Monday, 19 October 2009

Day 1 of Challenge Summary

Well it started off quite well:

Bet 1: Profit: £3.09 Bank: £25.23 
Bet 2: Profit: £3.42 Bank: £28.65 
Bet 3: Profit: £7.33 Bank: £35.99
Bet 4: Profit: £16.31 Bank:£52.29

Well on course to hit my daily target at this stage when disaster struck!!

Bet 5: Loss: £35.99 Bank: £16.31

Last bet of the day got me back on track and back into profit at least!!

Bet 6: Profit: £10.79 Bank: £27.10

So all to do tomorrow as originally I should have been getting to £218.07!!!! That may be pushing it somewhat but there is plenty to go at tomorrow so you never know! ;)

For an outline of what the challenge is all about read this: Challenge Overview

In Answer to Arodd's Question!

Even though he didn't actually post it up in a comment ;) I found it again in the chat and will try to answer it as best I can.

The Question was: How do you deal with greed?

That is a tough question as one could argue that my entire philosophy of punting is based on greed, as I suppose is a Bookmakers!

If you realise the concept that bookmakers know that winning punters do indeed always put their winnings back in, then this is probably the first thing you need to address in your own style, so that you too do not fall foul of this. However as a compounding gambler myself I can hardly preach!

Personally I try not to think of money as money but instead look at profit or loss purely as a percentage of bank. I also do not consider the money in my Betfair account as mine until I withdraw it.

Both these things go some way to help me distance the financial transaction of placing a bet with real money and as such emotion. I have had matches where I have lost £1,000's, however losing 100% of bank is the same whether your bank is £10 or £1,000 in terms of percentage. Both have the same outcome... a zero balance. If you also consider your wins in the same regard then the euphoria associated with a win is also dissipated.

This is probably the fundamental part. Two things keep people gambling! Firstly the euphoria of a win and the urge to get that again, secondly the need to regain your losses or "chasing" which is nigh on impossible to eradicate.

This probably hasn't actually answered the question, but if you remember not to personalise your gambling it is a start I guess.

One last thing always remember that Gordon Gecko was wrong when he said "Greed is Good". Instead adopt as your mantra:

"Green is Good, Greed is Bad!!"

Bet 6 - Potito Starace v Evgeny Donskoy

Well well. An Italian against a Russian in Russia and the market thinks there is a fix taking place!

Starace won the 1st set 6-3 and it's 2-2 in the 2nd I'm happy to take the market on here.

Back Potito Starace 1.69 £16.31 £11.25
Ref: 9225626762 Bet matched:17:35 19-Oct-09

2-3 comeon hold please
3-3 now the break :)
15-40!! :) Deuce :( BP#3 Take It!!!!! YESSS!!! Break

3-4* Now hold Spud! Odds still crazy 1.27!!! a set and a break up! somebody's having fun with the markets today! ;)

3*-5 Going to be some seething on the Forum I suspect if Starace closes this out in two sets :o

MATCH POINT!!!!! ..... Saved :(
MP#2 Take It!!!!! ....... YESSS!!!

Starace wins 6-3 6-3
Profit: £10.79

Challenge Overview

Bet 5 - Simon Greul v Benjamin Becker

Back Benjamin Becker 1.09 £35.99 £3.24
Ref: 9225225497 Bet matched:17:06 19-Oct-09

got on at 1*-4 final set Greul about to serve. A break here would be great but Becker giving me two more hold will suffice. :)

2-4* C'mon Becker simple hold please.
FFS break point this is not good had 40-15 before!!
Phew Deuce#2 c'mon Becker hold!! GP, Deuce #3, BP#2!!! What is he doing????
Break :(
3*-4 Dear oh dear my timing isn't on today. C'mon another break now Benjamin please :)
4-4 Crunch Time here :( Hold please Becker!!
4*-5 Hold to love!! That's more like it. Why couldn't he have done that last time!! Break for GSM would be nice right now :)
5-5* Another hold to love :( Getting a wee bit nervous now!
0-30 FFS!!!
30-30 c'mon hold!!! GP :) Deuce :( GP#2 :) DF!! Deuce#3 sort it out Becker!!
BP!!! :( May have to rely on both Germans choking here!

Break! :( Double Fault!! Terrible from Becker!
Hold to love :(

Greul wins 2-6 6-3 7-5
Loss: £35.99

Terrible bet ... terrible play .....terrible outcome! :(

Bet 4 - Olga Govortsova v Ksenia Pervak

Back Olga Govortsova 1.71 £2.37 £4.05 £1.68
Ref: 9224426821 Bet matched: 15:56 19-Oct-09
1.71 £48.32 £82.63 £34.31
Ref: 9224426821 Bet matched: 15:56 19-Oct-09

Got on Govortsova won the 1st set and its 1*-2 2nd set c'mon the break :)

2-2* Hold to 15. You'd better hold now Pervak! Let's see what that pre match odds movement was about please!!!
2*-3 Hold to 30! Now the break and a lovely flip flop please :)
BP!!! Take It!!!!

