Sunday, 6 June 2010

Tennis is Back!!!

With only the remains of 1 more match left of dirtball the tennis season resumes after it's mid season break! Crack open the Pimm's and get out your finest strawberries and cream. The British summer has officially arrived with Queens club opening it's hallowed doors once more we are in for a veritable feast of proper tennis.

I really don't see Murray defending his title this week but still live in hope that he can perform some magic at Wimbledon and give Britain it's second World Champion of the year following Schiavone's Crowning as World Dirtball Champion yesterday! It looks an interesting tournament as it's quite a strong field imho will be interesting to see how Roddick and Gasquet perform on the grass this year. 

I can't see past Federer for Halle though but at 1.55 ..... NO THANKYOU!!

May I wish you all a Happy New Grass Season! Good luck and Happy Punting!!!

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