MP's come and go on Warinka's serve but Stan holds for 4-5*. Guez will have to serve this out then!

Guez Wins 6-3 6-4 
Profit: £16.34

Top tipping from me I think you'll agree sending a 1.16 shot down in flames for only Guez's 2nd ever tour win!!! LOL

Nicolas Almagro v Marco Chiudinelli

I jumped on almost straight after the Davydenko match with the score at 6-2 4-3* deuce. Got 1.24 hoping for the break.

Chiudinelli holds for 4-4. Almagro better not let me down now. Almagro holds for 5-4* a break now for GSM is the desired outcome here.

15-30 c'mon Nicolas... 15-40 ... 30-40 Take this one!!! ... Pffft Deuce! ... MP TAKE IT!!! ... 2nd serve ... GSM

Almagro Wins 6-2 6-4
Profit: £28.91

Nikolay Davydenko v Benjamin Becker

This should be a walk in the park for Davydenko and the odds suggest it at 1.11. However they do not put me off and I am lumping on. Davydenko is in fine form and a win today finally guarantees him a place in the year end finals so he will definitely win and win easy.

And a nice early break gives Davydenko a 2*-1 lead.
After saving break points to make it 3-1 Davydenko then goes on to get the double break for a commanding 4*-1 lead in the 1st set.

There's the first set 6-2. Becker to serve 1st in the second. going to hold my position as I think this should be over relatively quickly.

And finally he breaks Becker for a 1*-0 lead in the second.

And there you have it nice and easy game, set and match.

Davydenko Wins 6-2 6-1
Profit: £12.00

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