2-4* Now do I trust her to hold???

And Out :)

£16.31 on Both

Lay Ksenia Pervak 1.72 £3.26 £5.61 £2.35
Ref: 9224596900 Bet matched: 16:11 19-Oct-09
1.63 £43.61 £71.08 £27.47
Ref: 9224592180 Bet matched: 16:10 19-Oct-09
1.63 £6.13 £9.99 £3.86
Ref: 9224592180 Bet matched: 16:10 19-Oct-09

Bet 3 - Karol Beck v Teimuraz Gabashvili

Back Karol Beck 1.16 £28.66 £4.59
Ref: 9222754400 Bet matched:13:13 19-Oct-09

Got on at 6-3 3-3* 30-0* Tried to get on at 3-3 but was chasing the odds down :(

15-40 c'mon Take one!!! Pffft Deuce :( BP#3 Take it!!! Deuce #2 :(
3*-4 C'mon Karol hold now please :)
4-4* Now the break please!!
4*-5 Another hold to deuce :( Let's have a hold now please!!
Uh oh SP Gaba!!! :( Oh ffs!!!

Set Gabashvili :( Now the work begins :(

Back Teimuraz Gabashvili 2.1 £33.00 £36.30
Ref: 9222897280 Bet matched:13:40 19-Oct-09

-28.42 Beck
+7.64 Gaba

Need a hold now Gaba!! Probably keep backing the server to get out here.
0*-1 Hold to 30 c'mon the break now!!! Odds 1.75 Gaba
1-1* Hold to 15 Hmmm the switch may have been the wrong decision here we'll see staying put for now Odds 1.98 Beck
1*-2 Had 15-30 but holds from there. Odds 1.78 on Gaba. If I had stuck with backing the server I would be green on both now :( Let's have a break then!!
BP!!!! TAKE ITT!!!!! Pfft deuce#2 :(
2-2* Not sure if I trust him to hold again here :( odds 1.95 Beck
2*-3 LOL What do I know??? Hold to love!! Odds 1.75 Gaba Now break please :)
3-3* Why did I not just back the server!!! Probably get broken now :(
0-30 Woe is me!! :( 30-30 c'mon hold Gaba!!! BP :( Wow saved I thought he had broken as odds went sub 1.50!!!
3*-4 Someone must be sick thinking he had broken there from 1.50 to 2.44 in 30secs!!! Now let's do the old missed bp means break next game please :)
0-15 Here we go this game please
30-40 Take It!!!!!!
Break!!! Get in!!!!!!!
Now serve it out FFS!!!
0-30 Noooooo I didn't get out!!!!
0-40 What a muppet!!! Gaba not to bright either ;)
4*-5 Broken to love!! :( Why oh Why did I not take the green :( Nevermind break for the match now and I'll love you for ever!! :)
0-15 c'mon!! 0-30 DF!!TWO MORE!!! 15-30 :( 2MP's Got to take one surely!!!
30-40 Take it!!!!

YEEEESSSSS!!!! Never in doubt ;)

Gabashvili WIns 3-6 6-4 6-4
Profit: £7.33

Challenge Overview

Bet 2 - Anna Chakvetadze v Alona Bondarenko

Back Alona Bondarenko 1.21 £25.24 £5.30
Ref: 9222402706 Bet matched:12:01 19-Oct-09

Score is 4-6 1*-2 as I back Alona hoping for a break straight away.

BP... Saved :( My lay at 1.11 not taken either :(
2-2* Need a hold her please Alona :)
2*-3 Now the break then :)
3-3* Hold to 15!! :( c'mon Bonda :)
3*-4 Nice hold now the break and we will see some lovely low numbers :)
0-15 good signs Chak trying drop shots ;)
0-30 c'mon two more pfft 30-30 :( Deuce let's go ABond!! deuce#2! Deuce #3 c'mon the BP!!
BP!!!! TAKE IT!!!!! deuce #4 :(
BP#2 Take this one please Alona!!
3-5* BREAK!!!! :)

And out:
Lay Alona Bondarenko 1.06 £28.81 £30.54 £1.73
Ref: 9222532337 Bet matched: 12:27 19-Oct-09

£3.42 on Both

Bondarenko Wins 6-4 6-3
Profit £3.42

Challenge Overview

Bet 1 - Laura Robson Maria Elena Camerin

Back Maria Elena Camerin 1.19 £1.84 £0.35
Ref: 9222049178 Bet matched:10:29 19-Oct-09
1.19 £4.71 £0.89
Ref: 9222049178 Bet matched:10:29 19-Oct-09

Got on just as Camerin broke to level the 2nd set at 4-4. Camerin won 1st set.

4*-5 Robson serving to stay in the match now.

Lay Maria Elena Camerin 1.04 £25.12 £26.12 £1.00
Ref: 9222066342 Bet matched: 10:36 19-Oct-09

And out:
£2.86 Robson
£3.09 Camerin

Camerin Wins 6-3 6-4
Profit: £3.09

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